Within Each Other

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story of two people who, somehow, switch souls and have to learn how to cope with their changed situations and their growing attraction to each other.

Chapter 1

Azure hurried with the tray of food, knowing there would be problems if she didn't get it there fast enough. The Populars had their usual table at the drive-in and demanded everything revolve around them. The few times Azure had tried to stand up for herself, she had ended up wearing chocolate milkshake and having people looking at her like they wished they could help her. She didn't need anyone's help. She placed the tray down and passed out the burgers, fries, and drinks to the group and turned to try to go. Unfortunately, someone had her by the waist and made it seem he wasn't letting her go.

"Hey, it's our sweet little counter girl. What will you do for us if we give you a big tip?," one of the football players asked her, making it very obvious what he wanted her to give him. She managed to keep the tray between them, but saw no sign of Rick, her friend and savior when the situation got like this. Azure struggled against him, but he just pulled her closer to his body and she knew the situation was just getting worse. She was about to start screaming till all the male staff came running over, but she was pulled out of the football players arms and walked a few feet away from them. She looked up to see the Native American football player, Dusty, looking at her concerned and searching her face to make sure she was uninjured. He squeezed her shoulder and turned back to the rest of the football players.

"I'm reporting you to coach. That was harassment and no woman should have to put up with that shit. If you had physically harmed her, I would have had you thrown off the team. We may be the Populars, or what ever else they want to call us, but that doesn't mean we lack in common human decency. If I see anything like that again, I WILL have you thrown off the team and an announcement will be made to the entire school about why you were kicked off. Try me, assholes!" He glared at all of them for another few minutes, then turned back to her and sat her down on the bench.

"Are you okay, Azure?" She actually blinked up at him in surprise. The most popular guy in school knew her name. She nodded. He sighed and shook his head. "I am so sorry about them. I try to keep them in check, but after a game it's a little difficult. It would have been nice to see you there, but I guess you had to work tonight."

"Yeah, but, Dusty, how did you know my name. I thought you never noticed me."

Dusty laughed and smiled at her. "Azure, you would be surprised at the things I've noticed about you, like how you excel in English, you hate Spanish, and you pretty much play your way thru Chemistry." He tapped her nose and stood up. "See you at school, Azure."

She was surprised by how much Dusty really seemed to know about her. She waved at him as they got ready to leave, and she quickly bussed the table and noticed some money laying under a napkin. When she looked again, she realized that it was at the spot where Dusty had been sitting, and he had left her $10. She knew she could use it, but she knew she was going to give it back to him. Maybe she would hide it in her shoe when she went home to deal with Tim. She finished up her cleaning and checked the clock. Just 2 more hours till she could go home and go to sleep.

Chapter 2

Dusty sighed as he shoved his friends towards their vehicles, making sure he was the last to leave so he could make sure they left Azure alone. Of course, Jessica was waiting to ride with him. He knew he was supposed to be into her. She was head cheerleader and beautiful, but he found her to be petty and vindictive. She completely used people for what she could get from them. If he had his way, he would drop her on the side of the road and watch her walk home.

She was nothing like Azure. Azure was like a breath of fresh air around his friends. She made him feel like he could do anything. And she was the type of girl he wanted be his side, not Jessica. Azure was smart, intelligent, witty, beautiful, humble, always helped others, and knew how to be kind. He knew if he got the chance to introduce her, his parents would love her. He knew if his friends gave her a chance his friends would fall in love with her. He knew if Jessica met her, she would hate her. She would see Azure as competition, which she was, and do everything she could to make her feel 1 inch tall. That was the biggest reason he had not tried to include Azure in their group.

He sighed one last time as he watched Azure clear the table, and saw she had found his tip. He had his ways of finding information, and he knew she lived in a trailer out on the woods with her uncle. Her situation wasn't good, but there wasn't a lot he could do right now to help her. So instead, he slipped her money as he could and hoped she kept it hidden from him. He watched her for a moment longer, before Jessica started teasing him and trying to get him hard, and he quickly grabbed her hand and threw it across the car. "We're not dating. We're not fucking. We never have. We never will. Touch me again in any way, shape, or form, and I will report you to your coach," he spat out at her.

She looked smug at him, trying to turn the tables. "Who's going to believe you? I'm a weak little cheerleader. You're a football player. They'll be more likely to believe you forced me."

Dusty got an evil grin on his face. "You apparently forget my father is a lawyer. He taught me to always have my bases covered." He reached into his jersey and into the padding and pulled out a personal recorder. He rewound it and played back his comment where he said he wasn't dating her. "And if you think that's the only recording I have, you would be very surprised." He looked her straight in the eye and grit his teeth. "Stay away from me, my family, and my team. If I catch you near any of them, the entire town will hear these tapes."

Jessica looked infuriated at him, grabbed her stuff, hopped out, and began walking him. Dusty felt all the tension leave his body, and he thanked his Dad for the idea of keeping the recorder on him. That was one less problem he had to worry about and one step closer to what he was really working for.

Chapter 3

The next two hours were long and hard, but she made enough from her tips to keep Tim off her back and still have enough to be able to keep some hidden. Once they had finished with clean up, Azure slowly walked home, not wanting any of her coworkers or friends to see where she lived. It was a rust-trap, a hovel, that barely kept her warm enough in the winter. Tim always had somewhere else to stay during those times. When she got to the house, she saw Tim's car parked outside, and she braced herself for whatever abuse he would inflict tonight.

Azure quietly opened the door and stepped inside, taking her shoes off at the door. She heard the TV on in the living room and walked that way to see if he needed something from her. As he looked her over, the disdain was written all over his face. "Where the fuck have you been, Bitch?"

"I had to close at the restaurant tonight and it took me a while to be able to walk home," she whispered meekly. "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't realize you were waiting for me."

She kept her eyes on the floor just in case he found some reason to be offended. He held out his hand, and she emptied all of her tips into his bare hand. He counted it thru and looked at her hard again. "You sure this is all?" He stared her down like he knew she had hidden money somewhere.

Azure quietly nodded her head and replied, "Yes, sir. I know the belt comes out when I try to hide money from you. I learned that lesson."

Tim watched her for a few minutes longer. "You know, I don't know what the fuck your Mama was thinking by naming you Azure. I know it means 'Heaven' but you're far from being heavenly. You are an absolute Hell to me and anyone who meets you. If I could figure out a way to get rid of you, I'd do it right now." He looked at her with that evil glint in his eye and wrapped his hands around her throat. She tried to push away from him, but he was squeezing the air out of her too quickly. She felt herself fading, but she fought for a brief thought before she passed out. "Please let someone finally understand the Hell I've been in and how much I want to get out." Then the world disappeared.

Chapter 4

Dusty finally parked his car in the driveway and walked inside to greet his parents. When he walked in the kitchen, he immediately walked over and wrapped his Mother in a hug. He could honestly say he loved his Mother, both his parents in fact. He never had a bad relationship with them. He never fought with them. They explained the reason why they did or did not let him do things, and that was enough for him. He walked over to his Father next. "I finally did it Dad. I caught her on recording threatening to turn my harassment claims against her. I am finally rid of Jessica. I told her that if she came any where near me, my family, or my team, I would release the tapes to the entire town."

His father shook his hand and patted him on the back. "Good job, son! What's your plan now?"

Dusty's parents knew about Azure and the type of situation she was in. They wanted to help her as much as Dusty did, but there was only so much they could do since Tim had custody of her. "I'm going to try to get her involved more with our group. I think the guys would find her funny and an absolute sweetheart. She needs people who will look out for her. Maybe bring her for dinner one night so you guys can meet her." He raised his eyebrows and gave both his parents a pleading look.

They both laughed at him and nodded. "She is welcome over her whenever she wants, sweetie," his Mom said, kissing his forehead. "Now go get ready for bed. It sounds like you have a lot of things planned for the next few days."

Dusty kissed both his parents again and dashed up the stairs. He was looking forward to including Azure in his group of friends. He changed and crawled into bed. As he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep, he thought to himself, "I hope there is something I can do to make Azure's life better for her."

Chapter 5

When Azure woke up, she knew something was off. The sheets and blankets around her felt so much warmer than they usually did. The light in the room was brighter. It even smelled different. Like someone was cooking breakfast already. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around her. The room around her was nothing she recognized. There was boy stuff everywhere. She slowly got up, and realized the arms and legs she was using were not the ones she was used to either. She made her way over to the bathroom door to see who's face she was wearing. When she looked up into the mirror, she saw Dusty's face staring back at her. "Oh, fuck!," she managed to whisper out.

Suspecting where Dusty was really at, she had to get to him and help him before he got hit. She knew he was strong, but in his body. In hers, not so much. She quickly threw on some clothes and grabbed his backpack, heading to the front door. She was quickly stopped by two people sitting in the kitchen. They waved her over, and she assumed they were Dusty's parents. "Good morning, sweetie," the little lady said, reaching up and wrapping her in a hug. Azure was surprised for a moment, but quickly returned the hug, remembering the hugs she used to get from her Mom. She looked up at Dusty's Dad, and saw only love for the two of them. This was the type of family she wanted. If Dusty was lucky enough to have this, she hoped he realized it. Then she remembered about Dusty.

"I've got to head out. Something important came up and it's kind of an emergency. I'll let you know about it as soon as I can," she told them and kissed Dusty's Mom again.

"Well, where's my good morning kiss? I wanted my usual wake up as well," Dusty's Dad smiled at her, and she quickly walked over to give him a huge hug and kiss on the cheek.

"I'll talk to you soon!," Azure told them. If they were this loving with Dusty, maybe they could help the two of them figure out what was going on.

He quickly dashed out the front door and in the direction of the trailer, praying that Tim had left sometime last night and hadn't decided to wait for breakfast. Having longer legs and more speed made the trip faster, but she was terrified what Dusty would think of her when he knew how she lived.

Chapter 6

Dusty woke up freezing and sore, especially around his neck. Something wasn't right. He quickly opened his eyes and saw a room he had never seen before with a dressing table shoved in the corner. He walked over to it, realizing he felt lower to the ground than he did before. He quietly got to the mirror and looked into it, stunned at what he saw. He had Azure's face and uniform on. He looked around the small room and found what looked to be a closet of Azure's clothes and he quickly went thru them, trying to find what would keep her warmest. As he was about to pull her shirt off to change her, He noticed large bruises across her middle and noticed a fresh bruise around her neck. It looked like she had been choked. Dusty felt his anger rising, but he realized that if he tried to do something to help her at the moment, he would just get her hurt.

He quickly bundled up and grabbed her backpack, slipping out of the room and towards the front door as quietly as possible. He saw someone sleeping on the couch, snoring under a thick down comforter. This had to be Tim, Azure's step-father. Dusty snuck to the front door, picked up her shoes, and snuck out. He quickly put the shoes on and headed in the direction of his house, hoping Azure or his parent would be able to help them with this. He had no idea what to do otherwise.

Chapter 7

As Azure got close to her trailer she spotted Dusty sneaking thru the trees, trying to make as little noise as possible. It looked like he tried to make sure her body was as warm as possible. She quickly ran up to him, and saw the shock of looking into his own face. "Azure? What the fuck is going on? I woke up in your body this morning? I woke up in your bed?" She soothed him gently as she hurried him away from her trailer, not wanting to wake Tim up.

"What was the last thing you remember last night? The last thing I remember was fading out, but fighting for a brief thought before I passed out. The thought to please let someone finally understand the Hell I've been in and how much I want to get out. Then I passed out." Dusty gently ran his fingers over the bruises on his throat and knew it happened then. Azure slowly brushed his hand out of the way to see the bruise. She hissed in sympathy. "I remember that happening." She looked down at her feet, feeling ashamed of herself.

Dusty cupped her cheek and lifted her head. "I knew about the kind of situation you were in, just not the abuse. We'll get you out of it. Let's go talk to my parents and see if there's anything they can do to help us." He gently wrapped his tiny frame around her large one, but he still felt like he was protecting her from the world. She had been on her own for so long with no one watching out for her. He wanted to do anything he could to make her feel safe for once.

They hurried as quickly as they could back to Dusty's house, and actually caught his Dad getting into the car to head to work. Dusty stepped up to his Dad and told him they needed to talk to him and it was an emergency. When he got a look back like he was out of his mind. Dusty calmed down and asked if he would just please let them explain what was going on. His Dad nodded, and called the office, explaining an emergency had come up and he wasn't sure when he would be in, but he would keep them informed. They all went in the house together then.

Dusty's Mom was in the process of cleaning the kitchen, and when she saw her family come back in with an extra person she was just as confused as Dusty's Dad. Dusty, in Azure's body gestured to the table, and his parents looked at him like he had lost his mind. Shaking his head, he started his explanation. "That is not your son Dusty. I'm Dusty. That is Azure. Somehow we switched bodies sometime last night. She remembers thinking to please let someone finally understand the Hell she's been in and how much she wants to get out. The last thing I remember before falling asleep like normal last night was I hope there is something I can do to make Azure's life better for her. Could our having those thoughts at around the same time have done this to us?"

Dusty's parents looked at each other, and Mom spoke up. "There are stories of situations like this happening, mostly to teach someone a lesson they need to learn. I know Dusty, and I've heard stories of you Azure, and not just from my son, and you have always struck me as a giving and kind person. I don't see how either of you would need to learn a lesson." She looked at Azure, knowing that was really Dusty now. "Could it have something to do with the research you and your Father have been doing to present to Officer Blackwell to help." She gestured to Dusty, and Azure realized that the bruising on her neck was almost purple and was getting even worse.

Dusty held up his hand to his Mom and looked at Azure. "There's something I want to show my parents, but only with your permission." She looked at him confused but then he looked down at her side. She took a shaky breath and slowly nodded. Dusty lifted Azure's shirt to under her bra line and stood up so he could turn for his parents to get the full extent of the bruising. Azure hung her head and refused to look at any of them, expecting them to get angry at her the way Tim did for being useless and worthless like he always told her.

She felt a small hand on her waist and a larger one on her side. She looked up startled. Both Dusty's parents were looking at her with tears running down their faces. Dusty's Mom got her words together first, but there was a catch to them. "Oh, Honey! If we had known what you had been going thru, we would have gotten you out of there a long time. We knew the situation had gotten bad when your Mom died, but Tim kept you so secluded that we had problems getting any information. Let us get some pictures and we will make sure you never have to go back to that bastards again," Dusty's Mom spat out, talking like someone had abused one of her own children. "And while we get all this straightened out, you'll stay here with us."

Chapter 8

Dusty led Azure upstairs and stopped in the hallway. " I just thought about it, and I'm not sure if you're going to fit on the guest bed like this, but I will. I'll grab some clothes and things to keep myself busy in there and just let you use my room. That way I can be sure you'll be comfortable." She started to protest, but Dusty waved her off and walked into his room to grab some stuff. She peeked in to see what kind of stuff he would bring to keep himself busy. When she saw him pick up a guitar and a sketch book with pencils, she became even more curious.

"Which do you prefer doing more, the guitar or the drawing?" she had to ask, since art was one of her major passions, too. He held both out to look at them and shrugged.

"I don't think I can decide since both let out part of that creativity that I'm trying to tap into. Sometimes it's a bit of a melody that won't leave my head and I just have to turn it into a song. Sometimes it's an image or two colors I see near each other that get the inspiration started and the next thing I know, I've spent hours drawing. That pissed Jessica off so much." Azure felt a pang of guilt and had to ask.

"So what about her. It's not like we can really explain what's going on and I don't think she's going to be happy about me staying here." He just smiled at her at that comment and scoffed.

"What's wrong, Heaven? Getting a little jealous," he asked giving her a long hard look that searched her entire face for anything she might be hiding.

Azure quietly coughed and bit her lip for a moment. She didn't want to admit she was but she had a feeling it was about to come out whether she wanted it to or not. She sighed, and then slowly nodded her head. Dusty blinked at her admittance. "Why wouldn't I be jealous of her? She's gorgeous and popular and she has you. Why wouldn't anyone be jealous of her." She refused to look at Dusty.

"Azure, I need you to listen to me very carefully for just a minute. You have no reason to be jealous of her. She doesn't have me. I threw her out on the side of the road last night cause she was trying to get handsie with me. Yes, she's pretty in that starve herself supermodel way, but she doesn't look like a real person. Once you've been in a real home like this and we get you healthy you are going to look incredible and I'm going to have to beat all the guys off you. And not only are you beautiful, are also smart, intelligent, witty, humble, always help others, and know how to be kind. Jessica is petty and vindictive. That is not the type of person I want to be around on a regular basis. You are the person I want to be around on a regular basis. And maybe once you're comfortable, maybe you would agree to meet my friends and hang out with them in a situation where you don't have to bite your tongue when they get out of line." That made her laugh and the whole idea made her smile.

"I think I'd like that, but I want to learn some moves so the next time one of them grabs at me, I can put him on his knees." Azure got a devious gleam in her eye at the thought of actually being able to do it. They had sat in his bedroom floor by this time, and Azure leaned into his shoulder, making herself comfortable, and him as well.

"If that's what you want to learn, precious, then I will make sure you have the best teachers," he quietly told her as he heard her breathing even out. He hoped she would feel safe here. He hoped he could give her everything she needed. He hoped he could give her a family. As he also started to fall asleep, he turned on his side to wrap his arms around her and pull her closer. He was always worried about her being cold. He would do everything he could to make sure she didn't go thru the winter colds she had in the past.

Chapter 9

Dusty stirred on the floor, feeling someone laying on his chest and looked down carefully. Even though Azure had the larger build, it's like she looked to him for comfort. He did not mind this in the least. He liked taking care of her. He chuckled when he saw the blanket Mom had draped over her. There was no way she would get cold under that. He moved to slip out from under her, but she reached out for something past him. She seemed to wrap her arms around it and pull it close to her. She tilted an ear up, as if she was listening to someone, nodding and murmuring in her sleep. Then she screamed. It was the most terrified and heart-rending noise he had ever heard, and he tried to reach out to comfort her, but she just fought him harder. If he didn't do something, she would hurt herself without meaning to. He wrapped the blanket around her to keep her arms pinned, and shouted for Mom and Dad.

When they came in he quickly explained she seemed to be having a dream then when he tried to touch her, she lashed out at him. Dusty and his Dad held her down while Mom went to call an EMT. They knew this was something they couldn't help her with except to get her the type of help she needed and to be there for her.

After a few minutes, she seemed to calm and go back into a somewhat catatonic state. He motioned for his Dad that he was alright, then he scooped Azure up in his arms, leaving the blanket on the floor and just held her and whispered to her. He talked to her the whole time they waited for the EMT and refused to let them go without him. He didn't want her to wake up and freak again if she woke up and didn't know where she was or who was around her.

He promised he would call his parents when he knew something definite and that he would call Officer Jeff Blackwell to get him to come in to look at the bruises. He might have some other friends who would remember she hadn't been bruised last night. He kissed them both and climbed in the emergency vehicle.

His mind was racing. He had just found Azure. He had just gotten it to the point where she trusted him. She had just started to relax with him. She had a home with them. He knew his parents adored her and wanted her there as much as he did. And he was finally in the position after being around her so much over the last day that he could admit he loved her, and had for a long time. Probably always had. She just had a way of lighting a bright spot in his life, and he didn't want that bright spot to go out.

Dusty had to talk to her to try to keep himself from going crazy. "Hey, Azure, my little heaven. Did you know you've always been that for me? My own personal piece of heaven. And after your Mom died, I wanted to be there for you, but Tim moved you and put all those stupid restrictions on you and made you get a job as soon as you were able to support him. I know he left you in that trailer with no heat in the winter. I tried getting blankets to you, but whenever he found you with them, he would beat you again and it just seemed to get worse. Dad and I have been working for awhile to get you away from him and get custody taken from him. We have almost everything, but I have a feeling you're dream tonight might be that last piece we're missing. Hold on to that little piece desperately, precious, and I will make sure he goes to jail for a long time." Dusty kisses her gently and brushed her hair back. He knew he couldn't, bit he wanted to hold her so desperately it was painful. Instead, he brushed his thumb across her cheek repeatedly.

Chapter 10

Azure sat as a child in her Momma's lap. They were looking thru their special box. The box they kept hidden from Tim. This was the box of things from her real Daddy. Momma let her look thru all the little sparklies and pretties. Azure wanted to wear them for her friends at school, but Momma said they needed to stay in the box till the time was perfectly right.

Momma put all the things back into the box. Momma then pulled Azure into her lap so they were facing each other. Momma looked at her very seriously and brushed her cheek. "You will face many trials, my heaven. They will make you strong. They will make you kind. They will make you understand the suffering of others. Remember no matter how cruel or heartless some people can be to you, there are other people who will love you no matter what. Remember the names David, June, and Dusty. Especially Dusty. He may not remember why, but the two of you have a special connection that will be explained when the two of you find this box together. You need to wake up, precious. Someone is waiting to see your beautiful face and they are getting impatient." Momma reached up and kissed her. "Know I have always loved you and I have always been with you, my heaven."

Azure suddenly gasped and sat up. She realized someone had her hand. She realized it was Dusty. She gently shook his shoulder to wake him up, knowing he might be able to explain something. He looked so exhausted though. She gently stroked his face and it was a face that seemed familiar to her somehow. A face she had known for a long time. She leaned down and kissed his cheek, watching his face after she did it to watch him smile and it was something she wanted to see again. She turned her body so she could slide her legs under his head, so he was resting in her lap, and ran her fingers thru his hair. This was a feeling she also knew, the silk of her hair on her fingers. It was much longer than it used to be, but it still had the same silken texture. She leaned down again and kissed Dusty again, feeling the edge of his mouth under her lips. She didn't move for a moment but when she went to pull back, she felt Dusty turn to face her and kiss her back, with as much passion as both their bodies held.

In that moment something happened.  The light went bright. All sound stopped except for the beating of their hearts and their breathing. They just held on to each other and looked in each other's eyes. Then something shifted. They heard the noises from the room again. They felt each other's hands and voices coming down the hall. Dusty didn't care. He pulled Azure into his lap and held her tightly. "I was so worried about you. I know it was my body that collapsed, but I knew something had happened with that nightmare. Something had changed. And now it looks like we may have even found the way to switch ourselves back. I don't know how, but you did it Azure." He kissed her briefly and pulled her into a tight hug.

Azure wasn't for the brief kiss, so she managed to maneuver her arms up around his neck, lay her hands on the back of his neck, and pulled him into a passionate kiss that she had been dreaming about for years. She had always wanted Dusty and now she might actually get her chance.

"Oh, well...maybe we should come back," a voice said from the door. Azure quickly looked up and saw Dusty's Mom and Dad and some of his football friends standing there giving them looks that ranged from embarrassment to smugness. Azure quietly slid off his lap, but he didn't let her go far. He had her sit on the bed beside him and he leaned back onto her. She didn't mind this, and played with his hair, brushing her fingers thru it repeatedly.

Dusty's parents asked the players to give them just a few minutes with the kids to talk. Once they go the door closed, they looked to the two of them for an explanation. Azure, in her once again tiny body, explained about the dream and the vision of her mother she had had when she woke up and how Momma had told her no matter how many bad people there were, there were people named David, June, and Dusty who would love her. At that, all three of them stared at each other in absolute shock and horror. About how when she woke up she was still the way she was before, but saw Dusty had her hand and leaned down to kiss him. She started to blush but continued. That she had placed his head in her lap and kissed him again, and this time she happened to kiss his lips and he turned his head to kiss her back. Then she figured what did she have to lose so she kissed him the way she had wanted to for years. She went silent at this and Dusty leaned up and kissed her jaw.

"There are some things we need to talk about when we get back to our house. Don't worry about the details. We'll figure out a way to have custody of you. And as far as those three names your Momma told you that would love you, they were us, sweetie. Your Momma was David and my best friend and we raised you and Dusty together until Tim showed up. She said she was going to leave custody with us, but we haven't been able to find it." June leaned up and kissed both Azure and Dusty. "Take care of each other, sweeties."

Chapter 11

June and David hugged both of them and told them to keep them informed. They then left the room, letting the football players and their cheerleader girlfriends in with them. Jessica followed along and pretended like she was supposed to be there. As she walked towards the bed to hug Dusty, she saw Azure sitting on the bad next to him. "What the fuck is that bitch doing sitting in my spot beside you? Tell that trash to get the fuck out!," Jessica spat out in Azure's direction. Dusty started to get really pissed, but Azure patted his arm and slowly shook her head. He knew she would handle this, his friends watching too, and Jessica would get everything coming to her. Dusty wrapped his arms around her and snuggled into her shoulder. This just made Jessica's eye spark higher.

Everyone stepped back along the walls and got out of the line of fire. Azure looked at Jessica, studying her for a moment. "You say I'm trash. Well, I would rather be trash than everything you are. You're spoiled, conceited, ugly, self-absorbed, and cruel to name just a few things. I can tell everyone in this room ways that you have betrayed them and stabbed them in the back. I can tell and give proof to the administration rules you've broken and reasons you should be expelled. That's the thing about trash, Jessica. People like you just see it as something to throw away. Me, on the other hand, I see something that can be remade into something even more beautiful. You're a user and you always will be. I'm something that's a gift. I am kind, hard working, patient, and many other things. I have been told this by many people. Now, get yourself away from what's mine," looks at Dusty, "and get out. And don't bother coming back because I don't think anyone in this room will want to have anything to do with you." Azure smiled at her and gave her a small wave before she started greeting everyone else in the room. Jessica had no idea what to do with herself. She stomped her feet and screamed trying to make them understand her anger, but they ignored her. Then a nurse walked in and told her if she didn't quiet things down, she would be thrown out by security. Jessica began screaming at her that she should be the one sitting in the bed by Dusty's side cause she was his girlfriend. The nurse looked at Jessica and informed her that the girl on the bed with him had been with him for the last two days, not leaving except to go to the bathroom. This was the first time the nurse had seen "her". The condescension in the nurse's voice made Jessica scream even more. The nurse walked out, telling them she was calling security.

Dusty looked at Jessica at that point and smiled at her. "And Jessica, don't you remember the conversation we had when you chose to get out of my car and walk home? We're not dating. We're not fucking. We never have. We never will. Touch me again in any way, shape, or form and I will make you regret it with a sexual harassment lawsuit. And if you've forgotten, I still have those recordings I can release to the cheer coach and the entire town." He wrapped his arms around Azure and kissed her thoroughly, enjoying every taste, feel, and motion their lips made together. His friends cheered for them and called for an encore. About that time, security knocked on the door and said they had had complaints from one of the nurse's about too much noise and someone being disruptive. Everyone pointed at Jessica.

The two men quickly lifted her by her arms and carried her out of the room. Everyone clapped as she was taken out. Dusty started introducing his friends to her and she found that they really were good people. They just stayed away from her because they thought she was shy and preferred being alone. The rumors Tim had spread after her Momma's death hadn't help matters either. She started talking with and joking around with everyone. She even threw a few jabs at the guys from Dusty's team, wondering how tough they really were. This got the guys riled up and they started challenging her to competitions on survivalism and keeping themselves alive out in the woods.

Unfortunately for them, their girlfriends put a stop to that challenge and claimed Azure was theirs for a make over. They wanted to see what she would look like all dolled up. Dusty agreed that was something he he would like to see so they all agreed they would have a group date at the restaurant they hung out at and the guys would meet them all there. They would not be able to see the girls till they got there.

Dusty thought it was a great idea, but Azure's face fell when she realized she didn't have money to pay for any attractive clothes for a date. Dusty saw the look and pulled her close, asking her what was wrong. Azure explained how she didn't have the money to buy clothes for a date. Dusty chuckled and kissed her. "Precious, if we get custody of you like we're trying to, it will partially be yours anyway. And if we don't get custody, I'll still buy you anything you want." He kissed her deeply again and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and dragging the kiss out as long as possible. The whole room cried out with cat-calls over the display. They agreed since Dusty was supposed to get out of the hospital tomorrow, the girls would skip school in the morning to take Azure shopping for clothes. Then they will meet up at the restaurant. The group agreed to take Azure to Dusty's house, but she argued leaving him there alone. The girls made an agreement with her to come by and get her in the morning and bring her a change of clothes. They all said good-bye then and Dusty and Azure curled up together on the bed, both of them realizing that even in an uncomfortable hospital bed, they slept better like this than they have ever slept before.

Chapter 12

Azure struggled to get up in the morning, but no longer had the choice when the cheerleaders from last night, Tiffany, Amber, Tracy, and Rebecca dragged her out of Dusty's arms and threw some clothes at her. Dusty couldn't help but laugh but tried to keep it in check when she said she could always go have dinner with her parents tonight. He kissed her good-bye and handed her his credit card. She balked at that, but he reminded her that he was sure one of the girls would be happy to carry it. After that the protests stopped. She kissed his hand and reminded him she would see him tonight. He told her he would be waiting with baited breath.

The girls dragged her out of the room and tossed her in Rebecca's car, taking her to Tiffany's house to be able to take a shower. Once she was done, they tossed her back in her borrowed clothes, commented how they were fixing her underwear problem first, then headed to the mall. On the way there, she tried to ask them and understand about hipsters and thongs and g-strings, but just didn't really get it. They promised she would understand once she saw them. And that no matter which she picked out, Dusty would worship the ground she walked on.

After introducing her to the lingerie store and trying to tempt her with a couple of juicy little extras for Dusty, they headed over to the dress shop. The girl were arguing about which color complimented her more, but Azure got distracted by a dress they had just passed and she stopped to stare at it. She was completely mesmerized. When the girls noticed and stopped to see what had caught her attention, they all looked at each other and nodded. It was a beautiful style for Azure, and it would give him a little hint of what else they had bought. After they picked out thigh-highs and heels for her, they took her to the salon for the royal treatment. They got her changed into her choice of underwear (the skimpiest possible according to the girls, which she ended up going with) and the dress first to make sure her hair didn't get messed up. They would have all her nails done in red, her lips done in red as well, and her hair done up in a French Twist with one large curl left down on the right side of her face. As she was finishing up, Amber handed her a bag and told her it was for luck. When Azure opened the bag, she saw a beautiful pair of silver earrings that Amber had bought for her. Azure hopped up and hugged her quickly and thanked them all so much for today. It had been the best day of her life. Tracy just scoffed and said she'd better get used to it cause they did it all the time.

As she finally stood up after getting her thigh-highs on she saw the girls waiting for her already. The amazement on their faces was obvious. "Azure, you should have been cheer captain all year instead of Jessica. You project all the characteristics of a leader and you're ten times more beautiful. If you would consider taking the position, I would put your name up to be voted on." Azure thanked her, but thought it might be a better idea to get to know the other cheerleaders first. They agreed that was a good idea and that it was time to go meet the guys.

They put Azure in the middle of the car so Dusty would have to wait the longest to see his date. Once they got to the restaurant, one by one the girls got out of the car. Rebecca got out and was met by Scott. Tracy got out and was met by Jacob. Amber got out and was met by Ian. Tiffany got out and was met by Ben. Now Azure knew it was her turn. The girls had Dusty blockaded so he couldn't get close to her until she gave him the total picture. She took a deep breath, opened the door, slid out, and stood up to her full height. She was afraid to see his reaction, but knew she needed to know. She slowly looked up at Dusty and shock did not even cover the look on his face. He had his hand over his heart like he was trying to keep it from beating out of his chest. He slowly took one step at a time to her and bent down to take her hand. "You, my precious, are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. This is the way I want to look for the rest of your life. This is how you deserve to look! I know people have said horrible things about your appearance before, but if you look back at the group, none of them think that in the least."

Azure turned to look at the girls and their boyfriends, and every single one of them was smiling at her like she was the angel on top of the Christmas tree. Absolutely ethereal.

Chapter 13

Dusty could not believe how much the make over had changed her. He knew she was beautiful on the inside because of how kind and sweet she was, but now everyone could see how beautiful she was on the outside as well. How he had always seen her. He knew the rest of their friends saw it too cause they kept peeking glances at her and smiling at her, as if the light she gave off was bringing sunshine to them too. This is how she deserved to live her life. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him, having problems letting her be more than a few inches from him. Azure had gotten to the point where she was relaxed with all of their friends, and was even giving the guys a run for their money. She definitely had a lot more guts than most people thought.

She turned her head to say something to Tiffany, and he felt her tense under his hands. He glanced in the direction she was looking in and saw a man he slightly recognized. Azure felt like she was ready to bolt. He gently wrapped his arms around her waist and held her hands. "Who is he, Precious?," he murmured in her ear, trying to make this conversation as unnoticeable as possible.

With one word, he knew they needed to do something now. "Tim," was the single word that barely passed her lips, but from across the room he seemed to hear it and zero in on her. Dusty watched him head in their direction, and he made signals to the team knowing they would pass everything on to the girls. He also quickly got out his phone and texted his Dad and Officer Blackwell that Tim had showed up where they were and they needed back-up. After a moment, he got a message back that they would be there in minutes.

Dusty squeezed her hand, reminding her they were all there with her. "Well, Azure, I didn't recognize you there. Is this your new boy toy or have you become a prostitute like your Mother?" Azure and the girls felt the guys getting tense but she grabbed onto Dusty's fist and brushed her hand onto Scott's until he got the hint and added his hand to theirs. The circle slowly made it's way around the table with everyone adding their hand, and by the time it got back to Azure, she could tell that the silence coming from them was getting him angry. Just as he started to yell and slam his fist down on the table, David and Jeff Blackwell walked into the restaurant and grabbed Tim by the arm.

"Cause a disruption in a facility like this around minors and you're looking at 30 days in jail. With what I already have on you, you might not want to add to that list. I have you on multiple accounts of assault and battery of a minor," Jeff informed Tim.

"Well, what minor cause I can assure you no one would have made such claims against me," He said as he burned Azure with his eyes.

"Actually, the people who reported it were June and David. They came across Azure on her way to school the day after you choked her and she collapsed. They had to help her. And since June is the court appointed photographer she was required to report the findings. Your custody of Azure ends today and will be transferred to David and June who have been applying for her custody for years. You will also spend the next 6 months in jail for your attack on her. And over the next few days we will be looking into the conditions you had her living in." Officer Blackwell cuffed Tim while he cussed at how he had given her a roof to live under and food to eat.

At that, he was interrupted again. "That roof you're talking about belonged to Azure's great-grandparents so it was always hers. And as far as food is concerned the only time I've EVER seen her eat is when she's at work or at school. And she pays for that on her own by hiding money from work, or I leave her an exceptionally large tip," Dusty filled in. "I know about the house because I remember Azure's Momma telling us about it when we were children. You see she told us lots of stories back then." Dusty stopped holding onto everyone and just wrapped his arms around Azure. "Like how one day someone would come to try to claim something from Azure that belonged to only Azure. And she may not remember where it is yet, but I do, and I'm going to make sure she gets her hands on it as soon as possible." At these words, Tim went ballistic, screaming about things that were stolen from him and it's only rumors her family owned that money. That money belongs to him. Dusty looked at Officer Blackwell. "Officer, we will retrieve the box in the morning, either with you or my Mother and bring it directly to the office. We want that man thrown behind bars as quickly as possible."

After this, everyone hugged Azure and Dusty while Tim was dragged off to prison by Blackwell. Azure felt like tons of weight had been lifted off her back. She would never have to be with Tim again. She could stay with June, David, and Dusty. She had a home now. She had a family. She had a future. And in the morning, she might actually find out what Tim was after.

Chapter 14

Dusty took Azure home, figuring she had enough bombarding her today to be able to process much. Their friends told her if she needed them for any reason, that Dusty knew how to get in touch with them. Once he pulled onto the driveway, he saw that she had dozed off wrapped in his jacket. She looked like a tiny child compared to his jacket, and it made him smile. He gently opened his door and closed it again, then opened her door carefully to make sure she wouldn't fall over. He picked her up princess style and carried her inside. He knew his parents were still out dealing with Officer Blackwell and placing the charges on Tim. He would just get her into bed and they would go out early in the morning to find what Tim was so interested in finding.

As he placed Azure in bed, he figured she might be more comfortable in casuals, so he grabbed a t-shirt and shorts for her. He pulled her shoes off and placed them near the closet. He carefully lifted her skirt enough to be able to pull the thigh-highs off, and the sight of them was almost enough to do him in. He had always imagined Azure in those and a pair of heels and very little else he would kill to be able to see it now. He closed his eyes and tried to get a handle on himself, but he felt like it was a losing battle. He looked back at her, and he saw her eyes were open and she was watching him.

"What were you just thinking about Dusty?," she asked him in a low voice, promising so many things for him.

"I- I was thinking about what you would look like in those thigh-highs, your heels, and what ever you have underneath. The thought had been driving me nuts all night." Azure slowly slid off the bed and walked over to put her heels back on. She kept her back to him and gestured to the zipper so he could help her out of it. He slowly slid the zipper down, nibbling at her neck as the gap became wider and Azure gasped when he hit one spot. He would make sure to take full advantage of that spot later. Once the dress was completely unzipped, Azure turned towards him and let the dress drop, so now Azure was only in her underwear, thigh-highs, and heels. He was speechless. He knew there was no way he would be able to say anything even if his life depended on it. She continued moving, turning so he could get a full look at the outfit. The bra was skimpy lace that barely covered anything and the bottoms were some gauzy material that left nothing to the imagination. Somehow, he suspected the girls had an influence on Azure and had convinced her to get herself waxed. God bless those girls and he would have a huge thank you for them tomorrow. As she continued turning, he saw there was a single string keeping the panties on and Dusty couldn't help the groan that escaped his lips. He was so turned on right now he was amazed he was still standing.

"Please, have mercy, Precious! You have me so turned on right now that my brain stopped functioning. All I want to do his get my hands on you and find what spots make you moan and cry out, and then I want to make you cum so hard that those panties are pointless and taste you in everyway I can think of." The more Dusty talked, the more Azure got turned on. She wanted his hands on her too. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted him, and couldn't help throwing her head back in desire.

"Please, Dusty, please help me. I want it for both of us. I want to stroke your cock till I get you as hard as possible. Then I want to taste your cock. I've had dreams about how big it is for years. I want to see if I can get all of you all the way down my throat." She leaned up to kiss him passionately while she stroked the outside of his pants over his cock. She quickly removed his pants and strokes him a few times, but he was already hard and ready for Azure's mouth. She licked her lips as she looked up at him, making him groan in anticipation. He swore he was going to cum in her mouth, he just didn't know what would be hotter, watching her dribble all over herself or watching her swallow every drop. As he felt her tongue lick the head of his cock, he threw his head back and moaned loudly. He gently ran his fingers thru her hair and felt her taking him deeper and deeper down her throat, making him moan every move she made. If she kept this up, he wouldn't made it till she got down his cock. Then she added her hand at the base of his staff, pumping him up and down. Azure slowly took her mouth off him long enough to speak. "The only good thing about Tim is all that porno he watched that gave me ideas. There are so many things I want to try with you." As she said this she licked up his stomach and then went back to working on his cock. He was getting to the point where he was going to cum soon. He figured he would warn her before he did and let her decide what to do. Then she did something he wasn't expecting. She pushed his cock completely down her throat, swallowing around it twice. He cried out

"Fuck, Azure, I'm going to cum if you do that again. That felt amazing!," he moaned out, clutching his blanket like he was about to tear it. She backed off slightly then pushed back onto him fully again and swallowed again. Dusty felt it hit him and he cried out as he came, long and hard, and directly down Azure's throat. She handled every drop, licking him clean to make sure she got all of it.

Chapter 15

Azure licked the last of Dusty's cum off his cock and laid her head on his thigh watching him. She had enjoyed doing that so much for him. She had heard how some girls thought it was a horrible thing, but the looks she had seen on Dusty's face and the joy when he came was wonderful. And the taste of him was nothing like she had ever tasted before. She already knew she would want more of it. She watched him as he finally caught his breath, and he looked back at her. "Have you ever done anything like that before?," he asked. She shook her head. "And you're a virgin, right?" She nodded. "Do you remember playing doctor with me when we were kids?" She thought for a minute and nodded. He crawled over to her. "I think we need to play doctor again!"

Azure watched him then laid back on the bed like she knew he would want. Dusty went into doctor mode and started his questioning. "When was you last actual period?"

Azure squirmed uncomfortably, and answered, "I don't really get one regularly. It's a possible I might have malnutrition."

"We'll get that looked into and we can possibly prescribe pills if it would make you more comfortable. Now I'm going to have to get closer to examine you, alright?" Azure nodded and smiled at how serious Dusty was taking all this. "Alright, I'm going to remove your underwear so I can begin the examination. He felt his fingers slipping under the edge of her panties and slowly slid them off her. She felt Dusty's hands sliding up the inside of her thighs and she felt herself clench and get wet. "Now we know you are a virgin, but have you ever let anyone touch you

"I don't think so," Azure told Dusty, but something about that statement felt off. Something she was forgetting.

Dusty gave her a disappointed look. "So this doesn't feel familiar?"Azure threw her head back as his finger invaded her and clenched around him. She cried out at the pleasure it gave her and begged Dusty for more. "As the examination continues she heard. He moved so he was hovering over her lower body more. "Now, does this feel familiar?" He showed her the two fingers he was about to put into her. He slid them slowly in to her and slid them in and out of her a few times. She felt her legs open wider without him having to do anything to her. She wanted more. "How about this?" He held up 3 fingers to show her and felt him stretch her, but not in a bad way she still craved more and the desire was getting to the point it was making her crazy. "Are you focusing Azure? I need you to pay attention to the next couple of tests because these are tests that we haven't tried yet and they will be the teat to see if you can handle the things I really want to so to your body." He gave her a devious smile as he quickly untucked restraints from beside the corners of the bed and began buckling her hands and feet in.

Dusty looked at Azure and said to her, "Azure, I don't have an idea of why. I mean I have ideas, but I have no idea why I love you as much as I do. And why I always have. I can honestly say I have been head over heels for you since day one of kindergarten." She saw his four fingers slide up her body and as they got closer, she realized she was getting wetter at him doing this to her. She wanted the testing done and the fun stuff to begin. Then he shoved all 4 fingers in together, making her cry out as she came multiple times around his fingers. She knew she was going to cum more times before this was over, then Azure wanted Dusty to fuck her long, hard, and deep until neither one of them could move. She had been so distracted by thinking about what she wanted to do to him that she didn't realize it was time for the next step in her test. Without warning Dusty shoved all 5 fingers inside her and Azure began coming immediately. She screamed the orgasm hard, squeezing down all the way around Dusty's hand. This was a feeling he had never felt before and he wanted to feel it around his dick. He could imagine the way her pussy would squeeze around his dick and push him to the point where he couldn't help but cum in her. Then she really would be his forever.

Now, he was going to make her cum harder than she's ever cum in her life. More than she thought possible. He leaned forward and kissed her, letting his tongue tangle with hers as he prepared to ball his hand into a fist without moving it from inside her. There were very few things that could make her cum this hard, but if he had the chance to do this with her again he would. He tangled her tongue with hers, pushed onto her, palmed her breast, and fisted his hand all at the same time. Azure screamed out, not in pain, but in pleasure. Dusty had just given her the most physically pleasurable moment of her existence. She had to be able to breathe again, because it seemed like she had completely forgotten how when she came.Then, Azure looked into Dusty's eyes. "You are my heaven!," she whispered to him, conveying all the love she had always had for him in those few works.

He kissed her gently and tucked her up beside her on the bed, throwing a new idea thru his head that he wanted to work on. He knew Mom would love it, Dad probably would too, their friends would go crazy over it, and Officer Blackwell might agree as it would keep her safe. He just needed to talk to Dad and Blackwell.

Chapter 16

Dusty woke up again with someone laying on his chest, but he knew who it was without even opening his eyes. Azure's smell was such a comfort to him. He would know it anywhere and at any time. He remembered they had to go find that box that Tim had been after that belonged to Azure. He wrapped his arms around her and threatened to do some of the same things to her this morning that he had done last night. This apparently caught enough of Azure's attention, or she didn't want June and David hearing her screaming in ecstasy, because Azure was out of their bed and giving him a dirty look. They hurried up and got ready and headed downstairs to meet up with June. She was already waiting for them with coffee for Dusty and tea for Azure. They drank their drinks fairly quickly and headed out. They had a general knowledge of where it was from Azure and Dusty's memories. They wandered the trees, trying to find something familiar. As they moved further into the forest, Azure realized what they were near and decided to take a chance.


"Hey guys, I have this idea that may or may not pan out but it's worth a shot. There's a spot in a tree where I hide the tips Dusty leaves me in a Mason jar. Maybe we can get a clue or reminder near the tree."

They nodded at the idea and figured it couldn't hurt to try it. As they walked closer and closer to the tree, Dusty started slowing down more and more. By the time they got to the tree, he had stopped completely. When they look back at him, he pipes up, "Azure, this is the tree your Momma used to bring us for stories. This is where she used to hide the magic box."

June immediately called David and Officer Blackwell and told them they had found the tree they thought the box was hidden in bit needed help getting it out. They said they would be there within half an hour after that found out where they were. Azure reached up and pulled the Mason jar out of the hole it was in and went sit between Dusty and June. "June, I want you to see how much your son has done for me since I've met him. First were the little bits of change for milk at lunch. Then, he'd leave me a few dollars when I forgot about a book being due and ended up with an overdue fine. And after Momma died he was the whole reason I ate on a regular basic. If I was at work, he would leave me a very large tip, or if we were at school, he'd drop it in my locker in a note telling me to eat lunch. He always left extra money than he needed to. I think he was trying to protect me without knowing how bad it was. He's the reason I didn't have a problem hugging you and David when I first showed up at the house that night. I already felt like I knew you guys. He talks about you all the time." She leaned into June and wrapped her in her hug she had been wanting from her Momma for so long.

June also pulled her closer and began petting her hair, murmuring soft nothing's and soothing her as you would a child. It was something she had needed for so long. Now she was being held by her new Momma. This woman has helped to adopt her. Azure wrapped her arms completely around June and cried into her shoulder, no longer feeling alone or unloved. Dusty wrapped both of them in a hug as well and just held them while waiting for Dad and Blackwell. Once the two of them arrived, they all got up and started to point out the tree, but before they could David walked over to Azure and gave her a huge hug and held her close for a long moment. He then kissed her cheek and squeezed her shoulders. "Azure, sweetie, I know this has all been a little confusing and overwhelming for you, but it would make sense if your memories started back in bits and pieces. It's to be expected. You lost your Momma and were told you had to live with someone you didn't really know. It may not all come back, but what doesn't come back we will try to help you piece together. The paperwork is official now. You are part of our family and no one is going to take you away from us." He held out his hand and handed her two things, a cell phone and a credit card. These are yours and the guest room will become your room. You can decorate it however you want. We'll see about getting you a car very soon." At that remark, Azure quickly shook her head and looked panicked.

"Why get me a new care when I can just ride with Dusty. We have the same friends and there has been some talk of me joining the cheerleading squad, and I figure if I can make friends with the rest of the other cheerleaders I don't see what the problem would be.

"It's true Dad. Last night, Tiffany, Rebecca, Tracy, and Amber all said they would back her I'd she decided she wanted to go for cheer captain, and that's saying a lot considering Amber's been cheering since she was 6. They say she's ten times more beautiful than Jessica and had all the leadership abilities needed."

June, David, and Jeff all look impressed. Dusty laughed. "I wish you had been there! It started off when Jessica called Azure trash and Azure let her have it. You say I'm trash She said. Well, I would rather be trash than everything you are. You're spoiled, conceited, ugly, self-absorbed, and cruel to name just a few things. I can tell everyone in this room ways that you have betrayed them and stabbed them in the back. I can tell and give proof to the administration rules you've broken and reasons you should be expelled. That's the thing about trash, Jessica. People like you just see it as something to throw away. Me, on the other hand, I see something that can be remade into something even more beautiful. You're a user and you always will be. I'm something that's a gift. I am kind, hard working, patient, and many other things. I have been told this by many people. Now, get yourself away from what's mine and get out. And don't bother coming back because I don't think anyone in this room will want to have anything to do with you." The adults stared at her foe a moment, then they all began to clap for her. It was obvious they saw everything she had seen as spot on.

"Little Miss Azure, you have the ability to see straight thru the masks that people are trying to hide behind. It's a rare gift to have. Find a job where you can get a chance to use it," Blackwell told her thoughtfully. He had watched this little girl grow up and he knew she was special.

Chapter 17

Azure turned to the tree and reached in carefully, pulling out the Mason jar that was filled with dollar bills. These were tips Dusty had left her, and she treasured every one. She handed the jar to Dusty and reached into the hole again, noticing a root that could be used as a step. She stepped on it, using Dusty's shoulder for balance and reached her way around the box. It took some maneuvering and she was finally able to get the box out. She lifted it out and Dusty took it from her and placed it on the ground between all of them. Azure was excited and terrified about what she was going to find, but she had to know.

She brushed her fingers over the top and felt an old carving of a unicorn. She felt the box open when she pressed briefly on the lock and she opened it. First thing, she saw a letter to herself and two legal documents. She handed the legal documents to David and read the letter that was addressed to her. When she looked at the signature on the end,she could not help but gasp and put her hand over her mouth. The letter was from her Momma. The tears started falling from her eyes and she handed the letter over to June. June had the same reaction but was able to let everyone know who the letter was from. Dusty walked up to Azure and wrapped his arms around her. He dared anyone to come after her now.

My dearest Azure, 
I had hoped things would turn out differently but it looks like my luck has not held out for us. Tim is going to kill me tonight. He is convinced the Saint Rhyghe is his by birth, even though he is no relation to them at all. I know you are safe because your money cannot be released until you turn 18. Make sure to keep close to June, David, and Dusty. Especially Dusty. He loves you more than anyone, like your Daddy and I can. And make sure you know your Daddy's name. I have a feeling people are going to treat you badly about things Tim may say. Do not let it get to you. Smile and continue being kind. Always thank them and ask if there is anything else you could do to help them anymore. The jewels in the box are Rhyghe family jewels. Since your fathers parents died before you were born, and now your father and I have died, you are the sole inheritor of these gems. Take care of them. Historians can tell you the history of them all. I hope you know that your name Azure means heaven. The reason I gave you that name is because we lost 6 children before we finally became pregnant with you. You were my little piece of heaven and I wanted everyone to have to call you by what you where. I know life is not going to be easy for you, and I am so sorry, my Angel. I needed you to go thru the hardships so you would be a better leader. Only those leaders who are put thru your kinds of tribulations have the ability to see things from all their people's positions. Remember that no matter what, and that you may have been in their shoes at some point. Know you have both mine and your father's, William Charles Carlyle III's, love. Ask David and June about Willie and they should be able to tell you stories about him. The funny ones are the ones that are the most endearing. I love you, My Heaven, and I am with you no matter what.
Always with you in your heart,


June looked at Azure and gently held your hand. "You father was king of Saint Rhyghe. Your mother met him when they were in college and fell in love at first sight. We had to keep this all from you until the box was found because once you turn 18 you have 2 options, you can take your leadership and try to rebuild your country or you can take the inheritance your parents left you and live a normal life like you should have done the whole time. Somehow, Tim got a hold of the custody document and changed it right after he killed your Momma. She had meant for us to have custody, not her greedy jerk of a brother."

Azure held June's hand a moment longer. "I want this to be my adopted family the way they should have been from the beginning. I want to try out for cheerleading and go to college. I don't want people knowing about my parents except us. I want Tim charged with kidnapping for changing my custody forms and to spend the rest of his life in jail." She looked around the group, wearily. "Could we catalogue the jewels back at the house, please. I'm very tired all of a sudden."June and Dusty helped her stand, while David and Jeff picked up the box. Once Dusty had her on her feet, he picked her up princess style and Azure started to protest.

"Azure, Honey, you'd might as well give up the arguing. If he has his way you'll never walk a step again. He's been dreaming about doing this since he saw his first romance movie with you." June chuckled and kissed Azure's cheek. "Just rest and trust he'll get you home." Azure decided to do just that and lay her head on Dusty's shoulder, watching him as he walked calmly thru the woods. After a few minutes of watching him, her eye lids became too heavy to hold open anymore. She let them slide shut and she enjoyed the feel of Dusty's arms around her.

She felt him kiss her cheek and whisper to her, "Just rest, Precious. There's still one more thing for you to remember in the jewelry."

Chapter 18

Azure sat up in bed suddenly and the motion of it rolled her out into the floor. She didn't hear anything for a moment, then heard the sound of large legs pounding up the stairs. She made sure she was properly covered and held up her hands for whoever was about to come in. Dusty, David, and Jeff all barreled thru the door. "I'm fine. I'm fine. I just startled myself awake. I'll be down in a minute." She waved at all of them, and snuck Dusty a blown kiss as he closed the door. One she had herself together, she ran a brush thru her hair and headed downstairs.

Once she got down, she saw June had cooked up a fabulous meal for all of them, and Azure walked over to hug her and say thank you. She also hugged David and thanked him for all the ways he had tried to help you too. As she walked by Dusty, he snagged her around the waist and wondered where his thank was at. He closed his eyes and puckered up, but felt something cold against his lips. When he opened his eyes He saw the Mason jar right in front of him. "I kept telling you I would get your money back to you someday," she snickered quickly getting out of his arms and making a break for it. June, David, and Jeff all laughed at the fact that Dusty had been done in by a wisp of a little girl. She managed to keep him off her for about 20 minutes, then he hit the ground, hard. Hard enough for all of them to take a startled look at him. Azure slid a little closer to him, but when he didn't move again she slid right next to him. Then he reached out and pulled her under him. She shrieked and beat on his chest, trying to get him off, but it was no use. She was giggling too hard, and there was no sign of it stopping.

Dusty sighed and leaned his cheek on his hand. "That is a sound I never thought I would hear again and I never want it to go way again." Azure looked at him confused.

"Your laughter, Honey," June explained. "Dusty's waited years to hear it again. He used to have a little recording device that he had taped you laughing on it and once Tim took custody and you stopped laughing, it was the only way he could hear it. So he played it at night to help him get to sleep. But one night I didn't hear your laughter as I was heading to bed, and when I opened his door, the spool had come out of the tape and was draped all over the room. We all tried to fix it. Even tried to get the handy man to. He said it was just too old and run down. That was when you saw Dusty get the spark to get you back in his eye. We didn't know the reason why, but the two of you had a promise between you that Dusty thought could help."

"And for that, we need to go thru the jewelry," Dusty immediately stood up and placed to box on the table between them. Azure's gently opened the box and was greeted by a large diamond and sapphire necklace, earrings, ring, and bracelet.

"I'm assuming those are the crown jewels. Maybe donate them to a museum," Azure considered. She slowly looked thru the box deciding which pieces she would keep and which she would give to the museum. Azure noticed two rings that June and David's hands kept straying to, so she stopped what she was doing and pointedly watched them. They saw she had stopped and tried to act nonchalant. "Alright, spill it. Neither one of you are good at hiding secrets."

"Well," June said looking sheepish, "these were the rings we gave to Willie and Azalea, and we were just wondering if we might get them back. We still have the rings they made us, so having the whole set back together would make us feel like we're all together again." Azure took the two rings in her hand, gave June the smaller one and David the larger one and hugged and kissed them both.

Azure was passing back over the box when she noticed a ring that was a little different. She picked it up to get a closer look. It was a wide band, so obviously for a man. There was a large sapphire behind the figure of a unicorn fighting for the people behind it. "That, from what your Momma told me, was the seal of the captain of the guard. He was the rulers personal body guard and closest friend. Willie's friend had been killed in an accident and he couldn't find it in him to replace him. They had known each other their whole lives," June explained. Azure knew exactly who she thought deserved it. She reached out to Jeff and placed it in his hand. He started to protest.

"Officer Blackwell, you have protected me my entire life, and I know you will say that it is your job, but I have seen you sitting at a side table, going over files either early in the morning or later at night when you should already be off work. I have snuck you so many meals because you are always more concerned about everyone else. By captain of the guard, you fit every definition. The fact that you are the captain for this town will be our little secret.

The box was pretty much empty now, but Azure felt like something else should be there. She pulled the box off the table and started examining the sides and bottom. When she pushed on the very center of the bottom, she felt it release and she pulled it up. She slid the compartment door to the side and slipped her fingers in. She could feel 4 things and gently pulled them out. They were all of the same metal, apparently platinum or white gold. One was a wide wedding band, she assumed her father's had unicorns protecting their mate the whole way around the band. One was a narrow wedding band, she assumed her Momma's and had sapphires where the does eyes would be and she cleaned the wounds of her mate. One was an engagement ring that went perfectly with both wedding bands, having a mix of diamonds and sapphires and the main stone was not obscenely so. It was something Azure would have picked out for herself.

The last ring Azure had the most interest in. She knew she should remember this ring, but she didn't. She wanted to remember. She needed to remember! The ring was a simple band with diamonds and sapphires alternating around it. When she finally saw it, She gasped and had problems keeping her legs under her. Dusty carefully pulled her into his lap so she wouldn't fall. "I see you remember the ring, Azure, but do you remember what we promised when your Momma told us about this ring? About the promise ring?" She nodded, knowing this could go either very good for Dusty or very bad.

Chapter 19

Azure looked up at Dusty. "This is the ring a boy gives to a girl when they are not of marriageable age yet, but make a vow that when they are old enough, they will go thru and have their vows said before all their family and friends."

Dusty gently set her on her feet and kelt before her. "I did this when we were 10 in front of your Momma, but I'm doing it now while I have more witnesses. Azure once you turn 18, will you become my bride?" Azure had tears falling down her face but she nodded and pulled him into the biggest hug she could manage.

David quickly got her attention. "You're Momma was very thorough when it can to keeping you safe from Tim, to the point where they had a false birthday set up for you. When is you birthday again?"

"April 19, 2000," she confirmed for him.

"Not according to this. From this official copy of your Birth Certificate you were born December 23, 1999. You're actually almost 4 months older than you thought you were. I'll get all the paperwork to get all that straightened out. Your parents wanted to make sure you lacked for nothing and they have that completely taken care of. They both had multi-billion dollar accounts on their lives. You will never need for anything. And you are even better set off because your parents had stocks in your name that your Uncle knew nothing about. They were with companies that have done very well and from those stocks, Azure has even more millions behind her. If you can keep up your ability to invest successfully, you will never need to worry about money." David kissed her and squeezed her shoulders.

Dusty kissed her and held her close. He could tell she was starting to feel slightly overwhelmed. He told everyone to give him a few minutes with her, and he gently carried her upstairs and sat her on the bed. He knelt on the floor in front of her. "Talk to me, Az. I can see you're losing it but you have to tell me why." She was fighting the urge to hyperventilate and losing the battle quickly. He squeezed her hands to the point she should be whimpering in pain. She didn't make a sound other than her heavy breathing. He was going to lose her if he didn't get this under control. He turned to slide on the bed and kicked both his and Azure's shoes off and pulled a blanket over her, knowing her tenancy to get cold. He called for help since he didn't know what to do for her. His parents both came in quickly, and recognized the signs of shock. Everyone began working to get her stabilized and figure out what it was that put her into shock. "It was all the talk about the money and when her birthday really was. Then I noticed she was asking strange so I brought her up here. She started hyperventilating and when I tried to squeeze her hands to get a reaction, no matter how hard I squeezed she didn't respond." Jeff called for emergency services and told them it was an emergency situation with one of the victims. Dusty held her held tilted back to keep her airway open, but felt completely helpless to help her.

Once Emergency Services arrived, Jeff went thru and told them the exact minimum of what they needed to know and that this seemed to start while they were talking about investments her parents had made to keep her safe and watch over her. When Emergency Services tried to tell them they would have to stay here and wait for her to wake up, Jeff pulled out a paper and informed them that they were her adoptive family, so no they didn't. Dusty kissed her forehead and let his Mom go with her in the vehicle. He knew she would keep Azure safe.

Chapter 20

Azure looked up at Momma as she worked on making dinner. It was just their usual box Mac and cheese, but that was fine. Azure liked what ever Momma made. She was sitting at the table, coloring with her broken crayons and imagining a prince for her, the prince who used to be there for her. She didn't know where he went, bit she knew Momma said it was not safe to talk about him. Momma whispered stories about him at night when Tim was not here. And when Momma had her and Dusty out in the woods playing. She thought Dusty should be her prince, but she wasn't sure how to make him her prince. Momma and Dusty had been working on something together but they said they couldn't tell her yet.

Azure heard the door to Tim's car slam and saw her Azalea flinch. She motioned for Azure to crawl herself into the lower cabinets. She scampered down there and tried to make herself invisible. Azalea was silent as Tim came in and started screaming at her about how things needed to change around here. How they needed more money. She needed to get into those life insurance policies she had for her and her hubbie and start providing for him like she should. Azalea quietly turned to look at him, and informed him that wasn't possible. The policies had a stipulation that wouldn't pay them out until Azure turned 18.

Azure heard Uncle Tim yelling about how that was something he should have known about. How she needed to do things to provide for his house. Azalea laughed at him and reminded him that it was her and Azure's house. He had no jurisdiction here. Azure saw the wheels starting to turn in Uncle Tim's head. She saw that what ever was about to happen would not be good. She wanted to hide her eyes, but she had a feeling she needed to see everything that was about to happen. She caught Momma's eye and saw her mouth "I love you forever!" before Tim hit Momma with the frying pan, over and over, until there was nothing left of her Momma's face and she was fighting the urge to get sick. Tim cussed at Azalea repeatedly and finally went to grab a sheet to wrap her in so he could bury her. Azure stayed exactly where she was until Tim carried her body out and she slowly and quietly followed him. She kept to the shadows but made sure to keep Tim in sight. She followed him for about 10 minutes, making note of where they were so she could find it later. Once he stopped, Azure found a covered spot to keep herself hidden and waited for him to finish. She saw him digging a hole, tossing the sheeted item in, then covering it back.

"Now you and your husband are together in death and once Azure turns 18, she'll be with you too. Good riddance to all of you!" He then spat on the area where both of her parents rested. Azure watched him leave and crawled over to where her parents were laid. She curled up on the spot and cried till she fell asleep. She slept until early in the morning. She quickly got up and went to change clothes and get her stuff. As she walked to school, she kept getting looks from her schoolmates and the rest of the townspeople. She couldn't figure out what was going on. She stopped to ask one of the girls what was going on, but the girl simply called her a "harlot" and continued walking. Azure had no idea what was going on but she had never in anyway given anyone any reason to think she was a whore. She simply continued to school, planning how she would go to the police station after school and let them know what she saw last night.

Right at that moment she saw Tim turn the corner in front of her. He was carrying out a very loud conversation, talking about how Azalea had left sometime during the night. She figured she had taught her "slut" tricks to Azure and now she had abandoned her daughter on him. She caught him peek over his shoulder as he said, "Like Mother like Daughter, you know."

She knew her Momma hadn't done anything wrong, or her for that matter, but Tim had already had enough time to convince everyone of her guilt. There was no way she could convince people now. She saw Dusty walking up to her, worried look on his face, and she shook her head and fought off the tears. She stepped away from him as he stepped closer. "Don't come closer, Dusty. Someone's been spreading lies about me and Momma I just have to figure out how to prove it. Just please never doubt me. I've never lied to you about anything." Azure felt the urge to run an hide herself, but it was getting very hard to breath. She felt the world start to tilt and then the world went down and she passed out. Dusty called the adults nearby to get some help, but most of them just looked at who had passed out, then continued on their way. He spotted t he crossing guard a little further down and started screaming out "Emergency". She was over in just a moment, and she called Officer Blackwell on her walkie talkie. He said he'd be there in 2. Once he got there he asked Dusty to explain to him what he saw.

He explained he heard Tim say that Azure's Momma had abandoned her and left town. That she had taught Azure her "slut" tricks and "Like Mother like Daughter." He had seen and heard everything that had been going on all morning and wanted to try to help his friend. He had tried to touch her, but she wouldn't let him. That someone had been spreading lies about her and her Mom. That she had to figure out a way to prove it and to please never doubt her. Jeff picked the tiny little girl up and asked Dusty to come with him. They were going to call his parents.

They got to the station and Jeff played Azure down on a bed and asked him to watch over her. He called Dusty's parents and they were over in minutes, concerned looks on their faces. He assured them that Dusty was all right, but he thought something something may have happened to Azalea that Azure witnessed. There are various rumors flying around town how Azalea has taught Azure her "slut" tricks and now has abandoned her on Tim. No one will have anything to do with her, and no matter how much we want to help her we need to let him think his plan has worked. They will get him when the time is right.

June and David walked to where Azure was laying and told him about how they were going to have to pretend that they didn't want anything to do with her to be able to keep her safe. He can use his survival tactics and whatever he can to help her, but he can't ever be seen helping her. And no one can know how much he cares for her. Both parents knew about the promise ring that Azalea had gotten for Dusty to give to Azure, and they said they would figure out a way to get the box open before her 18th birthday.

Chapter 21

Azure woke up screaming. "Momma! Momma, please!" She felt someone wrap their arms around her and pet her hair. She looked around and saw Dusty, June, David, Tiffany, Tracy, Rebecca, Amber, Scott, Ian, Jacob, Ben, and Jeff surrounded her, holding her hands, or petting her. These people were her family. They were keeping her safe. She snuggled into Dusty and shivered from the memories of what she just dreamed. "I remember everything about Will killing Momma. I can tell you exactly what he said, how many times he hit her, even where she's buried. And what finally set him off. I think she was trying to get him to kill her to take the target off me. She was trying to protect me." Dusty pulled her close and Azure wanted to stay exactly where she was. She felt exhausted and like she wouldn't have energy any time soon. And she still needed to buy clothes for her new life. She was not going back in her old clothes.

She looked at Jeff and asked if they could go ahead and go to the spot where her parents are buried and then come back after to give her statement. Jeff was fine with that so him and Dusty went with her while everyone else waited for the court appointed reporter.

The drive was pleasant enough, but as they got closer, Azure got more tense. Once she knew they could walk easily, she asked Jeff to stop and they all got out. Azure slowly walked to the spot and looked down at the ground. She was sure it was here. She could almost see her child figure curled up on the ground. "Right here is where he buried Momma and said he buried Dada." Jeff held a device beside him and slowly pushed the thin metal rod into the ground, watching the machine to catch it's readings.

After a minute or so, he looked up at the two of them and said, "We're gonna have to dig. There is decomposing material down there. Azure, I don't want you anywhere around here. You've been showing signs of PTSD when you have your collapses, so I want you with your friends, Dusty, and your parents. They'll keep you safe and get you help if you go into another bout, okay? And the more you can rest right now the better. This is something you've needed for at least 8 years, if not your whole life. Let people take care of you too." He cupped her cheek and looked her in the eye deeply before he kissed her forehead and urged them back into the car.

He took them to the hospital and put them in the room with the reporter while he went to get the salvage teams set up. Azure told the woman what she had told Jeff before, but when she started to stutter or shake, Dusty asked for a break so she could calm down a bit. She spent quite a bit of time cuddled up to everyone, even the guys, but it made her feel safe and she knew with these people she was safe.

She finally finished off everything after 2 hours and she felt like she was going to collapse. Azure knew she needed to rest, but she also knew she needed clothes. She talked to June and David first about going with everyone to get something to eat and some clothes since she didn't really have any. They didn't see a problem with that as long as she kept her cell phone on her person. She talked with the girls what exactly she was looking to find. They loved the idea of what she was going to do for her first day of school. And loud enough for the guys to hear, she made a comment that since they were already here, why not check out some new underwear and those special lingerie they had been telling her about.

She had already planned on getting some, but she didn't think it would survive getting home. She teased Dusty with a few things, putting them on display in from of her, but he seemed to have his eye on something else. After a bit of this, Azure decided clothes were more important, so she walked next door and started looking thru the racks of clothes. She found a few cute dresses that she liked and she figured she should get some more jeans and shirts too. She started to turn to see if she could flag one of the guys or girls down, when she bumped into someone. "Excuse me so much. I wasn't paying enough attention. Are you alr---," all the words ended from Azure's mouth before she could continue. Jessica stood before Azure and it looked like she was going to try to cause some trouble.

"Oh, it's my lucky day. I stumbled across the trash. And you look to be all alone," Jessica sounded so smug. "Now that I've got you away from Dusty, all I have to do is make you "seem" like the slut that Tim wanted you too and we'll get all your family's money. Because you were born that way makes you think you deserve that kind of money. I really wish he had killed you and made it look like a suicide like he was supposed to. That would have made all this golden." Jessica grabbed a handful of Azure's hair, but was her motion was cut off before she could continue it.

"You'd better let her go Jessica before you're on charges more than, assault, threatening, and conspiracy to rob. Jeff's been called and he'll get the recordings from both me and Azure. You'd have thought you'd have learned your lesson by now. Amber, can you go grab these outfits in Azure's sizes and shoes to match. I think they'll all look beautiful on her." He gently kissed Azure's temple. "Oh, and Jessica, like I told you before, you'll never have me. I belong to Azure. I've been promised to her since I was 10." He held up the diamond and sapphire ring for Jessica to see, her rage getting the better of her and mall security being called to restrain her until the police could get there.

Azure poked his side and he squeaked. "Dusty, that was extremely cruel, but so worth it. That bitch has had all of the most horrible shit coming to her for years and now I get to watch her get her face rubbed in it. How much worse would it make it if I really did make Cheer Captain?

Dusty laughed and picked her up so he could swing her around in the air. "Precious, if we needed to, we wouldn't have to do a damn thing. All you would have to do is be your usual sweet and giving self. That could convince the whole school." He kissed her again, tossing her up in the air and making her squeal.

Chapter 22

Azure stood up before the whole school, trying to keep her nerves calm. There were only three of them involved in the mid-season Cheer Captain voting. She had worked with the girls everyday to get in shape as much as possible. She saw the girls in their various positions around the stage, and she saw the guys scattered among the football players. Two of the three speeches had been completed. The first girl was in it just to party. The second girl was in it for the popularity. Now it was time for people to hear her. She looked over at Dusty before she stepped up.

"I know some of you know who I am. More of you know my reputation. My name is Azure Rhyghe. I have been known in this town all of my life by 1) the rumors my uncle was spreading about me and my Mother, which I am in the process of fighting and 2) the fact that I have always been there for anyone who asked, for any reason. You all know I never had much money, but if I could give my last dollar to feed someone, I would. If someone was being picked on, I was the first in line to fight against their attacker. If people needed something as simple as a hug, I would be the first to offer it. I wouldn't normally tell why I do this, but I have a group of people who I can count on. People who had watched me grow and wanted me to get what was rightfully mine." Azure motioned to her friends and the football players. They came to stand directly in front of the stage. "Don't believe you're smaller than the others that you're not as strong. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to! These people have helped me see that with support I can do almost anything. In the last week, I have made these friends, I have this family (she gestured to June and David), and I have this best friend and boyfriend who has always been there for me, no matter what others thought about it. If people who are considered "The Populars" can do that for people, what can the rest of us do. I've watched the different groups of this school and see that when we're not fighting against each other we actually can team up and work together to get some amazing things done. I was told something very important recently, "Let people take care of you too." I have spent my entire life trying to do everything for myself and suffering because of that fact. We can all be better off if we work together and help each other. The "Jocks" helping to get things set up around the school. The "Brains" helping people who need help with their studies. Theater people helping people who have self esteem problems. We all have things that we can fix about ourselves and we all have things we can help each other fix as well." She started to get herself ready with her friends.

She helped the guys make the base since they didn't have as much training, but she trusted them so she knew they would make sure she's fine. She boosted Tiffany and Rebecca and made sure they were stable, she boosted Tracy and Amber and gave Amber a quick smile before she went up. Amber leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. Azure looked at the steps she needed to take to get herself to the top then she looked over at Dusty. He looked at her confidently. He knew she could do this. She looked back at her friends. They knew she could do this too. She took her first step up the braces and quickly made her way up the pyramid. Once she got to the top, she felt the pyramid shift under her minutely, but she had been expecting it. She settled herself on the top, Tracy and Amber supporting both her ankles. She started the well known school cheer, and surprising the whole crowd, her voice carried over everyone, commanding their attention. They responded when she wanted them to. They cheered when she needed it. And before she did her final trick, she looked out over all of them and thanked all of them for showing their support and to please try to remember to work together. If the "trash" of the school could be trying out for head cheerleader, imagine what the rest of the school could do.

Azure leapt off the pyramid and everyone gasped and held their breath. She twisted and flipped her form, and just as expected, she landed in Dusty's arms. As he caught her, he held her princess-style and kissed her passionately. "Did the girls tell you that no one has ever successfully pulled that trick off? You have once again managed to break another one of the school records."

"What was the first?," she asked, curious.

"Bringing all the groups together," he said as he pointed out the various conversations around the room. She saw Amber talking with one of the theater girls about makeup like they were swapping suggestions. One of the Goth guys was talking to another theater about music that could be incorporated in on of their plays. One of the "Populars" had found a little girl and was slowly trying to introduce her to some glitzier accessories without overwhelming her. Tracy walked over to give the girl a hand and to not overwhelm the other.

Azure finally saw what she had done. For once she was so proud of herself. This is what her parents wanted her to do. To make it so the differences between people didn't matter. So they could all see each other more eye to eye than they had before. She felt two arms around her waist and smiled, knowing it was Dusty.

"Well, what do you think about what your 'Precious' has done today?," she asked him squeezing him and wishing she could wrap more of him around her.

"I think my Precious is going to take a lot to top this, but I can think of one thing," she turned to look at him confused, and saw him drop to one knee while pulling a small box out of his pocket. "Azure Anne Rhyghe, would you do me the honor of being my wife and the mother of my children?" Azure was completely silent. She couldn't believe he was doing this now.

"I thought we were could to wait till I turn 18."

He pulled her close and made him look at her watch. "Obviously, things have been busy for you lately, Precious." She took his watch in her hands and took a close look at it. December 23. It was her birthday she looked around at her family and friends and saw they all have their attention on her. She was floored. She was 18 now and she would be able to celebrate with the important people to her. Before she can get any more words out, Dusty spoke to her from down on on his knee. "We are going to be celebrating tonight with everyone, but Mom and Dad are staying elsewhere. This I'm doing right now because I don't want to wait any longer to be able to claim you as mine. Dusty held out the ring, Azure held her hand out, and when she slipped her finger into the band of the ring, it felt as if an electric current was pulled onto her finger. Looking at Dusty, She knew he felt it, too. He quickly stood and hugged her, whispering in her ear. "I have so many things planned for you, but first, once all these fruit loops leave, you will be screaming my name over and over as I bury myself deep inside you. You will know the meaning of the words 'thoroughly fucked!'" Azure gasped when he said that and she felt him bite her neck, hard, leaving a mark and making her cream her panties. She had a feeling that by the end of the light she was going to be in lots of trouble or already pregnant.

Chapter 23

The night was wearing down, the various couples figuring out where they were staying. June and David had actually left more than an hour ago. They didn't want any signs that their babies were not going to be virgins when they got home the next day. Azure already had her lingerie on and had it covered with a long t-shirt. She was going to surprise him when he went to let the last of their friends out, but if they didn't hurry up and leave, she was going to throw them out on her own. She kept signaling the guys that she was getting tired and was ready for bed. The girls got it. The guys didn't. It finally got to the point that if the guys wanted to get laid anytime in the near future then it was time to leave NOW! This finally seemed to get the point across. She waved to the girls and dropped the t-shirt on the bottom of the steps. She left one sock on the stair, and another at the top. She left her panties hanging from his door and left the door cracked open after she slipped in. She let the pink robe surrounding her body and not covering a thing. She wondered when he would do to her when he saw her.

She waited in anticipation as he came up to his room. She wanted him in the room, to stop making her wait, but she knew he was building up her anticipation as well. He was trying to make her wet for him. She could tell he was already succeeding. She sat back on the bedding and threw one leg to the side so he would get a full look all the way up her leg. Then she crossed the other leg over it, giving herself a lounging pose. She leaned back on her elbows and left her full midsection for him to see when he came in. Now they were just waiting on each other. After a moment, Azure saw the door move in slightly. Suspecting he was spying, she spread her legs wide and began to run her fingers between her legs, getting impatient for him to make her cum. Knowing this was nothing the suspected of her, She pulled a Bobby pin out of her hair and used it to keep her nipple pinched. She heard his curses when he watched her do this and she started fingering herself deeply, trying to get him in here. Finally she got to the point where if he didn't come fuck her and take her virginity in every way, she would give it to someone else.

"Dusty, if you don't get in here and take my virginity in everyway possible, I will find someone who wants it," she hissed at the door, and when he slammed the door open, she saw she may have pushed him too far, but he would thoroughly fuck her now. He took a look at her fingering herself and her legs spread wide and his focus centered on her pussy. Azure knew from the look on his face, He was going to take her rough and she would bleed, but she wanted that proof anytime he saw it. Dusty quickly walked across his room and ripped his clothes off on the way over. The robe on Azure he had ripped of her in one move.

"I know you're a virgin from those old times when we played doctor. Now I'm going to split you open and claim you as mine. No one will be able to fuck you again after me. After this...YOU...ARE...MINE!" With that, he shoved himself cock deep in her, and Azure couldn't help but scream out as the pain initially hit her. Dusty didn't move for a few minutes but once he began moving again, he was hitting a spot deep inside her and her body was clenching around his movements.

"Oh...fuck...me...!" Azure could feel something building.

"Oh not yet I'm not, but if you really want me to I can get 2 other friends over here and we could take you in everyway you could think of. Where I just fucked you is mine and mine alone, though I will not share it with ANYONE! And my cock is completely YOURS and yours alone. You have always, and will always been mine. Our hearts have belonged together since we were children." When they came close to each other Azure felt something different, and Azure took Dusty's hand and played it over a spot on her stomach.

"Can you hear that? Or feel that?" Azure asked him with astonishment in her voice.

Dusty's face looked just as astonished as Azure's. "Is that? Is that our? Baby?"

Azure nodded her head and said, " I think so. I'm not sure how we check though. Since I'm technically not human, maybe I can just take a pregnancy test and we can figure out what to do from there. Maybe your parents will have an idea how to help you."

Dusty sighed and pulled her into a huge hug. "We'll figure this out. I'm not leaving you to do this alone. Okay, Precious. Let's go get you a pregnancy test and see what the future holds for us."




Submitted: December 05, 2019

© Copyright 2021 NBoatwright. All rights reserved.

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