Uniquely Normal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 36 (v.1) - Ollie

Submitted: March 25, 2020

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Submitted: March 25, 2020




We are officially experiencing one of Ian’s worst nightmares. Last night, after Mr. and Mrs. Lavery had went to sleep (or so we thought), I snuck into Ian’s room. Not to hook up or anything, just to kiss for a couple minutes. Mrs. Lavery got up to go to the bathroom and stopped to check on Ian on her way there. Of course, she freaked out on us. Ian tried to say that I was just coming to sleep in here, but Mrs. Lavery saw right through it.

“How naïve do you think I am? I know what someone looks like after making out. It’s exactly what you look like right now,” she said and we knew that we were screwed. Then she asked if we have had sex before and Ian hesitated. Then she freaked out even more, saying that Ian had promised to talk to her about “that stuff” and that he had broken her trust in him. So now we are grounded until we're 18, when she says we can start making our own decisions. That’s two months for Ian, four for me. She also says we can't be at the house alone and have to come wherever she is going. She’ll stop doing that when she feels like she can trust us, which Ian says will probably be at least another month. We were only allowed to go to the pack meeting because it was important.

Ian and I pull into the driveway and Mrs. Lavery stares through the window, beckoning with one finger.

“Fuck me,” Ian groans, slouching forward on the steering wheel.

“I have a feeling that’s not going to happen for a while,” I say and he growls loudly.

“I don’t think you understand that my mom will literally not let us out of her sight. She is a very dedicated person.” Well, that’s great in any other situation. As we climb out and walk up to the door, Ian pulls me quickly around a corner where his mom’s view is blocked and kisses me hard and quick. “That might be the last time I do that in two months,” he says as we continue walking up to the door like nothing happened.

“Shit, she’s going to be that strict?” I ask.

“Oh yeah,” Ian grumbles as we walk inside.

“Hey boys,” Mrs. Lavery says brightly. “Make some lunch and get in the car. We’re going to Conner’s dentist appointment.”

Ian groans but takes the bread out of the fridge and puts it in the toaster. He knows he can’t argue with her. Mrs. Lavery sits down at the counter, taking out her phone and waiting for us to finish. I make my sandwich after and we eat in silence. We get in the car, Ian in the passenger seat and me in the back, behind him. “We have to pick Conner up from a friend’s house first,” Mrs. Lavery says, pulling out of the garage. After a couple minutes of silence, she says, “Come on you guys. Don’t act like this is the end of the world.” Ian just huffs and I don’t say anything. After another minute, she asks, “You were being safe, weren’t you? And using protection?”

“Of course,” Ian says immediately.

“Listen,” Mrs. Lavery says. “I don’t want you two to be miserable for months. I’m not saying absolutely no physical contact, just nothing you wouldn’t do in front of your grandma.”

Ian raises an eyebrow at his mom. “So, no physical contact.”

“Okay, bad example. Nothing you wouldn’t do in front of me,” she rephrases. So, barely anything.

“Mom, we’re almost done with high school,” Ian says, annoyed. “You are telling us to act like we are in like 6th grade.”

“Only for two months. And if you have a good relationship, which I know you do, the sexual part of it isn’t needed for you to be happy together,” Mrs. Lavery says. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy it. “Just accept that this is your punishment. Not for having sex, which I am not happy about but would have accepted if you had talked to me like we promised. And if I feel like I can trust you before the two months are over, you might be able to have more freedom. So, don’t spend all your time moping around, that won’t help your case. Just make the best of the situation and it will work out better for you.”

“Okay, thank you,” I say, and Mrs. Lavery turns around to smile at me. “You’re welcome.” I can't complain, my mom and dad would have literally killed me. 

“Yeah, okay,” Ian sighs as we pull into Conner’s friend’s driveway.

“Thanks for being reasonable. I love you both,” Mrs. Lavery says, unbuckling her seatbelt. “I’m going to go get Conner.” 

As she disappears into the house, I hear a loud crash from the house next door. Ian and I whip our heads over to watch as an older man stumbles out of the garage and to the car parked in the driveway. As he starts to open the door to the driver's seat, Devan sprints out of the garage and slams the car door, almost smashing the man's hand. Is this where Devan lives? Is that his dad? Ian and I automatically crouch down so he can't see us through the window. 

"Move, boy," the man says, his words slurring together. Devan doesn't move. "Move," he shouts, shoving Devan back. But he just moves in front of the door again, leaning against it. 

"Go back inside and drink some more fucking beer. You aren't driving," Devan snarls back at him. 

"I am your father! You can't tell me what to do!" the man shouts back, stumbling but catching himself on the car. When it's clear Devan isn't moving, his dad punches him in the jaw and shoves him again, hard. "Move!" 

I flinch back. "Fuck," I whisper. He kind of looks like my dad too.

"That explains some things," Ian says softly, reaching back for my hand and I hold it tightly. I look back out the window to see Devan's dad still clumsily beating on him, though he seems to be getting weaker and more unstable. I remember the first time my dad hit me. Only he wasn't drunk. Slowly, Devan's dad stumbles back into the garage, giving up. Devan moves from his position in front of the car door for the first time, looking around as if to see if anyone had been watching. His bruises already healed, he opens the door and starts the car, speeding past us. He has a dark glare on his face and looks like he is shaking. He must have really good control to not phase on his dad. I  probably would have ended up sending mine to the hospital. 

I let out a shaky breath I didn't know I was holding as he drives around the corner. "Not even Devan deserves that," I say to Ian quietly and he turns all the way around in his seat to look at me. 

"Are you okay?" Ian asks. 

"Yeah. I'm just getting some flashbacks," I reply, but it's getting harder to breathe. Fuck. I try to take a slow breath but it just comes out a breathless cough. 

"Coming back," Ian says, jumping over the console and into the back seat. He pulls me into a tight hug. "Breathe." I close my eyes and struggle to take slow breaths, breathing in Ian's scent and focusing on the small circles he's rubbing on my back. The tight knot in my stomach slowly loosens and air starts to comes back to my lungs. 

I wrap my arms around Ian, loosely clasping them behind his back. "Thanks," I whisper, and Ian just kisses the side of my neck in response. I haven't had an anxiety attack since the morning I got kicked out. "You should probably go back to your seat, your mom is going to come back soon," I say but neither of us let go. 

"She'll be fine. Are you okay now?" Ian asks, pulling back to look at me. 

"I think," I say, taking a few more deep breaths. "Yeah, I'm good now." 

"We should ask my mom about getting medicine or something," Ian says. That would be nice. Ian can't always stop them from happening. Just then, Mrs. Lavery comes out the front door with Conner. 

She opens the car door and glares at us, starting to speak, but stops when she looks closer. "Ollie, are you okay?" 

"Yeah, I was starting to have an anxiety attack and Ian stopped it," I say as we both move over for Conner to sit in his booster seat. Ian sits in the middle, still not moving up to the front. 

"Wait, what?" Mrs. Lavery says. "Since when? Are you okay?"

"For the past year but I don't get them very often. I was kind of wondering if I could maybe get some medicine or something? I don't need it to live or anything so you don't have to get it," I quickly add. 

"Of course we can get you something. I'll make an appointment today," she says. "Thank you for telling me."

"Yeah. Thanks," I say, giving her a small smile. I hate asking for things.  

Ian keeps up conversation the entire way to the dentist, squeezing my hand to reengage me every time he can tell my thoughts starts to drift back to earlier. I'm just glad he knows me so well. Mrs. Lavery seems to catch on to what Ian's doing, even though she doesn't know the reason, and asks me questions about what camps I went to when I was Conner's age because he wants to go to camp this summer.

When we pull into a parking spot and Conner rushes over to play with the train tracks on the toy table, Mrs. Lavery pulls me aside with Ian. "What caused the anxiety attack?"

"Um," I say, looking over at Ian. What am I supposed to say? "Some neighbors triggered it," I say, and Mrs. Lavery looks like she wants to ask more questions but the dentist walks through the door. 

"Conner Lavery?" she calls, and Mrs. Lavery walks in with him. Ian and I sit down in chairs in the waiting room. Then I think of something.

"Ian. There is a reason that Devan hasn't reported his dad yet, right? Like for me it was not wanting to leave the state to live with relatives because I didn't want to leave everyone I had here. What if he doesn't have any family in the area?" 

"What's your point?" Ian asks, confused. 

"If we reported his dad, it would be better for everyone. He would get to live in a better place and we wouldn't have to deal with him anymore. And if Garrett is right and his pack doesn't want to follow Devan, we would be completely safe," I say, the idea already building in my mind. 

"Wait, that could actually work. And it's not like he has a girlfriend he wouldn't want to leave behind, they broke up. He doesn't seem to have any close friends either. Shit, we actually could get rid of him without hurting him. We would be helping," Ian says, starting to get excited. "Should we do it?" 

"I think so," I say. I'm a fucking genius. 

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