The Modern Shrink Part 3 (Gay marriage)

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Continuation of the everlasting quest for the reasons behind the lack of equality and human compassion.

Being gay is inherently wrong. Gay marriages is a sin against God. Statements that have been true since the dawn of day. Most likely being gay has at no point in the human history been accepted. To my knowledge there are no religions positive to the idea of treating other sexual orientations as normal. Heterosexuality is king, there are no place for queens. In the following i am going to examine closer how things stands to day. In our pinnacle of enlightenment. 

First of all may be prudently to supply my definition of gay. Underneath the umbrella of possible sexualities there are to many variations to mention. Some of them quite reasonable, many seems to have limited justification. Even LGBT rights organizations do find that somewhat troublesome. Words are powerful, we use words to identify ourselves. So my definition of being gay is as simple as one person having romantic/sexual feelings for other people of same gender, over time. Fantasies is not the same, just to be clear. 

Out of 195 countries in the world, 68 of them have laws that have national laws criminalizing same sex relations. Another 9 have similar laws criminalizing, lets call it subgroups whitin the gay community, such as being transgender. The risks varies from a warning, a ticket, prison (hours to life imprisonment), torture and the death penalty. Furthermore being openly gay comes to a great personal and social risk in many countries. Homosexuality is probably the one and only innate trade you have to "come out of the closet" to reveal. I don`t want to come across as a grumpy shrink, but someone finally comming out of this mental closet is not an joyful event. It is just sad and should in a better world be unnecessary. Other parts of life affected is the chances of employment, access to health services and the right to police protecting is limited if excisting at all.Curiously all 77 countries lies either close to the equator or south of it. Brunei, Oman and Kuwait have laws forbidding to pose as the opposite sex, more often than not meaning transgenders. Whilst in the United Arab Emirates (which includes the famous Dubai) laws prohibit men posing as women to gain accsess to women only areas, like public toilets. UAEs law is one of those i can lean against agreeing with, eventhough it at the same time can be construed as discriminatory. As i can gather the most developed country stil practicing anti gay laws are South Korea, where the millitary criminal code, not the civilian, punishes same-sex relations with up to two years of imprisonment.

The USA have still 11 states which at least limits the freedom of homosexuality, regardless of it being stated as unconstitutional. Countries like Russia do not have spesific laws agains same-sex relations, but nonetheless the level of discrimination is rampant. It needs to be said that discriminations against the gay community both on individual and/or group basis happens all over the world. The big difference is how the State reacts to it happening. 

Any good news to talk about? Thankfully there are some countries bringing their legal code up to date, from the dark ages to the present. Botswana, Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana are a few of few examples. But back to the grimm truth. Chad and Brunei are new countries making being gay a crime. Brunei as late as April 2019. So, what happened to Brunei? The Sharia law. Yes, religion is a big part of this willingness to discriminate against groups of people. In todays world it seems like Islam is the main driving force, and more precisely the practice of Sharia law. What actually is the Sharia law and what does it say about homosexuality? First of all it must be said that most muslims do not accept the practice of Sharia law. It`s punishments are to brutal. Like in Brunei where those found guilty of being and living as a gay can be stoned or whipped to death. The same goes for Saudi Arabia, as an appaling fact i can add that they are susceptible of beheadings of cheating wifes. No solid proof demanded. Appreciated, but not a dealbreaker. All of this is just sickening. 

Similarities, if any? As previously mentioned all the countries are in the south. By no accident the same goes for economical., educational,- and social progress. Very simply said it could be claimed that it is best to live in north western parts of Europe and north-America, for most people and minorities. Strong or lacking state controll is a red thread worth noticing. In Africa smaller communities have their own rules and traditions with limited influence from the outside world. Thus making development difficult. In religious countries like Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia they are stuck to ancient scriptures. Holy texts made in a much more homogeneous society than todays. 

What can be do? Well, it is all up to the people. In addition to the states willingness to provide the inhabitants with open access to knowledge. Eventhough i personally identify myself as someone of a advocate for equaltiy, regardless what it is. In my mind change starts with our children. The smallest children do not care the least about the color of your skin, if you are rich or poor. To be fair they probably do not fully understand sexuality, not a hot pre puberty topic, but they would in all likelyhood not care about that either. 

The conclusion is the mantra i live by: Being born as something, says nothing about your worth as a human. 





Submitted: December 03, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Myanmar. All rights reserved.

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LE. Berry

Over sexuality...sexual activity not related to reproduction...has been an unfair burden dumped upon the gay community. It is not right and not the truth. Straight people use each other in a sexual manner, they hurt each other and it's not vilified in the same way. It's time to end gender discrimination in the acknowledgement of what is.

Tue, December 3rd, 2019 11:16pm

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