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Void- Girl, mother, Galaxy Dragon. Anpu-Boy, father, Death dragon.

(Anpu meaning- Anpu is a name that hails from Egyptian myths, it was the name of the God of Death)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Parents

Submitted: December 02, 2019

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Submitted: December 02, 2019



Void and Anpu knew their parents wouldn’t accept that their children were dating and that they had an child! They couldn’t let their parents know about the egg! They had been flying for hours to escape the grasp of their parents. Anpu was very sad that they had to leave their parents, but after all, there was a war going on between the Death dragon tribe and the Galaxy Dragon tribe. As their wings weakened they grew tired and weary, they found an island with a decent cave that they could stay at for the night, they landed on the island and went into the cave to get some sleep.

  They woke up to the damp ground of the cave and slowly crawled out. Eyes squinting at the bright morning sun, they saw two dragons coming their way and knew something was wrong. They dashed behind the cave and peeked over to see what the other dragons were doing. They saw them whispering but only heard one thing, “Find the couple.”

They were so afraid they jumped into a bush not even caring if they heard them, they knew they were looking for them and wouldn't stop until they found them. They managed to stay silent until the dragons left. All they remebrered about the dragons who came to the island was that one was a shapeshifter dragon, void could tell this because half of his body was a snake, and Anpu found out that the other one was not what he expected. He saw a very small dragon, it looked like it had armor on, and mabye a muzzle? He didn't understand why such a small dragon, probably a child, was in armor and a muzzle. They knew they had a long journey ahead of them, suddenly they heard a cracking sound, they looked down in void's arms and saw an adorable baby dragon... half Galaxy Dragon, half Death Dragon



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