Farrington was renowned for extremes of temperatures in summer. Some days could be so hot you could toast a slice of bread on the pavement; others so cold you would be snuggled beneath blankets or seated around hearths.

After a particularly hot, dry spell a sudden southerly wind had swept up from the Antarctic and had sent temperatures plummeting, while freezing rain buffeted the coast. The city was suddenly in the midst of a cold snap and with Christmas.

Nicole had come home from a particularly grueling social event. A fundraiser organized by her mother that had seen a lot of money raised for an orphanage and a lot of questions fired at her by all and sundry about her new man, the partner of a certain prestigious law firm.

Nicole had deflected most of their comments but when she was faced with one socialite who remarked to her friends, “Please, our Nicole can do so much better than him!” Nicole had finally snapped.

“Thaxter is a fine man. A good, kind man who is decent and”-

“Divorced.” A group of women had giggled like donkeys braying.

Nicole saw red, “I am dating Thax as a matter of fact. He’s become-important to me. I…I care for him-very much.”

Silence had greeted her as some women had slunk away and yet others had stared at her, open-mouthed. Nicole had never expressed her feelings for any man in such a way.

Nicole had taken a long drink of her champagne and had moved away from the group, steadying her breathing and trying to remain civil. Her mother had then sidled up to her.

“Please mama. Not you as well. I don’t think I can deal with any more judgment right now,” she sighed.

Her mother drew herself up to her diminutive but full height, “On the contrary, Nicole. I’m proud of you for standing up for your rights.”

“I thought you disapproved. Weren’t you trying to keep us apart?” Nicole had asked the woman.

“Initially, I will confess, I thought he was just another fling to you. But I think perhaps your feelings run much deeper. I’ll reserve judgment for now however; but no niece of mine is going to be harangued by those empty headed society wives.”

Nicole’s mouth had opened and closed in utter astonishment but she had said nothing, merely hugged her mother with great warmth and more than a little gratitude, before deciding a discreet retreat was called for. She had thanked her host and bidden the ladies a Merry Christmas before climbing into her car and beating a hasty path homewards.

She had forgotten to raise the top on the shiny red motor car and the journey home, though brief, was bracing with the icy wind beating against her skin in the light floral dress and coat she had worn for the occasion.

The maid had, mercifully, read her predicament precisely and somehow a fire burned brightly in her boudoir as she began to strip off her damp clothing to climb into a hot, fortifying bath. She was looking forward to a good long soak, a light supper and an early night with a rather racy novella.

She had been in the bath all of a few minutes when there came a light tapping at her door and her sister Emily entered, “Nicole, Mr. Thorstein is downstairs and I wasn’t sure if you were receiving anyone this evening.”

“I’ll see Thax,” she replied, her eyes glinting for the first time in hours. Emily nodded, smiled and made to exit.

“Emily, could you please ask the maid to prepare a light supper for two in the living room. And let Mr. Thornstein know I’ll be down in about half an hour.”

“I’ll do that,” Emily replied.

“Oh, and Emily?”


“Are you and Mark going out tonight? If you were to decide to go tonight-my treat- I’d be so grateful,” she said softly. Suddenly all she wanted in the world was Thax and his voice and his warmth and his touch.

“We’ve already made plans,” Emily smiled.

“Thank you Emily,” Nicole said earnestly.

“I had the maid set out your grey silk pajamas are laid out- and your black robe and slippers,” Emily informed her as she made to leave.

“You’re the best sister a girl could have Emily,” she whispered and then sank into the tub letting the rose scented water soak into her hair and ease the tension in her limbs.


Twenty five minutes later Nicole descended the stairs, her hair still damp and her make-up minimal. Thaxter stood up as she entered the living room, placing a plate of sandwiches on a nearby table.

Nicole walked straight into his arms and he held her tightly, pressing a gentle kiss to her temple and whispering softly, “Nicole? What’s brought this on?”

“I’m tired, that’s all. It’s been a very long day,” she replied, her lips brushing against his neck and causing him to shiver a little.

“I thought you went to lunch,” he prompted.

“I did. It was a long lunch,” she answered wryly.

He squeezed her sides before releasing her and she took the armchair opposite him, reaching for a plate and selecting a couple of sandwiches. Thax offered her tea and she gratefully accepted. He poured it carefully for her and she smiled at him as their fingertips touched in passing over the cup and saucer.

“To what do I owe the pleasure, Thaxter?” she asked, “I thought you were working late tonight.”

“I was.”

“And here you are,” she replied, eying him darkly.

“Here I am,” he breathed, nodding.

They ate supper, eyes meeting and darting away from time to time. They drank a good deal of tea and Thax ate a good many sandwiches as well as several drop scones.

Nicole shook her head, “I honestly don’t know where you put it all.”

“I’ve the strangest feeling I’m going to need to build up my strength,” Thax said, eying her closely.

“Don’t tease me about this Thaxter,” Nicole warned, “I’ve had a very rough day.”

“I’m not teasing, Nicole.”

“Does that mean you’re going to?”-

“Stay?” he prompted.

“Yes,” she answered.

“It’s cold out there,” Thaxter noted.

“Much warmer in here,” Nicole casually remarked.

“I’d noticed,” he said.

He moved quickly; moved from his chair to hers and pulled her to her feet. His lips sought hers as he clasped her close for a passionate, lip bruising kiss. Nicole hummed into his mouth and that only seemed to spur him on, where on other occasions it might have halted him. His hands slid into her hair and combed through the still slightly damp strands as his tongue swept through her mouth.

“Nicole,” he breathed and she pulled his mouth back to hers, trying to get closer as her hums and sighs, turned to moans of desire. Thax’s hands ranged over her back and down over the curve of her derriere. She squeaked in surprise but pressed closer, feeling the stirrings of his arousal through her satin pajamas. It was then she realized that somehow her robe had come open and there was very little material between her and the man.

He stilled and looked down at her, licking his lips as if to savor every trace of her. Nicole realized the deep v of her pajama top was clearly displaying a good deal of décolletage. Thax reached out and stroked his index finger over the edge of the garment, brushing her skin and watching as her nipples hardened against the silken silver material. His eyes grew darker as he stroked her skin but he would not touch her where suddenly she wanted him to more than anything.

“You are driving me quite mad, Thax,” she confessed somewhat glassy-eyed and breathless and she shivered with a mixture of the chill night air in the living room and the anticipation building wildly inside her.

“Are you cold?” Thax asked.

“I’m heating up,” she replied cheekily.

“That’s heartening,” Thax responded huskily; nipping at her neck and jaw. She arched into him unable to find purchase; wanting his hands everywhere at once.

“It’s even warmer upstairs. The maid lit the fire,” she said boldly, waiting for him to make an excuse; back away.

“Perhaps then, we should?”- Thaxter indicated the stairs with a tilt of his head.

Nicole’s breathing grew rapid and her pulse began to hammer in her veins.

“Yes. I think we should,” she replied nodding.

Thax smiled slowly and reached out to take her hand, kissing the tips of her fingers and leaving her in no doubt as to his intentions as he led the way to her bedroom.

In the upstairs hallway, he pressed her against the wall next to her bedroom door; catching her wrists in his strong hands and pulling them above her head, leaving her unable to respond by touch to his insistent and passionate kisses. His body pressed intimately against her and she did her best to arch against him; encouraging him in whatever way she could. She wrapped one long leg around his thighs, bringing him even closer to her. He groaned and she smirked triumphantly.

Thaxter let go of her wrists and ran his hands down her arms, skimming the sides of her breasts before grasping her by the hips and grinding his pelvis against hers, leaving Nicole in no doubt as to the ferocity of his passion for her.

“Oh Thax,” she managed before he smothered her words with kisses.

He reached beside her for the doorknob and soon he was walking her backwards through the door, his hands already pushing the robe from her shoulders. It fell to the floor with a soft thud, even as she struggled to undo his tie and loosen his collar.

“Too many clothes,” she panted, undoing the buttons of his waistcoat.

He chuckled and assisted her with his suit jacket and coat, depositing them on a chair near the bed. She toed off her shoes and he sat in an armchair to undo laces and remove socks. Nicole somewhat daringly kneeled before him and undid his trousers as he attempted to remove his shoes. She stroked and he hissed, grasping her hand and shooting her a warning glance.

“Surely you have better self-restraint than that Thax,” Nicole teased.

“I’m not certain that I do, where you’re concerned,” he breathed.

“Bed?” she asked, extending her hand.

Surprisingly he shook his head and kneeled before her, kissing her stomach and dragging her closer before turning her, so that she was sitting upon his knees, her legs splayed over his. He reached around her and touched her through the grey satin pajamas.

Nicole gasped in pleasure as his finger stroked lightly and maddeningly along her body.

“Thax, please,” she begged for release as he kissed the back of her neck and the skin of her shoulder where it met her pajama top. All the while his fingers pressed then ghosted then withdrew then pressed again. She was almost delirious from wanting when he moved them both to the soft rug beside the fireplace, lying her down and rising over her.

He pulled up her pajama top, sliding it from her arms before his lips descended to her breasts; his tongue on each until she wanted to scream with pent up arousal. She writhed in his strong arms but he would not desist; would not give her what she so desperately craved.

“Not yet,” he breathed.

“Please Thax, it’s unbearable,” she whimpered.

He raised his head from her breasts to kiss her mouth once more.

She cried out as her body shook and shivered through wave after wave of pleasure. Thax continued to stroke and and kiss her as her orgasm faded and she fell back exhausted on the rug; her body sated for now.

Thax stretched beside her, kissing her softly, watching her face as it moved from exhausted pleasure to desire once more. Her hands moved through his hair and her kisses turned urgent once again as one of her legs curved over him and her hands pulled him closer.

Thax slowly slid off her pajama trousers and kneeled before her to gaze at her now naked form. Her body almost seemed to glow from the light of the fire and his eyes raked over her form, memorizing this moment for all time. Her perfect breasts, the clean-shaven area at the apex of her thighs, her long, pale legs, her beautiful face and that bob, all framed against the white rug on which she reclined.

“Take off your clothes Thax,” Nicole said at length, feeling his gaze almost as if he were touching her.

“Shhh…I’m committing you to memory,” he sighed.

“This isn’t a one-time-only offer Thax,” she purred, “there will be time enough for that.”

“But there will only ever be one first time,” he said, blushing at his overtly romantic comment.

A slow smile spread across Nicole’s features and he leaned in for a quick bruising kiss.

He stood and helped her to her feet, this time drawing her in for a slow, sensual kiss. She moaned and slid her hands to his underwear, unbuttoning it at the neck and sliding it slowly from him. He took over and soon they stood naked before one another.

“You are beautiful,” Nicole breathed and Thax looked away, unused to hearing such things to describe his naked appearance.

“There is no shame in my finding your body beautiful Thaxter,” she said, running her hands across his chest then down his sides until she could reach his taut butt.

“Nicole!” he warned but already his hands were stroking her sides and pulling her ever closer to him. Nicole raked her eyes over every part of him.

‘He is beautiful,’ Nicole thought, but she said nothing, afraid it was too much for him already.

He walked her to the bed and she climbed in, awaiting him with an outstretched arm.

“Nicole are you certain?” he asked.

She looked at him, naked and giggled madly, “Darling, what would you do if I said no.”

He laughed too, the tension from the situation diffusing.

“Are you though? Are you certain?” he asked

“Yes, Thax. I am certain. I want this. I want you. Very much.”

She expected him to leap upon her and ravish her. He had never been intimate with a woman but he surprised her as he so often did. He turned down the sheets and encouraged her beneath the covers where it was warm and cosy. They lay side by side in the dim light from the fire and Thaxter pulled her close; kissing her slowly and sensuously.

She could feel the press of him against her stomach and she wrapped a leg over his. Thax grunted and she smiled against his lips.

“I’m more than ready Thax,” she encouraged.

He pulled her on top of him and she shook off the sheets. Thax thought he had never seen anything so lovely; Nicole- a naked goddess, sitting atop him, raising herself over him.

He resisted the urge to thrust with every ounce of self-control he possessed as she lowered herself with a low moan and a deep sigh.

Nicole rolled them so Thaxter was on top; a position. He raised himself up on his elbows and withdrew almost completely from her before thrusting back into her. She gasped. He continued to thrust slowly at first but with increasing rhythm and she cried out.

She clawed at his back and her legs wrapped around his thighs. She was soon panting and arching; nearing release. Thax continued and lights exploded behind her eyes as her body convulsed in pleasure. Thax followed shortly thereafter, panting her name as he climaxed.

They parted; falling side by side in the bed and staring at the ceiling before their sweat-slicked skins began to cool and Nicole curled into Thax’s side kissing his shoulder.

Thax turned towards her, meeting her eyes in the darkened room, “Are you alright?” he asked.

She nodded and pressed a kiss to his nose and then his mouth. He turned onto his back once more and she kissed a path across his chest before nuzzling his neck and draping an arm over him; her eyelids heavy with a need for sleep. He listened as her breathing evened out, just adoring the warmth of her; the trust between them; the enormity of what they had just shared.

She was asleep within minutes and Thax pondered briefly whether to dress and leave or whether to stay. She made a sigh of pleasure in her sleep and Thaxter decided he couldn’t have left her now even if he had wanted to, which of course, he did not. Right now, he never wanted to leave her or this bed ever again.

He looked at her, so peaceful in sleep and so relaxed in his arms. Holding her tightly, enveloped in her warmth he drew up the blankets and watched the flames of the fire, dance and crackle in the fireplace as he fell fast asleep.

Thaxter was finally home.

Submitted: December 11, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Dr. Shenita Etwaroo. All rights reserved.

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