The School of the Jinni

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie

Thirteen years old Amelia Winehouse lives a troubled life. Her mother has disappeared when Amelia was very little, and a horde of barbarian relatives,nicknamed ‘’The Infamily’’, have invaded her house. They have pushed Amelia to live in the attic, together with her father. One night, a witch called Margoll comes to visit Amelia. She is the former empress of the ''Empire of the Twenty Eight Islands''. She puts Amelia to sleep and then hides an egg inside her bed. The egg hatches and a creature called Darguard ( Dark Guardian) is born. After Margoll flees, two people, a woman called Meryem Windsroar, and Amelia's only friend, Eugene, arrive at the Winehouse and save the little girl's life at the last minute. They explain that they are jinni, and the Darguard is a jinni hunter, created with the purpose to hunt them and kill them, and in six days he will return to the Winehouse to kill Amelia. Having no other choice,the little girl decides to fly with them to Eljinn, the city of the jinni, and enroll in the school of the jinni. Once arriving there she befriends Amri Asahara, a sultana from the "Needle - East",who has escaped the palace to avoid becoming a child bride, and Sven the Finn, a male nymph who has traveled from the underground world of the nymphs to find his lost love. Miss Windsroar reveals that the jinni are a self-created middle class, placed between the angels who are the upper class, and the humans who are the lower class. The humans are called ''Future Dead'', since as mortals they have no future. Above them stands a supreme creature,Garu, The Great Architect of the Universe. Miss Windsroar is the headteacher of the school of the jinni, and Firdus Algus, nicknamed Al-Goose for his long neck, is vice headteacher. Mirhani and Mirhana Moorhen are the flight teachers, mister Losenhope is the fairy teller, miss Golosal is the Glossary teacher, and aunt Healness is the aromatherapist who teaches them how to heal their illnesses using the smells of the plants. Amelia and Amri live together in one room, and their first days in Eljinn are peaceful. Then, one night, a horde of wild beasts, guided by a ghost named Sarus, a former slave merchant, attack the dormitory of the borrowed kids. Amelia and Amri push back the beasts, but many of their friends get killed. Finally, after everything looks to calm down, a lawyer called Lawrent ( the lawyer who rented the law) arrives in Eljin, accompanied by Talos, a giant made up of coins. Lawrent asks the jinni to pay the rent they own to the Baklava Bank, otherwise, Talos will demolish everything. Mis Windsroar sends Amelia and Eugene to find a treasure hidden under the ocean. They find the ship and load the gold into their carpets, but something unexpected happens...

Table of Contents

The Infamily.

 In the suburbs of Durbin, on a three-store wooden house lived a thirteen years old girl named Amelia. She was the on... Read Chapter

The Empress.

    It was 12 past midnight, when she heard the first knock on the door, a soft friendly knock, yet enough strong ... Read Chapter

Two Weirdos.

    Two days after Amelia's disappearance, uncle Robert penetrated into aunt Helgas room to steal the ancient vase, the... Read Chapter

Goodbye Winehouse

  ‘’What  happened here?’’ This was the question Amelia made to herself the night she saw the empty house. She ... Read Chapter

The Genesis of the Jinni

    Inside the zeppelin, miss Windsroar separated from them and went up to the second floor. Amelia and Eugene decided ... Read Chapter

Guests of Eljinn

    It was almost morning when the pilots announced they where approaching Eljinn. All the children, who had slept wher... Read Chapter

Roommate for Amy

  The next day, at 6-30 exactly, a screaming voice coming from outside the house, woke her up. Amelia opened the window and saw ... Read Chapter

The Nogo Valley

  It was already five a clock in the morning when they woke up. They cleaned their faces with cold water, drunk a little from th... Read Chapter

The Slave Merchant

  A big crisis appeared among the borrowed kids only three months after they had arrived at Eljinn. It all started with the sepa... Read Chapter

Rest in Peace Eljinn

     Only Thintwin and Twinthin, a pair of very tall and very thin twins had succeeded in transforming the worms i... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments

Keke Serene

I started reading this and want to enjoy it, but the formatting is just an eyesore to read. If you could break up your text and dialogue, I would appreciate this more. Of what I did read, I did enjoy the fantasy elements of the witch upstairs and the mom's mysterious disappearance.

Wed, December 25th, 2019 8:57pm

Ad Adi

Unfortunately,I don't know how to do those things.How do you break text and dialogue?

Wed, December 25th, 2019 9:17pm

unmasked delusions

I'm not sure what they mean by the formatting ? It looks normal to me. I've only read the first chapter but this seems to be a very imaginative and creative story, so many different quirky elements. I wasn't planning on reading right now (was planning on reading it later) but the beginning did a good job of drawing me in and the rest kept my interest, I never knew what to expect even in the next sentence, it was all bizarre but in a good way. I think it would work well for a teen fantasy series.

Thu, January 9th, 2020 7:28am


This novel has been rejected by forty publishers.Each rejection started with the words ''we feel nothing for this novel''.The last rejection started with the words ''there is no place for this novel in our publishing list''.This was the slap in the face for me....There is no place for me....But I guess they are right,its all a poor quality work.Although I am the person who created this novel,now I hate it.It could have started my career as a writer,but instead it ruined it.I am afraid you won't find the rest of it interesting ,and I apologize for that.Sorry,I could have made it better,but I was living in a deep addiction when I wrote this thing.

Thu, January 9th, 2020 12:30am


Probably the most dense and boring thing I have ever read in my entire life.
Piece of advice 1: Get an editor. Please, for the love of God, get an editor. There's a WHOLE lot of grammar mistakes and It's really bad. You need an editor.
Piece of advice 2: Show don't tell. Show don't tell. Show don't tell. Show don't tell.
Piece of advice 3: Cut down on the stuff that you don't need in the story. You're just padding for extra words and it shows. And it's bad. It's so bad. This story is so bad.

Mon, February 10th, 2020 6:09am

Ad Adi

Alixqt,thank you for commenting.Yes,it has a lot of problems,but while you say ''bad bad bad'',others say''not so bad'',and others say ''good''.Now,imagine my position,in the middle and having contradictory messages coming at me all the time.What would you do,how would you please everyone,because everyone asks for different changes to be made.One says ''boring'',another one says ''entertaining enough''.One says ''to much descriptions'',another one says ''I want more''.Looks like a joke to me...

Mon, February 10th, 2020 6:54am

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