Are you worthy, of a Dog's Love?

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One of the purest loves that exist on the face of the earth, is a Dog's Love.

Submitted: December 02, 2019

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Submitted: December 02, 2019



Are you worthy, of a Dog's Love?


Unconditional love is a beautiful thing,

Like parents give to their offspring,

But that’s not always true, and this we know,

Since some parents are a complete no-show,


Look at how many young people that have to 

Go solo, some even living on skid row. But look

Again, and you’ll see they have a Dog, in the cold

Wind and rain, that Dog will never complain,


Always by their side through thick and thin, the one

You can always depend, to protect and serve to

No end, your Dog will never leave you, loyalty is 

Their only goal, to the deepest, warmest depths 

Of their soul, 


Whether you live in a mansion or a

Manhole, or a war hero, or even a killer on parole.

And even if you die, that Dog will not leave your side,

Because what is certainly true, a Dog's love is unconditional

To you. 


So let’s see, have I made it perfectly clear, whose love 

Is more worthy, a Dog’s love is closest to the Almighty,

So if you want unconditional love, and the other kind, 

You’re so tired of, you must ask yourself,


Are you worthy of, a Dog’s love...


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