Unsettled Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

Today in the news

Storm clouds gathering, the front is back,

Over my head, over my heart, the sky is black


Feel so unsettled and I cannot explain why

To mess my head, reality doesn’t even have to try


Waiting helpless for the downpour to begin,

The big bad wolf is howling “let me in!”


The news is depression, no song and dance,

Just a victim of someone else’s circumstance


Out of my hands, I don’t control my own fate,

I’ve nothing to do but worry, watch and wait






Submitted: December 16, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Mike S.. All rights reserved.

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This is a poem that is true on so many other levels too. Excellent work, Mike.

Mon, December 16th, 2019 5:59pm


Thank you, Hull!

Mon, December 16th, 2019 10:10am

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