The Princess of the Shadows A novel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The Magical Stories House

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter One-The Revised Version

Submitted: December 03, 2019

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Submitted: December 03, 2019



The Dark Magicians hovered in the air. 

They seemed to sense the Princess was in her Tower. Her parents were dead; her face was streaked with tears. On her bed there was a pillow. She looked forlornly at the window; she looked at her mirror. It was broken due to the vibrations. 

She cried, and waited to die. 


Seconds passed. 







The Princess waited for the inevitable. 

She ran out of the window, and down the pipes. Once she reached the majestic green garden, she stopped on the path that was full of gravel. She breathed harder, and harder; she breathed until she could feel the oxygen that was in her lungs, and she exhaled. 

In her mind, she didn't know why they wanted her to die; her mind was buzzing with horrible thoughts of the King, and Queen. Were they dead? Why was she attacked? It was something that caused her to dream of the Ancient Wooods; she didn't think the elves would come and save her.

Or would they?

She ran as fast as she could, before nightfall came. She breathed harder, then slower. And, in a matter of seconds, she fell asleep by the entrance to the fabled elven woods.


The Dark Magician, Seacroth, stared at the other magicians. In his mind, Princess Mallory, was troublesome; his mind wandered to the Tower. "She must be here", he announced. Moreworth, the Younger Magician, scanned the area. 

"She's gone", he stated. 

"She can't be", Seacroth had a sour look on his old face; Moreworth was sure he would use his wand on him, and curse the village lands with fever. It happened several centuries ago, like the 1348 Black Plague in the 14th Century. 

"The only place is the Elven Lands. And she wouldn't go there, wouldn't she", Moreworth said. Seacroth sighed with frustration.

Then they landed on the gravel, and disappeared into the ether.


Princess Mallory heard it.

The sounds of horses.

She opened her bright, blue eyes like the ocean. But there wasn't anything like that in the Elven Woods. She saw four elf trackers. They wore green, and grey, tunics, brown breeches, and flat, black boots on their small feet. 

"Who are you? And why are you in here?", the Elf Prince asked her. 

"I was escaping from the Dark Magicians. I'm Princess Mallory", she answered. She looked at his pointed ears. "Come with me. I'm Prince Eduard". She nodded. It wasn't going to end well if she caused a scene. The other elves were eager to close the woods off by magic. When they did, there was an eerie silence.


Prince Eduard gazed at the sun. 

"The woods are cold at night", he said. 

"I'm in the way", Princess Mallory told him. 

"No, you're not. The woods won't let anyone into the woods, you're the exception",Prince Eduard said. The Princess nodded. 

"What do you mean by that?", she asked him.

"I mean you're part of us now", Prince Eduard answered. He was insistant, and there wasn't going back now. It was an inevitable consequence of the Dark Magicians power over the lands.


Seacroth looked as far as he could see. 

"Something's wrong".

"What is it?", Moreworth asked him. 

"The Elven Lands are breached", Seacroth answered. He looked at the entrance, and smiled.


Prince Eduard arrived at the castle. He saw guards at attention. They wore grey helmets on their heads, green tunics, brown breeches, and flat grey boots on their small feet. In their hands were sharp daggers. 

"My Prince", Jonas Richeterson, the Head of the Elven Guards, bowed. 

"Take Princess Mallory to the chambers. She's human, and she is one of us now. The Dark Wizards are hunting her. It is Seacroth, and Moreworth". Jonas addressed the situation. 

"Why is a human Princess here?".

"She escaped from the Tower. There's been stories about takeovers by the Dark Sorcerors". Jonas baulked at the idea of dark magic ruining the castle. 

"It is outrageous. She's young, and not eighteen". Jonas smiled at the Princess. 

"Come with me".

"Thank you", Princess Mallory said.

"You'll stay the night. I'm Jonas".

"I don't have home", she uttered. 

"This is your home now".

She nodded, and yawned, before she slept in the spare chamber bed.


The following morning, around 7:00 AM, the bright lights of the window glimmered. Princess Mallory heard the creaking of the mahogany door. The door was ajar.

Suddenly an elf bowed. 

"Breakfast, Princess. I'm Eldred".

"You know me", she said.

"We've heard about the Princess of the Tower". He looked at her. 

"I wasn't in a prison. I don't know what happened to my Mother, and Father, the Queen, and King". Eldred nodded. He had black hair, brown eyes, and short. He had pointed ears. Eldred wore a green tunic, brown breeches, and flat, white boots on his feet. "Everyone's waiting for you", he said. Princess Mallory nodded, and walked out of the chambers, where the other elves greeted her.


The afternoon came and went.

Princess Mallory bowed in front of the Elven King, and Elven Queen, who sat on their regal thrones. They wore crowns on their small heads, and capes down their backs. And small, red boots on their feet.

"For a long time, there wasn't a Princess of the Other Lands; for a long time, others weren't suited to the elven World. You, Princess Mallory, have caused a lot of problems. Our world is secretive. If you want to be here, you must obey", the Elf King said. 

"I will, my King, my Queen".

She bowed, and everything was as it should be.

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