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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic
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Two seconds of attention.
the one candidate that looks good, looks promising, looks risk-free, in those two seconds.
one person has to be taken, gets taken, by impulse, by quick judgement, looks good.
The wheels of chance.

You win or lose

I come. My perspective. I am here and see it, see the different reality, I see the wheels of the system, the casting directors with their two-seconds attention span, I see how pickings come to existence, how you get chosen as an actress, I see the type-seeking, the reduction of acceptance to the very bare minimum, either perfect or rubbish, you either fit or you don’t and their tolerance is non-existing.

Submitted: December 17, 2019

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Submitted: December 17, 2019



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How to film and be a star

by Gilbert Zenner

an Essay about the Acting Industry and your path to your success




I love this essay. It vibrates with my current state of being, of awareness, of knowledge, of insight.


And you should love this essay just as much as I do.

And you should go down on your knees and thank me for giving you my insight here if you have the slightest intention to become an actor/actress.

i.e. if you have the slightest intention to waste your time in the waiting room to head into that famous audition that is at least supposed to give you a role or even change your whole life.


You are wasting your time in there.

I tell you here and now to produce yourself.

It costs 200$ maximum.

And your time is 100% productive.


Read on:




You are to the one.

You got chosen.

By instinct maybe, or gusto, or choice, or fun, to convince a board maybe, or just to have a promising candidate. Chosen in any of these ways, in an industry that pays attention, not for a day, not for an hour, not for a minute and not even for a moment, no, but just for two seconds. Two seconds. Busy men and women. Busy people. With their heads all in their work, in their chances, looking just for the chance to present that candidate, the one candidate that looks good, looks promising, looks risk-free, in those two seconds. Two seconds, a guess, a decision, take or throw, yes or no, the project needs a person, a candidate, one without risks, one who can be sold, one who brings popularity, fame, a success at the box office, one person has to be taken, gets taken, by impulse, by quick judgement, looks good.


That is the wheels of chance.


Feeling lucky?

A life as an actress. Success. Talent. Money. Fame. A project you can work on. A role you may play. A character you may represent. You win or lose, now you have won, you have convinced, now you are here, by talent or training or good fortune maybe, whatever you want to call it. You are there. You have arrived.

That is one way to look at it. You, the actress, you have convinced.

You have won on the wheels of chance.


But then, I come. My perspective. I am here and see it, see the different reality, I see the wheels of the system, the casting directors with their two-seconds attention span, I see how pickings come to existence, how you get chosen as an actress, I see the type-seeking, the reduction of acceptance to null, either perfect or rubbish, you either fit or you don’t and their tolerance is non-existing, the finest grid of wire imaginable, thin as hell, the narrowest place you could find and your feet have to fit on it, you either fit or you don’t, there’s no trying, to persevering, no talent keeps you on it unless you are by nature perfect for them..and then, if you finally fit, when you think now you’re there and you are this accomplished actress, then you learn that it is just for this project, this thing here and for all else, for anything that may come later, you have to fit again, and as we said, you either fit by nature or you don’t and then again, even if you fit, there’s competition, different candidates.

Your chances fitting one time are given by nature, you can’t change them and your chance is extremely small.

Your chances of fitting twice are non-existent.

It is hard and easy to describe. It is something you don’t want to admit to yourself, at least not to me, no, I have seen you people, you think different from me, but wait, no, it is not about thinking, no, let me tell you, what I have told you in this essay is not my thinking, not my smart conclusion, no, it may be wise but it is not smart what I have written, no, it is the blank truth.

What I write here is the blank truth.

Getting cast is dependent on fitting by nature.


The reason why I say it is not smart is because I have seen you people hide behind walls of thoughts and justifications, yes, thoughts and justifications, you keep telling me and yourself that the acting world is such and such and that you only need talent to be good and so you say you take acting classes so you can hone your acting skills, get better and maybe get this and that role.

That might work in a different industry. One that is scientific and precise and not arbitrary.

Your tricks won’t work in the acting industry.


The acting industry is an artificial construct to make money with you. Sounds okay. Industries have their right to exist. We need industries to produce goods.

And it is okay to make money. Even with you. It is okay to use people to produce goods to make money.


But we need reliability, that is the assurance that your work turns out income for you and you also need precise rules, that is the opposite of arbitrary, i.e. you must be able to keep to specific how-tos and be certain to be successful with your outcome.

The industry does not work for actors. That is the central point of this essay.


The wheels of fortune is a fantastic title for this essay;

These word stand for luck. You believe your luck serves you well.


That is your fundamental error:


It is so central to the problem of the industry, a hard reminder for you actors, to never trust the industry, to not trust casting directors, do not trust your good fortune.

The acting industry is fiercely corrupt, fiercely wrong, not aimed at producing great acting, no, just aimed at producing the next good-selling blockbuster.


You may fake now that you know that and that you are fine with it and so you may ride along the commercial train and just be part of the next big blockbuster.

You may claim that but never gonna be able to do so..just look at the actors taken in by the industry, extremely type-based, i.e. only a very specific type of both actors and acting is allowed, no space for anything else, and furthermore, look ahead, look at which actors get taken, yes? Do you see it? Yes, the same people. All around. Again and again.

The same actors get taken time and time again. Are the repertoire. Not just in the repertoire, no, but are the repertoire by themselves.


And you are not one of them.


It takes strength and courage and honesty to say the truth if it’s not what you want it to be. You want an industry that is productive for you, so, why admit that it isn’t? There’s only this one industry around for you. Why not believe in it? Makes sense.


But it’s wrong. Don’t believe in the industry. No. Stick to yourself. Don’t give yourself to the industry.


Do this: produce yourself!

That is the way of work that works, that is the modern way of working as an actor, produce yourself, get all the equipment for 200$ max, like me, i.e. I use an HUAWEI MATE SE for 130$ and a memory card for 40$, it gives me 256 GB Storage. That is plenty. More than I have ever needed.

So for 170$ you get all the stuff that you really need. For the remaining 30$ you get a portable battery and a tripod.

That is truly all you need. You even don’t need a laptop. You can cut, edit, trim, remix your video on your smartphone and upload it to anywhere, even send it by email using any of these superbly useful transfer-websites where you just indicate your email and the email of the receiver and than you may transfer GBs of data.

We live in self-producer-heaven right now. From now until infinity. Until eternity.

We have heaven on earth for us.


How stupid must one by right now to leave one’s fate to the whim of casting directors? They’re cruel, mean, not there for you.

If you had the slightest honesty within thyself then it you would not sit in those waiting rooms.

Yes, you are showing a wrong kind of persistence. You are wasting your time, time you could and should be using to film either yourself or actors you work with.

Don’t fret, I am patient with you, trust me.


Do I really need to explain?

Stupid is as stupid does. Forrest Gump’s mother was right.

You are stupid if you do stupid things.


And I am not.

And I am generous enough to write this essay to take you upon the right track. The track directly to your luminous future.

You wanted to be a successful actress, remember?


I have written here two essays in one, one about the wheels of fortune, one about your ability to produce yourself.

And that makes sense. They go hand in hand. It is obvious. I am telling the obvious. As so often.


Produce yourself.

That is the way.

That is the only way.

It is cheap, and fast and reliable.


Yes. The wheels of fortune. I prefer calling it the wheels of chance. Chance is the word I combine the most with your minuscule chance of avoiding to get crushed by an evil tyrant, to be able to please them, satisfy them and live on.

Chance – a word that sounds great, like opportunity but hides it’s sinister nature.


I feel so much gravity in this concept and truth of the wheels of chance.

Certainly because it is so inherent to how we actors think about the acting industry and our path therein up to our breakthrough and beyond.

We think in taking chances, in pleasing, in being good enough.

This thinking is so fundamental to our world, to our attitude, to the way we think about our trajectory, that is our way up.

It is fundamental and mysterious and detrimental and crushing and we all blend out, we all deny that only a few of us make it. It is not a percentage, in many ways it’s not that. Let me explain, we speak of percentage if there is a reliable outcome to it, i.e. every time 1% makes it and becomes successful. So, in this scenario, if you stick around long enough, chances are tremendously high, maybe even certain, that in the end you make it through, you get taken.

Here, in the acting industry, things are very different. No reliable outcome. No certainty. No gain.

You may very well fail. And let us be honest at this point, most actors and actresses fail in this system.


And we are naive and subordinate, yes, slavish enough to call it beautifully the wheels of chance. Take a chance and you may make it through.


The wheels of chance are a lie. Even though they look very real. They’re fake. Sadly made up by ourselves. We trick ourselves. That is a crime. By us, against us.


The wheels of chance, this mysterious gate to success that we centre all the acting around. Your big chance awaits you there.

And you say all the big names have made it through there.

It is now time to be honest. Something I love doing. I am gods honest man. I am honest by nature. Ask my friends. I never lie. I speak the truth as I breathe.

I am an honest person telling you this following detail now, which somewhat costs me strength of will because it is personal and I hate it when my personal affairs get criticized. I don’t mind that much a publication of personal thoughts and feelings, no, but I really disdain critic of my personal being. That is harsh and ugly and real shit. I am a human being, guys. I have a right to be who I am.


So take it without judgement now, that I tell you of my lover of yore, my love never met, the person I have written this essay for, she has been the inspiring person to write an essay about the wheels of chance, exactly because she is successful, many would say truly successful and all people speak of her great talent and how that has allowed her to have the career she’s having.

I have a different opinion. I don’t see talent as sole reason for her success, she displayed talent in her early movies, above all Winters Bone, which is clearly for me her best movie to date, but for the rest, I don’t credit her success solely to talent but a lot to fitting and popularity.

I am clear to my idea and judgement here. The wheels of chance are merciless and accept only the fitting candidates and there are no exceptions. None.

No talent helps you get a role. You have to fit.

And my lover of yore is no exception.


Jennifer Lawrence is one of the big star actresses of our time. Yes. Of this time.

And she fits for the producers, that is evident by the rules of the wheels of chance.

She fits.

That has given her her success. That has given her her Oscar nominations.

And that has finally given her her Oscar.


The wheels of chance.

You get picked because you fit.

In those two seconds of attention.


Even with multiple auditions, it is Casting Directors who pick or throw, who look for their candidate, it is the two seconds of attention and then yes or no.

Picking the candidate who fits upon the wire.


Jennifer Lawrence is no exception. I am not writing that to criticize her. That is very important to mention. No, I am writing this because I am a person honest to the facts, honest to my findings.

I have witnessed the corruption of Hollywood. With the word corruption I am calling at this very thin acceptance range, this concept of taking actors like tools, meant to fit, not to work freely.

I have witnessed it, I have identified it, I keep to my findings.


Nobody stops me on my path to the truth. Only the truth helps.

Jennifer Lawrence fit.

All the big names fit.

You fit or you die.

And there is no fighting in the acting industry. You can’t compensate your inadequacies.


So produce yourself.

The time is there and for all eternity.

Nobody is going to hire you for life.

Hire yourself.


© Copyright 2020 GilbertZenner. All rights reserved.

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