The Hard Road to Success - The Road to Glory

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Booksie Classic

After the Fight against Richard, a new Year begins with new challenges awaiting.

Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Hunter’s rise to fame

Submitted: January 14, 2020

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Submitted: January 14, 2020



Chapter 9 – The Hunter’s rise to fame.

Harry is taken to hospital after the fight against Richard. Elizabeth and Manny are in the ambulance while Andy drives in the Aston with Chris and Freddy. While in the ambulance, Harold asks Elizabeth, “how'd I do out there tonight? did I do good?”. Elizabeth tells Harold, “you did great, even though you scared me the way you fought tonight, you made history in the ring”. Harold responds, “I am glad to hear that just I feel a bit down since I never won the fight as I was pretty confident I would win as Manny and I did our best and I want this victory to go to the child that we lost”. Elizabeth tells Harold, “don’t worry, even though you lost against Richard via a split decision, you didn’t lose, not in my eyes as you won the fight” Harold asks Elizabeth, “really? you think I had the fight won?” Elizabeth says, “oh yeah, you had the fight won” Manny interrupts, “you should have been the one to win the fight and have your arm raised as even though you were the underdog, you beat Richard in the ring and I don’t care what those judges say, you won the fight as well as the night”.

Everyone arrives at the hospital. Harold is brought a wheelchair just he quickly pushes that idea away as he tells the nurse, “I don’t need that as I can walk fine on my own”. Elizabeth finds what Harold just did to be strange while Manny asks Harry, “why did you do that?” Harold answers, “my grandfather sat in a wheelchair for 15 years after he got ill, so I don’t want to do that as it’s a bad omen, there’s nothing wrong with the way I walk”. Manny tells the nurse, “just let Harry walk on his own rather as he fought a really good fight tonight” the nurse tells Manny, Elizabeth and Harold, “please follow me to the doctor as he'll take a look at you and tend to you”.

Everyone follows the nurse. Elizabeth helps Harold to walk, just once Chris, Andy and Freddy arrives at the hospital, they take over for Elizabeth by helping Harold to walk to the doctor, once they get there, the doctor introduces himself, “I am Dr Alfred Allen” he takes a long look at Harry, then Manny tells the doctor about Harry's left shoulder injury too. Dr Allen is done with his examination and informs Harry and everyone present, “there’s no need for Harry to remain in hospital just I'd like to keep him here until the morning and have him placed into ICU. Harold asks, “what is ICU?” Elizabeth tells Harold, “ICU means Intensive Care Unit as they are going to take care of you” Harold says, “oh, thanks Elizabeth, how about you head home and get ready for the move” Elizabeth tells Harold, “I'd rather be here for you” but Harold insists, “it’s for the best that you go home and rest and while I'll be here while the doctor takes care of me as I’d like for you to be with me just its best that you head home and sort things out for the move to London”.

Harold asks Andy, “would you be so kind and hand Elizabeth the keys to the Jaguar which she’ll use to go home” Andy says, “sure Harry” to which Elizabeth is given the keys to the Jaguar by Andy, she kisses Harold goodbye and says, “good night” to him and everyone else. Elizabeth and Harold says goodbye as Elizabeth leaves the hospital while Harry is taken to Dr Allen’s office.

Dr Allen takes care of Harry's cuts and bruises and fixes his dislocated nose, checks his shoulder out. Dr Allen has a look at Harry's shoulder and has scans done, to which Dr Allen tells Harry, “you seem to have a rotator cuff injury” Harry asks Dr Allen, “what that is?” Dr Allen informs him, “a rotator cuff, is a group of tendons and muscles in the shoulder, connecting the upper arm to the shoulder blade, the rotator cuff tendons provides stability to the shoulder, these muscles allow the shoulder to rotate just it seems that you hurt these tendons and muscles during your fight against Richard”.

Harry asks Dr Allen, “how bad is it? Do I need surgery for it?”. Dr Allen answers, “you just managed to hurt those tendons and muscle in your shoulder and since it is not a torn ligament, you won’t be needing surgery for it just you have to rest your shoulder, keep it warm whichever is better for you and take anti-inflammatories to relieve pain and most importantly to avoid positions and activities that are uncomfortable which involves movements and the use of your left shoulder”.

Harry says, “thank you Dr Allen” to which he tells Harry, “its best for you to take your medicine and have a shoulder support placed on then you can get some sleep”. Harry gets the shoulder support placed on, given a room to sleep in for the night and given his medicine too. Harry heads to his room, while on the way there, Harry informs Manny, Chris, Andy and Freddy about his left shoulder injury. Harry settles into his room now, it’s getting late to which everyone says goodbye to Harry. Harry whispers to Andy, “you should get the ring from my old room in mum and pops place, its in the draw as tomorrow I am going to ask Elizabeth to marry me”. Andy says, “I’ll get things done and get the ring for you so that Elizabeth can officially become part of your family, our family by becoming my sister in law” Harry and Andy says goodbye to each other as Andy heads home while Harry takes his medicine and goes to sleep.

Harry gets into bed so that he can rest, just he is having trouble sleeping even though he took the medicine to make him sleep. Harry can only think about his fight against Richard and the beat he took. Harry also thinks to himself ‘why did I hear and see Ryan during the last round before I got up?’. Afterwards Harry clears his mind, places his head down on the pillow and falls asleep.

The next morning Harry wakes up. He feels like crap as he is still exhausted from the fight, just he gets up. Dr Allen soon comes to the room, has a look at Harry face, his shoulder and tells Harry, “don’t do too much as you used too, you are to rest and relax the shoulder” Harry responds, “I'll do my best”. Dr Allen tells Harry, “don’t forgot to take your medicine as that’s going to help with the shoulder and heal it” just Harry isn’t concern about that as he asks Dr Allen, “when can I fight and begin my training again?” Dr Allen says, “its best that you don’t train nor fight, its best to rest and I recommend you don’t fight anymore as you are taken too much blows to the head and the more blows you take the worse it’s going to get”.

Harry asks Dr Allen, “what should I do as I'm a fighter, I was born a fighter, that’s all I ever known” Dr Allen says, “you have to seek an alternative career as you can’t continue to be a boxer as it’s got health risks”. Harry is upset about what Dr Allen told him just he says, “thanks, I appreciate this and everything you've done for me as I'll find something else to do, as I've been down this road before many times”. Dr Allen tells Harry, “I am glad to hear this just I'll get your medical bill, your release papers and medical report Harry, I am sorry for breaking this news to you as it could mean the end of your career as a professional fighter”. Harry asks, “if we could, you know keep this between us as I don’t want anyone besides us knowing about this” Dr Allen says, “sure it would be between us, strictly confidential”. Harry responds, “thanks so much”. Dr Allen leaves while Harry eats his breakfast and afterwards takes his medicine.

After an hour, Dr Allen comes to the room and gives Harry his papers to sign and hands him the medical report. Harry gets dress, places all the papers into his bag right after he is done getting dress. Harry waits another hour, to which Elizabeth, Sean, Michelle, Andy, Zoey, Arthur, Manny, Chris, Freddy, Rose, Samantha and Eleanor arrives at the hospital and heads to see Harry in his room. Harry is about done packing up his things, as everyone enters the room and greets him. They say hello and good morning to him, Harry returns the favour, “hello, how you guys doing?”. Everyone tells Harry that they are doing good, to which he responds, “I am doing great too just a bit tired and sore still from the fight”. Harold goes to Elizabeth and asks her, “what’s wrong? as you haven't come over to me nor kissed me yet” Elizabeth tells Harold, “nothing’s wrong, just wondering if it’s really the best that we move to London as I am taking you from your home town, the place you were born, grew up and lived your entire life and I am having doubts about letting you do this”.

Harold tells Elizabeth, “it’s okay, as I'll be happy to move to London with you as it’s all I've been thing about last night and it’s a new beginning for me and I've got to do this, without any regrets”. Elizabeth hears what Harry has to say and understands what he is saying, Elizabeth then kisses Harold and she tells him, “let’s get out of here as we've got to getting moving”. Harold says, “absolutely, let’s get going as I don’t like being in hospital” Harry asks everyone, “are we all ready to go?”. They reply, “yeah” just Manny says to Harry, “after that fight against Richard, many heavyweight fighters have been knocking on the door to fight against you, even Joseph Scott as he wants to fight you for the vacant English National Boxing Heavyweight Championship as the guy he supposed to fight got into an accident and he needs a replacement fighter” Harry say, “oh, yeah why does he want to fight me?”. Manny informs Harry, “he'd like to give you a shot, to fight you as his fought in eight fights and has eight victories, his willing to fight against you for the title, to become the English National Boxing Heavyweight Champion”. Harry tells Manny, “well I am very interested in fighting Joe Scott but can we talk about his after the move to London?” Manny say, “sure kid”.

Harry is ready to go, as he tells everyone, “I’m ready to leaving” but before everyone leaves the room and heads to their cars, Harry calls Andy and asks, “did you bring it?” Andy says, “of course I did” to which Andy hands Harry the ring over to him as that’s what he’s going to use to ask Elizabeth to marry him. Harry says, “thank you Andy”. They head outside the hospital.

Everyone heads to their cars. Harry is stop by a little boy at the car park while he is packing his things into the trunk of the Jaguar. This little boy introduces himself to Harry, “hello, my name is James, I saw your fight against Richard and I was wondering if I could get your autograph please?” Elizabeth is present when James asks Harold for his autograph as she heard James asking Harry for it, Harold says, “sure kid, I’ll give you an autograph, as this would actually be the first time I ever sign an autograph”. Harry signs James autograph, signs it saying ‘To James, keep punching and moving forward, kid from The Hunter, Harry Edwards’ after Harry is done signing the autograph, he hands it over to James, he says, “thank you Hunter as from now on I'll be watching every fight of yours and one day I'd like to be a boxer too when I am old enough”. Harry says, “oh, yeah, this is my first autograph and my first fan who is not a family member nor someone who I am in love with or care for” and continues to tell James, “good luck with things and if you ever need any help and training, seek me out as I’ll help you”. James runs off with his autograph, Elizabeth smiles at seeing this, then Harold asks Elizabeth, “if you could drive please as I've got a bad left shoulder and Dr Allen says I should rest it and since I've got a manual car, it’s going to be a bit hard to change gears like this” Elizabeth says, “okay, I'll drive” they get into the Jaguar and drives to the Loft.

Right now, Elizabeth drives the Jaguar while Harold sits in the passage seat. Elizabeth says, “you were good with the children after the fight and with James, I’ve notice that about you”. Harold says, “oh yeah, his a fan of mine and it’s always something I've been good at, looking after kids as I help my mum out with David and Ryan even though I was still very young myself”. Elizabeth smiles at him, Harold brings up an interesting topic while they are driving in the Jaguar. Harold says, “once we move to London, I'd like for us to being our lives there by first settling in and once we are settled in, I'd like for us to train together just not sparring as I'm sure you'll take me down inside of two rounds as I'd like to get on working what Dr Forester told us, that we should exercise as that way we'll both be in good shape to have kids as I’d like to have children with you and to actually be in their lives as they grow up as I know Eleanor is my daughter but I never got to experience those things with her”. Elizabeth says, “that would be a great idea just is this the baby talk we are having right now? As I don’t want to jinx anything” Harold responds, “absolutely, this is the baby talk, as I have been thinking about it and I am ready to settle down as after the fight, I thought really hard about this last night and this morning, I think it’s best for me to quit boxing to have my life sorted out and I'd like to settle down with you Beth”. Elizabeth tells Harold, “I'd like that, being with you as I'd like to settle down too and it would be a good way to do this with you as you make me very happy”. Harold responds, “you make me feel the same way too” to which Harold then places his hand on Elizabeth's and says, “I can’t wait to begin this part of our lives together as it’s going to be great”.

They arrive at the Loft. Elizabeth parks the Jaguar close to the Loft's entrance as that way it would be much easier to have things placed into the Jaguar. Harold asks Elizabeth, “are you ready for the move?” Elizabeth answers, “I am”. Elizabeth and Harold gets out of the Jaguar, Harold heads to the trunk to get his bag, he picks it up with his right hand and once he has the bag over his right shoulder, he closes the trunk. Once the trunk is closed, he pauses and looks around Duke Street and at The Loft. Elizabeth approaches and asks, “is something wrong?” Harold responds, “there's nothing wrong just I am going to miss this place as I've been living here for over six years that’s after I completed my amateur boxing and that at first it was my parent who paid for this place just after I got better, I got more fights which I made more money, I began to pay the rent myself”.

Elizabeth asks Harold, “are you sure about moving?” Harold says, “I am as I need a change of scenery” to which they head inside the Loft. Everyone is inside as they are moving the last of the few things into the moving truck and have the smaller things placed into the Jaguar and Fiesta. Harry wants to help out just his mother tells him, “absolutely not, as you aren’t allowed to do anything as you are to rest” but Harry insists, “I have to do something”. Elizabeth agrees with Michelle and says, “why don’t you go speak to Manny about what you told me in the car” Harold says, “okay, I’ll do that while everyone moves the things”.

Harold goes to Manny, they sit down and talk. Manny and Harry talks about fighting against Joseph Scott. Manny tells Harry, “Joe would like a meeting by the end of January since it’s going to be New Year’s soon and in the meeting, we’re going to discuss the terms to the fight, how long we have to the fight and how much training we can get into that time period”. Harry responds, “it would be interesting to fight and win that Title with you Manny as the fight against Richard has made me more hungry for a fight than ever before just I can’t fight just yet since Elizabeth and I moving to London to begin our lives and it’s going to take some time to settle there”. Manny says, “I understand what you are saying kid just don’t let this pass you by as this shot, this opportunity its not going to come again and you’re not going to get a second chance”. Harry tells Manny, “I won’t let this go by as once I am done settling in with Elizabeth, we'll talk about this, get training done and have the fight, you have my word”.

After Harry and Manny are done talking, an hour has passed. Elizabeth comes over to Harold and says, “everything’s loaded and ready for the move to London, we are ready to go”. Harold responds, “alright, we’ll be there soon just gather up everyone, as I would like to have a word with everyone before we leave”. Elizabeth says, “okay, I'll gather up everyone so that we can say goodbye to everyone” Harry gets to his feet and tells Manny, “I'd like you to witness this too” Manny says, “alright kid, let’s get going”.

Manny and Harry head towards the living room. Once they arrive, they is gathered there, Elizabeth, Sean, Michelle, Andy, Zoey, Arthur, Chris, Freddy, Rose, Samantha and even little Eleanor as she’s sleeping within her mother’s arms.They’re standing in the living room. Harold calls Elizabeth over to him, she approaches and stands beside him. Harold begins with his speech as he begins with saying to everyone, “today is the day I am moving with Elizabeth to London and saying goodbye to everyone here. This is not the final goodbye nor the last as we’ll be back, goodbye to my family and who has helped me through a lot in my life. However, before I leave I have gifts I would like to give to my family. To my Brothers, Andy and Arthur, I've given my Aston to Andy and an finally move out of our parents place and to my sister, Zoey who has always been there for me through good and bad, my gift to you is that I have fully paid for medical dum, pops, I would like to say thank you and God for having me as I am grateful for everything you've done for me as I grew up pretty good wthe lifestyle we had. But for now, I have to say this that my moving away doesn't mean the end, as I'll still call and stay in contact and visit whenever I can as I’m beginning a new life with a woman I love and to start with this new life I'd like to ask Elizabeth something as it’s got to do with main reason I am moving to London with her”.

Everyone is standing and waiting while Harold takes the ring from his jacket pocket and tries to get down on one knee and open the ring box and asks Elizabeth, “Elizabeth Rose Dunn, would you like to marry?”. Elizabeth is over overwhelmed by the situation in front of her, she smiles at Harold and responds, “Harold Clarke Edwards, yes, I would like to marry you”.

Everyone begins to clap for Elizabeth and Harold on their engagement. Harold slowly gets up, places the ring on Elizabeth's ring finger then gives her a long and passionate kiss. They’re happy together as they are both smiling just Michelle asks Elizabeth and Harold, “when is the wedding going to take place?”. Harry answers, “we'll get working on that as we are going to discuss this once we get to London, we'll let everyone know when the wedding is”. After Harold says this, Elizabeth and Harold smiles again then holds hands, to which everyone comes to congratulate Elizabeth and Harold on their engagement. Zoey hugs Elizabeth then Harold, to which everyone does the same, Michelle actually beings to cry when she congratulates Elizabeth and Harold as she says, “I can’t believe that one of my babies is getting marry” Harry tells his mum while hugging her, “you have to believe it mum as Elizabeth is proof that we getting married”. Michelle cries while Harold tells her this, just Sean tells her, “calm down, as it is not the wedding yet, you could cry for Harry then”. Michelle calms down and says, “okay”.

Elizabeth and Harold says goodbye to Manny, Chris and Freddy, as they aren’t coming with to London as they have fighters to train. Everyone is ready to leave for London. Harold is driving with Elizabeth in the Fiesta, while Andy, Samantha and Eleanor are going to drive in the Jaguar, while Sean, Michelle and Arthur are driving in the Camry.

Before they get into the Fiesta, Harold places his bags in the back seat of the Fiesta then goes to sit in the passenger seat while Elizabeth is in the driver’s seat, before they head to London and on their road trip, Harold tells Elizabeth, “its time I take my medicine just I don’t want to as I'll fall asleep and miss out on the trip to London”. Elizabeth tells Harold, “its best you take your medicine so you can get better”. Harold asks her, “what about the trip? if I take my medicine, I’ll fall asleep while we’re still on the road” Elizabeth says, “it’s okay, I'll drive all the way by myself while you sleep, I'll wake you up when we either stop for fuel or when we get to my place in London”.

Harold says, “okay Elizabeth” as he takes his medicine with some water. Its time to leave Fairfield and head to London. Elizabeth and Harold talks about how their lives are going to change once they are in London, they to begin to talk about the wedding, since Harold proposed to her and decided, perhaps after settling in London, they could have the wedding after New Year’s or in January some time or sometime in the next year.

Harold tells her, “Manny and I are actually thinking about fighting against Joseph Scott for the Vacant English National Boxing Title as we are sure I can beat Joe Scott and I can become the English Champion, Beth”. While driving, Elizabeth gets a bit furious with Harold suggesting this, she asks him, “what about retiring from boxing and being with me as I thought that was your plan? to retire from being a fighter, to begin a life with me now that we are a married couple so to speak as sooner or later, we are going to be husband and wife and I can’t have you fighting still as it could kill you and I don’t want that, I can’t have that”.

Harold tells Elizabeth, “don’t worry about this as its one last fight before I retire as fighting Joe Scott for the vacant title, that’s going to be the last one even if I win or not as at least I get to challenge for a big title like this, as I want one last fight before I retire, begin my new life with you, become your husband and father to our children, as I can’t just retire after I had the biggest and best fight of my life against Richard and not having held a title that wasn’t the Amateur Title, as I am asking for just one last fight then I'll retire”.

Elizabeth responds, “I should worry about you as you are important to me, just if you promise me that this is your last fight, I'll honour it and let you go through this, your last fight ever as after this, win, lose or draw, you are going to retire if you want to begin a life with me and start a family together”. Harold listens to what Elizabeth has to say, to which he tells Elizabeth, “that’s the life I want between us, even though I love being a fighter as this is the only thing that I know and love, just I love you even more than boxing and more than being a fighter and if I want to be with you, I'll happily give that up if it means being with someone I love even more than my career and this would be the last fight as I'd like to be your husband, have kids with you and be both a husband and father just if I do give up boxing, what am I to do as a career to support my family?” Elizabeth says, “once we get to London, we can get jobs there, as I could call my agent again and get my job back as a model, you are a good mechanic and have experience with working in a steel factory, with those skills and experience, you could easily get a job in London”. Elizabeth can see that Harold is being affected by the medicine he took as he isn’t paying much attention to what she’s saying and yawning a lot. Elizabeth tells Harold, “why don’t you go to sleep, we can continue this talk at a later stage” Harold smiles at Elizabeth then sits back and falls asleep.

Everyone arrives in London. Elizabeth wakes Harold, when he wakes up, Elizabeth informs him, “we’re in London again and about five minutes away from my place, our place”. Harold is awake and asks Elizabeth, “did I really sleep the entire way?” Elizabeth says, “you slept the whole way, which is fine, as I wanted you to rest” Elizabeth then asks, “how are you feeling? did you sleep well?” Harold’s responds, “I’m fine and I slept rather well just wished I could have slept on a bed or a couch instead of in a car” Elizabeth asks, “how’s your shoulder and how long did the Dr Allen say you should rest your shoulder?” Harold informs her, “my shoulder pains a lot when I try to move my left arm, Dr Allen told me about 2-3 weeks would do as that would be enough time for it to rest”.

Elizabeth is glad to hear this as she tells Harold, “that would be enough time for us to settle in and for me to get you used to London since you are new to it technically”. Harold says, “I'd like that, I can’t wait to see how different London is compared to Fairfield as this place is to be my new home”. Eventually, they arrive at Elizabeth's apartment in London, it’s the earliest hours of the morning as they've driven right through the night. Once they get to Elizabeteh's apartment, everyone parks their vehicles. Elizabeth and Harold gets out of the Fiesta. Once Harold gets out of the Fiesta and says, “I’ve really miss this place, as the week we spent here was great and I enjoyed it”. Elizabeth tells Harold, “I am glad to hear that as this place is not my home anymore, it’s ours” to which Elizabeth and Harold share a kiss together then everyone moves on to unpacking the things from the moving truck.

Harold is eager to help just his father, mother and Elizabeth tells him, “let us and your brothers do the work and the moving” however, Harold tries to argue with his parents, “I should at least be doing something”. Elizabeth tells Harold, “why don’t you go for a walk around the corner as there’s a sport bar there” but Harold tells Elizabeth, “I don’t want to go anywhere as this is the day I begin a new life with you, I should at least do something with moving in”. Elizabeteh insists that Harold goes to the sports bar while they move the things into their apartment, by going to him and whispering to him, “if you go to the sports bar, let us move our things into the apartment, if you do this, I'll reward you before bed, we can make out and cuddle together, would you like that?” Harold says, “would you will really do that for me?” Elizabeth says, “of course I would just you have to go to the sports bar in the meantime”. Harold has a change of mind, as he tells Elizabeth, “I will heading to the bar while everyone moves our things into the apartment but before I go, let me grab my wallet from my bag then I’ll head to the sports bar”. Elizabeth says, “okay, Harold”. He goes to his bag, gets his wallet and is on his way to the sports bar just Elizabeth calls him and says, “Harold, could you please wait” Harold waits for her as she hands Harold her phone andsays, “you remember where the sports bar is, its just down the road on the left if you haven’t forgotten, it’s not hard to miss as you'll see the sign and once we are done moving our things, I'll use Zoey's phone to call you when we are done”. Harold says, “I remember where it is” to which they tell each other that they love one another, shares another passionate kiss together, as Harold walks over to the sports bar.

Harry takes a walk towards the sports bar, while he is walking over to the bar, lots of people recognise him and approaches him and either says hello or asks how you doing and if they can have photos taken and even have autographs signed. Harry pleases his fans as it seems that the fight against Richard has really made him a famous boxer now as nobody has ever come up to him and asked to have photos taken and have autographs signed like this before.

Once Harry is done spending time with his fans, he heads over to the bar. Harry sees the sign then heads inside the bar by opening the door and heads inside. Harry looks around the place and all eyes are on him as London has seen his exhibition bout against Richard, as mostly everyone remembers him from the last time he visited London. Harry makes his way into the bar and says, “hello” to everyone there, then heads to the bar counter and has a seat there. The bar tender approaches him and says, “hey Harry, how are you doing today? What are you doing in London again?”. Harry informs her, “I’m well and doing great just a bit cranky as I’m on medication and got a bad shoulder, I’m in London again as me and my fiancée just moved here from Fairfield as we spoke about this as moving to London would be a great place to start our lives together and to raise our kids here”.

The bar tender responds, “okay, let me properly introduce myself, my name is Ashley Thompson” Harry says, “please to meet you Ashley, I am sure you know me already as everyone probably saw my fight just hello, I’m Harry Edwards”. Harry and Ashley shakes hands as they officially meet. Ashley asks Harry, “I can get you anything to drink?” Harry responds with, “I don’t drink alcohol ever since I gave it up to be fighter and I can’t have alcohol since I am on medication but since this is a bar, I'd like to know if you have any non-alcoholic drinks as that’s among my favourite things to drink besides mountain dew”. Ashley says, “we don’t have any mountain dew just we do have non-alcoholic beers like root beer and cola tonics, we import most of them so which do you want?” Harry says, “both actually just the root beer first then the cola tonic, please”. Ashley says, “coming right up” as she brings the root beer and cola tonic to Harry, he then asks, “how much do I own you?” Ashley says, “that all comes to a total of £27.50” to which Harry hands Ashley a £30 and tells her, “keep the change, Ashley”.

Harry sits and enjoys his drinks while watching the sports channel, while he is watching the sports, the next programme on TV is a special interview with Richard Davidson, coming live from Scotland and has Harry's attention. Harry looks to the TV and waits to hear what Richard has to say, as the reporter is broadcasting live from Richard's gym in Scotland and as usual, the number #1 contender is not at a loss for words about Harry Edwards.

Richard begins with saying, “I know many people would like to see me in a rematch with this minor club fighter who calls himself ‘The Hunter’ but this man doesn’t have the guts nor the honour to meet me in the ring again”. The reporter then says, “in all fairness Richard, Harry did give you a great fight, which most people said that it should have been a victory to Harry instead of you and that it was an even draw too”. Richard says, “that’s their opinion and yours and you guys are entitled to it just I'd like a rematch to prove that this so called ‘Street Fighter’ was just lucky and I'd like to show him that he can’t last five rounds in an actual fight against a more superior boxer like me as I willing to face you, any place, any time”.

Richard walks off while the reporter ends off him saying, “wow, this would be a great rematch between the boxer vs the street fighter, I am sure that everyone in the world would like to see this rematch just everyone else including Richard is wondering where is Harry Edwards as it seems that after the bout on Christmas, the street fighter who is ranked number 6th has gone silent just lets switch back to the studio now and move on to football news”.

Harry sits and thinks to himself while he drinks his root beer. Ashley approaches Harry and asks him, “what do you think about what Richard had to say about you?” Harry tells Ashley, “I understand what his getting at” to which Ashley asks him, “then when are you going to have the rematch, as Richard is very eager to fight you”. Harry tells Ashley, that’s probably not going to happen as I am getting married soon and that I am going to officially retire after I face Joseph Scott for the vacant English Title as even if I win, lose or draw that fight, I am going to official quit boxing to be with Elizabeth and live my life with her”. Ashley says, “that’s all up to you and I wish you well on your marriage with your wife to be Elizabeth”. Harry says, “thank you Ashley, I appreciate your support”.

Harry continues to enjoy his drink and thinks about the future. Just once, his done drinking his root beer, he receives a call from Zoey on Elizabeth's phone. He answers the phone, “hello, Zoey” but it’s not Zoey calling him, its Elizabeth. She informs him, “we’re done moving our things into the apartment and you are welcome to come home” Harold responds, “I'll be leaving the bar now and head back to the apartment, see you soon enough and love you bye”. Harry places the phone in his pocket, takes the cola tonic and says goodbye to Ashley as well as everyone else in the bar then exits the bar and heads to Elizabeth's apartment.

Harry walks to the apartment. Once he gets to the apartment, he walks up the stairs and makes his way to Elizabeth and his family, once he gets to the apartment, he enters through the door. Harry can see that things are still a bit untidy just that’s all details. He walks over to Elizabeth and says, “things are looking pretty good” he hands Elizabeth her phone and tells her, “I brought you a cola tonic”. Elizabeth says, “thank you Harold, did you enjoy your time at the bar?” Harold says, “I enjoyed my time there, signed many autographs and took many pictures with a few of my fans and met interesting people too”. Elizabeth asks Harold, “who did you meet?” he answers, “I met with Ashley and with a guy named Peter as they are seem like great people” Elizabeth tells Harold, “they are amazing people as that’s London in a sense”. Harold asks Elizabeth, “could I go and pack my things into the bedroom?” Elizabeth says, “sure just take it easy and if you need any help just ask” Harold says, “absolutely”, to which he heads off, gathers his things then takes it to the bedroom.

Harold takes everything of his to the bedroom and begins to unpack his things. He places his clothing into the cupboard which he used during the time he spent here and places a few things into the end table of the side of the bed he'll be sleeping in. Harry even places his medical report in the end table. Harry hides it pretty well as he doesn't want anyone to find out about it, once he is done packing his things into the bedroom, he then goes to the spare room in the apartment as Elizabeth and Harold have discussed that he could use that room for his home gym and for him to train Elizabeth there as well, there Harry visualizes how to set things for the home gym.

While Harold is still in the spare room, Elizabeth comes to the room and tells Harold, “Harold, your family would like a word with us” Harold responds, “okay, I'll be there soon” Elizabeth leaves while Harold finishes off with what he is doing then heads to the living room. Once he gets there, Harold asks his family, “what would you like to talk about?”. Sean says, “we'd like to stay a bit more in London before heading home as we spoke about it and it’s a good time to explore a place which isn't Fairfield as we'd like to get to know Elizabeth more since she's a full member of the family”. Elizabeth and Harold are happy to hear, Elizabeth says, “there’ s a good Italian restaurant around the corner from here” everyone says, “that’s a great idea”, to which they heads to the restaurant.

While on the way to the restaurant, Elizabeth and Harold are holding hands and talking about how life is going to be with them living together. They imply that they are using the same ruling system which was used in Fairfield, always keep the front door locked, clean up after yourself, provide support when needed, cook for each other, keep things tidy, split cleaning responsibilities, be open about annoyances, be open to change, keep the toilet seat down, share the remote, give each other space when needed and have fun.

Michelle and Zoey are happy to see how close Elizabeth and Harold are and how far they've come in their relationship from meeting at Nancy’s to being engaged now and how they continue to make each other laugh and they haven't seen Harry this happy in many years. Everyone’s attention then turns towards Andy and Samantha, as the two of them are holding hands, Harold asks them, “when did you guys start with that? Samantha answers, “we began dating soon after we left the cemetery as that very night we spoke about a relationship together and we shared a kiss”.

Everyone gives their congratulations to Andy and Samantha. Arthur says, “looks like everyone besides me is in a relationship”. Harold responds, “don’t worry brother, you'll meet her soon enough” Arthur says, “everyone seems to be in a relationship, my two elder brothers and my sister too”.

Harry is at a loss of words as he asks Zoey, “what? since when are you in a relationship and who are you dating?” Zoey answers, “I’m dating Grant ‘The Dynamic’ Rogers” Harold asks, “who the heck is that? Is he a fighter like me? As he sounds like a tough person with a name like that”. Zoey says, “not really, his a MMA fighter in the Heavyweight Division” Harold asks what is MMA?”. Andy informs him, “mix martial arts bro” Elizabeth says, “I’ve met with Grant and he’s a good person” to Harold's surprise, he asks Elizabeth, “you knew about this?”. Elizabeth says, “of course I knew, Zoey and I tell each other everything” just Harold says to Zoey, “I've just one question to ask you” Zoey says, “ask away” to which Harold asks, “why him, seriously a mix martial arts guy, they are the worst”.

Elizabeth asks Harold, “why would you says that as MMA is just like boxing, isn’t it as you both fight within a ring?” Harold gets upset with Elizabeth saying this, as he tells Elizabeth and everyone else, “mix martial arts is NOTHING compared to boxing as we in the boxing industry have a name for people who kick when they fight, they are called girls as real men use their fists to do the talking in the ring”.

Andy says, “it probably wasn’t a good idea to bring this up, as Harry hates mix martial arts, as he doesn’t consider it a worthy in ring sport”. There’s a moment of silence as everyone is upset with each other. Harry approaches Samantha and asks her, “can I have a word with you since you are dating Andy, I’d just like to ask you something” Samantha says, “okay, Harry”. Samantha let’s go of Andy’s hand, hands Ellie to Andy as she’s asleep, she goes with Harry to have their talk, Harry asks Samantha in private as he whispers to her, “does Andy know about Eleanor, does he know that she’s our daughter?” Samantha responds, “Andy does know about Ellie, he’s met her before, he knows that she’s my daughter just I never told him that you’re Ellie’s dad as I decided to keep that a secret from him”. Harry tells Samantha, “that’s good to know as I understand why you decided to do this as we spoke about it after I met with Eleanor, its best that people don’t know that Eleanor is our daughter, as we can’t have that out there but I am glad that you and Andy are together as I want both of you to be happy, so good luck to the both of you”. Samantha responds, “thanks for understanding, it means a lot that you are okay with me and Andy being together, thanks once again Harry, I really appreciate it and I am sorry that I never told you that I was dating your brother, Harry” Harry says, “it’s not a problem as I’m okay with it” Harry and Samantha ends their conversation as Harold walks over to Elizabeth and Samantha goes to walk with Andy.

They reach the restaurant, once there, Elizabeth heads to the waiter. Mark greets Elizabeth, “hello, how you doing? As its been a while” Elizabeth responds, “I am doing great as I just moved back to London” Mark says, “oh yeah that is great”. Mark remembers that Elizabeth is with Harold, as he then asks Elizabeth, “could you introduce me to Harry ‘The Hunter’ Edwards, please, I’m a huge fan ever since he fought against Richard”.

Elizabeth introduces Harold to Mark. Harold says, “hello, how are you doing?” Mark responds, “hello, I am doing great” they shake hands, Mark asks Harold, “could I have your autograph?”. Harold responds, “sure do you have a pen and paper?” Mark says, “I do have a pen and paper”. Mark hands Harold the pen and paper then signs an autograph for Mark as he tells Harold, “it’s an honour to meet you” Harold says, “likewise Mark”.

Mark asks Elizabeth, “table for how many people?” Elizabeth says, “table for eight people please and one toddler” Mark says, “okay, right this way as you can follow me”. Everyone follows Mark, they take their seats, then everyone orders their food, talks and has a good laugh together. Sean and Michelle asks Elizabeth and Harold, “when is the wedding going to take place?” as they are eager to have a wedding for one of their children. Zoey tells them, “would you please just give them their space as they just moved” just Elizabeth responds, “it’s okay as Harold and I have spoken about this and we decided that it best that we have the wedding after Harold's last fight before he retires”.

Andy asks Elizabeth and Harry, “what you mean by last fight?”. Harold answers, “Elizabeth and I spoke about things after we left the hospital and on our way from Fairfield, we think its best that I have my final bout against Joe Scott for the vacant English National Title and win, lose or draw, I am going to retire so I can marry Elizabeth and settle down with her and begin my life with her and raise a family together here in London”.

Andy is furious at this as it means that he is going to have to get another job as he quit his last job to help Harry out. Andy asks Harry, “what am I to do for a job since I quit working at the steel factory to help you out with your fights”. Harry tells Andy, “you could continue being there for someone else and help them out with a fight as there are many other fighter out there” just Andy whispers to himself, “but none like you Harry”.

Samantha tells Andy, “it’s going to be okay as you could help Freddy out in his career or even ask Mr Levi for a job and help at the Fight Club where Harry used to work”. Elizabeth notices that Harold is sweating a lot, so she asks him, “are you okay, Harold, as you are sweating a lot even though it is so cold in here” Harold replies, “I’m fine just in a lot of pain as my shoulder is acting up again”. Elizabeth asks him, “where’s your medication, did you took it when we got here?” Harold responds, “I never took my medication as I always tend to fall asleep when I do and I thought this to be a special event, so I didn’t bring nor take my medication”. Elizabeth tells everyone, “its best that I take Harold home”. Harold tells Elizabeth, “that we should pay for the meal as it was our treat to our family” Eleanor looks at her mother and asks, “mum, can I go with Lizzy?” Samantha says, “Ellie, I told you before, you are not to call her Lizzy, have respect, she’s Miss Dunn to you” just Samantha asks Elizabeth, “do you mind if Ellie goes with you?” Elizabeth answers, “sure, why not, I’ll look after her”.

Elizabeth, Harold and Eleanor arrives back at the apartment, once back there, they head to the bedroom, as Harold placed his medicine on the end table of his side of the bed. Harold sits on the bed in pain while Elizabeth takes out the right amount of tablets and she tells Harold, “just wait here while I go and fetch you some water to drink, Ellie can you wait her and watch over your dad”. Eleanor nodes her head while Harold sits in pain on the bed, Elizabeth returns with the water, hands the water and tablets over to Harold so that he can take them. Harold tells Elizabeth, “oh what I would do if you were not here to take care of me, Beth”. Elizabeth at first thinks this is a trick question but she answers by saying, “if I weren’t here you probably would have taken care of yourself, as you are a strong person”. Harold smiles at her and says, “that’s true just for now let’s go and continue to have a good time with my family” to which Elizabeth, Harold and Eleanor heads to the living room, has a seat with the family and continues to have a good time.

Everyone has a good time right until Sean says, “it’s time to head back to Fairfield as its already three in the afternoon and most of us has to go to work. Everyone gets up and says, “thanks for the good time”. Elizabeth and Harold says, “thank you for your help today as we really appreciate it”. Elizabeth and Harold heads out to see everyone off. When everyone is gone, Elizabeth and Harold heads back inside the apartment, Harold locks up the apartment as they head to the couch and has a seat there. Elizabeth and Harold talks about the move and the day they had as they begin to make out for a while then begin to watch TV together.

They watch Top Gear together as that’s one of Harold's favourite TV shows besides watching Heavyweight Boxing and Elizabeth is willing to learn more about things which Harold likes and Harold does the same with Elizabeth. Half way through the show, Harold falls asleep during the show due the medication he took so Elizabeth cuddles up with Harold to keep warm as its getting cold. Elizabeth changes the channel to something else to watch while Harold sleeps off the medicine. Elizabeth watches TV alone until around seven in the evening, Harold wakes up and asks Elizabeth, “what time it is?”. She informs him, “its seven o clock, why what’s up?”. Harold says, “nothing, just wanted to know how long I slept for” Elizabeth asks Harold, “what you would like to do for the rest of the evening?”. Harold answers, “I’m not sure just I am up for suggestions, as I would do anything you like to do”. Elizabeth says, “how about we get into the shower, take one together then move on to having something light to eat and last, we could move on to making out in the bedroom later on”. Harold says, “I would like to do that”. Elizabeth and Harold heads to the bathroom, takes a shower together. Afterwards they head to the kitchen and have a sandwich to eat, once they are done eating, they clean up the kitchen together and head to the bedroom. They settle down on the bed and begin to make out, after they are done, they cuddle up together and fall asleep.

The rest of the time passes by, as it’s four days later and its New Year’s Eve. Elizabeth wakes Harold up, once he’s up, Harold says, “good morning” Elizabeth responds, “good morning to you too”. Harold sits up while Elizabeth sits on the bed, puts her hair behind ears and says, “I spoke to my friends and we came up with an idea to meet in the sports bar later tonight before midnight as we'd like to celebrate New Year’s together, is that okay with you?” Harold thinks about it and says, “I would like that even though I don’t usual do anything for New Year’s, I would like to do that as I don’t get out much and would like to meet your friends and get to know them too”. Elizabeth responds, “that’s good to hear Harold, I’ll let everyone know that we are going to be there, how does 11 o clock sound to you?”. Harold responds, “that’s fine with me as it gives me enough time to spend time with you today”. Elizabeth says, “that’s great”.

Elizabeth and Harold share a kiss together, Elizabeth tells him, “I'll go and let my friends know while you get up, take a quick shower and I'll have breakfast made” Harold says, “okay that would be great”. Harry gets up and heads to the bathroom while Elizabeth heads to the living room and lets her friends know that they are going to be there tonight and they are going to be there by 11 o clock. Harold is done with his shower and heads to the living room. Elizabeth is busy preparing breakfast, Harold comes over to her and kisses her. Harold then pours them both some orange juice to drink then hands Elizabeth her cup and sits down and asks Elizabeth, “would you be interested in me teaching you to how to box, by throwing a few punch which would really be helpful to you?” Elizabeth asks Harold while continuing to cook breakfast, “why do I need to fight?”. Harold tells her, “it’s up to you just I'd like you to learn how to fight as it’s a good way to defend yourself as I taught Zoey how to box and she’s really good at it”. Elizabeth thinks about it and then says, “I’d like to learn how to do boxing as its one of your favourite things in the world, so I would like it if you could teach me”. Harold says, “oh yeah, that’s great just boxing isn’t my favourite thing in the world as that’s you Elizabeth, will always be as you'll always come in first place before boxing as you mean the world to me”. Elizabeth says, “that’s so sweet of you” to which she goes over to Harold and kisses just after they are kissing, Harold tells Elizabeth, “well after breakfast, I'll teach you the basics of boxing, the sweet science, boxing 101”. Elizabeth says, “okay, Harold” and tells him, “your toasted cheese and tomato is ready” to which they sit down and eat together.

Elizabeth and Harold are done eating, they help each other with the cleaning the kitchen and once that’s done with, Elizabeth tells Harold, “don’t forget to take your medicine before we do anything else”. Harold says, “after I take my tablets, I am going to teach you a bit of boxing” so Harold takes his tablets to which he head to the spare room with Elizabeth to teach her how to box.

Harold has Elizabeth get into her training gear before they begin. Harold starts the lesson by telling Elizabeth, “stand in front of the mirror and take your stance, Beth which is an orthodox stance” and continues, “Beth, fighting is like 90% in the brain and the rest in the body, you have to think before fighting and during one but times there is moments when you shall fight on pure instinct”. Elizabeth asks, “who taught you all of these things?”. Harold confesses to Elizabeth, “this was told to me a long time ago and that it was said to me by my grandfather Jonas Edwards, you are to tell nobody about this as it’s a family secret and we don’t talk about it”. Elizabeth says, “I won’t say anything to anyone, I promise” Harold tells her, “he was the first generation boxer in the family and he had a record of 82 fights with 60 wins, 21 losses, 1 draw with 54 knock outs”. Elizabeth asks, “why doesn’t your family like to talk about your grandfather being a boxer?”. He responds, “that’s because he was a two time Heavyweight champion but he lost all of his money due to a bad accountant, he had his boxing license taken from him and he got a bad case of Parkinson’s”.

Elizabeth says, “I’m sorry, as I didn’t know that” just Harold says, “thanks, and well it’s okay as the good thing that came out of that was, the same year my dad was born”. Harold continues with his lesson by telling Elizabeth, “look in the mirror and tell me what you see”. Elizabeth says, “darn, I don’t look that good in the morning if I don’t freshen myself up as my hair is a mess” Harold tells Elizabeth, “that’s not what I meant, when you should look in the mirror and see that the only person in your way is you, you are your greatest enemy, it’s you against you, so get yourself out of the way, throw a jab or a punch and see what happens”. Harold shows Elizabeth what a jab is, Elizabeth throws a jab and Harold then says, “you see what your other self just did is she threw a jab back, so either block it or you can slip the jab”. Harold explains to Elizabeth what he is talking about then moves on to showing Elizabeth how to shadow box and how to throw a punch correctly, to move her feet and head while she shadow box.

Elizabeth completes her first lesson. Harold tells her, “whoa Beth, you are pretty good at this, maybe we should sign you up for amateur boxing that way, we will be known, as London’s boxing couple”. Elizabeth lightly pushes Harold on the arm and says, “don’t talk crazy, as I do not want to have a career in sports, I’d prefer to have a career in advertising, marketing, administration or even acting, if that’s possible”. Harold tells Elizabeth, “it’s entirely up to you, a career is career no matter what you do for as long as you got one”. Harold asks Elizabeth, “could I take a short nap as the tablets are starting to take its effect now” Elizabeth says, “sure Harold, how about you go sleep on the couch while I take a shower then we can decide what we can do later today”.

They share a kiss, then Harold heads to the living room, sits down on the couch and takes his nap while Elizabeth goes to the bathroom to take her shower. Once she is done, she freshens up, gets dress then makes her way to Harold, his out cold on the couch. Elizabeth has a chat with Zoey on the phone, about doing something for or after New Year’s with her and Grant. Zoey tells Elizabeth, “I'd like to spend some time with you and Harry but we have plans for New Years and Grant has a fight coming up” Elizabeth responds, “that’s not a problem as Harold and I are heading out tonight and he’s going to challenge some boxer named Joe Scott for the National Title so we'll be pretty busy too”. Elizabeth and Zoey soon end their conversation, hangs up the phone. Elizabeth goes to the couch and cuddles up with Harold. Harold wakes up and asks Elizabeth, “what’s going on? Why did you wake me?” Elizabeth says, “nothing is wrong, I didn’t mean to wake you, as all I wanted to do was cuddle up with you, as I am getting cold”. Harold says, “it is rather cool then isn’t it?” Harold places his right arm over her shoulder as they cuddle together, Harold goes back to sleep while Elizabeth watches TV.

Harold wakes up after four hours. He asks Elizabeth, “what’s the time?”. Elizabeth informs him, “its 12:30 in the afternoon” Harold tells Elizabeth, “how about we do something today before the New Year’s celebration”. Elizabeth asks him, “what you would like to do?”. Harold says, “we could go see the new Tron film that came out on December 17, me and my brothers have always been big fans of the franchise”. Elizabeth says, “we can do that just we should go right now and this time don’t forget your medicine”. Harold says, “okay, let’s get ready” to which Elizabeth and Harold grabs their jackets including Harold's medicine and heads out to the Jaguar and then to the cinema to see ‘Tron Legacy’.

After about to two hours, the film is over. Harold suggests, “before we head home, could we please take a walk to that big wheel thing that’s around the corner from here as I’ve never actually been there before”. Elizabeth corrects Harold, “you mean the London Eye”. Harold says, “is that what they called it? looks more like a wheel than an eye but that’s what I meant” to which they head to the London Eye.

Once they arrive, they exit the car, hold hands then takes a slow walk towards the London Eye. They take pictures together, even have a picture taken of them kissing in front of the Eye. Harold suggests, “why don’t we ride the Eye, as it would be a great memory” Elizabeth is a bit concern as she tells Harold, “aren’t you wasting money as the ride is quite expensive”. Harold says, “if you want to have a good time, I have to use spend money to make you happy plus the fight against Joe Scott, I am guaranteed to be making about £350 000 but if I win the match and the Title, I'll be making £750 000 with that, we could use that money to pay for the wedding, as I don’t mind using that money to bring us both happiness and joy”. Elizabeth responds, “that’s okay, we can ride the Eye”.

Harold purchases tickets for them, Elizabeth and Harold’s get aboard the Eye. Once they reach to the top, Elizabeth takes even more photos of the two of them. When their ride on the Eye is over, Elizabeth tells Harold, “it’s time to go home and take your medicine then we can both take a nap together and go to the celebration tonight”. Harold says, “that would be great”. Elizabeth and Harold head home, once there, Elizabeth helps Harold to take his medicine, afterwards they head to the bedroom, lay down together, begins to make out and have a good time together. Once they done making out and having a good time, they cuddle together just before they take their nap, Elizabeth sets a reminder on her phone for 10 o clock tonight as that would give them enough time to get ready for the New Year’s party tonight, once she’s done setting the alarm, Elizabeth places her phone on the end table, places her head on Harold's chest then they fall asleep.

Elizabeth and Harold has a peaceful nap right until her phone alarm goes off. Elizabeth wakes up while Harold’s still asleep, she turns off the alarm then wakes Harold by telling him, “it’s time to get ready for the celebration”. Harold gets up. Elizabeth and Harold gets ready by getting dress, while getting dress Harold asks Elizabeth, “what are your friends like as meeting them is a big step in our lives”. Elizabeth tells Harold, “well my friends are good people as I am sure that you'd really like them just be wary of lice, she’s a heavy flirter, she flirts with almost any guy” Harold says, “I'll do my best just like in every fighter I go through”.

Its 10:45 now, Elizabeth and Harold gets ready to leave and go to the bar. Elizabeth is driving them in the Fiesta, to which they leave the apartment, gets into the Fiesta and head to the sports bar. Once they arrive there, Elizabeth parks the Fiesta, they head inside the bar, everyone says “hello” to Elizabeth and Harold as they are like the most famous people in the bar now, to which they say “hello” back then goes to an empty booth there and has a seat. Elizabeth gets her phone out to let her friends know that she and Harold are waiting in the bar and wondering where they are.

Elizabeth's friends let her know that they are on their way, so Elizabeth and Harold waits while ordering something to drink, Elizabeth orders her a beer while Harold just says, “I’ll take a root beer please”. Elizabeth tells Harold, “you don’t have to drink non-alcoholic beverages since its New Years”. Harold says, “nah, I am still a boxer and sportsman which means I am still in training before I retire”. Elizabeth leaves Harold to do what he wants. They wait until Elizabeth's friends to arrive. Once they do, Elizabeth introduces everyone to Harold, he’s please to meet everyone as it’s a good way to get to know people from London and Elizabeth's closest circle of friends since he doesn’t have any friends. Elizabeth and Harold continues to have a good time with her friends as they are talking and having a good laugh together. Alice asks Elizabeth and Harold, “I heard that you engaged and getting married, we’d like to know when the wedding is”. Harold whispers to Elizabeth, “why don’t you answer that one, as I have to go to the bathroom, I had a bit too much to drink”. Elizabeth says, “okay, sure Harold” Harry gets up and heads to the bathroom, he does his business then heads back to the booth, just on his way back to the booth. Harry hears the news reporter on the tv saying, “before we switch over to the count down to the new year, we'll first be switching over to Richard ‘The Duke’ Davidson in his gym in Scotland”. Harry watches the tv to hear what Richard has to say.

Harry heads closer to the tv while the reporter asks Richard, “could you please tell everyone why we are here this evening before New Year’s?” Richard opens with saying, “I know that everyone is waiting for midnight to come as that means, we are going into 2011 just I am here tonight with you to put out an open challenge to this club fighter who calls himself Harry ‘The Hunter’ Edwards, as I want that rematch against him as everyone has been bad mouthing me saying that I got paid to take a beating against this street fighter from Fairfield and I'd like to show this lucky fighter and the world that this chump doesn’t have want it takes to really go the distance with me, as the question everyone is asking, where is he, where are you Harry?. As I would like to meet you in the ring for a second match and show you what it’s truly like to fight against a superior boxer like myself”.

By now, Elizabeth notices that Harold is watching the tv as Richard is talking. Richard says to the world, “all its going to take is for you to pick up your phone and give me a call so that we can discuss our rematch terms again and for you to stop ducking me like the coward you are”. Harry is pretty much upset about what Richard has to say about him, so now Harry makes his way out of the bar while Elizabeth gets up and tells her friends, “please, excuse me” and runs after Harold.

Harry is walking out of the sports bar but he hears Elizabeth calling him so he pauses and waits for her to walk over to him. Once Elizabeth arrives at where Harold is standing, she asks him, “what is wrong Harry? why did you storm out of the bar?” Harold informs Elizabeth, “it has something to do with what Richard said on tv as he is calling me a craven and I feel that I should do something about this”. Elizabeth hears what Harold has to say, to which she asks him, “what do you feel you should do about this?” Harold answers, “I was thinking about fighting Richard again, that would be the only way to shut him up for good as I am tired from hearing him speak like this about me”. However, Elizabeth says, “you cannot do that Harold as you promised me that you weren’t going to fight after you fought against Joe Scott”. Harold tells Elizabeth, “I know, that is why I was heading home, to think about what I should do next, if I should fight Joe Scott for the English Title or should I drop him and move on to fighting Richard again? I don’t know what I should do”. Elizabeth says, “why don’t you come back inside with me and when we get home, we can talk about this”.

Harold thinks about what he should do as he tells Elizabeth, “alright Beth, we can do that and I am sorry for behaving the way I have as life is just moving a bit too fast and the pressure is getting to me, its not your fault and I do apologise”. Elizabeth hugs Harold and tells him, “everything is going to be okay as you have me by your side, never forget that Harry, never as I am with you to the end”. Harold smiles at Elizabeth and says, “I hope so, I really do” to which they head inside, Harold apologises to everyone for what he did, everyone forgives him, he and Elizabeth sits down as they are waiting for the countdown to begin and for the new year to arrive.

Everyone continues to wait for the countdown to begin. Everyone is having a good time, talking and laughing. Harold too is enjoying himself as he is beginning to befriend Elizabeth's friends which makes her happy, to which its announced on the tv that the countdown to the new year begins in ten seconds as its ten seconds to go before midnight. Everyone stands up, hugs their spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, as Harold is holding Elizabeth in his arms while the countdown begins. Harold gives Elizabeth a short speech while he has her in his arms and as they are waiting, Harold tells Elizabeth, “I hope in this new year coming up that we get more good things than bad”. Elizabeth responds, “I hope so too as that’s all I want for the two of us” Harold continues, “no matter what choices we make with me fighting, I'll respect it either way as nothing is going to make me more happier than you and when I retire, I'll find my way around like I've always done as long as you’re in my corner and making me happy, I can’t ask for anything more better”. Elizabeth respond, “thank you Harry as that means a lot to me having you in my life and I do hope that our lives are only going to get better for us and I'll be with you no matter what”.

The countdown is complete and it’s a Happy New Year to all, Elizabeth and Harold makes out with their friends by their side, everyone says goodbye, wishes each other well for the new year and makes their way home to begin the new year that’s in front of them. Elizabeth and Harold are heading home, they talk about their lives in the future, Elizabeth tells Harold, “you have my permission to retire after you fight Joe Scott and Richard Davidson for the second time and this time, you’re going to defeat him in the ring” Elizabeth looks Harold in his eyes as she tells him this. Harry is surprised to hear this from Elizabeth, as he asks her, “are you sure about this?”. Elizabeth tells Harold, “I’m sure as you should fight for the National Title and fight against Richard to show them that you are going to fight even harder this time as you never did last time because of what happened between us with the whole false pregnancy and losing what could have been our first child”. Elizabeth continues, “you are going to win this time around for this is going to be your road to glory”. Harold responds, “absolutely, this time I’m going to train even harder and fight back even harder as this time around, it’s my victory”.

Once they get back to the apartment, Elizabeth and Harold heads to the bedroom but while on the way there, Harold locks the front door, they begin to kiss and make out while they are heading towards the bedroom. Once they get to the bedroom, they begin to make out even more then begins to undress each other. Which leads them to having intercourse on their bed, once they’re finished, they cuddle up together. Elizabeth lays her head on Harold’s chest while he places his arm over her and lays his hand on her back as they then falls asleep together in that manner.


© Copyright 2020 Seemie Hendricks. All rights reserved.


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