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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
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Adam had to analyse the artefact.
He had instructions: plug it into his smartphone and then work with his software.

The artefact looked like pieces of rock screwed together. So what was it exactly? Was is valuable?
His artefact contained crystals like we use them to time our CPUs. And it contained circuits. Potentially a computer. Pieces of rock screwed together. It had to be analysed.
Strange was that the circuits looked different from those we make in our factories.
Adam analysed which language was being used.
His software said it didn’t recognize any of our programming or script languages in the scribbled code.
Was the code broken?
That was a clear indication that the artefact was worthless.
Adam was disappointed. His job had come to an end it seemed.

...his sensors showed the crystals were ticking inside.

Submitted: December 17, 2019

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Submitted: December 17, 2019



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Alien life?

By Gilbert Zenner

original story




Adam had to analyse the artefact.

He had instructions: plug it into his smartphone and then work with his software.

The artefact looked like pieces of rock screwed together. So what was it exactly? Was is valuable?

His artefact contained crystals like we use them to time our CPUs. And it contained circuits. Potentially a computer. Pieces of rock screwed together. It had to be analysed.

Strange was that the circuits looked different from those we make in our factories.

Adam analysed which language was being used.

His software said it didn’t recognize any of our programming or script languages in the scribbled code.

Was the code broken?

That was a clear indication that the artefact was worthless.

Adam was disappointed. His job had come to an end it seemed.


...his sensors showed the crystals were ticking inside.

Why were the circuits different from ours? There were screws inside the artefact that held all pieces of rock together. The circuits were between the rocks. It was an ordered assembly of single pieces with many faces. And the circuits were clean work. It was engineering.

Adam was hooked. The ticking of the crystal led him further..pulled him forward. He was struck by it.

He was a scientist. He wanted facts and the truth and he wanted to know the real nature of this artefact. It was too complex to be trash.

...the crystals were ticking. This artefact could potentially calculate. Could do work. It had to be analysed.


Adam measured their frequency. Interesting. 14 Khz. That’s slow.

There was a plug-in hole..this tool was designed to work.


Adam used an app to shoot out precise voltages at precise frequencies.

He gave it a simple 1 volt shock.

The crystals kept ticking.

Nothing to be seen or heard.

He increased the voltage to 1.2 volts.


He increased to 5 Hz.


His smartphone vibrated. There was input from the artefact. A signal.

Adam accepted the input and had it displayed in an audio app and in a video app.

The video-screen flickered. Random white dots over the screen. Not snow. Sparse white dots.

And peeping from the audio. Like a submarine.

Adam was hooked. It might be special. It was not snow. Snow was standard. Snow meant rubbish. This was not snow. This meant no rubbish.


Now vertical white lines appeared on the screen. Not from top to bottom. Rather in the middle. No flickering. Just a few white vertical lines one next to the other. About 1 cm space between them. Adam looked at them and expected flickering. But there was none.

The sound changed it’s pitch. It became steady.

Adam increased the voltage to 1.5 volts.


The lines bent themselves and became triangles. Adam was stunned.

The triangles formed a bulky but well-crafted building. More triangles appeared out of nowhere. The building looked like a command-centre with antennas.

Then a box appeared in the middle telling Adam code:


xor#nor#not: 0110;101101;101100011101;646644”


Adam was hooked. At first, some logical gates, then binary code, then binary-code that was 12-bits long, then 7-ary code that was 6-bits long.

That was not human-standard.


Adam decided he need to rest before doing anything more. He took away the electricity and put the artefact on his table.


On his bed, he made up his mind. He was thrilled. Should he report it? Yes, later. First, he needed more evidence.


As usual, as he was falling asleep, Adam decided to dream of his work. His dreams revealed important characteristics of his work.


A few hours later, Adam was in a white fog away from everybody and he felt really surrounded by important things. His hands popped-up out of nowhere and Adam realized he was dreaming. He solidified the dream-land by looking at his hands and remembered his intention to dream about this artefact. He took it out of his back-pocket and looked at it.

It looked different now. Like a crystal. Light was shining through, becoming colourful. Mainly yellow-green. Given that he was in a dream, Adam knew he could experiment with this crystal. He smashed it to the ground with the intention of breaking it. It broke into a fog of splinters that faded. Nothing happened. Adam concluded that breaking the artefact would result in no new evidence.

He took it again out of his back-pocket and looked at it again, this time firmly thinking that destroying the crystal had to value. It looked sturdier now. More valuable. It shone a little brighter.

Adam wanted to see the circuits. The crystal transformed into a pad that had the circuits on top of it. Adam wondered how he could gain any knowledge from this. He looked for buttons. He suddenly had an impulse to look at the sky and saw a space-ship close to him. It looked not too interesting. It was almost silent. Like a whale in the air. The pad vibrated. Adam looked at it. Now there was a command interface where he could tap on buttons. He did.

The ship gave a loud bang and fire shot out of it. A laser-beam shot out of the distance, hitting the ship. A loud roar and more fire shot out of the shop and it squirrelled as it broke. Adam heard metal break. The ship broke into two halves and smaller pieces and they drifted away from each other.

Somehow, Adam lost sights of them.

He looked again at the pad and tapped other buttons.

His surrounding transformed and he was in the middle of a space conflict. Another laser shot from behind him and he knew that it was the species that had built this pad. And they hit their enemy and Adam witnessed a gargantuan cloud of rusty fog explode as it got hit by the laser. An immense wave of heat pressed upon Adam and he felt really good about that. The bad guys were really bad and their death was good.

He wondered what the bad guys looked like as a species.

In the moment, he felt a high protector will coming from the pad-species. They were strong and rather good-willed and they had a fierce desire to protect themselves and their environment.


He stood there in space and wondered about his.


Then he experiences flashing lights shooting past him, blue and white, and he found himself in a city. He could just make out enough details to tell it was a technically advanced city. Under a blue sky with some irrelevant tiny clouds. Lighting bolts shot past Adam. Not from guns. It was the way the scene worked. Maybe there was a lot of life.


In that moment, Adam was kicked out of lucidity and fell back to non-conscious sleep, drifting away into some dreams that had nothing to do with anything.


Adam woke up at the alarm clock. Made a positive reality-check. He was awake. Wrote down whatever he could from his last dreams. Hard to say if he had all. He tried hard.


Then he was puzzled...No, he wasn’t. He knew that his company had zero interest in knowledge drawn from lucid dreams. Yeah, even though Stephen Laberge and Keith Heirne and Alan Worsley and Robert Waggoner and Rebecca Turner had worked so hard to validate the existence and value of conscious dreams, none of that was respected in the company world.

Well, that was all...he had to keep his findings to himself. Had he really remembered all that he had learned in the dream-world? Hard to say.


He reported his findings from yesterdays’ plugging the artefact into his smartphone. He was curious about the companies’ reply.


Then he went for a walk, as he would always. Walks were good for getting new insights and coming to conclusions.


He walked and walked and walked and walked.

His dreams were important to him. He went through them again. His finding by plugging were also important. He went through them again too.

All was very interesting. To him. He knew that his fellows thought a bit differently. Not that they didn’t care at all. They cared about nature and history and the world and their work. But not about dreams or specific details like the vertical lines that had been drawn to specific lengths and bent into specific triangles and then formed a specific shape resembling a command-centre. That was interesting. And also, Adam had been forced to give a specific voltage and frequency to the artefact to receive that message..and that text-box with the code instructions...very interesting. No human instructions. Just binary and 7-ary codes and logical gates. And a 12-bit binary code. Fascinating.

Was it special? Adam wanted it to be.


It was an ordinary unusual day. This time, there were clouds but no rain. Only a cold wind.


Adam received a notification on his smartphone had he had been assigned new work. A farmer had agreed to have sampling done on his fields. It was useful for ecology.

Adam drove there with his equipment. Met with a fellow. Met with the farmer. Took soil samples. Sent them to the laboratory.


Adam randomly meets one of his fellows. Tells her about his findings. She’s uninformed. Not too interested. Adam has known her for a long time. Wonders whether he should tell her about his dreams. He never has. He stands there pondering. The woman stands there starring into the air.

Adam decides to walk off.


He starts questioning himself. What if all that dream information was just his illusion? He had used dream information before, yes, even to productive effect. But this was...far stretched...he had put himself into the illusion that this artefact had belonged to an alien civilisation that had protected the universe – or at least their direct environment – and that had then left this artefact here on earth for him to discover. That was very far stretched...Adam had to admit that to himself. Sure, he loved sci-fi...but even more, he loved helping people and he loved history. It must be his wish that this alien population was demanding him for help...that he thought...well, at least his studies in psychology had highlighted to him the risk of self-delusion…

Let us be clear at this point that Adam had loved psychology. He had not been a natural to this field, never would be, but he had devoured all the knowledge with greatest interest and a lot of awareness.

It was so interesting, from the first day onwards. He had become aware that he was being controlled and manipulated and seduced by all kind of input from his surroundings. In there was a big danger. That he realized soon. And so, he was very glad for his lessons and their knowledge.

We are not going through the details of Adams scores on the tests. That is irrelevant. Let us assume that Adam was average but interested.


He decided to apply his knowledge of psychology on his female college. What did she tick like? He soon came to a halt. She was a disappointment. Adam was shocked. Frozen. How could it take him years to see that? It felt terrible. That woman was uninterested and only worked as a mere note-taker. Adam had to give her personality a shocking judgement. She was low-key. Nothing to offer.

Well, he had never really trusted her anyway. Never put too much faith into her. But still, holy crap.

That woman was useless.


Adam searched in his memory for knowledge about how to cheer himself up. Well, he had a good job where he helped the environment a lot and where he could put his scientific knowledge to good use. His life was quite productive. He helped the world. He completed projects. He was useful.

Yes, overall, that was the truth.

Adam was relieved.


Then he thought about the psychology of the case. Was this artefact a trap? A joke? A piece of fun art? Someone playing a joke? Good question.

Adam was interrupted by an insight on how he could gather more information from the artefact: have it plugged in all day and record all sort of info it would give.


Adam got home and did just that. Recorded. Audio and Visuals. And statistics.

Then he left the artefact to do the work.

Where could he go? He could head to the pier and eat something. He did that.


Along the way, a short rain shower. Adam wondered whether that would give him any information. You see, Adam is very scientific and tries to see everything. Even more so, he was furious for having ignored the idiocy of that woman for so long.

He came to the conclusion that rain had no information about his artefact. Well, except that same as all electric circuits, it didn’t fancy rain. This brought Adam to the insight that the artefact had been clean. Not clinically clean maybe but still quite well. That might be interesting. Nobody had reported any cleaning to him.


Adam arrived at the pier where he often was and ordered a fast meal. He liked that sort of meal. It came with a salad with power food and a large healthy drink. You see, fast food could be healthy if you mixed it with healthy food. No question about that.

Adam was the only person here interested in conscious dreaming. Even in dreaming itself. Nobody cared to talk about what he had dreamed of, nobody wanted to know about controlling your dreams or fetching information out of them. That was unnerving. Adam loved dreaming and he loved the usefulness of his dreams and he loved the idea of sharing his knowledge with people but...nobody tolerated him on that subject. It was a tragedy. He had shown the scientific proofs of the validity of dreams. He had shown the scientific proof of conscious dreaming. No interest. Only rejection.

That was horrid. Adam had always trusted in the validity and thereby convincingness of science. He thought, people listen to science, so all things that are validated through science can be talked about, can be worked with. He had really expected to win colleagues over with his evidence from the books.

But no…there were only locked doors.


And so Adam stood alone in the rain. Not that he was an outcast. No, he was still accepted and even respected as a person. Even as a scientist. People would say he was a scientist and thereby somehow useful for the world.

People didn’t seem to comprehend much about what a scientist was or what he did. No. It just sounded cool. Let us be honest and frank that Adam was neither worshipped as a scientist. Only found cool.

That was not what he wanted. He wanted productive work and discussions. He couldn’t get that. Oh hell.

He stood there under the roof and ponders on the ridiculousness of his fellow citizens. None of them realized how much they had to thank science for everything. They clicked on their smartphones and rejected any depth to science. It was cool and nothing else. It was cool because they knew that some remote person was using science to somehow make good things happen. That was science for them. Almost like religion. A distant powerful things that is said to make good things happen but no local evidence of any good.

And so they clicked on their smartphones. Adam did too. He understood them. Very well. He had shown them scientific apps that either explained science or where useful in everyday life.

No. To his astonishment, nobody wanted useful apps. People didn’t want to solve their problems. They just wanted shiny videos or picture. What the hell? For Adam, science and smartphones were about problem-solving. But they just clicked video to video.

Adam was often-times really frustrated with them. In the simple way a man can be frustrated with his colleagues.


Back at home he sat down and looked at the recording. It had become a large video file. Adam sped through it. He was astonished. Then baffled. Then really nervous. There were scenes to be seen.

The interior of a ship. The bridge. People in specific dresses standing there. They were busy talking, elaborating, showing. Adam couldn’t hear what they were saying. The audio was distorted. Inedible. No voices. Just wild sounds. Adam browsed through the video. He saw a rectangular window. Ships flying outside. Was there a battle? He could not determine that. Hmm. There was little concrete information to be seen.


Adam wanted more. He really had found something here, he thought. He just wanted to see more concrete information. He wanted to report this. He made a copy of the video file. The extracted video had been saved continuously of course, while it was being extracted from the artefact. Everything saved.


Adam sent the video to his company. They had to see this.

In that moment, he gave no thought about any reactions except great interest.

This had to be published. Another civilization, living in space. Who were they? It was really cool. We are humans could learn so much technology from them.


A few minutes later, Adam got a response. A text-message. A colleague had skipped through the video and demanded what that was supposed to be. Five ? And ! Attached.

It took Adam a moment to realize a deeper meaning...insulted? Fury?

He was pissed off that the colleague didn’t respect his video.

A video-call came in. Adam accepted impulsively. Half-unnerved.


A woman he had never seen showed up on the screen. Looked pissed off. Shook her head.

She said this company wasn’t for kicks and fun. And not for silly video-making.

Adam spat out he had gotten it from the artefact.

The woman starred at him in silence. Then asked who the actors were? A tiny pause, then how Adam had paid them??? She looked disgusted and horrified.

She tapped on her computer and told Adam she was now going to check through the accounting.

Adam became hot, and angry, his thoughts narrowed down, he was insulted, infuriated, bland.

He threw an evil look at the woman. Spat out that he had done good work, that he only had wanted to deliver his work.

He closed the video in an impulse.


Struck backwards in his chair. Angry. Blind-angry.

Another video-call. Photo of same woman showed up.

Adam didn’t accept.


He wondered what he should do? He needed to let his steam off. He was right after all.

He went off to the kitchen to drink. Drank some water. Cold one. Raced back to the computer and asked for a video call with the woman. Shocked. Nervous. Heart-Racing. Trembling. This was urgent. His career was at stake, his reputation. Everything. He could lose it all today. Oh hell...what if he lost that, no worse, he didn’t care that much about losing, he cared about his scientific work now,….what if he lost his reputation as a scientist? To hell with this video...for a second, his mind flashed that it may be constructed by teenagers..that is may be programmed or recorded or whatever and that he had fallen for a cheap trick, that all was a hoax and that he had been too dumb to see that. Oh, he had believed this too early. The woman showed up on screen and Adam hurried into apologizing, twirled his arms, head lowered, mumbling and fast-speaking. He renounced all of the video, admitted to his fault, called the video a hoax, that it was all wrong, cursed the video, cursed the...well he didn’t know what to curse, that he told the woman. Oh hell, he was somewhere now between two things and he didn’t know where he was...there was something. He starred at the woman for an instant. Searched for words, didn’t hear what she said, twirled with his hands, said her he had put a current to the artefact, yeah. Told her he had a video...the woman screeched. Adam scratched further for things to say,..he came up with clouds, with circuits that were different. He told the woman he was a real scientist and proud of that. Told her that he took his work seriously, added swiftly that his last project, the artefact, was really important.

He hmmed for a moment, then looked at the woman and asked if she was interested in,… he had to think for a moment,… in truth? That was the word that came to his mouth and mind in first place. The woman looked...hard to say like what?..

Adam hassled out that he loved history and helping people.

Then he spat out that he had..learned something from the artefact.

Maybe..he was almost saying it, then made a halt. Became terrified. That idea was atrocious. Another civilization? He couldn’t say that. Well, he thought as a scientist he must be allowed to say it, but.. you know how colleagues react when you say that, or things like that.

He sat there for a moment, guessing, then he spat out that he believed this artefact belonged to another civilization and that he wanted this to be known because it could really be important and useful and that humanity could learn a lot about technology from them because they were living in space-ships and we, well we don’t, so we can adapt from them. Hmm, yes, that was what he thought, he said, his opinion, his deep educated scientific opinion, he went on to justify that he was being very scientific because he didn’t throw his knowledge or his discovery away and really gave humanity the biggest chance and opportunity to progress and help others and, well, after all, space travelling would be really useful, wouldn’t it? He elaborated, thoughts about it, searching for words, pointed out the resources? Yes the resources we could get from out there and hmm, bring them here and make TVs and all kinds of stuff, and most importantly, he hurried in, medical tools and health instruments out of it. Yeah, certainly material from out there must be good for our health and so, it would only be wise to go out there and get it and so it would only be wise to learn from this video about how to do it right, yes, and maybe they had better ideas about how to produce stuff out of material? Hmm?

We could certainly learn a lot from them, he insisted.

Glanced at the woman, she was listening. Hard to tell her expression. He glanced at the timer, he had talked for long, he was breathing fast, he wanted to say more, he twirled his arms and added that there must be more we could do, that this video had to be restored to full resolution and audio and then he got caught for a brief moment by his fascination that this culture did exist, or maybe existed before they died, know, he said, it is fascinating.

He sat there and pondered on the fascination.


Well, that is not what the company was there for, the woman added.


It took Adam a while to react at all to that. For one thing, because he had been talking so much, for another because he had become for focussed on his subject, so energized and interested, and so hearing this voice say that, in a tone that was..well it took Adam a while to give an adjective to this tone, to say what it sounded like, his thinking jerked around, he was in an inner chaos, it dawned upon him that he was really hurt, that he was insulted. It struck him that this woman had insulted him. He was furious about this. He was dead-angry. On some deeper level. He had two levels, a deeper and a more surface level, on the surface level he wanted to get forward, progress, he wanted to discuss the importance of this discovery with that woman and then,.. it dawned upon him that he was being held back, that she didn’t follow up.


And then, in a moment of sheer force, it hammered on him what she really had said. He gasped. That was about two minutes after the woman had said there, all this time he had just sat there and thought, silent.

Now it struck him down. The company didn’t want to work on such a subject!!! He inflated with anger and irritation and bafflement and,.. he was speechless, thoughtless, dead-angry.

He drifted on in his dizziness.


The woman said something he really didn’t understand at all.


He popped out of his dizziness. Twirled his arms around. Tried to talk into the woman. Talked about the purpose of the company. How they helped improve the environment and people’s lives, it was their job to learn about this ancient civilization, it was important, he had found this evidence and it was there now, they only had to watch it and learn from it and improve the world with it.


It was their job! He said all that to the woman. And froze. Waited unwillingly for her answer.

She just shook her head and told him he was in error and that this video was a bad hoax by himself. She was sure he had produced it. She was irritated and disgusted by him, had never known him, now she had to report him as a bad worker, she called his working methods horrible, she was disgusted that he tried to make a career this way, that he had made it so far into the company, that he was getting a pay-check every month. She said she really felt angry for having to report this and that it would clean him out of the company, get rid of him.

She added whether he was on drugs? She said they wouldn’t take his prior work into account given that he had delivered a false work. Given that he had willingly tried to fool them.


Adam fainted out.


When he got back, head dizzy, he found an email telling him that he was being prosecuted for fraud by his company for delivering this false video. It blew him off the socks. He had forgotten all, and now this new information!

He tried to give the woman a video-call to clarify the case. He saw three video calls in the history, one cancelled.

Odd. He panicked. What had happened there? There was no record. Only a brief indication that there had been video-calls.

The email also told that. Adam panicked. What did he say during those calls?

For a moment, he had no clue what he might have said, then it flashed through him that they had called his video a fraud. Had he really talked about the video? His guts blackened. Trouble ahead.

He read the email again. Oh hell, he was being prosecuted. Oh Hell.


When would the prosecution be? What date, time? What exactly was he being charged for? Fraud? Heresy? Lying? Bad work? Stealing a video? For filming this scene without having the right? Hmm...whatever. His thoughts were running wild.

God help me, he thought. Not that he was religious, not at all actually, in fact he was very much atheistic.

But he just thought, oh help me god, in the way people think that when they are in out-most trouble. And he was. Yes.


There was no indication of any date..what the hell? Was it tomorrow? Or even today? Why was he not told that? He wanted a lawyer, a lawyer is always better he thought.

Actually, he wanted to win, wanted to defend himself, wanted to bring attention to his video. It all came back to him now..he had this information from this civilization and..well he could do a lot of great work with it. He could really help.

It must have been that what he told the woman in the past video-calls, which he truthfully could not remember. All he knew was the content of the video. He watched it again. It brought him to fire. Yeah, he was burning like hell. There was all this information and it got ignored. He..he needed to fetch more data out of the artefact. Sadly, he had not yet found any fast-forward fetching method.

His last recording had stopped somehow. He had no clue why? Was that all the memory that was on the artefact? Well, it looked small. It was small in fact. Just a few rocks screwed together.

It was impossible to tell from that whether there was more video to find on it. You know how memory storage can fit days of videos into a small chip...well we humans could. Adam had to admit that he had zero clue about the storage capacities of that civilization, of that artefact. How could he know...he could not make any material analysis on it from here.

He jumped in his thoughts and lunged at the information that he had been given at the very start. The artefact had been passed to a research centre after all. He read through the material was short. Rock.

Shit. Rock. Just Rock. And screws. Was it earthy rock? Well, either yes or the centre had not looked at its inner structure. No comment about anything being strange, no unusual weight or pattern or whatever.

Rock meant what? Adam wanted to make sure now not to overlook anything whatsoever that might become important defending his position. Oh hell, he was in trouble and maybe the entire earth was in trouble, at least of losing information and now he was on the job and with a grin he thought that truthfully he had been assigned this piece of work for analysis and so he was just doing his job and also he was doing a better job than his company, they ignored all evidence, he took it seriously, and if this artefact proved useful to the industry or to space-programs or to people or whatever, than Adam would be the brave warrior who had defended it and who had taken upon himself the burden of working against everybody else and against people who would call him crazy and off-minded and childish and who would say that he had fallen for a prank and should be fired and maybe even locked up in jail and most certainly should never ever ever be called a scientist and never have the right to contribute in any way to a scientific project, because you know, they don’t take idiots and must not take them because idiots are idiots and they just destroy everything.

Adam grinned at his accidental heroism and at the fact that this was a chance, rather than a sheer job that had fallen upon him, simply because his company had pushed him against the wall.

He grinned at this paradox, this ironic circumstance, that he, as a scientist, had to do things that would make him look unscientific in the eyes of people who did not see the potential that Adam was seeing, who were blind to the simple but urgent opportunity that was at hand.

He grinned.

And than he was struck by sadness and anger. He was being called an idiot. Were they judging him right now? Were they cursing him? Were his fellows bad-mouthing him right now? Yes? Calling him an idiot?

To be clear, Adam starred with anger at the experience that he had been forced to make, yes forced, to encounter idiots all around, everywhere, in so many positions.

He paused for a moment in his thoughts. Couldn’t go on.

Maybe he was speechless in his inner monologue.

Oh hell

Yeah, there it was, the big threatening and insulting truth, he was surrounded by idiots, not jokingly, but for real. He was the hero of the tale, the scientist, the man who brought the job home and got it done, the man who walked the extra mile, who saw further than anybody else. The last comparison was silly, Adam thought, silly in the context of dealing with idiots.

Idiots don’t think and they don’t think ahead. Idiots are dumb, they are just a threat, they are not scientists, they are not helping the world.

One lonely man, Adam thought. One man to stand up to them.


This was actually the first time that Adam truly thought such a thought. He had never really seen himself as a lonely man, as one against the crowd. No, it had never been necessary.

He had always just followed the path that had been offered to him. Adam slowed down in his thinking.

Went through his past. He had been to school, to university, he had started working. He liked it. He had always just done his job knowing that he was helping people and the world.

Hmm..never had he seen himself as a hero. As someone who alone does what was necessary.


Now he was that. He pondered upon that realization. Just so. It made him sad a bit. He was there, in emptiness, with this artefact and the video and he had to do this job. It was also a lot to save his reputation. It was a lot about that. In the back of his mind Adam thought the video might be a hoax after all, but..his reputation was not a joke! No, it was important. All his future work depended on it.

Video or no video, he needed his job. If only for a living.

It struck him as annoying, at least for a moment, that he had to battle for this video.

But, wasn’t that his best option? He had showcased this video to his superiors and apparently he had discussed enough with them to get into real trouble, to get charged for fraud!

If he just took his video back, he would lose something. Lose his reputation. It would be better if the video was valid. Genuine. Such a great word, genuine, valid, Adam could use those words well for his career.

It was strange, Adam thought..going with the video was a better choice than renouncing it.


He needed more proof. So he had to further retrieve data from the artefact.

He plugged his smartphone in. He activated all the software he needed and put it on record.

He put it all aside. He needed to wait for any useful record.


He went to sleep.


He found himself in a gritty prison, not locked up. Nobody around. He just felt there were distant people atop. He could see sunlight atop. The rest of the prison was cloaked in fog. It was blackish-green without being too dark. Green Moss on the wall.

Adam just stood there.


His hands popped up. He realized he was dreaming.

Quickly, he had a hunch to consider the green moss. Moss needed water. Water meant life. It dawned upon him that there was life in here.

He questioned why this would be important. An inner knowing told him that he was in big trouble in a distant place and that there was life in that trouble, he would finally find something he could live on, something that would give him strength.

There was life in this thing.


Was there more information, he thought?

He had a hunch to look at the form on the prison, it had plenty of faces, not a circle, something more edgy.

Were there prisoners? No. Only a void that was communicating to him. Not saying anything. Just giving him a feeling of something. Hard to say what it was.

He looked upwards into the sunlight and tried to see the distant people.

Oh no, a voice inside that. No.

He felt pushed to look around.

Where are you now? The voice asked

Adam stood there and hoped for an insight.


He just felt better than he had expected.


He drifted back to foggy dreams.


He woke up next morning. Not thinking of anything. Feeling neither good nor bad. Just feeling a bit active. But not in the way that it gets you out of bed. Just some energy inside. Something that seems to live inside you.


Adam laid there for a while, no thoughts, just being awake and alive.


No thoughts.


He went back to half-sleep. He had the urge to engage more with his dream without knowing why. He peeked into that white fog. Empty headed.


No results. His semi-dreams produced nothing.


He got up by coincidence.

Trotted about the room. What was he supposed to do? No clue.

He felt pretty good. No worries.

He took his mobile phone and looked at it’s video it was showing and by habit pressed save – not that this had been necessary. The smartphone saved all the time. Adam just had no clue what it was showing. His brain gave zero meaning to the pictures it was shown. Adam put the smartphone back on the table and went for a walk.

It was a cold morning. A bit foggy. Adam was well dressed for the weather. He walked through the fog. A memory of a dream struck through his head.

His dream had fog.


He walked on. He cared a lot about his dream, actually, even if he could not remember anything of it. For the while, he was totally struck in this importance of his dream. The world surrounding him had lost all of it’s meaning. In fact there was no world for him. Only white fog. Adam faded into the world. Took in it’s coldness, it’s evanescence, it’s fogginess, it’s eternal nature. He could just be there and live there. What else was there to live for anyway? Nothing on his mind, in fact, for him at this moment the world was pure emptiness with nothing at all more to it.


Adam was walking attentively in a world made of fog.

He accidentally had the urgent drive to make a reality check, that is, to check whether he was dreaming. He wasn’t. He couldn’t push his finger through his hand. He controlled with great attention and acknowledges the futility of his trying.

He was awake then. Well, that was half-expected. That was fine.

He was awake in a world full of freedom, empty of worries. After all, couldn’t he just be free in this fog? What were there for obstacles? There were none. He did not even look around.

He was just walking in piece. One man alone in a fog world.


He walked on and came to places. To benches, to trees, to plains of grass, to signs, to emptiness.

Nothing to worry about. He just took it in with great attention. In fact, now it dawned upon him that he had rarely lived with such great attention. Anything was so interesting, even so he wasn’t up to anything. He was just there.

But he still found everything interesting, maybe just in the perspective of a spectator.


He wondered inside whether he should think about something.


But then, no. Let just be this world be this world and add nothing else. Why not. It was nice as it was.


Adam just stood there and was.


He came home rather by coincide. Sat down at his table and came back to memory. It struck him down that he had this smartphone record the memory of this artefact. Oh hell yes!

He starred at the smartphone. There were scenes to be seen. He navigated through the video. Did he see correctly? He burst fully back to real-world consciousness. He needed any proof. So what did he see on the video?

A civilization that led war. That took care of it’s people. That had an industry. That talked into the camera. He saw all kinds of symbols, maybe an alphabet, maybe more. He saw space-ships. It was obvious that they had left this video on purpose. He checked the sound-file. Blank. Empty. There was nothing. Horrible.

It was great to have this awesome new recording and..if he only could fetch some sound to make the talking audible then..then he could prove so much more. He was running hot. This was a big deal. This could mean everything to his career.

He had to prove this was genuine. Where did they find the artefact? How had it come there? Had it fallen to earth? Was there any asteroid or space-ship flying by throwing it off? He had no information, he needed to check that out. Why had nobody told him anything about how this artefact had been found?? He had just been given it. How could his company be so careless about handling such material? It wasn’t junk. There were circuits..on rock! You don’t find that anywhere else. It was horrible. How could everybody overlook the unusual nature of this artefact?


He went further through the video. There were cities, people, weapons, households..he was struck by the diversity of the things to be seen. Had this video been made to remember all of that? Why was this video made? It was clearly cut together from many different recordings. Who had made the cutting? And what for? It was a very general portrayal of how these people lived. A memory or an advertisement. It was strange. It was not a message for anybody from their culture.


He went further. The people disappeared. He was struck. All that was left were computers managing ships. There was still war. There was conflict. No more people. Nowhere to be seen. Really odd. Had they just gone off-screen or?…

Adam skimmed further through the recording to find an answer to this pressing question.

Why did all the people go?


He searched..and found evidence of destruction. Of ships getting destroyed, of crews dying. Oh hell. They were blown apart. Killed. Shredded to nothing. He couldn’t watch this. He was very much struck by the death that he saw. Space-battles, death, genocides. He saw simple people, groups of them, getting shot dead with spray-like gunfire. He saw ships explode. He saw bombs explode. He saw groups of soldiers, groups of medical staff, groups of civilians, all killed.

Did that species go extinct? Maybe..or did they retreat and let their ships do the work for them? Adam was hoping for option two. He found it stunning how he had found this video, this possibly last evidence of this space-civilization.

He fully believed in the veracity of the video.

He sent it off to the madam.

The best thing he could do, in his mind. There was the evidence that he was looking for. No humans could have faked this.


He skimmed further and found more, burials, small and petty, there was desperation. Wastelands. Emptiness.

Was there planet earth anywhere? Hmm, he did not have the tools to find it quickly. He had never recognized earth anyway in the video. Maybe they were very distant.


He received an email telling him that he was set to be fired and that his video was taken as evidence of fraud against him.

The trial was in two days.

Adam fell into his chair. He was dead-angry. Blind of anger. How could this be? He had shown them evidence..he had given them reasons to trust a trial had to be won, or else he would get fired. And maybe worse.

Yes, worse! His reputation as a scientist was terribly at stake. Was about to get destroyed. The destruction in the video flashed through his mind. Oh hell.

He had to defend himself. Somehow.

Oh hell.

Could he just take everything back? Renounce his findings? Was that possible?

No idea.


He needed information on how to survive this trial. He knew little about it. He just knew he had to survive. He checked the email again. No information about defence, no hint, no tip, no phone number of any lawyer. Oh hell. They left him alone for dying. And they would try their best to kill him. Yeah, it seemed they were all about killing him.

His view blackened. It was too much to take. It went all into the wrong direction. This was so much the opposite of what he had wanted. Of what he provided. He had provided evidence, now he had been given the killing blow.

It was strikingly unfair! It was horrible and destructive and insensitive and just like a hammer blow! And on top of that it was strikingly wrong! It was simply the wrong thing to do.

It went so much contra his company’s interests and goals. He had done his job, they hadn’t. He was right, they weren’t. He had found this evidence, this case, they hadn’t. It was his achievement, not theirs.


Adam broke down for a moment and cried. Just softly. A bit. On the surface.

He cried. It burst out of him. This was unfair. He was in a heap of trouble, he was down the gutters, it was his end – he couldn’t even think about it now – and what could he do about it?

He wasn’t the guy to cry. It wasn’t his nature.

It just had to be once.


Now he sat back there. Pondering. Lawyer. Lawyer. Hmm. Which one to take? Hmm.. he was thinking, maybe the company’s website said something he had never read before? After all, he had never really considered ever needing a lawyer.


He browsed their website, went to trial, looked it all up. No lawyers allowed or necessary, you alone had to defend yourself.

Well then..Adam alone. At least he saved the money for the lawyer.

How could he defend himself? The text said he had to confirm or deny the accusations and then justify himself. Why had he done what he had done?


So, the old question: should he approve or reject his video? Should he down-right lie? Well, the video-transfer proved everything, he thought, no use in denying.

The thing was, what if he could prove this video to be genuine? He had two days time. That were 48 hours. That was a lot of time. He had to browse the web on how to prove the veracity of a video.

Funny enough, nobody was bothered about the copyright. After all, the artefact belonged to his company. So did the video. Nobody had forbidden him working on the video. Nobody believed it had been fetched from the artefact.

He browsed the web now, looking for any app or information on veracity of videos. Yes, watermark apps, but he didn’t need that. How do you prove a video was not made by you but by someone else? Did they leave any watermark? He had not seen any. He hustled through the video. Checking. He didn’t see any signature.

How to prove that? He had no idea.

Sure, all the people could be actors. It could be a space movie. He browsed up a list of space movies. Well, it wasn’t star wars. He knew those movies. It might be Star Trek. Lots of different species there. He looked it up. Which episode? No idea. How do you find such a scene fast? Hmm, look for extinct species in Star Trek. He checked. Lots of them. He browsed through them...hey, if he could just check their visuals then he could easily compare..and tell.

He browsed through an entire catalogue..



Good or not good. That was no proof. Maybe he had overlooked something.

He might share the video online and ask everybody for what they knew about it? Sounded like a great idea. Anyway, as long as his company didn’t claim any copyright, he could freely circulate the video.

He uploaded it to various sites, asking for information.

He would have to wait for the answers maybe.


What should he do in the meantime? He was clueless. He was restless. He needed some distraction. He left into the fog.

The fog had almost entirely disappeared. It was a low lying layer now. A blue sky. No clouds.

Some people around. He had left his smartphone at home for good reason. Could not show anybody here his video.

So he just walked on. Trying to free his mind. That always worked well.


It was a nice day. He enjoyed it. It was a good cool-down after all that stress.

He couldn’t believe he would be at a trial in two days. What a horrific turn to his life and career.

Well, he might just win.


He went off into the distance. Wanted peace.




She had reported the second video after looking through it briefly. She was doing her duty.

She did not care for what she saw in there, it was not the work of the company, it was nothing that needed attention. And then we had this trial, a useful and necessary tool to get rid of bad workers.

She kept to the company’s rule of work, you had to deliver proper work and any breaking to this rule had to be punished. That was all that her job really was about.

Similar incidents were rare. Ordinarily people overslept, called in sick after a night-out drunk or downright refused to work. This was unusual.

The company maintained it’s work-force for one purpose and that was to work. It was an environmentally oriented company of course, but that was the official slogan. It was good for taxes and regulations. It helped to secure a good position. It simplified legal procedures. It even helped maintain a nice public opinion. That was the least important advantage.

Money was the key. Money and order.

It was all about order and making profit.


And now we had this worker, Adam, who sent in false work that wasn’t demanded and now we had to arrange a trial and get him out.

The trial really helped the company cut contracts legally.

There would be a small jury including an independent lawyer, and that jury would make it’s decision. The company’s decision was clear and there was no reason to review it.


She had no information whether the video had been reviewed in detail on any level of the company. She didn’t even think much about it. She was just doing her job right? It only worried her minimally. After all, she had almost no idea what was being shown in the two videos. And Adam had not made any impression of drunkenness or whatever in the recorded video-calls. He merely had defended himself.

And such an example of misconduct was unique..certainly it would be treated in a general manner.

She wanted cleanness and there was a tiny risk that she would mess it up. That would look dirty and might put her at risk. Yes, there was this tiny little back-thought in the back of her head.


But, she had done her job.


Adam came back home. He still didn’t know what to do. He needed help. could he prove his video?

A trace of panic struck through him at the thought that maybe this wasn’t possible? What if there was no way to prove it..then he was making a big mistake.

Right now, he was all about saving his career, not about providing humanity with information about space-travelling or -mining.

Who could he ask? He felt bad about walking up to a lawyer as that was expensive and they neither lawyer neither allowed nor necessary. Dammit. He was truly demanded to justify himself.

Oh hell..what if they just accepted that he had been interested in this video, what if they accepted that he had himself let fooled by this finding? He could explain himself as a scientist, maybe it would be okay to just say he found this interesting and wanted to share it? He felt good and bad about this option. It might be a way out. And yet, it might not suffice. He needed sufficient proof. That would truly help him. At least, they would accept proof right?

A stretch of doubt crushed through him: they had rejected his last two proofs and set him up on a trial for having shared them: what if they rejected him now as well? It hammered upon him that they would not change their minds, that those videos were already all that they knew..

And there was no proof.

He had no indication that they’d accept any sort of proof anyway. And he had no indication how to proof his case anyway.

He saw he was lost out.


So where to go now? How could he save his neck?

He decided it was all about saving himself now. No more work for humanity.


Renounce the video? Sounded good. That hit him hard. He had been proud of this video. He had wanted to re-establish himself with it. Now, he had to drop it.

It was bad. All his work and discovery was lost.

It was the only option.


He was forced to go with it..hours ago he had fantasized of using his discovery to prove himself, to establish himself as a lone hero – even if as an unwanted hero.

Now, all he could do was to renounce to everything, to his effort, to his importance, to the usefulness of this video, to the whole story about the civilization.

He stood there and couldn’t accept that he was doomed to lose everything. Every single achievement he had found in the last days. He even had to lie. He had to declare that he had never received any signals. He had to let the artefact get destroyed..he knew that the company would take it and most likely destroy it..all would be lost.

It jerked up inside of him that he had to save the artefact. There again, an idea and emotion of heroism.

He had to save this valuable artefact from destruction by..this idiotic blind company.

Adam was hooked. How could he fake it? Well, maybe that was easy in fact? The company didn’t all he needed to do was to screw some rocks together and be fine.

Yes, he had to do this. He had to grin for a moment at the easiness of his solution. Big problem, easy solution.

Then he had to backup his videos on a private storage. That would be easy.

He could hide the artefact in any private space.


He would do that now. Hiding the artefact was easy because this house was his private space. He transferred the video to a private storage device and then prepared to manufacture the copy of the artefact. How much detail was necessary there? No idea. It better be similar to the original. He needed rocks with moss on them. He didn’t have rocks. Maybe he could take cement and glue moss on it? Sounded good.

48 hours to go.


By the time the meeting was due, Adam had built a replica of the artefact and secured his recordings. Nothing else.

He had no clue what to say.

Well, he could say that he was doing his job as a scientist.


No lawyer.

He drove to the meeting. He had come without the artefact-copy, as it had not been demanded.

He got in, presented himself to the receptionist, was told the room to go to. She made a crispy face. It seemed to be a big thing.

Adam was pissed off and hurt on the inside. Angry. He ignored everybody and got to the room. Had to wait a couple of minutes.

Then everybody came, the company lawyer and the independent lawyer. Adam didn’t know she was independent. He was signed into the room.

He sat down. All sat down. The company lawyer happily presented the case and stated that Adam had done the wrong job and shown signs of acute fraud. Yes, fraud was the topic at hand, the accusation. She explained in compressed detail how Adam had sent off those videos that presented his work as the evidence of extra-terrestrial life-forms communicating with humanity and that he had insisted on these findings being supremely important and thereby trying to put himself into a position worthy of a promotion.

She declared explicitly that this was offending her company on all levels, down to the very core.

She insisted that Adam was expelled, not only for mistakes in his work but for gravely fraudulent work.

She was horrified, she said.

She added on that Adam had used the tools given to him by the company to play this trick and that he had misused this artefact for his own illegal purpose of advantage.

She insisted that this artefact was of potential value and had to be investigated and she complained that Adam had misused the trust of his company in order to misuse this artefact for his own purpose.

She was insulted in the name of the company that there was a worker who had the cold-minded egocentricity to misuse the trust of the company.

She repeated that all this doing by Adam had not only been harmful to the company in many different ways but also his entire doing had been in its full nature and structure illegal.

She checked her papers, reviewed her text and, after some deliberation, concluded that she was finished and passed the voice to the independent lawyer.


She presented herself directly to Adam, stating that she was independent from the company's’ interest and that she was here to assure that all legal requirements were met for both sides. She asked Adam whether he had prepared any papers, in which moment Adam suffered quite a shock, a fleet of panic and had to say no. The woman accepted and asked him to defend himself verbally, in all detail, insisting that this would be his only chance to justify himself and that the final judgement would be made immediately after his speech had come to an end. She also added that Adam should defend himself against the claims of fraud and insanity, referring to him claiming this artefact was of extra-terrestrial origin.


Adam was empty-headed. He certainly understood his obligation for speaking. He searched for words and stated that he had decided to analyse the artefact after seeing wire-made circuits on it. He jumped saying that he had seen a direct scientific interest and even obligation in the analysis. He stated that the circuits were triangular, which was truly odd.

He stated that he had found a plug on the side of the artefact and so he had plugged his smartphone into the artefact via cable. He insisted that this was standard procedure in handling unknown electronic devices.

He described how he had opened visual and auditive recording software and switched on the recording process.

He then described the first signals that he received.

He said he had found this noteworthy.


He jumped forward to explain how he received the next messages, the videos showing the different scenes with people in it.

He told how much interest he had found in this recording.

He also added that he had been aware the whole time that this might just be a trick of some teenagers. That he had to convince himself a bit to continue with the recording.

He explained how he as scientist had seen the importance to collect the maximum amount of evidence concerning whether this material was genuine or fake and if it was genuine then it might and even should really help humanity advance technologically, for the evident fact that this species had achieve and maybe even perfected space-travel and so, he went further, had developed all the technology needed for space-mining and space-living and all that mattered out there and so, well, he insisted that we should all learn from this material and that he thereby had done a wonderful job, the job of a scientist and that by doing his, he had done right and discovered all by his own doing and direction the information that humanity needed to progress into an effective space-mining technology, one that would be worth a damn lot of money, be good for our future, give us plenty of resources, be good for the industry, maybe even save people’s lives through advances in medicine.

He concluded that this would be really important and that he hoped that the material was genuine and that he had well thought about what he was doing all the time and had in fact just followed the most urgent lead, taking into account his possibility of error.

He knew nothing more to say. Just sat there exhausted and starred into the air.

The independent lawyer asked whether he wanted to add something.

He said no.


The company lawyer said they could not tolerate his behaviour. That he was, well, off his job in the way he did his work and so, they had to get rid off him.


The independent lawyer said that Adam had well explained his reasons and that he had shown a sufficient scientific ability by having been able to decide what to do and how to do it. She highlighted that Adam had done all his work without problems and without needing to rely on co-workers and that he had never disclosed any secret material to any individual or company. She added that his findings were found on the artefact and as such he had worked with the material that he had been given and had done the job of analysis that he had been instructed to do.

She pointed out again that Adam had demonstrated scientific skill in his work.

She also pointed out that by sending the video-tapes to his superior, he was doing his job of communication. He was de facto delivering work-results that deserved a peer-review and by sending those tapes off for the peer-review he had been doing his job with respect to the rules.

She added that the law was almost entirely on Adams side, that his company may fire him, yes, but was neither obligated to do so nor was it an appropriate corporate reaction to his doing.

She evaluated that the company's’ reaction showed an urgent dominance of hot-headedness and blind compulsive judgement.

She criticized the company's’ lawyer for being non-reactive to Adams’ speech and to her own. She went further, pointing out that the company's’ lawyer was ignoring the very legal foundation which supported Adam with the mere exception that his company was not forbidden to analyse his style of work. It may be questioned but any analysis would immediately show everybody that Adam had been doing proper work all along.

She asked the company's’ lawyer whether Adam had received any obligations concerning how he had to communicate his findings or work-methods.

The company's’ lawyer said that Adam had been given this artefact...until further instructions.


Adam felt an insight creep into him, that this lack of specific instructions where opening a gate-way to hell for him.


The independent lawyer probed what Adams general work-instructions were.


The company lawyer said..that..normally..Adam would be instructed research..according to the company's’ standard or in-case-specified instructions.


The independent lawyer asked what the company's’ standard instructions were.


The company's’ lawyer research..ermm..find out what you can..tell us, the company, what you can finding can it be used for? example..what does it contain? In example, chemicals that are being analysed, you see..our workers tell us what we can do with it, how we can strengthen our industry with it..maybe even help people, yes?


The independent lawyer added on, to tell, what Adam had done.


The company's’ lawyer searched for knowledge for a moment, had to think. She said she wasn’t entirely sure but..then could add that Adam had talked of that technology.


Was that not exactly the prescribed work?


The company's’ lawyer seemed nailed down. And irritated. She said..maybe?




Well..the company's’ lawyer continued..the case had become really big and massive and sticky and everybody was upset and so in the name of the company she was obligated to fire Adam.

She insisted there was no point in arguing, that the company didn’t want to deal with this case, that the normal working life and style had to be restored.

Nobody wanted this case.

No, it was not what anybody was up to.

It was a mere nuisance.

It had to be eliminated.


Whether Adams’ dismissal was final?


Well..yes, the company's’ lawyer said.



Adam was appalled.


The independent lawyer said that the company's’ decision was legal but that Adam had shown enough reasons to be allowed to appeal for re-admission.

He was thus allowed to take his case to a court and get a proper and full treatment that would respect what he had been doing. That would take his findings and methods and skills positively into account.

Then she asked how the company wanted to fare with the artefact?

The company's’ lawyer said the company would keep it all and give it to another worker.

For what?

For..working on it, for analysing it..the company's’ lawyer said.

The independent lawyer insisted that Adam had the right to use a copy of his findings for use in the appeal-trial.


The session was closed.

The independent lawyer gave Adam a brochure with instructions on how enact his appeal-trial.

Yes, he was obligated to enact it by himself.

There was no time limit and he had the right for a lawyer this time.


Adam was provided with a copy of his findings later that week.


He sat down at home.

Feeling full of fog.

There was nothing to think.

He was not about to immerse himself into the preparations for his appeal-trial. Why hurry anyway? There was absolutely no time limit.

Adam laid backwards in his chair. Sunk into himself.


He just sat there.


After a long while, a thought flashed through him, had he done his work right?


He sat there for a while and wondered. Worried.

Maybe not?


Then he concluded that he had been given his appeal-trial and the independent lawyer had praised him. So yes, he had done his job well. It seemed so.


Adam now had a lot of free time! Actually, all of his time was now leisure time!

He couldn’t go into a trial now, he needed some serious support. His family would come in handy.

Yes, travelling and spending time with his family was very good now. They could help him, support him, strengthen him, maybe they would love hearing his story, they were his family after all.

Adam had a family that was pleasant to be with.

So Adam made a phone-call. Arranged a meeting with his uncle. He lived nearby in a town with impressive cliffs. They didn’t meet very often, but harmonized well, so now was a good time to meet again and have a good time and chat about all things of life and love and so on.

His uncle was mildly surprised but very happy to meet young Adam. Yes, of course they could meet and spend a day at the white cliffs. Lovely nature, a lot to see, a lot to walk around, fantastic place to talk and catch up with the news and be friends and so on.

The meeting was set and Adam booked the train-ride. It was cheap and only took half-an-hour.

Once there, he got to the popular tourist spot to meet up with his uncle, met him there.

They hugged, greeted, started chatting.

Now, Adams’ uncle was hardly a cosmopolitan person, talking to him about wordly things wasn’t quite right, it didn’t lead to any big project or insight or conclusion, he wasn’t of any big help in these issues, no, but he could always provide a great time.

So they talked, had a great time, Adam could let off some pressure, forget his worries for a day. He wasn’t very worried, but you know, a job-loss and a trial that had to be put a certain pressure on you, took your mind as a hostage, determined your attitude, your mood, your thoughts, your plans your estimations.

It was good for Adam to have this day off and to be sure, let us note that this day-off should not have been the last before anything that might follow, because you know, whenever you need help you should take it and family support is invaluable, it is something that the author sadly does not have, he cannot rely on any good family, he had to rely on himself, but for Adam, yes, it is a great potential for support and strength and if we are supposed to see Adam achieve anything heroic in the future then yes, he would better use all the support he can gather.

You may wonder what the conversation was about. Well, Adams’ uncle, who we said was not a cosmopolitan, was in fact really not a cosmopolitan but was a man of his trade, a wine-connoisseur, a man who spent each year of his life on his wine-fields, very knowledgeable, gave the grape-plants what they needed, had the right soil, shielded them from rain, took great care of them and was renowned throughout the country for the excellent wine that he could yield from his fields. Yes, he was a true man of his field and he put his very person to the service of his grapes. He had won the awards over the years, he was nobody famous except for his wines, his vineyard was well-spoken-off, he had experts from all over the country come and taste his excellent results. His success was not a coincidence of talent, but the mixture of talent and a clear determination, maybe a bit clearer than Adams’. More pointed toward a very specific goal. It lies on hand that Adam may learn a lot of interesting how-tos from this uncle of his, information that may guide him in his quest. Adam was not fully blind to this potential. He knew about his uncle’s talents and results, he respected him for it, he had spent some time thinking about the way his uncle worked until his uncle stopped him and told him clearly that it all was not about thinking but about simple doing, about applying your knowledge in a simple manner by doing what was necessary in a very simple manner. The uncle told Adam repeatedly that simple action, not complicated thought, was the root-cause of success. He so often saw Adam in short bursts of complicated thoughts. He insisted he didn’t want to insult or criticize Adam. He affirmed that Adams’ work-field was different one, maybe a more complicated one? But never forget the power and result of simple work, Adam..that was his message. He liked his nephew a lot,..because..well, because he was his nephew, and he was not over-demanding and he was a man of yielding-work and he loved teaching the basics of successful work-principles to anybody, specifically to his family, and he saw Adams’ look, he saw the drive and the intelligence in his eyes, and he knew Adam was a scientist and that he wanted to help the world, and the uncle feared that his nephew may be slowed down in his doing by over-thinking, and by over-worrying and that he may encounter obstacles that might hurt him a lot, that he might face in the wrong way, through over-thinking rather than through simple work, and the uncle also had come to the conclusion that maybe school was the root of the problem, that maybe Adam had never been taught the simple way of solving problems, yes? That he may have been pushed into over-thinking, that he may have been pushed into looking-up the most sophisticated possible solution rather than the simple one at hand, and so, the uncle figured, that intelligent Adam had been lead astray, to a wrong path, where he had to spend a lot of energy and time to yield very little, which was so much a contradiction to the way that the uncle had become accustomed to work, that was a simple way of working that yielded a maximum of high-quality results.

In short, the uncle had a stretch of an impulse that it may be best to teach Adam to solve problems in an easy way.

And as he talked all the time to Adam, who gave no sign whatsoever of worry, the uncle jotted in a question about Adams’ whereabouts, that is his current situation.

Adam hesitated answered. Just said that he was working for this environmental company that was helping people.

He resisted saying more because, well the situation was a problem to him and it was very upsetting and problematic and worry-some and to be honest, Adam had little drive to tell it frankly or hidden to his uncle for the simple reason alone that he had a very specific idea of his uncle, one that was about a man on a wine-yard who simply did his work.

He certainly found his uncle very interesting and felt a distant respect for his achievements which he only knew a bit about and it was all very nice but certainly not the type of counsellor that Adam needed. He was a scientist, a man of mathematics and statistics, a man of data, he worked all day on his data and tried to use it to the best effect for his company and for all people and so, even though he quite well like this old man on his wine-yard, a man he could easily talk to, a man who listened, he felt little incentive to provide any intimate information to this man, for the simplest reason alone that there was the question: why? To what benefit? What could such a man teach Adam about his work, you know? Nothing against him, but what could he ever teach Adam that would be useful for his deep-going work? Nothing. That was what Adam thought to himself.

That man could teach him nothing. That was sad and that was all that there was to say.

His uncle kept probing.

Adam was put bit off his position with that.

He thought for a moment.

He told his uncle that he was given work to analyse and to yield data from it and to report it and then it slipped out of him that he had been fired.

He just stood there. Fired.

His uncle looked concerned. On point. Very much there with him. Waited for him to say something more.

There was nothing more that would come out of Adams’ mouth. He would not tell his uncle any detail about the artefact because how ridiculous would that be? It was part of fear of humiliation and thereby resulting rejection that stopped Adam. Made him stand word-less. He could not risk losing his uncle.

A shiver of woundedness and helplessness struck through him. He stood there in the warm day and felt nothing but cold. This great silence. This hallow wall between himself and his uncle. This hallow empty foggy wall that protected him from being an idiot, an unreasonable man, a fool.

He stood there. He thought about protecting himself. He stood there and thought about that.

And said nothing.


Well, we all have been fired, you know? His uncle said. He knew so many people who had been fired. Some for reasons, some for no reason. Some never knew. It was all the big scheme of life.

His uncle had such a soft look in his eyes when he talked about getting fired. He had a look like he wanted to say something, but Adam had no idea what.


They stood there. Adam resisting, his uncle concerned and thinking about what to say, in the way a man in a pub thinks about all kinds of useful things to say.


Some of his friends had been fired, the uncle said. He himself had been fired, the uncle said.

Adam was surprised and listened.

The uncle said he had been fired before taking over this wine-yard. Didn’t matter where he had worked, only mattered that he was fortunate enough that it had not affected his career. They..did not like him, his way of working, his habits, there had often been remarks and at last, they had put him out of place and well, even back then, it had not hurt him much, he had been angry at them for being so picky with him and so he had taken that move as a profit for himself, had sat himself up for a further education and then had taken over this fantastic wine-yard. He had been very glad that this piece of land had needed his expertise. He told Adam that if you were fortunate then you could find a piece of work that you could greatly improve with your knowledge, your way of doing things, with your way of getting around. Yes, it was really fantastic, the uncle said. He had found a treasure here at this wine-yard. There was so much that he could do, he had changed so much about it, he had greatly improved the quality of the crops, he had fully changed the quality of the wine, he had changed the income, the profit.

Had he not been fired back then..he would never have achieved his..

He told Adam that he was sad how young people were told that getting fired meant being a failure, a career-end, a good-for-nothing. He was sad about how they got told that they had to be perfect to be good enough to be chosen, how this was wrong in the light of what he had experienced. He also said how wrong all this over-intellectualization was, that it distracted people from the simple way of work. All his life he had been doing simple yet knowledgeable work, he had never over-thought on things – he was now talking about the time on the wine-yard, he said – and insisted that it was simple work that had saved and improved this wine-yard, not overly complicated academical work.

He was caught-up in his speaking.

If only people knew how much could be achieved by simple actions..he was active at different places, not just here – Adam showed surprise – he was active at Community Centres, he had witnessed people come out, he had witnessed people despair and frolic – even for no reason at all.

The world was a powerful place, he said, lots of different things happening.

Whether he knew any mad people, Adam asked.

..the uncle looked stunned and thought for quite a moment..hassled in: it depended what you called mad..he had seen different versions of people being called mad. He had been at psychiatric clinics, he had witnessed the people there, some hallucinating, some babbling, some silent. He had seen some in the streets. He could not say too much about that topic..he had never really been educated in it..he just thought again and then told Adam to be careful about that label ‘mad’, as it was given to many people who displayed very different kinds of symptoms, very different kinds of behaviour..different backgrounds..

He could not say whether they really had been mad, he said..maybe there were different reasons for what they did?..hard to say anything.

The uncle concluded with his very own nature of simple actions that the label was not the solution, you should not put it on yourself, you should just take simple action towards your goal. Simple know..

The uncle was left worry-some that he could not really say more about this. He felt an urge to say more..he wanted to do those people right. They needed help.

But what to say?..


Adam asked, how his uncle..saw certainty?

His uncle was puzzled. Certainty? What did Adam mean by that? In what context? Again, this was over-thinking..not good.

What did he, Adam, talk about? The uncle asked


..Adam took a moment, then stepped forward verbally, said that he had found footage, video, with information, a lot of interesting things to see, but no real certain evidence..nothing that said, you know, that this video was real, that it was not made nothing really said that it could be used..

His uncle said that video material could be analysed for such questions by specific companies. He did not know any name right now but..he would ask around. He added, sometimes, well very often if not always actually, it is better to ask somebody who knows..that spares a lot of work and worrying.

Adam tried to continue but his uncle waved off..get yourself that clarity from experts..that’s all you can do, he said.

Adam then added that he was up to a trial.

His uncle looked blank. Startled.

A trial that could get him back into his workplace.

His uncle relaxed in relief. Breathed hard. Laughed a bit.

So? he asked. Joked. Better win that trial, hmm?

Then he waved, don’t bother winning that trial, better go to a better need to work for a lousy company. A mistake many young people do. They spend all their time with a bad company..that brings bad troubles..

Find yourself a better company then..he concluded and walked a bit off.


Adam stood there. Had taken the information in.

Inside, he wanted clarity. Security. His uncle didn’t seem to like the topic. Adam wanted to stay on it, his uncle wanted a different topic.

So Adam chose a different topic.


He could work for his uncle, he said. In what way, his uncle asked curiously. With his science skills..he could analyse the wine-yard, the grapes, the production, make conclusions.

The uncle smiled it off. He thanked Adam. He insisted he didn’t mind his scientific drive at all. But, for first, the wine-yard was optimal as it was and for second, this had been accomplished and maintained by simple work, not by super-sophisticated scientific study.

Get into a different field, Adam, was what the uncle said. Not in my wine-yard, not in any, get yourself in a job that really can put to good use your sharp instincts, your intelligence, your in-depth analysis..all that can be used better anywhere else.

Where? Adam spat out.

The uncle was a bit puzzled. He apologized. He had never spent enough time with Adam to really think about the right field for him, or the right people to ask about work. Well..he could start with..really no firm idea..hrmm..oh the friend at the job-centre, of course, the guy that the uncle knew, yeah, he certainly knew a lot about it, it was his job after all.

Yeah, go to that guy, Adam, the uncle said. Phone-Number? Just go to the’s in town centre.


They just stood there.

Adam, the uncle said, I..I just want you to learn from me, you know? I have a lot to teach. I am proud of what I have achieved in my life, here. I have done something. I am good at it. I can tell you a lot of interesting stuff.


Adam was puzzled what he could learn from his uncle.


We meet so rarely, Adam, the uncle said. With sadness in his voice. I could use you listening..


They stood there.


Later that day, Adam passed at the job centre., talked to that guy that his uncle had recommended, presented his skills and diplomas. A variety of different jobs was possible for Adam. No vacant positions guaranteed..but there were companies who might take him now or later..good salaries.

It was not all scientific in the way of finding out new stuff. No, there was a lot of calculation..for constructing..architecture, some engineering..

It was all very interesting and promising but no certainty. Adam felt a bit let down.

Were there more possibilities, he asked. The guy checked his diplomas and skills anew..did Adam want a change of field? A new education? A new diploma?

Hard to say..Adam did not know what he wanted.


He left.

Drove back home.

Laid down in his bed.


He needed one more trip. One more diversion.

To where? To meet whom? Let’s see..

It crossed his mind that he had little clue what his uncle tried to teach him..he did remember the rest of the conversation though..he jumped up. He needed to give his recordings to do you call that? Evidence-making-company? Yeah.. he had to find one.

Not now. Now he was tired. He had to rest.


There was a lot happening. Him getting fired. Him looking for a way out. Him preparing for the trial. Him getting his job back. He wished his uncle had helped him more, had told him how to make it through the trial. But no. A wasted day, Adam thought. At least the weather had been nice.

Well, let’s go on, he thought. What is next? He could travel somewhere at random, take the cheapest ride and found out what was to be found there.

He stayed at home.


A few days later, he received a letter from a female lawyer, not the independent one from the last trial, no, this one was from the court where he could appeal for reinstalment. The letter said that the lawyer had taken an interest in Adams’ case due to it’s relevance to the job-market, the justice therein, that there were many people like Adam, who had possibly done their job well and still had been fired and there were possibilities in the law to object to all that and then there were campaigns by activists, all sort of campaigns that somehow touched this case, so there were many people upset about different cases of injustice, they had friends and relatives, you know, close and important people, who had suffered a job loss, income loss, who had lost all their security, who had seen their families become homeless or at least become threatened by homelessness and it was a big deal, so much suffering and pain and worrying and all that bad stuff and there was too little being done about it and all these campaigns had existed for a long time now and no real change had ever been achieved, of course everybody concerned wanted a change, of the law, of the regulation, of the whereabouts, all wanted a better system that would protect them and then there was this legal system, with its lawyers and judges and all the law-books and nothing was changed..the activists could name all the important and less important paragraphs and rules and all that mattered and they could point them out in trials and then there were only blockades, well not truly blockades but slow actions that were delayed, postponed, stretched on forever, officially all was taken very seriously but in the end, practically speaking, as we have said before, nothing was changed, all remained the same, there was homelessness, suffering, emergency, anxiety, need, all the bad stuff..people needed change.

And now there was a new trial going on and Adam was useful in it, he was one more case, and a scientist, a man of potential importance and the aftermath of his failed defence trial was that he had possibly done a really great job and had still been fired and so, yes, he had become a valuable asset in their cause and of course they had wanted to help him anyway, as they helped all people who had been fired.


So Adam was in.

He was told that they’d provide him with a support team for his mental health, so he would be stronger, feel better, have a better life, somehow make it through the trial. They helped where they could, they said.


He went to the place he had been told to go to and was greeted by a bunch of people, the female lawyer who had sent off the letter, a young adult, still looking very much like a boy, one secretary.

There were a bunch of more people in there but they weren’t introduced to Adam.


Adam was told to spend time with the social worker, that’s the young adult man looking like a boy.

The boy’s job was to keep Adams spirits high.

They went out for a walk. The boy talked about the whole fight they had, that it was the system against the people, that they had been fighting for so long, well not he himself but many other people. There was so much injustice in this history, so many people had been treated unfairly by companies and left alone by the legal system. It was harsh, the boy said. It seemed to disturb him profoundly. He said, you need some security in your life, you need a reward for your work, you need a safe haven..but you ain’t got that, he said. He was very much frustrated, he said. And he also looked just that way. You know, he said, there is this..going on..this battle..this injustice..all those companies are having people work for them..they use their work for profit, they benefit from them..and then they just throw them out, no danger from the legal system..was it all corruption? Was it laziness? What else could it be? He did not know, he said..

It was gross, he said..he didn’t like it. All this hatred all along, all those people fighting..angry..for good reasons..getting nowhere.

It all had lead to nothing.

There had been campaign after campaign. No results. All the legal rights had been ignored by the legal system..worker did not have any rights no more..what was going on here?

The boy seemed obsessed with this case.


Adam stood there and listened. He had never been a legal person, had never looked up any trial. All his life he had been a scientist who had tried to do good for the world, somehow law had not been his thing.

He did not want law, he wanted science.


He told the boy about his life, his interest in the science, his interest in helping the world..

The boy told him there were many people like him. So many wanted to help people..and had been fired. Not necessarily for that..but still.


Adam wondered only how things would continue for him.

He asked the boy about his chances for reinstalment.


..a pause..

We..can’t guarantee your job. That’s our problem. We can only help you.


If Adam proceeded alone? Adam asked.

No chance, the boy said. He said Adam showed an utter lack of understanding the situation. All that had been explained to him. That was gross. The boy had thought he was more about all the people..not just himself.


Sure there were other people too..Adam said.


So? The boy asked, why not talk about them? Why not listen to all that was being said?


Adam stood there.


The boy looked disappointed. He said, he had believed Adam had tried to really help he would also see the other people in this problem.

Maybe it was because Adam was a scientist that the boy was so disappointed about his lack of interest. He said, he had always believed scientists existed to care about facts and truth and all things, including people. How could a scientist only see his small case?


The boy was silent for a moment..then apologized. It was his job to help Adam, not to criticize him, he admitted. Well..the campaign had to be done, he said.

Was there anything more that the boy wanted to say? He said that they had to stick through this campaign, that it was important, that there was so much injustice and nothing was being done to fight it. To repair the damage.

People were so bad, he said, in the legal system. The companies could do their mess, they could do whatever they wanted and the legal system ignored everything..what a world was that?

Why did it take people like himself to restore good regulations in this world?


The trial was in two weeks and it would include Adams’ trial for reinstalment and for the recognition of his scientific work.


There was the rumour going around that Adams’ finding may have a deeper importance for this world. It was unclear though who had spread those rumours. Well, it had not been Adam, that is assured.

But who? No conspiracy- or alien-theorist had declared himself the author..who knew the information anyway? Could it be trusted? Nobody could tell. It was all just rumours. But they came to Adams’ ears.


So for him, his old heroic quest came back to life. It was again valuable to publish his recordings. He had the copies and the original artefact.

He could show the recordings to his lawyer.

He asked her about the rumours. She said, she didn’t live for rumours..he said he had proof.

She said, she wasn’t here for any spooky recordings about aliens, no she wanted to win her campaign.

She ignored his comment about having proof.


The trial came.


It was a big day with a big amount of media-coverage. At least in the underground. There was only a subtle mentioning in the main media.

All clients were driven to the court by bus.

Adam got out of the bus in the garage and followed the crowd into the corridors.


They rested in a waiting room. They were told to wait in here until maybe the court would call them in. It was unknown and undefined how many clients would be called before the judge. So many waiting.


There was a tremendous amount of stress in the waiting room. Frustration. Fear. Anger. Jealousy. Anxiety. Impatience. Everybody wanted to run into the courtroom and tell his story to the judge.

This campaigns had been going on for so long..many people in here had been here already several times, some many times..they were invited and nobody would call them was a farce.

The word spread around..farce.

A cheating move by the legal system..all was corrupt..the companies had bought the judges..that was the obvious truth..

The waiting room filled up with this conviction..stronger than ever before.

There had been too many worthless trials..too much rejection.

And no way out.


Adam sat there, eager to defend himself, surrounded by an angry mob who wanted even more to defend themselves.

Anger was total.

Nobody believed in a sound resolution any-more.

They sat there and nothing would be done for them.


The trial started.

With no clients.

They just sat there and were told again to wait.


Many faces showed they wanted to act out somehow, get inside. All showed their fear of being kicked out..they weren’t allowed to speak up..

If they did..their cases would be nullified..reduced to nothing..the end.


So they just sat crossbows stretched to their limits..just waiting.


The trial went on..some activists were allowed to speak up. They passed at the judge, one after the results.


A chair flew in the waiting room. An angry man jumped up. An alarm ignited in the waiting room.
All people exploded into anger.


It was chaos. All stormed to the door. Hammered on it. Screaming, swearing, cursing. People running around, screaming in anger.

Anger was pure. No panic. No fear. No hesitations.

Just anger.

The poor alarm was drowned.


An employee of the court opened the door to re-install peace. Not out of bravery, but without thinking, just doing his know, noise in the waiting room had to be..smothered.

The people ran over him. Not really crushing him but pushing him aside. Nobody listened to him.

Security had no time to react.

The crowd stormed the court-room.


None of the judges, not even the security had been informed of the incoming stampede.

Instantly, the court-room was filled up with the angry mob that stormed towards the microphone..just a few steps in front of the main judge.

The judges just starred.

Security jumped in, tried to get the people away.

No chance.

Angry mob is angry mob. Does not listen.


People screamed at the judges. Quiet edible. You could understand what they said.

There was just anger..and exhilaration..


The screaming went on for about ten minutes.

You may ask what the judges did..they tried to get away. But the crowd blocked the doors. Surrounded the judges. Narrowed them in.

Security was helpless.

Nobody was violent towards the judges. They were just all screaming.

And that for ten minutes.


And then for a longer time.

People wanted money. Safety. Justice. They wanted their work respected. They wanted their families protected. They wanted to get out of homelessness. Or they wanted to stay out.

And there were the judges who could help them..and who had always refused to help them..who had dragged everything on for ages..

Solutions were needed now.

And there was no path visible. There was nothing one could do to receive definitive help. And it was so much needed.

Nobody here could afford to become silent, to go back..nobody could afford to lose today.

The mob was at point-blank. Emergency.


They needed a yes. Now.


And that they screamed.


After that moment, SWAT Teams burst into the court-room and struck down the crowd. All filled up with tear-gas. Batons were used to beat people up.

It was a massacre.

The crowd was beaten to the ground.


And pulled off. Forced into Vans. Driven off.


And so Adam found himself chained up inside a police van.

You may wonder whether he had been doing something special during the court-room assault. Well no, there was nothing special to be mentioned. Adam had been somewhere in the crowd.


Now he was in that van and he had no real idea where it was jail probably.

Then his scientific instincts jumped in..nobody had attacked the judges..they all had just screamed and told their problems. They had asked for a solution.

Adam figured nobody could be put to jail for that. He neither. He had not done anything bad. He knew that.


They were left out of the van. Adam found himself at a camp. High fences around. All protestants were gathered there.



Adam thought about his situation.

He needed to get back into work. He needed to save his reputation. He needed to save his work and its results.

..Trouble..they had made such big trouble in the could Adam get out of it? No way..he could see no way out..he was here at the camp..all the police knew he was one of the aggressors..and, his trial has had the condition..that he would remain peaceful..and wait for his turn to speak in front of the judges..if they ever called him forth.

What if he had lost his right now?..clearly: his legal more right for reinstalment. No more right to fight for his work, for his reputation.

Was he at the end? Was he doomed now?

He stood there and looked around blank.


He needed help. Council. Repairs. Now.

He needed to save himself. He needed to be peaceful.

Who could he talk to? Nobody. The crowd stood there, did nothing. Nobody there to talk to.

There was now panic at the camp. A felt panic. Nobody did anything yet. No movement. Just panic.


Some whimpered. Some screamed in terror.

Voices got loud, claiming their cause had been nullified. Destroyed.


The crowd started running around. Police screamed. Told the crowd to stay calm.

Desperation came. Some begged with the police, some fell to the ground, some started climbing the fence.

More police screaming.

Some rattled on the fence. Some tried to brake the wire.

Police sprayed tear-gas.

There was screaming, crying, whimpering.

People fell to their knees.

Adam was in the middle. Just stood there. Blank.


They sprayed tear-gas until everybody was on the ground, until everybody was quiet. Destroyed.


That day came to an end.

The crowd was taken out of the camp without any alert.

They were told to get into the vans and then..they were taken back into the city and told to go home.


So that day had passed.

Bloody hell.


Adam found himself at home. Speechless. What a day. He had gotten nothing.

So much violence, so much emotion, so much energy. Then the SWAT Teams. Oh hell.

All he had wanted was to defend himself in front of the judges.

And now that.


It took a while before the big problem appeared again in his mind: his cause! Had he lost all rights?

Fear filled him. Panic. He tried to call the lawyer.

No reply..had her phone been destroyed?


The next day he received a letter, a letter sent to all members of the campaign. There had been a lot of damage.

They had lost.

They had been disbanded. Violence was forbidden. They had no right to storm the court-room.

They had no more right to appeal.

The campaign was terminated by the court.

All appeal-trials bound to this campaign were nullified.

Adam went blank. Dead.

He had lost and..was at his end.

No more appealing, no more trial, no more right for reinstalment. He had gone with this campaign and now, all was lost.


He was empty now. All was over. His entire heroic quest to help humanity with his findings: dead.

Put to an end by this court-room. By a legal system to left its citizens alone.


He stood there...and came to the idea to publish his recordings. Yeah, that was all that he could still do! And he could do it! He grinned widely. He had power with these recordings. He had the power to overthrow his old company, those who had betrayed him, those who had done him wrong and punished him for being a scientist.

He could present his work to punish them. And to save his reputation.


So..all he had to do was to publish his findings.

His first instinct was to publish the recording over peer-to-peer networks. Yes, why? Because he didn’t trust the big research publishers..they were servants to the legal system, they thought just like them, they would reject his findings, they would never believe him. No, peer-to-peer was so much better, individuals who could find his work and secretly support it. Yes, he could find people who supported him. That was a good thing.

So he published his recording on the peer-to-peer network.

And waited for the first people to discover them.


Well, he should give his file a good name.

What about “Proof of alien-race having space-travel and space-mining technology”?

He published one version under that name. It sounded good.

What about “New findings about space-mining”? Sounded good as well. He published a second version under that name.


He published a dozen more versions under different names. More chances for discovery.


Then he waited.

Days passed. No download.

All he could do was wait.

Or maybe check the news in the research? Was there any news of alien-findings? He checked.

Nothing looked like his work. A lot of tech-news going on, but nothing like his findings.

There was even tech being made for space-mining..hmm..he had competition..they didn’t show any technical plans.


Then he got his first download. He was hooked. Who had taken the file? real indication. Just an alpha-numerical code..


More downloads followed. Adam grinned. It looked like triumph.


More downloads. Not many. A hand-full.

He wondered: what did the people think of it? Were they hooked? No idea. He checked for their comments. No comment yet. Hmm.. Just let it flow naturally..just give more people time to download it.


The days passed and more downloads happened.

No comments, no explosive increase of the downloads, no news on the web.


Adam decided to send his file to some online-magazines.


He got a reply. Nice video-make-up, they said. Go work for a movie-company.

He replied, insisting that the video was authentic.

He got no reply.


He sent his recording to more magazines, claiming it was genuine. He got some replies, stating to better go into the movie-industry. They needed facts. Truth.


You may wonder how it continued for Adam. Let me put it clear at this point that we will no longer pursue Adams’ life. That makes me sad. I had hoped that he’d find more success with his findings. could he prove that his findings were genuine? There was so much movie-making software around, so many possibilities to manufacture this video, so many people making alien-videos..Adam drowned in a crowd of movie-making people.

There was no way to prove the veracity of his findings.

We continue now for a short time with him having the idea to show the artefact to a magazine. A great idea. After all, the recording was on it. What more proof could anybody want to see?


So he went there and showed the artefact and was quickly dismissed, against his insisting..a bunch of rocks screwed together..that was easy to do. Proved nothing.


Well..that sucks, doesn’t it? Even the truth falls victim to accusations of being made-up. Nobody believes it any-more. That has different reasons, us being so much used to seeing any possible object made by a production, us being over-exposed to all kind of sci-fi stuff. Selling an artefact as genuine is impossible with these people. Nobody listens, nobody analyses..


No, the end of the story is this, that Adam had lost out in his honest cause. He had been honest all the time and done his great scientific job, but no chance with the people. They don’t take time to analyse that piece of rock, they don’t accept that maybe what Adam says is correct.

It is, as we know it. We know, he found this recording on the artefact. What we will never know is whether this artefact and the recording were made by an alien-race. No idea. Just like Adam, we don’t know whether it is genuine or not. But we know that we have made our job.

And sadly, we have lost out.

I am angry about this. I, as author of this story, am angry about this. I am a human of truth, of justice, of evidence. Adam should have been listened to, his recording should have been analysed, more work into that direction should have been made.


But that is not how this story ends.

It ends with our quest shattering on deaf ears.



© Copyright 2020 GilbertZenner. All rights reserved.

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