The Hardest: Pretty Pioneer Nyumashi

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: dreamscape

Modern Japan. Little Nyumashi lives a school girl life with mommy Riko, PIONEER magical girl secret employment with guinea pig partner Lullabee to tackle the Meenie in battle heavy encounters calling on her martial arts, magical weapons and summons by her side.
Innocent Nyumashi is oblivious her 'saving' people actually brings disaster to people. Lullabee she never imagined totes a dark agenda.
8500 words.

The Hardest: Pretty Pioneer Nyumashi


Begins one day a woman is clothes washing in the apartment, the TV is overheard saying nothing out the ordinary in what sounds Japanese, clothes hung to dry. Washing wasn’t done. She stares at the living room curtains, hands on her hips. Then they’re in the wash, while others await their turn in a basket beside it. Mommy meantime rests in that frame on a couch. The TV’s chats away the noise filling the space. Mom is in the kitchen prepping a familiar Japanese meal. She returns to the washer, extricates last of the curtain and hangs to dry on the line. 


Later a small hand touches and turns the door knob outside. A young lady in school attire and book bag enters through the front door. She calls out, ‘Mommy.’ Who welcomes her back, unseen but overheard. Going on to say to the prepubescent, ‘Food is in the microwave, dearest. Wash your hands before eating and again PlayStation only after homework.’


The girl responds homework will be gone. ‘But mom the ministry are going to get rid of it.’

Mom laments Japan is excluding this come next school term. ‘It’s not like it was. My days as a school girl we knew the extra work was better education.’ Has traits of a Kyoiku Mama, or Japanese educational mom perhaps.


The girl finds the microwave.


In home clothes eats dinner at the table. Next in her room using fingers to work out sums and write in her homework copybook. That done lies on her bed back first staring at the ceiling. In the living room the gold colored PlayStation 4 a little cold. She plays Horse Racing 2016. Mommy says news is in a few minutes. See the game has to come to an end by then. Last the girl in a nightie kills the bedroom light and hits the bed. End of the day.


Busy being 10.


Through the window as forecasted is cloudy with a chance of meatball – actually just cloudy. She is attending Shogakko or elementary school class. Before lessons a student is tasked with something, this tasking switches between student leaders every Monday. She and classmates take school books out bags.


Typically a school day consists of Information technology - gradually becoming the rule than exception. Japanese, mathematics, science, social studies, music, crafts, physical education, and simple home economics.


The afternoon it’s over and once the kids cleaned the classroom and on her way home walking a Shizuoka city street when kawaii, meaning cute looking, Lullabee makes contact.


Responding to the beeping, raised her arm. Manifests from her cherry red children’s wrist watch. The child stared at which looked semi-holographic in reality physical. ‘Give it to me Lull.’


Projected over and from the watch face is a guinea pig – not true to life one – rather stylized in the kawaii manner. Multi-coloured, the most adorable creature in the world. Befitting appearance comes with a sweet voice, ‘It’s a pioneer alert. The meenies are at it again, time for action!’ Speech tended to be accompanied by a guinea whistle - Wheek.

‘On the case!’ she said in amalgam of confident and playful. The guinea pointed its body in their direction, ‘Thataway’ and vanished.


Nyumashi raises the ruby suspended by neck chain, connected to platinum metal the ruby is set in, to her lips to kiss, permitting the incantation, yelled in a non-child, power infused deeper voice, Mystic power be one - prompting a fusion with her being, triggering a seconds long transformation: first a reality bubble forms for some distance. The school uniform as it would be for anything she wore, melted away substituted by another attire called, pioneer uniform. Rather girly and cute inclusive of a lower piece, hair accessories, girl’s tie, stockings, footwear as befits a kid. Coming with it notably an inju or narrow waist ribbon, it’s no sash. Buckle sports pink colour.


A star at one end. In hand the star tipped Tsue or wand, Sparkle.

She a working magical girl.


Ny?mash? takes to running with noticeably faster than human adult speediness. The curvy bubble collapsed once exiting its interior.


The pointed direction lead her. Reaches a condo to its side there they were. Halting is a catchphrase complete by a pose. ‘I steadfast champion of justice, pretty pioneer Ny?mash?. In the name of righteousness, judgement is here!’


The lone adult human she thinks is threatened by the Meenies. Inhuman enemies of people. 13 of their kind in two types: the man sized at 5.6 feet Naughty and the ginormous seven footer Mischief. Names only a child would come up with personally. Clearly unrecognizable as any earth animal.


She charged into their midst and the fight is on while the astounded person watched. Encompassing foe, person and pioneer alike is the large formed bubble.


All the existences outsize the tyke.


The slim, 4.5 feet high, 70 pounder demonstrates above human speed and strength realized in an arsenal of throws, punches, kicks, whilst transformed. Say nothing of superhuman coordination and agility. Athletic combat supplemented by gymnastic like movement as well.


Summon phrases are a yell and during these few words her child voice replaced with something deeper, supernaturally altered as before.


Casting with the star tip wand is accompanied by a pretty casting sound effect.


No, no not for turning a pumpkin into Cinderella’s carriage to ride to the ball - a cane to beat meenies over the head. Sparkle ain’t mere adornment. A melee weapon, called a teacher’s rod she’d say to land hits, parry and block attacks.


Grunts and groans in battle from one forbidden makeup. Moans of struck meenie. In audible noise, vanquished meenie burst into eye catching colored particle flecks floating in the air then settling on the ground finally dissipating. Whole spectacle takes an ethereal few moments.


Assuming a body pose and gesturing with the item, yells deep as before: JACK. Sent to intercept an enemy approaching the nervous human in Ny?mash?’s peripheral vision…the person’s eyes bulge beyond capacity at the sight.


An honest to god or put in Japanese, an honest to Kami (Shinto gods) summon from thin air. A cute and semi menacing 7 foot toy bipedal Japanese macaque Jack-in-the-box from close range walks over, all the while turning the box crank and box music playing. The summon reaches the Naughty. There is no jack when music ceases and the box top opens, the greeting is a vacuum force sucking single man sized or bigger midsized foes inside which shuts. The victim is seen pressed up against the corners like a glass.


Attack run complete, vacuums itself into the box which falls to the ground to shatter and vanish. Toys a weapon in a child’s hand. ‘You’re safe,’ she said.


Through the fight there the sense if she fouls up an inch, its trouble – they weren’t weak. Indeed enough damage must be inflicted to stagger or stun the opposition for summons or an enemy can resist one easier.


Suddenly, ‘LICCA!’ Her voice deepens anytime for incantations only. Rising quickly from the ground an upright rectangular toy packaging box, cute and colourful, see through plastic taking up much of its front side. 

Stepping out is a girl’s female doll, itself shares dimensions with a slender human adult, barely impeded, tearing the plastic as it exits the box. The box crumples and vanishes.

Plastic skin, green blinking eyes eyelashes adorn, hair prettied up accessory attached to, sporting earrings, complemented by a fabric alluringly girlish dress and plastic shoes.

Approaches in a dancing move a Mischief, then latches on to dance with it - in actuality breaking bones of the much larger being in seconds. Fearsome strength. To address average to midsized meenies.


A defeated foe by her or summons disappear. Goes the same for toys their own way. The doll falls apart by the joints before doing so.


Not long before she herself dealt with the last. Flecks float round her little body. ‘Justice is safe once again!’ declares the child and dashes off.


The bubble collapses leaving a person proceeding as if nothing happened. How you say? The bubble is a point of altered reality. A way to keep secret what happens down to erasing her from memory. So potent as just shown fights and who knows what else can happen therein with observers aware. She can transform in front stranger and acquaintance alike the result would be maintained.


The girl far away and no reason looking back. Death. A Nissan Xtrail SUV knocked the person to the ground as it backed up.


Girl at home resumes her normal day.


Under partially cloudy sky a small propeller plane is seen. Her school class is under the teacher’s gaze in PE class.


Ordinary life.


At a secluded place later on school grounds a chat with her buddy. She leans upon the compound’s wall near the corner. Across from which she occasionally eyes longingly the swing, waiting her chance as kids occupied it. Her gaze shifting between it and Lullabee.


Her placement is to hide its presence. As previous, semi holographic from her watch. ‘Labee I can’t always use my candy moves when I protect people.’

‘There, there,’ it’s tone is empathetic. ‘Magic needs the big enough space to work pioneer.’


Pioneer or Japanese Paionia, is what magical girls are referred by. Deeper still a belief system. Lullabee wastes no effort to influence an impressionable mind.


‘Labee would be nice if all my friends knew I take one the enemies of justice.’

‘Any person who knows has their memory changed in the reality bubble for everybody’s good. Wheek.

‘But no fun if we alone know. Imagine mom seeing me doing all the cool stuff.’

‘Uh uh pioneer you mustn’t. Pioneer girls must live with the secret.’

‘I was playin’.’ She grins.


The swing had a few less kids now.


‘For real Lullabee, tell me about that magical place you’re from.’

Wheek, wheek. A magical place were a sweet pig like me eat seeds all day with vanilla syrup. Where it’s love, hugs, kisses.’

‘Wow all the guineas I know are on TV.’

‘A special place cuties like me go – kids like you can’t touch.’ Huh? That how you speak to your charge – the girl didn’t give any mind.

Her partner gone, she herself walks toward the occupied swing. No more waiting.


Beep, beep, beep. Arm was raised. Her cherry red children’s wrist watch made her. The child stared at the semi-holographic animal so did her wide eyed mommy, Riko. ‘It’s spanking time.’

‘Justice needs you pioneer!’


She sat at the dinner table in home clothes. Her mommy expressed nagging about wearing that ruby in the past, which her daughter stood and kissed. Then yelled in a non-child, deeper voice, Mystic power be one. As before a transformation proceeds: first a reality bubble forms for some distance. Clothes melted in favour of the pretty uniform. All set.


‘Gonna travel far don’t I?’

‘Pioneers know no obstacle.’ Seems unshakable confidence. ‘With super quick legs you’ll be in time.’

The girl meant having to run so far. Lullabee pointed in a direction and vanished. The remains of the meal are wolfed down.


Shakily, ‘Ny?…’ but off her child went out the door. Soon the child was outside speeding away. The bubble which collapsed when outside the confines and mommy Riko went on like nothing happened. As said before can transform in front stranger and acquaintance alike.  

In a flip lands perfectly on her feet from a height of a few meters. She arrived at an industrial area. Unlikely to see many kids here but here she was.


Before anything: catchphrase complete by a pose. ‘I steadfast champion of justice, pretty pioneer Ny?mash?. In the name of righteousness, judgement is here!’


‘Who are you girlie?’ asked a man.

‘Ny?mash?. Your magical saviour.’ And smiled innocently.


‘This is it for you.’ Charge she did and stopped mid stride.

‘Hold up!’ Was the guinea’s voice and when she raised her arm to see the watch instead has a child’s accessory in place of her partner. A butterfly hair clip.


‘What is this for?’

‘Clip on any of the meenies and find out when you’re done.’

Taking the fashion treat in her hand resumed the charge, reaching, tripped a Naughty by leg sweep, causing it to tumble into another. She used the chance to clip the thing onto its body.


Gets to show off her cutesy and very high combat. 22 this time near double and again a mixture of two types. The several humans can see them too and looked puzzled by the beings than scared.


‘Am I seeing right?’ asked another man.


The meenies didn’t stand there. Launched their own attacks. Deft dexterity let her block, dodge, strike, parry like a seasoned pro. In short order a few defeated vanished into attractive fleck.


Infallible? Far be that from the truth. A Naughty grabs and holds her fast. Her little body struggles.


Down it came. LICCA floats down in an elegant spin, slowed by its open skirt and during descent showers disorienting, bright sparkles from her basket onto the foe allowing its summoner an escape window. Wrenching loose partially, follows up with an elbow strike to break free. 


MAGICAL COUNTER. Part of a pioneer’s arsenal. Depending on individual come in different guises and not all need summons, nor are incantations always prerequisite.


Landed on the ground with a delicate step, the toy bows and falls apart, ultimately vanishing.


Mid flip, totally airborne, crown of the head oriented to the ground, pointing her wand at and eyeing a naughty in superhuman coordination. ‘LICCA!’ A Naughty made a boo boo. Danced to oblivion.  


‘Where in Hachiman are we?’ astounded a woman thinks aloud invoking in a Shinto war divinity.


The fearless little girl continued her swath of destruction, err judgement. The foes put up a strong retort. She had to pull every move she knew, tightly focused concentration to stay just ahead, like hard mode in the game Bayonetta. Her manner all the same wasn’t a hateful or mean spirited one. Rather like a kid in a candy store.


‘Power in a little package,’ likes to be chatty in play.


Jumped vertically and introduced a 7 foot high Mischief to gymnastic kicks and upon landing, ‘SNUGGLES.’ Wasn’t Tiny Toons Elmira, close enough. A pink cloud puff manifests just off te ground. Stepping out 6 foot tall as a human adult, a most adorable Amigurumi Ussuri Brown Bear, bipedal, proceeds to walk from close range. Upon reaching does a deadly hug, disguised crushing in an affectionate way. Cute and appears of soft constitution - never think hides force like that of a hydraulic compactor. For those times in the mood to lavish average to midsized meenies TLC.


The enemy’s pretty flecks about the bear. Unnaturally twist at the waist for starters then at the joints the stress tearing it apart and it too vanished.


The bear had a knitted look your grandma would make you. Amigurumi - the Japanese art making knitted or crocheted cute creatures of yarn.


With this many the fight continued. She so fast and lithe as it were dancing across the arena. Don’t forget Sparkle. Looked a child but in no way fought like one. The eyes told the humans it happening but still could hardly make sense.  


‘Caught again.’ She in a Naughty’s grasp struggling to get free. Monkey on the back. For real. How many counters has this girl? JACK returns shrunk to a much smaller creature a couple feet high, without the box, fidgeting around wildly. With the distraction she can escape and the option which is taken, to exact a hand chop, then a knee and backflip to safety. Average to mid-sized foes that takes care of. The toy bursts apart in a loud pop, pieces fly every which way.


‘Hard core loli power!’ As she engaging some martial moves, adding. ‘Impress class if a video saved.’


Suddenly Sparkle knocked away landing out of reach on the ground. She on the ground herself same time. Enemies begin slowly approaching. The girl crawls away to escape on her back. This the end.


A Mischief reels, hit by something near too quick for the eye. ‘Surprised you didn’t I?’ Deep voiced, ‘SAINT-ÉTIENNE.’


Was a point to mentioning that ribbon.


Her second melee instrument. She reached for the waist, clasping the buckle. Activated, the buckle forms a toy like plastic and pink grip at the ribbon’s end. At the hilt’s base a blue chain and a neko cat figurine hanging at its end.


Wrapping the end round a portion of a forklift meters away pulls herself upright. ‘You guys must be so scared. This has gone on a long time. It’s only because there’s so many. I promise to do better next time. So please hang on.’ She undoes the end, shortening the magic ribbon to several feet.


Has ornate marking on colored background. A pretty thing.


A few charge and in response flips for more distance from them. ‘OFFRAY!’ once the whip like movement connects, wraps the ribbon’s end round the neck and pull the rest away, leaving what more resembles a cute, feminine ribbon choker and vaguely a tie – a choker design with a decorative knot in front.


The Naughty struggles to remove, its movements mistaken for goofiness. With the ribbon grabbed a second and slammed into a third. By this point the choker tightening till asphyxiated and in a last flailing, burst into pretty flecks.


Quite the weapon little girl.


From now her primary one, moving her arm emulating a whip, able to land rapid strikes at range.


Grab one baddie, pull herself in a leap over to it and in a swift motion do a wrestling monkey flip to a Naughty and grab the airborne creature with the ribbon.


The people kept staring. Oh crap a Mischief from the side. ‘OSODE.’ Works with perfect timing for side and rear, which this Amigurumi protects only. Instantly a Japanese pond turtle – a body shield taller than her at 5 feet on hind legs its two forelegs spread wide, materializes from thin air and absorbed the attack before ripping at the seams and vanishing.


The name refers to a type of shield no less.


PARRY SUMMON - one more quiver in a girl’s arsenal, augments a Pioneer’s already prodigious ability. Pin point timing a necessity else open to eat a hit, for if mistimed lasts only a moment, intended to place itself between the attack and the girl. Once hit performs a countermove or here, a basic block. As with MAGICAL COUNTER protects the user in a pinch. What form taken closely associated to the user.


This magical girl gig doesn’t look that bad.


The girl takes the chance to open the gap again. ‘Uh uh not this time. Need to hurry!’

Both sides remained set to get the other. Grabs foe headed for human by Saint, ‘Your fun’s with me.’ She continued to whittle the numbers. Controlling the field.

Now’s the time. ‘MIYUKI WAGASHI – KONPEITO.’ Summoned an actual pretty and colorful hard candy wall that grew in place over seconds. ‘To wrap. FUJIYA.’ Candy rain – well above in the air quickly grows a cloud consisting of cotton candy attractive in color. From that cute looking, some wearing smiley faces, differently shaped and colored like those in a store, hard candy falls on enemies, make no mistake more like a ton of rocks in terms of force. Not least owing that each piece 12 to 24 inches in size. Meenies were pelted like asteroids from on high.


Successfully manoeuvring the group closer together practically bunching them with the saint, the candy wall blocked escape from the actual wall of a building the edge of her candy touched that the throng were beside, ready made for the FUJIYA finisher – a demonstration strategy makes the weapon as much as knowing its operation.


In the several seconds the FUJIYA lasted it was all over. ‘Wasn’t that sweet?’ says her.

Kid friendly demise.

The littering candy evaporates in seconds. Only one foe remained and Lullabee says head over. This one didn’t disappear yet dead. The pioneer understands this Naughty got the butterfly hair clip.


She perplexed it not moving and supposed to disappear.

‘Less time swinging like an ape with SAINT-ÉTIENNE.’ Lullabee says. Certainly the case jumps or descending good distances require Ny?mash? anchor the ribbon to a point like a pole, branch or roof by wrapping round them. She can swing from point to point – the creature didn’t answer the question.


‘Can’t move because it’s dead, Labee. Eww.’

‘Hey here’s a swell idea, accept the Naughty as transport. Underneath not fond of running a lot no? Girls like ribbons, nobody said you can’t swing with SAINT-ÉTIENNE when it’s cool.’  

‘But I never expected they die. You never told…’


Unfinished because the body morphed to resemble a steed and low and behold got up, yet not alive. That death talk was the length of her attention span. Of course too innocent to fully conceptualize death - not completely anyway.


She shows the barest sign of questioning and the employer suggests thinking it like a cute pony. ‘Your newest summon. Disappears till you need it.’ Going on to name it Pony.


The child selects instead SHINME, also the summon incantation. In the name of horse only gods may ride. In a sweet voice but irked undertones her partner complains not her place, but the name sticks.


Retrieves Sparkle with the ribbon snapping it up from afar in a whip like motion. My bed feels real comfy.’


Eying the humans, ‘Another pioneer success. Justice prevailed.’ With that the steed vanished and she by the ribbon pulled herself up high and out of sight.


The reality bubble did as expected collapsing.


Death. Toxic chemicals erupts in the air. An industrial accident when she left the bubble. None had memory of magic.


Another day Riko is out to the grocer and would overhear news of the toxins. Ny?mash? herself on her down time is bouncing a rubber ball off her room’s wall. Her mind drifts between thoughts – who’s turn next week to do tasks in class?


Lullabee met her some time ago and presented the magical girl offer. Defend the innocents from the evils of the Meenies as a pioneer! Came with it cute super powered toys and skills none of the adults can even touch! Really the toys were so cute.


Did not begin that way. Girl’s time began with saving cats from the tree or helping old people before it graduated to heavy stuff. Lullabee was taken by her pure heart. Made the right choice.  


Sweet little girls must never look at themselves as warriors Lullabee would say - really a justice champion.


When the cute fur ball calls she’s on the case. To her innocent mind has to be coolest.


Her thoughts touched on gymnast class. She’d take the train herself. What she learned can fit in the moves of hers. Indeed a number take from lessons. The elegant combatant.  


The sky bright, warmed the school trip. No uniforms! No uwabaki indoor slippers! Shoes were not worn in classrooms. Class spent the day doing activities and taking in the sights of Shizuoka. Nothing a kid can’t handle.  


For a brief period her mind distracted in thought what happens when she not so little. In short order snapped out by an unknowing friend.


After fun comes homework. Next term will see about that…


Beep beep beep. She swivelled her head towards the chest drawer where the cherry watch rests in her room decorated in a child’s way. The guinea manifested above the timepiece. ‘Pioneer alert.’

‘A knight to save the princess from homework?!’

‘Humans are best working that out. Wheek.


Nyumashi picked the chain off the bed and wore it. One kiss later, transformed. The bubble again. The watch is grabbed and proceeds to wear. She asks if she’ll get something cool like before.

‘Maybe.’ Sense is the little rodent was baiting her interest.


Nyumashi is running outdoors in the light, home left behind and the bubble. By the ribbon length extending, without skipping a beat lowers from a phone pole. Leaping off the edge of a high drain, ‘SHINME!’ her this time living mount materialized from thin air under her open legs and fit comfortably in the literal saddle. All before landing on the ground. The ribbon returns to her waist. Suddenly remembered it.


Izu Granpal Park, the family friendly leisure park. Grounds of which Nyumashi halts. Surveying the area 15 Naughty catch her sight. The public were already spellbound by the creatures and now this preteen chan riding a what? Chan a female student. ‘Baddies take no weekends. What’s a kid supposed to do?!’


The mount vanishes. The gymnast inside didn’t bother getting off first, snapped her legs together before the ground reached, landing on her feet. ‘Really was faster travel. Wicked!’


Lullabee says might have sights on people outside the inevitable bubble as why this number and pushed she take them out.


Catchphrase please, ‘I steadfast champion of justice, pretty pioneer Nyumashi. In the name of righteousness, judgement is here!’


The enemy is aware of her. The large bubble of reality forms.


Tosses the wand above her head which spins mid-air while two fingers in her mouth produces a whistle – incantation unneeded. Energetically lovesick puppy like, on all fours raced fourth from the pink puff cloud, brushing along or running up on 7 in the group. SHOJO BAKE, the Amigurumi raccoon dog. Cute like the rest. Outsizing the real thing at leopard dimension. The girl caught the tsue in one hand.


SHOJO is to stagger and stagger the critter did to average to mid-sized opposition. Yet another cuteness belying strength. Staggered means a free hit’s coming your way.


‘Oh man what a set up for - FUJIYA.’ – just one of her Amezaiku or candy arts. Several shattering seconds later 7 gone. 


Little innocence a barrel of excitement at the justice ready to be meted out. Addressing stunned humans, ‘Fear not, everybody’s favourite pioneer will save the day!’ Rest closed in, her athletics began.


Shojo is a persistent summon. Has staying power and the next 40 seconds lingers to distract foes with its dangerously attractive, thick tail before ripping at the stitches and vanishing. ‘You were wonderful Bake,’ congratulates her.


The humans can only wear bewilderment.


Two to go – when 15 more materialized. ‘Labee so fast…’

Its voice emanated from the watch, ‘They’re out today.’

Her voice drips in concern. ‘You tell me they can do this?’

The guinea swallows her apprehension, ‘Pioneers can do it! One or a million. What would people do without you?!’

‘Um, yes.’ And like that her focus is back – a mature person more likely to squeeze an answer from their partner.


Behind her! ‘OSODE!’ Uttered with some alarm. The big turtle ate a strike of a Mischief. The girl trots a distance opening the gap. For the briefest moments pondered the distraction almost…‘SNUGGLES.’ At that offender to hug to oblivion.


A mix of both types.


How many toys this chan summoned in as many days? Umbrella name is NY?MASH?‘S MERRY FRIENDS, toys at her disposal – when you’re a kid more toys the merrier.


Ducks a strike and lands her own with Sparkle to stun, also a favourable setup for attacks. Old merry friend, ‘LICCA.’ The doll any kid can love left its box, took hold and danced with the Mischief to breaking point. Destroying it. ‘Dance the pain away.’


Did a gymnastic split of the right and left legs to kick an enemy to her front and back simultaneously. ‘You guys can’t keep up!’ Yeah concern lasted real long.


As said not infallible. Taken hold of by the 7 footer Mischief. Some onlookers gasp for her safety. Her dwarfed body tries to wrench free.


As before LICCA floats down in an elegant spin, during descent showers sparkles from her basket onto the foe allowing the child to wrench free partially and an elbow strike to finish.


‘My dress!...Have him - JACK.’ A magical girl has a lot of flashy moves to end things. Little difference were this adult fare.


Ny?mash? charged a Naughty who charged a human first. Intercepting, leaped into a wrestling shoulder block that stopped the charge. The 70 ponder is physically strong. Next performed the SPARKLE FIREWORKS SPANK.


Girl will first kick the meenie up onto its knees, and using her star wand douses it with the firework sparkles which emits from one point of the star onto its back, next more intense sparkles from all star points douses again, impale the wand portion into the entity and sparkles propel the foe like a rocket along the ground, smashing into enemies or the battlefield. 


The human left nonplussed.


Displayed hand to hand technique, weapons, counters, crazy summons and now this - all in a child sized package. This really all to being magical so far?


Her tsue went some meters, the victim vanished, she in a vulnerable state. ‘Now to pick up my thing.’


Two more left. Just like that 10 count ‘em and it’s the big Mischief. Startled, ‘It’s going to be like this…’ dodging a grab attempt from the nearest mischief, her brain in these encounters had to operate on a knife-edge. Normal human brains do not mature till the 20s. In a moment crawled on fours underneath and stood up and gymnastically back flipped a few times for space.  


‘Tucking you to bed!’ By whistle. SHOJO BAKE. ‘Glad wand not needed.’ As desired animal creature rushed forward from a new cloud, merely brushing against them as it sped by, staggers. ‘Wand not needed for this one too.’


‘KAWADA.’ Interrupted by one of the two remaining Naughty. The girl scoffed seeing close at hand in her peripheral vision. Ny?mash? assumes a spell pose. Timing is critical.


Just a little closer.


‘KOZO BAKE.’ Similar to OSODE in purpose as a body shield, however may strike back in a countermove. A second parry summon, this new raccoon dog Amigurumi appears but a moment from thin air – hit, divides into three equal identities save for colour and the size of a real dog, and pats a foe in a cutesy way by their adorable tails several seconds before self-destructing, ripped at the stitches. Or is that batter? Disguising the forcefulness. Defends her sides and back only, bad timing can allow blindside attacks. The Naughty’s had it.


Shojo finished distractions and self-destructed. About both dogs, the first word in the name of a mythical raccoon. BAKE is tanuki yokai or supernatural being.


‘Mmmm!’ her little fist quaking. ‘These big fella’s stagger time is less than the Naughty.’ The chance for a mass takeout seemed past.


‘Hear my call,’ in a deepened voice, ‘SAINT-ÉTIENNE.’ She took the grip. ‘Best be ready for saintly treatment.’ Grabs and slams the last Naughty into a Mischief charging. The Naughty met its end.

To dodge the onrush, her weapon stretched to an anchor point to one of the park attractions to pull up and away. Swinging with the momentum carries herself high over the ground to land a fair distance from some others with the original well behind her.


Without watching her rear. ‘BASEL.’


This kid had more moves with it?! The Mischief behind is struck. Requires a strike contacting the target. On verbal command ties up foes like a Christmas gift – wrapped and replete in a decorative knot style. Struggle for freedom it did.


‘Christmas came early.’ Bought some time before it frees itself to handle the guys in front. Quite the tactician.


From range rested some strikes…to unbalance. Next, ‘Eeny Meeny Miney Mo. That’s you! OFFRAY.’ In moments choked by a neck ribbon. One down.


The martial arts like and gymnastic feats remained as they chased the lithe pioneer around. Sighs, ‘Can’t do all my moves without the wand.’


Having pulled herself to a high perch on another park attraction, Saint-Étienne snaked downward through the air. ‘BASEL.’


Speedily dodged an attack, placing her back on the ground she attends to the earlier charging individual who now freed itself. A lash to get it to face her, ‘Liked my bow treatment?’


Was she too happy? ‘KREFELD.’ Can pull the leg from underneath a foe which happened. Had options but figured what a setup to GRIP SPANK. Étienne next changes into a smaller whip with more ends, and then she proceeds to spank them good then will finish it with a powerful lash to send it flying. Another down.


‘Like momma used to do.’


She sprinted towards two more that noticed her. Doing the unthinkable put her back to them. Last moment staggers with KOZO BAKE and puts them to rest with martial arts. Soon the last were done.


Following a pause and survey by eye. ‘Over at last?’ she asks.

Lullabee from within the watch. ‘Aw that was a haul for the books. 40. Wheek.’ It shines her on, ‘Your deeds were Akemi.’ Means bright and beautiful.

‘Hee hee. Back to homework then.’


The air shook a while. All the people in range felt. Materializing was a humongous being matching the size of a 40 odd foot long dinosaur.


‘Can’t be. Wha. What is that?’

‘What you happily faced, a meenie.’ Came the voice out her timepiece.

‘But you never said they could reach…did you know?’

‘Saving innocents is a pioneer’s job.’

‘You had right to say.’


Not like any choice. Carried its frame toward truly scared people. ‘Don’t even think! KAWADA!’


Toy blocks. Initiated on verbal command and punch movement, just in front her fist, pieces quickly grow into a pillar like structure over a foot thick, racing in a straight line. Front end of which scattering the individual pieces on contact with a foe. Shortly after its whole length then breaking up into individual blocks that fall down and vanishing. Capable of obliterating or knocking back foes out to several hundred feet. Doesn’t sound too playful.


The meenie reels under a direct hit.


‘You guys,’ she shouts. ‘Get back. Get back now!’ they were non to shy listening to a kid.


‘KAWADA!’ Whilst reeled again, she positioned herself between it and humans. Adults are to protect children, for all to see the reverse…

‘What’s this about? Snuggles, Bake, Licca. Dunno for you.’ Thing looked able to swat them away. ‘Got one chance, got to weaken first.’

Her strategy was to evade grabs and strikes and move around changing position, but land blocks and ribbon hits. Be a bird.


Étienne let her anchor the end on a body part and leap to a higher perch on a building and deliver the first lash with it. On cat and mouse went some minutes. She did not permit its obvious desire, foiling chances to reach people.


Finally ground away its strength, staggered, moves less. Ny?mash? sitting on a barrier cross legged looked at it a moment in thought, then rained on its parade with FUJIYA. The creature shuddered under the impacts.


A simple tsue gesture and its casting sound effect with a yell and deep voice, ‘PUPPY LOVE.’


Meenie in this world are projected as the monster, yet isn’t a child commanding her cutesy ones in a way? The cutesy coats a fighting machine beneath.


She a little girl summons a typical looking, stuffed, cute, puppy Dalmatian. The meenie was big but this all the more. Able to peer into a window two storeys up.  If storeys are 16 then two makes it 32 feet high. Amigurumi it’s not, just a stuffed toy.


The thing proceeds with typical puppy sounds but via a speaker, to play with the enemy with its front paws and roll up against them, a hint is each step makes mild ground quakes to the power – tons of force, behind.


One thing to do meenie - develops a gargantuan crack about the body and disappears in a vapour.


The summon glances sweetly at girl, tail wagging happily a moment, then vanishing into numerous love hearts all over, that fade away.


‘Was it so bad?’ says Lullabee.


A part of her despite all the accomplishments couldn’t wait to leave.


Another day as Riko house chores, listens as her TV relates the disaster at Izu by newscast. The accident.


Shower sound, the cheery watch rests on a metal table not far, clothes in a basket. She destined to name that meenie an IMP, for licence naming what she meets.


Ny?mash? equals tender soul, in Japanese language a contraction of ny?satsu tamash?. And gels with one genuinely led to believe they run to the rescue of those in need. 


Lovable Lullabee less than innocent. What it thinks of the Akemi girl. Materializing from the watch, ‘Whoa plenty of takedowns in that last one, same time askin’ bad questions. Get too bright I mess you up.’  


Children – put something sweet before them and they do what you want. That’s the thing about vulnerable, impressionable minds. Hoodwinked into believing meenies are baddies. At no time are they actually seen attacking people.


Lullabee knows by future prediction what will happen. Clairvoyance – other words using the poor child to take out enemies which in turn let bad and brutal stuff happen to people that otherwise would be saved – their demises look accidental, transpiring after the girl departs the scene. Those people are unable to fulfil what the future has in store for them. People that otherwise would be saved by the meenie…



Author’s note – a Trinidadian-Japanese work. Began making story notes the time I finally got round to finishing Puella Magi Madoka Magica after a several year gap between episodes and binged others like Magical Girl Raising Project and Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka. Still trying to finish Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

Magical girl tropes I went for are action and dark.

Girlie has quite the varied arsenal no? Without me you wouldn’t know her summons drew inspiration from my Bayonetta game where torture attacks and summons are gameplay. I did my own thing anyone can see, supported by notes called Combat engine – settling how battle transpires. Calling out your moves, Naruto for you.

Wishing a link to reality named her attacks after the real: Offray from a Frenchman ribbon maker; Licca a Japanese doll (name only); Saint-Étienne a historic ribbon making place; Offray’s origin and Kawada inspired from toy block research. The name a real company. Mount Shinme after the mythical. Added more Amigurumi when I came up short.

Now candy was truly a lucky catch. After I developed some candy moves found a Japanese woman carried the name Candy Miyuki – when I nearly finished the yarn.

The cuteness I figured a girl Ny?mash?’s age. Amigurumi kept up the child friendly aesthetic I wanted. Surprised I could only fit one of the dolls well into the writing so reworked the bear into such a doll.

At first chose Tokyo as setting because I tried to look for ‘center of toy making in japan.’ Majority of makers were there, I set previous stories in that city, despite open to another locale only to dig up several model makers in Shizuoka just before writing commenced.

The story is quite stuffed even then I got what I couldn’t show you.

Yeah I put much study into work. Found myself still information gathering as I wrote to find Japanese themes as ideas found me.

Date - Tuesday, 17 December 2019.


Submitted: December 17, 2019

© Copyright 2021 dreamscriber. All rights reserved.

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I can see that you put a lot of planning work into this, dreamscriber. A lot of action in this. Well done.

Tue, December 17th, 2019 5:14pm


Thank you. I see you read before I proof read it. Combat carried length way longer than I expected and other storied in the series. As surmised got a Japanese thing.

Tue, December 17th, 2019 12:04pm

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