Whispers Lies Beneath

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Whispers Lies Beneath

Lancaster, P.A. September 1, 2019

Sounds of helicopters swoosh over a sleepy Amish community. A bloodied man stands outside the house kneeling with hands behind his head. The helicopter shines on the spotlight on Mick. Officer Dan Carter grabs the handcuffs from his belt and proceeds in cuffing Mick. Even though light floods the land around them, Mick’s eyes are nearly all pupil. Blood drips from his hands. He looks at Dan Carter with a crazy look. 

“Can you hear them crying? Can you see them? I can hear their whispers,” said Mick. 

Dan Carter cuffs Mick’s hand behind his back. He looks to see if anyone is around that shouldn’t be, then slowly looks back down at Mick.

“Yeah, whatever you say,” said Officer Dan Carter.

They’ve been looking for Mick for a while now. He escaped from Ashland State Pen. It’s in North Carolina. A young man runs to Officer Dan. He yells over the swooshing sounds of the chopper’s blades over them.

“He used the wood chipper! He must scatter the bodies like mulch!” Yelled the young officer.

Don, grind his teeth looked at Mick. He raised his rifle.

“I hate Goddamn freaks like you!” Officer Dan said, then hits Mick with the back end of his rifle.

January 2013

“Hey Mick, pssst, Hey, are you asleep?

“What the fuck do you want, Ralph?” Asked Mick.

“Hey, hey, can I join you?

“ For fuck sake what the fuck are you talking about?

“Aren't you going to bust out of here?” Asked Ralph.

Mick turns over to the right side to see Ralph. Ralph smokes his cigarette. Mick notices Ralph looks a little nervous.

“Bust out of here? This isn't some pissy fifties movie, Ralf. For fuck sake, why are you so goddamn nervous? What's going on?” Asked Mick squinting from the over-head light.

“Nothing Mick, nothing...I just want to join you that's all...Hey, it's going to be lights out soon. I'll talk to you later Mick,” said Ralph shaky taking long drags on his cigarette.

“LIGHTS OUT!” Shouted the officer.

Mick lays on his cot looking at the light above him. He hears the sounds of lights being turned off one cell block at a time. It's a loud BOOM! Sound the echos over the prison. You can't stop it from happening, so the next best thing is to enjoy it. Just like that, the BOOM, sound came to his block and Mick lays in darkness like he always had for twenty years.

0600 hours

All of the men stand behind the bars waiting for their doors to open. Mick puts his hands on the bars leaning forward.

“Pssst, Mick what duty do you have? I'll see if I can swap jobs with someone,” said Ralph.

“ I got kitchen duty,” Mick flashed a look to Ralph.

Ralph understood that look. It's not a look that he wanted to see.

“Okay, Mick. I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can wash a few trays,” Ralph laughed nervously.

“Good, I hate washing Goddam trays...You still look nervous Ralphie...I don't like it... I don't like it at all,” Said Mick.

Ralph looked up to Mick in prison. Mick's a few years older and wiser than Ralph. Ralph at the age of fifteen robbed a few liquor stores along with gas stations on the same day. Ralph's a loyal man to who he works with. In prison, he's what you'll call a patsy a fall guy, someone that takes the wrap. Ralph never mind that. He just wanted to be apart of something. when they met during briefing. They both rode together on the bus to Ashland State Pen. it's in North Carolina. Ever since then Ralph followed Mick. Mick’s real name is Edward Joe Conner. Edward’s friends in prison called him Mick due to his bright red hair along with his last name being Conner.

A buzzing sound is heard followed by latches of the door opening up allowing the prisoners to step out of their cells. An officer carries a large clipboard with the names of the prisoners. James M. Daniels is in charge of roll call. With each name being called out there is a here that follows. Each cell block holds sixty men per cell block. Most cells have two inmates per cell. Micky had a roommate at one put until he hung himself in the cell. Rumors spoke that Mick’s the one that killed his cellmate. Despite that, he’s in the kitchen during early hours getting ready for the breakfast rush. The prison guards chalked it up as suicide and nothing more.

“Edward Conner!” Shouted Officer James.

“Here!” Said Mick.

“There will be a cell inspection today before going to your respected places. After your cell has been swept, you will get your cell in order including making your own bed. And those without a cellmate, you got two beds to make. Do you understand?” Said, Officer James.

“YES! SIR!” The inmates shouted in unison.

The guards worked in twos and the other kept the inmates back so the other can rip apart cots flip over chairs and check every corner of the cell. They would squeeze out toothpaste checking for contraband. The guards would leave a pile of shit for the inmates to clean up in a timely manner, if not the guards would strip an inmate from their privileges, whatever privileges they were given.

It’s now Mick’s turn to have his cell checked over by one of the guards. Officer Robert pulls out his nightstick lays on Mick’s chest. Robert looks at Mick eye to eye.

“Boooy, don’t you eyeball me, son,” said Officer Robert.

Mick looks down looking at his shoes.

“That’s better! I read your profile. You’re a lifer...Aren’t you son?” Asked, Officer Robert.

“Yes,” said Mick still looking at his shoes.

“I’m sorry son. But what did you just say to me?” Asked Robert.

“Sorry, sir. Yes, sir, I’m a lifer,” said Mick hearing his cell being torn apart.

“Well, that’s more like it. I read that you...Now let me get this straight. That you raped nearly thirty women? Is that right, son? Asked Officer Robert.

“Yes, sir!” Said, Mick

“ Mick, I’m a nice man. Ask anyone around here. I’ll cut you a little slack, this time. You never raise your voice to me again. Are we straight son? Hmmm...Are we?” Said Officer Robert tapping his chest with a nightstick.

“Sorry sir,” replied Mick.

“Hey, we’re only human. And that’s our job to help correct your mistakes. After all, this is a Correctional Facility is it not? Hmm, is it not?” Asked, Officer Robert.

“Yes, ss…”

Robert interrupted him.

“I want you to look me in the eye and say that to me,” said Officer Robert.

Mick lifted up his eyes to Officer Robert and looked at his eyes that appeared to be red. Maybe a late night with the boys drinking.

“Yes, sir. This is a Correctional Facility,” said Mick.

“I’m glad we understand each other. Okay, your cell is ready. You did good, son, real good.”

Officer Robert walks away from him and goes to the next cell next to his. Mick walks back to the cell and sees toothpaste smeared all over the walls of the cell. Everything is pushed down and left in a pile for him to clean up.

After cleaning up the mess the Officers made in his cell. Mick walks to the kitchen and grabs an apron from a hook on the kitchen wall.

“Your late Mick,” said Jim.

“I know. We had black inspection. They tore the shit out of my cell,” said Mick tying his apron on.

“Oh for fuck sakes! What are they looking for this time?” Asked Jim.

“Beats the fuck out of me. Maybe someone got caught smuggling?” Replied Mick.

“ Could be,” said Jim.

Ralph comes in looking nervous. He grabs the last apron on the kitchen wall.

"Hya guys. Sorry, Jim...Cellblock inspection. I had to give up a pack of cigarettes to come here...So, that's why I'm not the list to be here," said Ralph.

“Where are you putting Ralph at?” Asked Mick.

“Washing down trays and stocking the pantry. We had a shipment that came in yesterday. Why don’t you start with that first? I can get breakfast started. Then you two can help serve food,” said Jim.

“Alright, Thanks, Jim. I’ll show Ralph the ropes. It can’t hurt having someone else trained on kitchen detail,” said Mick.

“ You're goddamn right on that, Mick,” said Jim.

Mick walks quickly to Ralph and grabs him by his arm. Mick pulls Ralph into the pantry. Then he slams him up against the wall. 

“What the fuck is going on Ralphie? You’re a little too obvious. If you’re going to shank me then do it already. If not then leave me the fuck alone. What the fuck is this about me busting out of here? Whatever you heard is shit...You got bad intel...Alright! I got no goddamn plans in busting out of this shit hole...Ralphie...For fucks sakes, uses some goddam common sense. Whoever is setting you up Ralpie is going to take the intel then have you wasted...Okay? Now, Tell Jim that you’re not feeling well and need to go to sickbay. Ralph, don’t ever do this again. I will kill you. No bullshitting here. Okay...Leave,” said Mick. 

Mick released his hand from his throat. Mick picked his pocket and kept the shive from Ralph’s pocket. He wants answers to who set Ralph up. Mick places the shive in his pocket goes back to work.

Ralph tells Jim that he’s not feeling well and needs to see a doctor. A guard on duty took Ralph to sickbay.


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