No Art in AI

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here, I propose to you a short play that involves horror, suspense, and sense of mystery for the reader. Influenced by John Carpenter's, "The Thing" (1982 Film), a crew of five strangers figure out that A.I robots cloned to mimic human lifeforms are aboard their space shuttle. These robots have already taken over their home planet, killing/destroying most of their civilization. As the duration of the piece progresses tension builds with all five characters and unexpected events constantly unfold.

Table of Contents

Act I…Pgs. 3-9

Act II…Pgs. 10-16

Act III… Pgs. 17-20

Closure…Pgs. 21-22


Character List:

Sydney (Artist)

Jobe (Miner)

Bettie (Federal Judge)

Dr. Haynes (Professor)

Eddy (Real-Estate Agent)





Tension has filled the Earth as all human lifeforms seek to evade the planet, most leaving everything behind. Only a few space shuttles were created for an A.I attack of this horror, one of these being the S.S Cyclops. As the ship gets out of orbit, most of the crew is shaken up, fearing that the worst is expected to come




Act I

Upon all five of the strangers aboard the S.S Cyclops, the space shuttle’s siren went off again, announcing that not all of its lifeforms were depicted as human. The S.S Cyclops, being an older model, was able to determine this factor yet; unable to direct the crew in labeling who in the group was a programmed A.I Robot in disguise, waiting patiently for the right moment to kill off any humans. After each member on the ship examined the premise, they headed into the main chamber room, sat in a small circle and questioned each other, perhaps finding answers to their terrifying problem onboard.

Bettie: Well…well. This seems to be a problem.

Dr. Haynes: I’d say that seems to be the case. (Chuckling nervously)

Eddy: Oh, so this right here, this whole goddamn situation is funny to you, huh? I drive over six-hundred miles and pay more than half of my life-savings and what do you know, I’m still stuck with one of these monsters! What if—

Sydney: We’d be better off dead. (Cutting off Eddy)

Eddy’s entire body begins to shake and he continues to glance around at the four strangers at a rapid rate.

Bettie: Alright folks, settle down now.  We just need to figure a few things out.

Jobe: What do we need to figure out?

Bettie: What do you mean dummy? We need to figure out who is not who they say there are?

Eddy: And how the hell do you suppose we do that? (Still panicking)

Dr. Haynes: Perhaps some introductions? I still have no idea who any of you are.

Bettie: Yes, excellent idea.

Dr. Haynes: Okay, so who wants to go first I guess.

Bettie: You, since you proposed the idea.

Dr. Haynes: Fair enough, as for me, I’ve been a History professor at Stanford for the past thirty four years and I can assure all of you, well, the majority of you that I just so happen to be human and that I am the farthest thing from being A.I 

Bettie: Okay, you go next. (Pointing in Sydney’s direction)

Sydney: Cut the shit, you go next. (She aggressively said to Bettie quickly)

Bettie: The aggressive type I see, trying to deflect from your own introduction, you see folks, that’s exactly what these things would try to do…simple distractions…to hide the robot’s true identity.

Sydney: Oh so that’s your thought, if you think this little blame-game is going to work, nothing is going to get done.

Bettie: Is that what you think of all of this?

Sydney: Honestly, it’s more of a feeling, you know, rather than a thought.

Sydney stared down Bettie with disgust, Dr. Haynes eyebrows slightly raised up at the previous remarks, Eddy was still shaking out of his boots, not sure what to think of the situation

Jobe: Okay, enough of these pointless arguments, go on. (Nodding his head at Bettie to introduce herself)

Bettie: Right, right, so anyways my occupation was an appointed Judge working down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’ve been working for the Judicial branch for the past ten years and I can assure all of you, that I am the last of your worries. I can also assure all of you that—

Eddy: Wait a minute, wait a minute. (Cutting Bettie off)

Dr. Haynes: What seems to be the problem? (Alarmed at Eddy’s statement)

Eddy: I’ve lived two hours south of Orlando, Florida for the entirety of my life, myself, being somewhat of a successful Real-estate Agent, I can assure all of you, that if this was the case, I would have worked with you before, or to some degree, at least heard of your name….Bettie.

The chamber room felt silent for a couple of seconds

Bettie: Well, I was not the head judge in the district, perhaps you have heard of Judge Parker, whom being head of the district was much more popular.

Eddy: Hmmm…fair enough, I have worked with Judge Parker on multiple occasions…a good man

Bettie: Indeed

Jobe: Who is next in introducing themselves?


Dr. Haynes: How about you over there (Hinting at Sydney) Let’s skip over Eddy here after merely scaring the living daylight out of me

Sydney chuckled quietly at his remark before introducing herself quickly

Sydney: Alright everybody, I am an artist.

The room fell quiet again, intuitively waiting for Sydney to say more about herself.

Sydney: Well, that’s it, that’s me, just a simple artist.

Dr. Haynes: Anything else you would like to share with us Sydney?

Eddy: There definitely has to be more than that.

Sydney: That’s all I really should need to tell you, all of you, well the ones that are real. You are all so stuck up in your own pathetic ways that no wonder these monsters killed off close to all of human civilization, everyone claims in that they blend in so darn well, but that’s really not the case, it’s not the case at all.

Eddy: Well, explain yourself than, elaborate, I want to know.

Jobe: She doesn’t know shit, what help would an artist be in this situation

Dr. Haynes: She does have a point though, I’m slightly intrigued over this matter, tell us how you feel sweetie? (Smiling and hinting for more from Sydney)

Bettie: Will you all stop giving her credit, that’s exactly what she was programmed to do.

Sydney starts to clinch both of her fists and angrily stares into the eyes of Bettie

Dr. Haynes: Alright, let’s not have matters get out of hand too early, what about you sir. (Hinting at Jobe to speak next)

Jobe: I’m from the central part of West Virginia and I’ve been a miner my entire life.

Dr. Haynes: A miner?

Bettie: A miner, I didn’t know that that profession was still in existence.

Jobe: It is very much so, a rough job that has somewhat kept me financially stable through the years.

Eddy: That sounds brutal man, I’ve heard that those guys are constantly getting killed on the job whether, it’s falling to their death, having something land on them, or shit, even getting trapped in the mines and starving to death.

Jobe: Yes, that is very accurate; I have had some fellow co-workers pass away through the years during my shifts

Eddy: That’s sad, I am sorry to hear that

Jobe: Yes, very sad

Bettie: Okay, your turn now, introduce yourself (Hinting towards Eddy)

Eddy: I already told all of you my business and where I was from.

Bettie: Oh yes, I remember now, you did while cutting me off during my introduction.

Jobe: Simple distractions, makes sense

Eddy: Simple distractions? What do you me—Oh, I know what you’re doing now you bum. You’re trying to put this on me, like I’m not human, really? Really?

Dr. Haynes: Bettie does have a point. (Giving Eddie an odd look)

Eddy: So what’s this, you’re all going to team up on me now, this miner, “Jobe” has had an emotionless expression on his face the entire time, this artist, “Sydney” is constantly not making sense and pointing things in a different direction, You, Dr. Haynes, a Professor apparently knows everything going on, as a robot would be able to do and you Bettie, well, you’re just a bitch. And I’m the one that’s not human! (Screaming)

So much tension built up in the room that everyone was quiet for almost a minute, glancing back and forth at each other

Sydney: Alright, everyone just settle down for just a second

Bettie: Oh, so now it wants matters to be settled down

Sydney: You shut the hell up!

Eddy: Okay, we should listen, let’s all listen to what the artist is saying here. Also, you have been slightly shy and I feel like we know the least about you, why don’t you share more about yourself?

Sydney: I refuse

The other four start to question everything going on and giving more blatant stares towards Sydney’s direction

Eddy: So be it.

Another awkward pause fills the room

Bettie: You don’t have to be this obvious Sydney, we already know who the real killer in disguise is, you don’t have to continue fighting and pointing fingers

Dr. Haynes: I mean I wouldn’t be too much of a hypocrite; you are kind of doing the exact same thing that she is doing.

Jobe: Bettie isn’t the one refusing to talk though; I would agree that our case here is solved.

Sydney: You all can go burn in hell! (Frustrated and yelling)

Sydney started to get up from her chair and went to leave the room

Dr. Haynes: Wait a second, sit back down, where the hell do you think you’re going!

Out of all of her discomfort and constant tension growing in the room, Sydney had no other option but, to listen and go back to her chair

Sydney: I guess I don’t have any other options

Room is silent again for a brief moment

Dr. Haynes: So Sydney, you being an artist, what is your preference, as in do you draw, paint, sculpt. You know, what exactly do you do?

Sydney: I prefer to draw (Quietly)

Dr. Haynes: Well, what kind of things? Do you have any drawings or any art in specific that I could see; I’ve always been a fan of the artistic ways, though never being an artist myself.

Sydney: Yes, perhaps (Quietly, almost whispering)

Sydney proceeded in going through her right pocket and pulled out her wallet, she then pulls a folded piece of paper and goes on to show the four strangers her artwork.

Dr. Haynes: Ah yes, very abstract, very well done

Eddy: That’s a beautiful piece Sydney, didn’t know you had it in you

Jobe: Very nice, is the blend of colors supposed to symbolize or represent something?

Eddy: Blend of colors? Do you not see the three birds in the center of the page and the vast landscape they are flying over?

Jobe: What are you talking about? Those are merely just lines in the middle; they look nothing like birds to me (Studying the paper)

Eddy: Well, just use your imagination; I can’t imagine a miner having much of one anyways (Laughing loudly)

Jobe: I could use more of that. (Giving Eddy a stern look)

Bettie: You definitely could (Giving Jobe a small smile)

Sydney: What do you think of my artwork? (Looking towards Bettie)

Bettie: Well, it’s alright. I’ve seen better through the years

Dr. Haynes: I wouldn’t criticize the girl on it; I think she did a splendid job

The lights on the ship flicker once

Eddy: Absolutely, I feel like the girl deserves some credit (Backing up Dr. Haynes)

Sydney: Well what have you seen? What art do you prefer? Who is your favorite artist? Your favorite painting? Why is the artwork you’ve seen better than mine? What reason? What reason? What reason?

Bettie: Well do you expect me to answer all of those at once

Sydney: I’m guessing that you somehow could

Bettie: Excuse me! (Raising her voice)

The lights flickered again, this time for three quick moments

Dr. Haynes: Alright, settle down

Jobe: Yes, please do that.

Just then the ship’s electricity loses power for a brief minute. The chamber room is filled with screams and yells as a razor is heard for a couple seconds. When the lights come back on Bettie, Dr. Haynes, Jobe, and Sydney are all in different corners of the room. Eddy is lying down in the middle of the room, his throat has been slit open and blood slowly oozes out, creating a small puddle beside him. Nobody in the room leaves their corner, concerned on what to do next. 




Act II

The group felt a sense of uncomforting tension as Eddy’s lifeless body lay in the center of the vast room. Jobe held his head town and maintained an uneasy expression on his face. Opposite corner to Jobe, Sydney looked terrified and pulled out a small dagger from her left pocket, looking as if she was ready to attack. Bettie to the right of Sydney, eyed the artist down, her face filled with anger and mystery. Across the room from Bettie, Dr. Haynes is seen saying a prayer silently to himself.

Sydney: So now what?

Jobe: I don’t know, I wasn’t expecting that

Dr. Haynes: What monsters (Voice trembling)

Bettie: Alright, listen up; listen, so clearly Eddy is no longer with us

Sydney: Yeah, no shit!

Jobe: Will you shut up, for all we know, it was you that did it! (Directed at Sydney)

Sydney grips the dagger in her hand much harder

Sydney: Don’t make me use this on any of you, I’m not dying today, I’ll tell you that

Bettie: Won’t be the first time you slit somebody’s throat

Sydney: I’ll kill all of you, I told you, I’m not dying, not today

Dr. Haynes: Okay Sydney, please settle down

Sydney: Settle down? Do you not see the dead body in the middle of the room with his damn neck cut open and you expect me to settle down?

Jobe: Nothing is going to get done with you swinging that dagger around like a maniac

Sydney: Shut up!

Lights in the chamber room flicker again

Dr. Haynes: Oh God, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is--”

Bettie: Praying isn’t going to help you with anything Dr. Haynes

Sydney: How would you know? Maybe he was created by God or a God, something you know. But, he sure as hell wasn’t created by man like you

Bettie: You said earlier that this little blame game isn’t going to work, stop trying to point fingers at others to make yourself look less innocent

Jobe: This is pathetic, nothing is getting done efficiently and we all know that the monstrosity is still very present in the room

Dr. Haynes: Well, what do you suppose that we do?

Jobe: How about this, I’ll start things off

Jobe raises both of his hands up in the air and proceeds to walk slowly towards the middle of the room. He takes a seat in the chair he was previously sitting in and goes on to stare in the other three’s direction

Jobe: See, I have nothing to hide here, come join me

Sydney: I don’t think so, I see straight through your set-up

Shaking tremendously, Dr. Haynes proceeds to put both of his hands up in the air and walks over to where he was previously sitting, pulls his chair a couple yards away from the middle and takes a seat

Sydney: Just when I was starting to think you were alright Dr. Haynes, you played the game pretty well for being one of them

Dr. Haynes: Look Sydney, calm down and just think for a second, I can assure you that I am the farthest thing from—

Sydney: Oh, be quiet you (Gripping the dagger so tight that her hand starts to turn red)

Jobe: Are you two stragglers planning on joining us?

Bettie: Not until my friend, Sydney here, decides to take a seat first

Sydney: I’m not going anywhere

Bettie: Suit yourself then

Bettie goes on to follow the other two, slowly walking towards the middle of the room and taking a seat in the chair she was previously sitting in

Jobe: Looks who’s the oddball now

Sydney: Call me whatever the hell you want, I’m not leaving this exact spot

Dr. Haynes: You’re starting to make me feel very uncomfortable (Directed at Sydney)

Sydney: Like I’m not already as uncomfortable as it is, this is most uncomfortable situation imaginable

Sydney begins to slowly creep around the three in the center, clinging to the walls, and holding her dagger to an intense grip

Bettie: I’m guessing you’re planning your next kill Sydney

Sydney: If that’s the case, I’m going right for you first, I’ll gut you like a fish

Dr. Haynes begins to shake at the thought

Dr. Haynes: Look, I have no idea what any of your intentions are but, can we please find a medium at least, something, please

Jobe: I agree with the Doctor

Bettie: Likewise, look Sydney, you are the real threat, the real threat to all three of us in this situation right now, so how about you put the dagger away, calm down a tad bit and come take a seat.

Sydney: So, the three of you want me to calm down and to find a medium. This is pushing me beyond my limit; I don’t know any of you, for all I know all three of you are some goddamn mutant robots just waiting to strike

Dr. Haynes: I can say the same thing for you Sydney

Bettie: He’s right

Sydney takes a couple of deep breaths to herself and then grabs the chair she was sitting in earlier. She then drags the chair a couple of feet away from the circle and calmly takes a seat while slipping the dagger back into her pocket

 Sydney: I’ve seen it all before

Bettie: Seen what?

Sydney: This, this whole situation. These robots adapt to everything, they gain insight..knowledge..reactions and use them against us to fit in more. They use fake emotion, or whatever the hell their concept of it is.  I’m not giving in, not to any of you.

Bettie: What?

Sydney: All gone? Vanished, killed in front of my eyes, friends, family, shit, even my own dog. All sinister bastards, no passion, no sympathy, just cold machines that offer the world no benefits, no benefits whatsoever

Bettie: They took my family too

Sydney: Shut up! (Screaming)

Jobe: You seem just as heartless as they are

Sydney: Oh do I? Do I now, Jobe, or whatever random number of data you are. You stubborn, no good, metal piece of junk

Dr. Haynes: Sydney, please darling, you are making me feel very uncomfortable

Sydney: You don’t even know what that feels like, none of you do, yeah that right, I said it. None of you know how to feel, what to feel, you just know how to bullshit your way through everything until you have to opportunity to stab me right in the chest.

Dr. Haynes: You’re mad

Sydney: Oh, no, not at all. Believe me, I’m fine, I am so consent and tremendously happy that I am trapped here with you monsters, I’ve been waiting for this shit my entire life, believe me!

Dr. Haynes: Jesus Christ (Mumbling)

At that moment, the lights in the chamber room start to flicker again. Sydney quickly whips out her dagger and jumps from her chair and backs up slowly from the center of the room. As the lights come back on, Dr. Haynes is also standing facing towards Sydney’s direction. The remaining two are still in their chairs

Sydney: Planning to take me out next Dr. Haynes?

Dr. Haynes: What? I’m sorry

Sydney: Oh, you heard me, you heard me loud and clear

Dr. Haynes: Are you accusing me again? Screw you, I was startled, I am in just as much fear as you are, I don’t want to die!

Sydney: Okay, well if that’s the case, then why in the hell are you facing towards me

Dr. Haynes: What? I don’t know. I was startled by the flicker and my first instinct was to jump out of my chair, you know, just in case if one of you were trying to kill me next

Sydney: Ah, you’re full of it

Bettie: Well, so are you Sydney, you still seem to be the odd one out

Dr. Haynes: None of this is adding up either, this is maddening

Sydney: Tell me about it (Mildly chuckling)

Dr. Haynes: Sydney, I can assure you that—

Sydney: Sit back down

Dr. Haynes: Well, by all means, that—

Sydney: I said sit back down! (Yelling)

Dr. Haynes: Alright, alright, calm down please (Voice trembling)

Sydney: Good, now every one of you is going to listen to me now, Dr. Haynes please direct yourself into that far corner of the room.

Dr. Haynes: Okay

He perused in picking up his chair and walked to farthest corner from Sydney

Sydney: Okay, now Bettie, I need you to—

Bettie: No (Boldly stating)

Sydney: You’re not going to corporate?

Bettie: Absolutely not

Jobe: Yeah, who put you in charge? For all we know, this is just an evil plan of yours to mess with us and succeed in another killing

Sydney: Another killing? Are you crazy?

Jobe: Nope, not at all, but you sure as hell are

Bettie: I didn’t know some of them got this psychotic? I didn’t know they were able to adapt this well and act like a human to this extreme extent

Sydney: I will not hesitate to cut your throat open Bettie, human or not

Bettie: Go ahead, make my day

Sydney: I’m warning you

Dr. Haynes: I’m a dead man

Just then, the lights started to flicker again and everything went black for around fifteen seconds. The razor sound roared again followed by a loud scream. When the lights came back on Sydney, Bettie, and Dr. Haynes were all standing in a triangle close to the middle of the room. Diagonal and near Eddy’s lifeless body was Jobe lying face down, as still as could be. The puddle of blood next to the two motionless bodies seemed to thicken. For at least a minute, Dr. Haynes heavy breathing was the only thing heard, the only thing that could have possibly been louder, his heartbeat.

Dr. Haynes: Lord, bless our souls

Sydney: Well, I wouldn’t say all of ours

Bettie: Mhm, definitely wouldn’t say that, not one bit

The remaining three began to distance themselves, slowly, step by step.



















The three remaining members on the ship looked stressed and agitated, while also still wondering who the killer in the room was. Bettie could not take her eyes off of Sydney as she had clearly already lost her sanity. Dr. Haynes’s face was as a pale as ghost and he almost looked sick, having another dead individual lying in the middle of the room. Dr. Haynes remained closer to Bettie as he feared the dagger-swinging Sydney.

Bettie: We know it’s you Sydney, I recommend you stay right by my side, Dr. Haynes

Dr. Haynes: I honestly don’t trust either of you psychos

Bettie: Well, I’m not the nut swinging a dagger around, am I

Dr. Haynes: I suppose not

Dr. Haynes proceeds to walk closer to Bettie as Sydney creeps around the outside of the room gripping the dagger intensely

Sydney: Go ahead, why don’t you up against me, it’s not like you two haven’t had this planned the entire time

Dr. Haynes: I’m not a damn robot Sydney

Sydney: I beg to differ

Bettie: Don’t listen to a single word she says, Dr. Haynes

Dr. Haynes: Will you stop directing me orders, I know that may be hard due to your profession, but I’m tired of it

Bettie: Fair enough

Dr. Haynes: You know what; I’m tired of listening to both of you

Dr. Haynes starts to back away from Bettie and Sydney, heading slowly towards a different corner of the ship

Sydney: Guess it’s everyone for themselves now

Bettie: I guess so

Sydney: It’s how it always should have been (Smirking)

Dr. Haynes: Well, whoever isn’t human, do me a favor, and just kill me know, I can’t take this anymore

Sydney: Oh, cry me a river

Bettie: Will you two freaks excuse me for a moment

Sydney: And where the hell do you think you’re going?

Bettie: The lady’s room, you are the farthest thing from being a lady, so I doubt you would understand

Bettie quickly leaves to use the restroom, leaving the chamber room and walking through the narrow hallway of the ship. While this happens, Sydney runs over to the control panel and presses down a few dials causing a door to close off the hallway from the chamber room, leaving Bettie trapped. Bettie starts screaming and banging on the door, urging someone to let her back in. Sydney, still gripping her dagger starts to circle Dr. Haynes, in quite a disturbing rage.

Sydney: So, Dr. Haynes, anything you want to say to me

Dr. Haynes: Please settle down, please (Panicking)

Sydney: (Laughing at the remark)

Dr. Haynes: They took my family too, I understand Sydney

Sydney: You take that back

Dr. Haynes: What, why, I’m serious

Sydney: You bastard, I know the two or you are robots, I should have taken you out earlier when I had the chance

Dr. Haynes: I am a human, always have been, always will be Sydney

Sydney: I’ve heard it all before, I can see through your bullshit disguise

Dr. Haynes: Suit yourself

Dr. Haynes puts both of his hands up in the air and starts to walk towards Sydney

Sydney: What do you doing, stay back, stay back! (Yelling)

Dr. Haynes: I’m not going to harm you, just relax Sydney

Sydney: I’m warning you

Dr. Haynes gets close enough to Sydney where she is able to swing the dagger in his direction. When she does this, she cuts open his wrist and blood begins to spew out, followed by a few tears rolling down his face.

Sydney: Oh my God, you are real, you are human, I am so terribly sorry

Dr. Haynes: It’s alright, I know how frustrating these situations can be, no worries, well at least know you know.

Sydney takes a piece of cloth from her pocket and wraps it around Dr. Haynes’s wrist, all while Bettie is still angrily banging on the door demanding to be let in.

Dr. Haynes: We need to get out of here; I know that there is a hidden escape pod somewhere on the ship

Sydney: What? You knew that this entire time!

Dr. Haynes: Yes, I did, however not knowing if there were other humans onboard I didn’t want to take the chances of leaving another person behind

Sydney: Damn, that’s really thoughtful, I am so sorry for accusing you earlier Doctor

Dr. Haynes: Yes, I agree (laughing), well we are past that now, aren’t we

Bettie: Let me in! I can help you (Banging loudly on the door)

Sydney: So, how do we figure out where this escape pod is?

Dr. Haynes: I know they always give at least one passenger a map of the ship before boarding, here help me look through these two’s pockets (pointing towards Eddy and Jobe)

Sydney: Alright, here, help me flip Jobe’s body around, he’s too heavy.

Sydney and Dr. Haynes flip over Jobe and go into his pocket, luckily, Sydney pulls out a map right away and then continues to look down at the two lifeless bodies

Sydney: That’s odd

Dr. Haynes: What is?

Sydney: I thought Jobe’s throat would of have been slit open

Dr. Haynes: Huh? What do you mean?

Right then, Jobe’s stomach opens up a spinning metal drill comes out of his body, piercing its way through Dr. Haynes’s skull, immediately killing him, Sydney screams and tries to run to other side of the room. Jobe gets up and lifts the door to the hallway, allowing Bettie to re-enter the room. Bettie’s hand is a razor, proving that she was the one to kill Eddy earlier and that Jobe’s staged death was just a set-up

Sydney: I knew it

Bettie: What are you going to do now, Sydney?

Jobe: Yes, Sydney, that little dagger of yours, isn’t going to do much

Sydney: I already told you two, I’m not dying today

Bettie: Well, proves us wrong then

Sydney took a bolt for the hallway, chased by the other two, and even though the robots were clever and harmful, their speed was no match for Sydney’s. Sydney, panicking, managed to find the escape pod just seconds before Bettie and Jobe caught up to her, she released g the lever, allowed the pod to detach from the S.S Cyclops and fell into a deep sleep as it may take lightyears before she finds a livable planet.





Sydney’s escape pod eventually directs her to a livable planet with humans present and they are very accepting of her arrival. The leader of the new world greets her politely and soon gets into a conversation about how a genius scientist has come up with an invention that will change their planet forever. Intrigued by the matter, Sydney agrees to meet this man, as he wishes to demonstrate his invention to her privately. 


Scientist: Hello, Sydney, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you

Sydney: Likewise, so, what do you have here to show me sir?

Scientist: Something that has taken me years to create, also quite pricey too, I’m surprised our Government here has lent me enough loans to finish this project

Sydney: Alright, well, I’m excited, let me see it

Scientist: Absolutely (Delighted by her response)

The Scientist then presumes in lifting up a blanket to reveal his project, to what appears to be a human lifeform standing still

Sydney: Um, what is this? (Stuttering)

Scientist: You see Sydney, even though it appears to be a human lifeform, this is actually an Artificial Intelligence based robot, intended to help us out as humans, with every possible need imaginable, brilliant, wouldn’t you say.

Sydney: No! No! No!

Scientist: What’s wrong? (Confused)

Sydney then runs up to the robot pushing it over and causing it to break and shatter. She then takes out her dagger and starts walking towards the Scientist

Scientist: What the hell is wrong with you? (Yelling)

The Scientist talks into his walkie talkie, immediately calling for back-up. Body guards rush into the room, taking the maddened Sydney and placing her under arrest. Sydney is taken to court and sentenced for five years in federal prison. The days go by slow and Sydney grows more manic day by day. Outside her cell, she can see a small television displaying the news and global events occurring on the planet. One day she wakes up and is startled by what she sees. On the screen, they show that an unknown ship has arrived, a ship by the name of the S.S Cyclops.

Sydney’s screams echo throughout the walls of the prison


The End


“The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell the end of the Human Race”

-Stephen Hawking




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Submitted: December 10, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Quinn J. Milligan. All rights reserved.

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