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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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She just stood there.
It was a nice afternoon, the sun was out, the scenery looked lush with flowers and gardens around. The air was mild. It was poetic.
Then her. Just standing there. A bit away, a bit looking at her. She looked like a painting, or like a figure inside a painting. In such a lovely landscape. Just gorgeous. It was to melt on it.
Did she look at her? Yes, half-way. For what reason, not able to say.
There were no words in that moment.
Sybille had just seen the woman she had always dreamed of. For the first time now. She had never seen her before, never even known she existed. And now, she just stood there, quite a bit away. But looking at her.
Sybille stood there, like in a fog.

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She just stood there



by Gilbert Zenner



She just stood there.

It was a nice afternoon, the sun was out, the scenery looked lush with flowers and gardens around. The air was mild. It was poetic.

Then her. Just standing there. A bit away, a bit looking at her. She looked like a painting, or like a figure inside a painting. In such a lovely landscape. Just gorgeous. It was to melt on it.

Did she look at her? Yes, half-way. For what reason, not able to say.

There were no words in that moment.

Sybille had just seen the woman she had always dreamed of. For the first time now. She had never seen her before, never even known she existed. And now, she just stood there, quite a bit away. But looking at her.

Sybille stood there, like in a fog. Not active. Then there was this burning desire inside of her. She had to get to that woman, before it was too late. Before that woman disappeared. She had to get there now.

So she got there.

And looked at the woman.

The woman was half-way looking at her. Just so. No deeper interest.

Sybille said hi and said that she wanted to talk to the woman.

The woman turned more towards her. Seemed interested.

Sybille asked her who she was.

Katherine her name.

She was here by train, for a day-trip. Her first time here.

Whether she liked it, Sybille asked.

Yes, it was nice. The city was promising. A lot to do her. She worked in an office, as an architect. In another city. Now she had come here to see what the city offered for her job. She was a practical woman, she said.

Sybille took it all in. Then said, that she loved the nature of the city, so many gardens, so many flowers. It was marvellous, she said. Like a heaven. Whether she liked flowers, she asked.

Yes, somewhat, they make living better, Katherina said. Gardens belonged to a city, yes.

Where was she from?

Katherina said she was from the neighbour town. Busy city. Lots of architecture.


Sybille no longer knew what to ask.

So they just stood there.


So, do you like gardens, Sybille asked?

Yes, I do..not just for the practical reasons, Katherina said. You seem to adore them.


Yes, Sybille said. I love gardens. They are so nice.


Sybille did not know what to say.

She felt anxious. Katherina had to stay here. Not go away.


Do you want to visit the gardens, Sybille spat out in last resort.

Maybe later, yes, Katherina said.

She left.


Sybille was left a bit bombed away. The woman had gone. She wanted her to stay.


Sybille was unable to take action. She wasn’t that type of a person. She was very soft about her environment and about what to do. She was the person who could sit for hours in a garden doing nothing. Just breathing. Just enjoying the flowers. She would love Katherina to be with her there. She had this burning desire inside to have her with her. She wanted her and needed her. It just felt right. She had seen her and now she wanted her. It would feel so right. Be aware that Sybille is a very poetic person. She loves a beautiful arrangement, a beautiful mix of the right things. That is why she would love to have Katherina with her. She would fit in so well. It would be so nice.


But Katherina had gone. Sybille couldn’t see her anywhere. So she trotted into the park. Nowhere else to go. The park was her sanctuary.

She sat down on a bench and just sat there.


Sybille is a lot like a fish in a bowl. Cut off from people. She lives in her own niche. She loves to look at things.


She couldn’t help herself now, all she could do was to rest and enjoy the nature. She felt sad about having lost Katherina.


Dusk came, the park was wrapped in darkness and Sybille had to go home. Katherina was nowhere. The day was dead.


At dawn, Sybille sat down in the park again. As she did so often. Every day.

People walked past her, nobody talked to her.

She just sat there and breathed.

Sybille had worked in a flower shop once, she had loved her work, she had loved the flowers, she had loved the arrangements.

Then problems came, she was told she wouldn’t do her work, she would treat clients badly, she got warned.

Then she got fired.

From working with flowers.


That happened several times over the last decade.

Now all she could do was to sit here in the park and love the flowers.

Nobody wanted her. She had been willing to work..she could be better off then..she was so sad about it. If only she was allowed to work and have flowers, her life would be so nice. But no. Again and again no.

She got rejected.


Katherina was back in her office, doing architecture. She loved her job. She was good at it. She loved giving shape and arrangement to things. She loved the logic of the requirements and of the planning. She also liked the mild stress of the daily working life.

She sat at her desk all the time, working on her computer, working with her programs, planning, designing, arranging. She worked with the colours that her clients wanted, or she prepared recommendations for which colours or designs to use. She had studied all this. She loved it. She was good at it.

She would often receive documents on her desk. Would work through them. Prepare a logical plan to work with the assignment. She would then tell her colleagues her plan. She said she was only doing her job. Her colleagues had to accept her plans. They were correct. Logical. In order. They were the way they were supposed to be.

Yes, Katherina followed the regulation to the point. She was out-most precise.


She had a regulated life. Managed her time. Managed her expenses. She was very fit for the city she lived in.

Now she had discovered that new town. Had been there for the first time. Had explored it. It was also nice. It had more nature than her town here and she saw a potential in this difference. She could learn to work with nature in her arrangements. That was very interesting. There were many clients, she presumed, who wanted nature and not just buildings. She could win her company many more clients by adding nature to her work. So she would certainly return to that nature city and even stay there and work there for her company.

She had not yet proposed the new city to her colleagues because she thoughts she yet lacked all the informations to make the plan cut it, but it was coming up for sure. That city was a gold-mine and Katherina just wanted to be firm in her information and logical planning.


She also remembered meeting that woman, Sybille. She wondered what that woman had wanted from her. She had come across as rather kind and seemed obsessed with nature. Katherina wondered who she was and why she had talked to her. There must have been a reason. That woman had talked about gardens, had asked her where she was from, had even invited her to the gardens. She had said, maybe later yes, because she was there as an architect and that park had not yet been of her biggest interest. She had gone then into the city. She had left that woman there standing alone. That had been really rude. She regretted that. But it had not been here intention. She had just been really active with her work.

It struck Katherina that, looking back, she liked that woman.


She continued her work-day.

Naturally, the next day she took the train again to the new city. For work. She started having a plan of the city's’ resources now. It looked clearly promising. One more day visit and she would be able to present her plan to her office and really get going with her work her. It was fantastic. She had really found a great place here.


Every time she saw a flower or even a plant, she had to think of that woman Sybille, who loved those flowers and who she had left standing alone there. She felt guilty. She looked around a bit to check whether she was standing anywhere. Well, she concluded, she was most likely in a park. Many flowers there.

So Katherina headed into the park.


Lots of flowers.

She found the woman sitting on a bench. She went up to her and greeted her. The woman reacted with astonishment. Katherina apologized for her early departure the last time. That had been rude.

Sybille didn’t say anything. She just seemed glad to have Katherina back. Katherina sat down this time, mainly because it would be rude to leave.

So they sat there.

Sybille didn’t know what to say. She was just glad.

Katherina talked about her work and about how useful that nature would be for her clients. She said she would implement nature into her next projects. She also said she would return regularly now to this city.

Sybille wondered what to say. She just felt really lucky. She wanted things to continue this way.

Katherina asked her what she could tell her about flowers. Sybille said she loved flowers, always had. They were so pretty and made her life so beautiful. She had always loved them. She loved pretty things. She loved pretty arrangements. You know..putting things together in a nice way. She loved that.

Katherina said she loved that too. That was what she was doing in her job. She was arranging living environments in a beautiful and practical way.

Sybille said she had never been able to do such work, such required brain. All she had were her flowers.

Katherina was hit by that. Felt sad. That woman thought of herself as stupid. She didn’t like that. The woman felt bad for no reason. It was a job that Katherina had learned. It made her sad that this woman felt stupid about not knowing that craft.

She told her it was all taught in school and that everybody could learn it. It was not difficult.


She gave Sybille time to reply.

Sybille was charmed. Katherina had tried to comfort her. That felt nice. You know, she said, when I saw you standing there, you looked so interesting, like somebody nice. I just saw you standing there and I decided to come up and talk to you...You know, I like nice things and people.

Katherina had to grin. Are you managing me, she asked. No, Sybille said. I just wanted you around me.

You wanted me around you?

Yes, I thought you would make my life nicer. It would be so nice having you around more often.


Katherina was silent for a while. Looked into the horizon.

We both like arrangements, right? She said.

Yes, Sybille said.

They just sat there.


It was a beautiful day with beautiful weather.

And Sybille had Katherina sitting right next to her.


Katherina liked her. She saw they had the same basic interests, even though Sybille showed them differently. Katherina was very surprised to learn that Sybille liked ordering things. That woman was nice. She was kind. Polite.

Where do you work? Katherina asked.

Sybille froze for a moment. Looked smashed.

I no longer work.


They fired me. Again and again.


I worked with flowers..and they didn’t like my work.

That’s hard. What did you do?

I arranged flowers all day.

Katherina sat there in silence now. She didn’t want to probe deeper. She presumed Sybille would be hurt by her doing that.

So you live from social help?


Is that enough?


I am glad to hear that. You would require a few diplomas to work at my office. Just in case that you’re interested.

Well, what could I say, Sybille asked. I like my flowers. They’re all I got.

I like them too, Katherina said.


Do you mind if I leave? I got work to do.

N-no, it’s just fine. I’ll just sit here.

Katherina went off to the city. Made a collection of all the information that she could use. It turned out well. The city really was valuable. And stylish. And rich.

A good place to sell.

When she was finished, she returned to Sybille to say farewell and say that she’d return in two days.

It was nice talking to you, Katherina said.

She took the train back home and brought her files into her office. Tomorrow, she would present it all. Today, she would make her presentation.

Next day, she presented her data to her office and was able to showcase the value of the city. She got permission to sell work there.

The next day, she took the train again and got to work. She had discovered a most magnificent work-field.

And she had to think of Sybille.

She was certainly sitting in the park.

Katherina walked across the city and ended up in the park. So many interesting places, but she felt drawn to this woman. Why? Well, she was nice.

Katherina impulsively bought a box of chocolate for Sybille. And gave it to her. Sybille was surprised. Very surprised.

Katherina blushed. I hope this wasn’t inappropriate, she said.

No, Sybille said, I thank you.

Katherina was relieved. She sat down next to Sybille. She wondered a lot what to do now.

Do you like it? She asked

She was stressed.

Oh, yes, very nice, thank you, very good, Sybille said.

Katherina was stressed.


Katherina left. They had been sitting there together for a long while. Katherina rushed through the city. Stressed. Work. You gotta work, she told herself.

And so she worked. But in a more chaotic way this way. Less organized. She just jotted down things.

Then she didn’t know what to do. She just felt this energy inside herself. She had to do something. She could think of nothing.

She just stood there, stressed, doing nothing, needing to do any sort of things.

She just stood there for a long while.


Sybille was out of words. She had continuously finished her box of chocolate. She was so glad that Katherina had given it to her. She was so glad that Katherina had returned to her. She was just so glad, and anxious that things may change. She didn’t know how to motivate Katherina to stay with her. She just felt lucky right now.

She just tried to enjoy it all.


The day passed and Katherina had accomplished little. She was still unable to do anything precise. She caught the train home and laid down in her bed. No need to go to the office.

She just laid there on her back, starred at the ceiling, just feeling this energy. She felt like she had to do something. But what?

Sybille went home, trying to appreciate what had happened.

Katherina got a message from her office, thanking her for her work on the new city, encouraging her to work a lot on it. She had done really well.

She took the train. Explored the city. Felt the energy. Did not know what to do with it.

She ended up at Sybille's side, in the park.

And they spent the day together.

Katherina enjoyed being with Sybille. They went around places, enjoyed the weather, ignored the people, ate some snacks, walked a lot around, talked about this and that, talked about everything and nothing. It was an interesting conversation, an interesting meet-up. The two just connected. Sybille was out of herself, in a calm way. She could spend so much time with this wonderful woman, who fit so well into her life and who could make her feel so good. She loved being with her. It was a great day, with great weather, there was no sense of time. They melted.

How do you describe such a day? Maybe you know it from your experience, maybe you have an idea what it would be like.

There is just you and the person and the weather and whatever food you eat and your conversation and you learn so many things or maybe few things about the person but it is all the same beautiful day.

Katherina told Sybille little about her work. Why would she anyway? Why bother this polite woman with information that might make her feel stupid? No reason. Better tell something nice. So Katherina let Sybille tell her all about the flowers and plants. Well, Sybille did not know so much to tell but it was all the same, she loved the flowers and Katherina enjoyed being with her and they enjoyed the flowers.

They spent all their time in gardens, looking at flowers, smelling them, just being with them, in this wonderful warm weather and the gardens were magnificent, elaborated, varied, a place to behold, monumental. So much thought was put into these gardens and it really showed. The air felt fresh, refreshing, it was a delight.

And all the colours, red, yellow, blue, pink, green, black, white, magenta, purple, honey, radish, all the colours you could ever want where there, all there for your eyes, it was a plethora, a huge collection of colours. You were in heaven if you liked them.

And the smell was just as diverse, as rich, as intensive.

These were gardens for people who loved them, from people who loved them. They were a treasure of this city and they were certain to be maintained for the future.

It was a long day. Full of flowers, full of joy, full of good food, it could go on forever.

Nothing dramatic happened, Katherina and Sybille could ignore the traffic and the people and just be together with the flowers.

It is hard to describe a long time of all the same beautiful experiences without endless repetition. And so, instead of telling a dozen paragraphs of all the same information, let me tell you that it was a long day full of vivid and rewarding experiences, that it was a great time and that, after many hours of this heaven on earth, the sun set and filled this city in an intensive all-embracing red aura, a truly outstanding sight and experience that filled the entire city in a translucent fog of vivid red light with some yellow spots on the edge. It made for a great evening.

Katherina and Sybille sat down at a cafe and enjoyed their meal, covered in this magnificent red light. It was beautiful.

It was an experience.

Then, the day came to an end, the experiences moved to their memories and they could say that they had enjoyed a great day, that they had enjoyed their time together, that they wanted to spend more time together. Katherina could not say all that she felt. It was new to her. She had no experience expressing those feelings, so she sat there and could enjoy that Sybille assured her that she had enjoyed their long meeting and that she was most happy with Katherina being willing to spend time with her..that it really made her feel great and she wanted more of that.

Katherina sat in silence, just feeling, feelings she could not truly express, a mixture actually, of joy, affection, sorrow, pain.

She just sat there, silent. Could not look at Sybille.

Then she had to leave. And so she told Sybille that and paid farewell. They shook hands. Katherina stood there silent for a moment. Stood there.

And had to leave.

She caught the train and got carried back.

And laid down in her bed.

She felt weirder than before. Driven. Like under the influence of something. It stirred her up inside. Like something was inside of her.

She could say less what it was than before. And felt it so much harder.

She couldn’t rest. Her thoughts stormed around something which she couldn’t put into words. She knew nothing about what her problem was.

She stomped around in her bedroom, her hands on her hip.

Sybille laid happily in her bed. She had had the best day ever, yeah. She had spent the best day of her life. How could this have happened to her? How could her life have become so much better, so much enriched? How could she have achieved this woman to spend the day with her? What had she done? It was wonderful and inexplicable. She had no..justification for it, nothing she could say, well that was the reason, that is the way I got it done, and so now I have had this wonderful woman all around me, talking to me, smelling at flowers, looking at flowers, being interested in me. There were so many things that Sybille had won now..but no explanation. She laid there rejoiced, happy, radiating with joy..faced with a complete riddle. Not that it startled her much. She wasn’t bothered with not knowing. Not at all. She was much simpler. She just enjoyed. She grinned at the fact that she couldn’t explain her good fortune.

She happily fell asleep.

Katherina found no rest.

The morning, she took the train back. I must mention here that she was allowed to do so, she had no obligation at all to go to her office, remember that she had been given permission to explore the new city.

And so she arrived there and was driven to go directly to Sybille. Saw her at the garden. At the sight of her, it struck through her that she wanted to be with that woman, that she wanted her as a girlfriend, that she wanted to be with her, all around her. She needed her. Had to have her. And so she got to her.

And kissed her.

And hugged her.


Then there was silence.

She just sat at her side.

Sybille laughed, leaned on Katherina’s shoulder, wrapped her arm around her.

Katherina just felt this moment. And kissed her.

Sybille was out of words.

All she could do was lean on Katherina and hug her.

Katherina did not know what to say. She felt uncomfortable, unsure what was a right action with Sybille. She felt like she was doing it wrong. She was afraid.

Thank you, Sybille said.

Katherina was hooked, almost relieved.

Thank you, Sybille said again.

Relief. Katherina had to laugh. Felt cold.

So you like me too, yes? She asked

Yes..I always have, Sybille said.

You always liked me? Katherina asked in surprise.

Yes..since I..saw you stand there. When I walked up to you..yes..Sybille said.

Katherina just sat there, trying to understand. Then she was relieved.

Oh great then, yes! I did not know it, she said..but I am glad to know it now.

She had to laugh.

Sybille enjoyed her.

You may kiss me again, she said.

And so they sat there and kissed.

It was a new day, a new experience, it became a new day together, a day of romance, a first official day of romance, the two women who liked another, who had enjoyed each other the day before, who had now learned that they were loved by the other woman, two women who now had that interesting woman as a girlfriend.

Two girlfriends, now until maybe forever, a bright new day, a new life, a new romance, a new adventure. They had found another, could spend all their time together and all the uncertainty, all the maybes had vanished, there were no more maybe-maybenot, it was all a horror of the past and now it was the bliss of the present, of the future, a great new relationship, all was set and open now, no more worries.

They spent the day together, just with themselves, it was heaven, they kissed a lot, because, why not?..it was just themselves, nothing else mattered, it was an untattered day, no interruptions, no accidents, no intrusions, it was beautiful, it was a joy and an experience, it was their first day, they had it and used it, all of it, they didn’t care about what-so-ever, nothing got in their way, it mattered not where they went, well, they spent all their time in the gardens, amid the flowers, but today not even the flowers mattered, they were a backdrop that faded into nothingness, unseen, blurred into emptiness, no need for them, they had each other.

How do you describe such a day? Well, a lot of description has been given already, enough for you to picture the rest of the day, which lasted for a long time and contained nothing but this heaven on earth. It is your task to understand the experience that these women, girlfriends, had on that day, how wonderful it was, an experience that cannot be brought to life by an endless chain of paragraphs describing two women in love but in fact, it was to be felt with your heart, you have to create this experience in your own understand or even better, if you have it, in your own imagination. Some things cannot be put into words and endless repetition of prose certainly wouldn’t do the job here.

Let us just say that this day was wonderful for them and let to all that would come to life from now on.

The next weeks were romance interluded with some days were Katherina did real work for her office. Let us be clear here that she loved her work.

The romance embraced the vast majority of her time and all the weeks that followed that great day were filled with the same joy. They were a bliss. Two women had another.

Days of heaven, days of joy. It did not matter what happened elsewhere, it only mattered what happened for them. All good things. They made sure they had a nice time. A lovely time. A time of sunshine, rainbows, lovely eating in the mild shadows of picturesque bistros, lovely meanderings around a beautiful city, and they did not stay in the city of flowers where they first met, no, they took the train to different cities, cities of stone, of Italian design, of wonder-some narrow streets that went around and around, explored all the corner, there were wondrous paths to be explored, new environments greeted them, ever new adventures, all in sunshine, among beautiful flowers, they had the most wonderful architecture surrounding them, all the interesting shapes that led to exciting experiences, hard to describe it all, but it is necessary to go into a vivid description of all that Katherina and Sybille had to their hands, because, after all, it is for the full understanding of their beautiful time that you are reading this, and so, I guide you further, into every detail, this time without any large overview that would reduce the story into a short paragraph, no, their experience is worth being explored in a plethora of vivid little stories, how they went here and experiences that and then went there and experiences that story. It is all so very exciting, the way any experience is exciting if you are in love, if you are able to share all your beautiful experiences with your loved one, your significant person, the one you want to be with all the time, the one you want to give the best possible moment and day..you know, when you love somebody, it opens the gates to a full experience, a rich and vivid experience of all that the world has to offer, it is a different experience than if it was only for yourself, it no longer is just about getting some food or getting some chore done, no, it is fully and immersively about being there and experiencing it with all your being and having it as a fond memory and knowing that your loved one is having a great time, the best time you could give her, and so it was, for Katherina and Sybille, it was truly the best of time for them two, for each of them, they loved being together, they loved giving and taking, they had this wonderful journey right here and right now, it was fantastic, it was wondrous, a gift from heaven, it just had happened to them, it had not been planned a long time ahead, it was not the result of cunning or trickery or for monetary purpose, no, it was a bliss that had come to them seemingly by chance, by good fortune, by them shooting out of their comfort zone, out of their control, out of their free will, even if not forced, by anything, no not forced except driven by their new-born inner desire to be with another, to have the woman, yes, driven was the word, a strangely unpoetic one, almost or even totally sounding industrial, yes, sounding like stress and command and thus forced upon them, but as exceptions go, here was one, the drive had not been enacted by a corporation or law, no, but by their hearts, by their true natures, it had been their own true desire, outside of any job or obligation, their desire to be together, to have the woman, to get to know her, to have her support and hopefully anything beyond that and maybe it was coincidence or maybe it was no coincidence at all but human nature that it all had turned out and journeyed on so very well, had blossomed so fantastically, had come to life, not as a short flight of passion but as an intense, almost being-like force that flowed on, that went anywhere it could, it was a force that was at life and that expanded into a river, although for some reason I feel truly uncomfortable describing it here as a force, I guess because that sounds like physics or engineering, which it is certainly not, not at all, no, rather true human nature, as was said before, so how do you describe in one word human nature that finds its path in such a way, that is finds its path all along in the world, that it drives the two women forward, and yes, at this point I insist that it was a force that drove them forward, rather than the two women plotting each day how they would proceed and I must describe it in such a way because that was the way it was for them and I find this utterly romantic in fact, these women obeying and enjoying that force that pushes them gently forward, that gives a blessing to their lives, a blessing of a magnitude not seen before in their lives, it was a true joy to be on it, to be with it and so the two women lived each day happily together, had their best time, enjoyed their company, were happy, and just followed along what their life was giving them in each moment and day.

Life is best when you are allowed to just eat it and love it.

And so, this trail, this glorious phenomenon of love was there, had come to life, for the two women to enjoy it, and we follow them along now, here.

It was very necessary to explain the detailed nature of their love-affair before headed further into this wondrous path because how could you see their love-affair for what it was unless I told you its true nature first? It is only by knowing what we are experiencing that we are fully able to appreciate it. So know that Katherina and Sybille were driven by a wonderful phenomenon of love.

And it went on. They visited all these picturesque cities and villages that they both loved, there were no dramatics, only beautiful experiences and neither of the two demanded anything outrageous to happen, as it is in true love, you love what you get and demand nothing more, given that the nature of your love affair is right, is true, is what you need.

And it was so much the right thing for them.

Every day. The sun shone in their hearts. Enriched their lives. They walked around a lot, kissed much but not that much, no need for it, they were together, no need for much more, no, excessive kissing was not their necessity. Life was rewarding. That was enough. There were just them, no intruders. Family, friends, faded out of their lives. No need for them. No need for anybody. No, it was just them.

You may ask where they went. I have told you they visited cities and villages. So, what about forests or nature in general? Yes, somewhat. Far less than cities but still. They made their walks through forests, along lakes, they took sight of the trees, of the meadows, of all that was there, it was nice, but it wasn’t the right thing for them. Not that it was bad, no, it simply wasn’t as great as villages. And so they returned to villages.

You remember that Katherina loved architecture. And Sybille loved flowers. Villages had all of it. There was plenty to see. Plenty to smell on. There were so many shapes that Katherina could show Sybille, so many interesting designs and arrangements. At first, Sybille had felt very nervous and unsure about learning about those designs, feeling inadequate, but Katherina did her best job to reassure her and show her all the intricate details of all the different architectural works they found. And they found a huge variety of them. It was fascinating to see how many different architectural details could be found, had been built into the houses at the villages. There was a lot of diversity, plenty of it in fact, if you had an eye for it. And Katherina had two eyes for them. So much to see and show Sybille. And Sybille found pleasure in this adventure. She found pleasure in all the different arrangements and shapes that were presented to her.

She changed, not a lot, but gradually, step by step, over time, she opened herself up. She took in information she had avoided in the past, out of fear, out of fear of being too stupid for it, she lost some inhibitions about life and things and Katherina noticed that and she was really glad that she could improve the life of the woman who she loved. What was not great about that?

Everything was great. Sybille loved being with Katherina and exploring all the world around her. She took some seriousness in understanding Katherina’s work as an architect, a job previously unthinkable for her. She took an interest because she felt she owed that to Katherina. She did not want to stay ignorant around a woman who was so dedicated to knowledge and to doing things the right way, the way that led to a winning outcome for her clients. No, Sybille had to learn this too, she felt, otherwise she would never be a worthy girlfriend to this dedicated woman. And so they learned. They explored and learned. They had their catalogue of all the different shapes that existed in architecture and all the information about where to use them the best. The catalogue was the essential tool of work. It dictated what was right and thereby helped the two woman achieve the best results with ease. Of course, Katherina was already thinking ahead, logically, in terms that she would give Katherina the education she needed to support her professionally in her office. They were on the right track, advancing well. Katherina was surprised and really happy that Sybille was open to this track. This had not been too obvious. Well, we knew that both women loved arrangements, yes, but Katherina had been afraid that Sybille would to be scared to learn about her field, too resistant, too vulnerable, feeling inadequate. In fact, her fear had amounted to a volume and intensity close to certainty. And now, all things had changed by themselves. The walls had vanished, the walls that Katherina had presumed. They had vanished into nothingness and now, there was this blossoming relationship full of joy, hope and quality-time, a fantastic relationship that only got better, two women driven along by this energy of love and affection, gloriously, each day, right into the future, a promising relationship which led them to have a shared professional life, which, as we had said, had seemed unthinkable, unreachable, but now was there was ease, with a natural feeling that was as unexpected as it was comfortable, it opened new doors to new possibilities, it opened a whole new world to Sybille and her personal skills, many of which she was just discovering now, and she was now the interesting new architect, the undiscovered architect, with ideas maybe that nobody had set to paper yet, who knew?..and so, Sybille was the core of the affair now, she was the promising apprentice of Katherina, but not only in the way that she was learning but no, much more, if not exclusively, in the way that she could show Katherina skills and ideas that were her own and not yet set forth by competition. This was exciting and valuable. It was one more treasure found. A lot of money. A lot of affection. Katherina was so curious what Sybille had yet to offer, everyday was an adventure, offered discovery, some new examples of work, it was astonishing, it came naturally, it came by itself and all that Katherina had to do was to sit with Sybille had show her some architectural forms and shapes. It was so easy. How great for her to have found a girlfriend who loved her field. And shared it. Every day. Finally, they would move together into the office and work together. That was yet an idea for the future, but it was coming. Katherina could employ Sybille without any certificate, that was great. All the she was obligated to do was to be responsible for the final project with her name, her certificate, her reputation. It was thus a simple matter of checking and taking responsibility. How easy.

It only mattered that Sybille learned the craft sufficiently before they would make the move. How great that would be. They’d work together all day, in their field, and Katherina would be allowed to give Sybille a pay, a decent pay, better than the social aid that Sybille was currently living from. She could do this woman so many good things. All they had to do was press forward at learning.

And as we have highlighted in many details, this learning was going well.

Katherina let Sybille create her own portfolio with all her own ideas, concepts, sketches for projects. That was valuable and the right thing to do.

The portfolio grew big.

Then came the next step. Katherina was curious how well Sybille would fare at calculating the costs and thereby compute the best possible proposal for her clients. Clients want to it cheap, she taught Sybille. Even expensive projects have to be as cheap as possible. So know the costs and chose the cheapest components. That she taught Sybille.

Sybille was not great with numbers but you know that we have calculating machines nowadays so she could use one and yes, she got along with it. Tipping in, reading the numbers off, writing them down.

The judging came well for her. She could easily tell which components to take. It was always the cheapest. That was easy.

And so, Sybille got along with computing costs. That was essential. And valuable.

Katherina was fine with handling clients on the phone by herself. Sybille would support her at all the rest.

And so the day came that Sybille was ready to join Katherina at her office. Katherina could hire her as an assistant without bureaucratic trouble. Got her in.

And so they sat there. In the office. A mild anxiousness in the air. It was a new and different experience for Katherina. She had her girlfriend now at the office and although she had been looking forward to this with great joy, now that it was here, she felt a bit out of place. A bit off the rails.

Sybille just sat there and waited for work. Katherina acted with a certain chaos. She wasn’t fully master of the scene. Searched for a while to find her stuff. Had a hard time getting started. Sybille was kind and patient. She didn’t know how Katherina had worked here before, she couldn’t know the difference, she thought she would just wait and give Katherina the time to get started. But Katherina didn’t truly start. She rather fumbled along. Handed Sybille some papers. Sybille wanted to start working but then wondered what she should do with it because the paper gave no instructions and she had not been briefed about this project in the slightest way. She was kind and patient but also affected now by irritation. It made her feel a bit dumb on the spot.

And Katherina was as chaotic as before. Fumbling around papers.

I am doing something wrong, Sybille asked.

No answer from Katherina. She felt uncomfortable. Didn’t want to ask her colleagues. Didn’t want them involved in her having her girlfriend here. It was all about that. That was the problem. She had her girlfriend here and that was a problem, it was hard to tell what anybody would think or say if it got discovered, she had not said any details after all, all would think this woman was just an assistant, but well, she wasn’t, maybe that was obvious, maybe Katherina showed it somehow, through her body-language or any different way and so..well, she was utterly out of place, felt wrong, felt..well, hard to describe. She found it impossible to work. Not really out of lack of consent but simply and really because, well, she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t help herself. That wasn’t too obvious though. She rather looked as if she was fumbling and fumbling and fumbling in an effort to organize herself, she looked rather stern while doing that, rather busy and with her head in her work and so, for Sybille it was hard to tell what to do, maybe she should just sit there and wait, maybe that was the most helpful thing to do, keep in mind that she did not know that this way of working was unusual for Katherina, that normally, she was very different, and so, Sybille sat there and waited and time passed, and Katherina sat there fumbling until suddenly she stopped herself fully in her work and starred at Sybille, not blankly though, not hostile, but clearly seeing the problem that she was creating here, how she had failed so far to get to the point and after some deep breaths she apologized to Sybille, her girlfriend and told her that it was her mistake, that she should get forward and give Sybille some work to do, and yes, a briefing first and so she got on now with a fitting project and presented it to Sybille in all the necessary details, she found back to her professional form, navigated through her presentation, through her data, presented it with precision and when she was done Sybille was very happy and relieved that she could understand the project and her job in it and so Katherina was glad that she had managed to explain her girlfriend the project well and gave her the papers with which she could work and so Sybille got to work and computed the data and long work, short description, she put it all in her paper, nice and presentable and then she was done and handed the paper over to Katherina who was very excited to check it through and by good fortune and because of all the skill that Sybille had shown during the training she had been able to fulfil all the requirements of the job and it was thus finished and Katherina could praise her for it and actually use the paper for her project and so she could give Sybille the next paper, once again followed by a list of instructions about what to calculate and Sybille followed the procedures that she had learned and computed her way through the data, resulting in a nice and handy paper.

The workday flowed forward and Sybille got a lot of work to do. She was busy all the time, worked her way through, calculated a lot, all the time using her machine and by the end of day she was very relieved that all had gone so well and that Katherina was very satisfied with her work and Katherina assured her that she could truly use her papers for profit in her project and so Sybille had earned the pay she would get as an assistant. From now on, she would work everyday here in the office. Katherina was obligated to tell her that she was free to do this work in a freelance way, away from office, using a computer, but Sybille was happy to be here at the office and naturally they were both glad about this so they could spend so much time together.

This way, Sybille had found a job that paid better than her social aid and Katherina could tell herself that she had helped her girlfriend out of the gutters. What an improvement!

An improvement indeed, and the relationship of the two women was clearly affected by it, blossoming even brighter now than before. They had themselves. It was beautiful.

Yes, after this day in the corporate world, with its stiff routine and its obligation for work, its a great idea to come back to the divine relationship of these two women, a relationship that may be described in simple terms but still deserves so much more description and depth and colour. It was not like all other relationship. These two women had found another. They were driven by their desire to help another, to be there for one another, their desire to be together, to experience together, to have a life together, it was beautiful, it was the same richness than before when they were exploring all the different villages and towns with all their adventurous little streets. It was the same richness but deeper now, with a deeper intensity and with different colours, that is aspects. It used to be a romance, a strong affection, a discovery, a giving and receiving but now it had become something different, well not really different, let’s say the same relationship with a different aspect, it had become a path for the future, particularly because now Katherina could give Sybille an income, they could work fully together, it was no more an architect and a flower-lover, any distance between their professions had dissolved, vanished, been reduced to zero and so now, they were allies, something very different than before, because, even though before they had been willing to ignore the difference, now that all had changed they no longer needed to ignore any difference no, they could just be together without any walls and furthermore now they were able to work together, to support another, in their profession so Katherina could take on more work than before and open the doors for her to make an even more impressive career and all that was thanks to the skills that Sybille had shown and so it is obvious how much that Sybille had improved Katherinas life and kept improving it, she was a real help, a real boost, she really helped her access a future that would have been very hard to achieve alone and this affected tremendously how Katherina felt about Sybille, not just loved her but was thankful for her in a professional way, wanted her in her office all the time, needed her helping hand, benefited tremendously from her and so, it went on, Katherina needed Sybille, wanted her, loved her, liked her, and as things go, this would steer Katherinas decisions in the future in the most promising way, guaranteeing that Sybille would stick around her all her life.

Sybille just felt happy that she could help Katherina. She had no further expectations. She was also happy that now she had a lot more money at her disposal, not that she truly needed that money but you know, as money goes, it’s always better to have it than not to have it.

Yes, her life had improved a lot. Not to mention that she was in heaven because she could be with Katherina all the time. Yes, she still was in heaven after all that time simply because their relationship was so delightful, so magnificent, she gained so much everyday simply from being with Katherina, her great dream had come true, by chance and not by cunning, something she wasn’t able to do anyway, and so, yes, why not frolic?

Sybille was in heaven, everyday, and she was so thankful for Katherina for loving her, even for being interested in her and all she wanted, the only thing she wanted was that this would last, that this would not end one day and be over, she was not sure how she would handle that, in fact she was afraid that she could not handle at all Katherina leaving here, the thought alone terrified her, but let me tell you that she wasn’t thinking into the direction much, she was focussed on the beauty of their relationship, she focussed on the beautiful thing that she had, the love with this wonderful woman and she was so glad that she had this and she was so glad that Katherina liked her work. She had followed the instructions given to her by Katherina and she was glad that she had well managed to do the work and that Katherina told her that she had been a help filled her up with great joy.

It is then now the time to tell you that their work-relationship continued, that they worked on a great amount of projects together, each time Katherina directing and Sybille computing her data for her and that they enjoyed a truly great success together and Katherina finally took action, not after long thinking but after long waiting, finally took action and invited Sybille at evening to a beautiful spot at the sea, at a beach, a deserted beach, at night, when the sun had almost set and the beach was not covered in red but in a brown light, yes in a sombre brown light that still allowed you to see every detail, or almost every detail, it was specific, it gave the setting a specific grave feeling of a distinct importance, it was resonating with romance, not in a hot and steamy way but in a deeply resounding way, resounding in the way of things that last and so Katherina invited Sybille to this very beach that she had sought out for the very reason of its specific feeling and she guided Sybille down a path made of black-ish cobblestones, surrounded by sound, down past a garden composed of wild flowers, inside a truly distinct, almost other-world-ish atmosphere, all the shadows, all the edges looked sharp and there seemed to be a distance eery humming in the air, no idea where it came from, must be from nature, must be natural, and so Katherina guided Sybille there all along, past all this intense nature, down a path that found its way past all different sorts of interesting plants and rock formations, all embraced in this clear brown light, down into an alcove, that is a small almost-fully-covered cave, almost like an old temple, a temple surrounded by a rather large circle of stones, it looked truly mesmerizing, interesting, welcoming, sacral, like a sanctuary, and within this atmosphere, Katherina guided Sybille down into this temple, a small round building, although building in this case does not match it’s significance, rather a divine monument built for one specific purpose, to make you feel special and welcome and divine and the atmosphere, including the light, was so distinct and specific and fitting to this place and it was thus this very place that Katherina had chosen for tonight, this wonderful night, to guide Sybille here and have her stand there, in the very centre of this temple, this one of a kind temple, this infrastructure built to make you feel special, a stone and clay-building covered with symbols that were impossible to read but still conveyed a message of well-being, of tolerance, of being yourself, a message of love, a message that you could be with anybody you loved, a beautiful ceiling covered with these symbols that were distinctively readable even in this light, that resonated with this light, and it was all so amazing, the light, the place, the symbols, the temple, the atmosphere and Katherina knelt down before Sybille and presented her a marvellous box with a radiating ring in it and asked the question:

Will you be my wife?

And Sybille stood there in silence, amid this beautiful landscape, in this beautiful temple, looked at Katherinas smiling face, looked at the ring, was hit somewhat by surprise and then said the words:

Yes, I will.

And so Katherina got up, smiling all ears and put the ring on Sybille's finger and Sybille put a ring on Katherina’s finger and it was eternity for the two women, they had themselves, they had their relationship, they had this wonderful evening, they just stood there, smiling, having a great time, feeling great, feeling complete, feeling in heaven, being in heaven, and so they were married, not yet by priest or civil servant but with their own consent and Sybille was baffled, in this very moment, so much out of her expectations, she just stood there, happy, divine, nothing to say, close to tears, feeling, just feeling, feelings of joy, happiness, eternity. What else to say? She just stood there. Nothing to say. Nothing existed.

It was just her. And Katherina. The woman who she loved. And it was incredible what had just happened. She had never expected this to happen at all. She was bewildered. Blown happy. Out of herself. This was heaven. It had come to divinity. There she was. Just standing there. With the woman who she loved. Who had asked her the big question. Out of nowhere. Wow. This was big. This was strong. Sybille accepted this. She had never expected or planned this. It had come to here in the same inexplicable way that Katherina had to come her, by herself. It had just come. We may say right now that Sybille was somewhat overwhelmed by this. Although she didn’t really look that way. She just stood there, smiling. And so was Katherina. She stood there, smiling. It was divine for her. She had Sybille now. As a wife. Forever. She had asked, she had prepared all this evening, she had sought out this very particular place that so much resonated Sybille's person and she had gotten down on her knees and asked the big question, out of desire and need to be forever with this wonderful woman and she had received a yes, the answer that she had longed to hear, she was filled with joy over it and she felt amazing, it was heaven on earth, it was the fulfilment of her deepest dreams, to be with this woman and now she had it all, she was at her destination, she had the woman she had Sybille.

Katherina cried. Had to cry. Not just out of joy but because all had come along so well. She cried and she cried willingly. She cried on purpose. She was so happy. She had Sybille here and Sybille was willing to be her wife. Katherina cried for that. And hugged Sybille. And said thank you. And was silent. And Sybille hugged her back. Out of herself.

And the two women stood there inside the temple and had themselves. Were together. In this marvellous place.

What else to say?

I want to add some time to this meeting, to this union. Time gives us the opportunity to express and develop our feelings and to understand and reach new depths.

I want you to know that these two women stood there a long time in this temple. Crying together. Laughing together. Being together. All that we have experiences with them up to this point has led in some way to this. It was Katherina’s decision to go this path. To ask the big question. It was their mutual relationship that prospered all along, they had a great time together, although that description does not quite cut the description of a loving romance, no they loved another all along and had found another and had helped another and had experienced so much together and it all was so beautiful and so resonating and it was heaven and it was a relationship that should never end and it was a relationship that would finally columnate in this yes, this approval of a wedding, this approval of a wife-and-wife relationship. There was so much intensity to this moment, so much affirmation mixed with a bit of relief, an affirmation that all what had been experienced before was true, was accepted, that their relationship was mutually well loved, was wanted, that both wanted this relationship not just to be both to blossom, to progress into the next stage, to be married, to be wives, to promise to stick together until death do them part and this was very serious, there was a lot of gravity in this and both women took this situation very serious, loved another, wanted another, had this love and relationship, had approved this wedding and so, they would go on, get married, have their love for eternity, it did not matter what the rest of the people were doing, it did not matter how many divorces were happening, they had themselves, they had their future and they felt in this very moment the willingness to really do it, to stick together, not that there was any problem, no, no problem, no walls, no hesitations, no bad feelings, just two women in love in a world were people didn’t stick together.

Let us just say, there were two women in love.

Let their relationship be divine.



And so, that day passed, with happiness and they would get married and it was all so exciting and divine and they were so excited on the road to their wedding day and it all was so much yes, so much affirming and they would have to invite all people who had to be there, well their families and friends, and so phone-calls were made and the event was getting organized, a date had to be set, and it was all coming up in a few weeks and it would be a great event, not just important but also very much exciting, so many things that could be done on that very day, it would be a big and glorious day and it is hard to describe in proper words how Katherina and Sybille felt and thought about this very special and powerful day, the day they’d become wives for life, but let us just say that for the upcoming event they underwent a certain change of mentality, not planned but just happening to them and so, right now, they were planning this event to be big and eventful and exciting and forever to be remember and of course they had to invite their family in and it is now at latest the moment to tell you, with frank honesty, that their family member had no clue and no prior warning to getting phone-calls telling them the words:

hey..daddy..mommy..I just have to tell you that I am gay..

yes, it had been a secret all this time and so now it was the very big news and you may wonder how the family members reacted and so let me tell you that there was no absolute disaster, no rebellion, no rejection, it was largely acceptance of the fact, mixed with some joy, some difficulty of taking it in, there was a lot of phoning first and then, as the family assessed the new situation, it was largely accepted but some members had their problems with, as said not to the point of rejection but just, well, hesitation, which needed more phone-calls and then there were apologies from these family member for having had problems, they saw their obligation to accept their women who for they were and so it all ended okay, maybe not in a resounding choir of joy, no, certainly not, sadly not, but with acceptance and an assurance that one would come to the big day of wedding and show only respect and amicability.

And so the wedding happened.

It was a great sunny day, beautiful weather, beautiful sky, polite visitors, two women in love, you certainly imagine them both in white, well Katherina had decided for a magnificent tuxedo that wasn’t really corporate and Sybille was dressed in an ocean of green and white, a beautiful and startling resemblance of a garden, composed of the most extinguished flowers, she was not only pretty, no, she looked very much special, very unique, like the heaven itself had come down to earth to provide her with a gown that many would think would be impossible to make but that was still there, on her, remarkable, presenting her in a way that was as startling as it was mesmerizing and it seemed like a message from the heavens to the audience to honour the wedding between her, Sybille and Katherina.

It was so special. It was all so special.

It was their great day.

Their wedding.

The unforeseen yet glorious event that made them wife-and-wife and that gave Sybille so much more than she had ever dreamed of, she, who had once only spoken to this women who just stood there and had been interested in her and had not had any desire beyond that this woman would talk once more to her and then suddenly, out of nowhere, she had received gift after gift, had had this wonderful relationship with Katherina and now they would be wives and so, on her wedding day, Sybille was in heaven, this time not out of words but fully there, she was herself, she was in heaven, she could marry this wonderful woman who had proposed to her, she just enjoyed what she had, what she had received, and this way her great day, the day she had never expected to have and it was glorious and she was together with Katherina.

And Katherina was there, stood there, in her tuxedo. In the centre of the stage. And Sybille came to her.

And then, there was the priest. Who enacted the ceremony, and asked the great question.

Will you, Katherina, out of your free will, take Sybille as your loving wife and be loyal to her until death do you part?

And Katherina said yes.

And will you, Sybille, out of your free will, take Katherina as your loving wife and be loyal to her until death do you part?

And Sybille said yes.

And it had happened.

They had said yes, not to the priest but to themselves and they had sworn a life-long love and relationship and this was certainly a tremendously important moment in their relationship, they had said yes, to themselves, stronger than before, this time for being married wife-and-wife and it is hard to describe in words the gravity that their promise that because, to tell you clearly, their relationship was made out of their free will as much as it was made out of their affection and love and need for themselves and let us assure you now, as we end our telling of their relationship, that it all was mutual, that it was between themselves, that they loved themselves, that they needed themselves, wanted themselves, wanted their relationship to blossom, wanted more of themselves, wanted to head on into the future, together, and so this wedding, this important wedding, came to an end, to a very pleasant end and let me tell you, especially in the light of the countless relationships who split up, this one lasted and the two women spent a fantastic time together.

I tell you nothing specific about their future.

Not needed.

Just let me tell you that it all continued as before, as you have experienced it in all the telling that have come before. This is a very tremendous and beautiful relationship. It is a beautiful friendship. A beautiful romance. A beautiful partnership.

In what words would you describe this? There are no words. It is hard to put the feelings of reality into words. Not impossible, but hard. I feel sad here, at this beautiful moment, not to find the words to describe how these two loving women are going to fare ahead into the future. What they are going to experience. How their love is going to develop. Let me just tell you that they loved themselves and that this relationship would prosper.

It was heaven on earth for them. For us. For how beautiful is it to experience two people in love? It is magnificent. And there is so much miracle to this relationship. Or, let us rather say, human nature. Yes, all the miracles here have been produced by raw human nature. Is that not curious? Delightful? Not even funny? The best things come from pure human nature. That is by fact the lesson taken from this relationship.

Human nature has created here a beautiful and blossoming romance. I know that that is rarely the case, yes. I know the many cases where human nature has led to disastrous results in many forms and this is as fascinating as it is sad.

Human nature. A gateway to surprise and adventure.

In this case, in our case, a gateway to a divine relationship. Let us rejoice in it! Let us enjoy it!

Katherina and Sybille had a most wonderful relationship and life.



Submitted: December 17, 2019

© Copyright 2020 GilbertZenner. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

That was such a beautiful story. I loved following Katherina and Sybille on this journey of finding true love. I was very touched that their families accepted them and they were able to take their vows and start a life together.

Fri, December 20th, 2019 12:45pm


I truly appreciate you liking my story. I am very fond of it, both as story and as writing.
How much do you appreciate my writing style? I love it and it is very important to me and I believe that on this story here I could implement a very dream-like and beautiful story-telling.

Fri, December 20th, 2019 1:55pm

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