In A Faraway Land

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The House of Fiction

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a princess and a prince. And also an Evil Queen, an elf, and a pirate.

The princess wishes her life would go back to normal.

The prince wants nothing more than to save the princess.

The Evil Queen wants to kill the princess.

The elf wants to get her duty done and then get rid of the princess.

The pirate wishes he never met any of them.

In a faraway land, a lot of things are happening and it all starts with the queen.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Monica is Free

Chapter 1: Monica is Free   Monica had grown to be motivated by death. The death of the king who is her husband and her daug... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: Lana Needs to Run

Lana cried into her soft pillow. Her father fought all night long. He didn’t want to leave Lana alone, but he couldn’t hold on any lo... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: Captain Seals

I'm going, to be honest, this chapter is the longest sp far because Eddie is my favorite character.
Read Chapter

Chapter Four: The Prince

This chapter is really short because I don't really have anything to say about the Prince.
Read Chapter

Chapter Five: Creation

Monica was going to lose her mind if she had to torch another bird. They kept flying in attacking her constantly. The word had gotten out... Read Chapter

Chapter Six: The First Step

This was way longer than what I had intended and I didn't even get to the important parts.
Read Chapter

Chapter Seven: Land Ahead

“Thar be land ahead cap’n!”   “Owen you don’t have to speak like that. Just because other pirates speak like brute... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight: Training

Sikora was days away from killing Lana. She was annoying, puny, and dumb. The rumors about her were true. She didn’t know a single thin... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine: The Raid

“Sam don’t forget to feed Zoe and Skip don’t forget to clean up the mess hall.” Eddie said.   They had just docked t... Read Chapter

Chapter 10: Responsibility

I haven't posted A LOT in a while. I'm working on chapter 19 and I haven't even posted chapter 10 to Booksie.
Read Chapter

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