Dove Chronicles

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
The Dove Chronicles is suspense-driven, urban thriller filled with adventurous twists and turns about personal pain, toil, struggle, come-up and the perils of street politics.It chronicles the lives of women who are forced to live in the belly of some of Northern California's darkest neighborhoods. Charm's version of female supremacy ignites the flame of an infernos fire that may never be put out. Every decision has a consequence, but; sometimes that consequence strokes a brush of bloodshed, romance, hard bids, life or death, crime, brutal motives, and more............ in the frame of the game.

Table of Contents

Sacramento County Jail 1999 (Snake and Charm)

Submitted: December 18, 2019

CHAPTER ONE The summer of ‘1999’ – Sacramento County Jail – “Snake and Charm”

“Okay, okay, I understand all of that, but what happened after that?” “Felicia, it’s almost nine o’clock, you know I have to finish gettin’ dressed for court. We can finish this conversation when I
get back.” Felicia jumped off her bed and walked up behind Charm, wrapping her arms around her waist, she pulled her tightly against her bare chest. “What are you doin’?” Charm asked, twisting in
the last of her corn rows. “Get up off me! Where is your shirt?” Charm kept her eyes locked on Felicia’s honey brown breasts through the reflection of the steel mirror she was looking into. The
large black nipples poking her in the back let her know that Felicia’s mind was going somewhere else; a place she didn’t have time to go. “Licia, back up off me before we shoot the fair one here.”
“Ummmm…” Felicia’s moan vibrated seductively in Charm’s ear, making her own nipples stand at attention. The thin grey sweater did a terrible job hiding them. Like large spikes, they pressed
aggressively through the material catching Felicia’s attention. “Ooooh…What’s this?” She asked, reaching up and cupping Charm’s erect breast with both of her hands. “Yo’ shit is sooo soft…” Felicia
moaned, squeezing the silky flesh of Charm’s breast through her sweater. “Let me fuck you before you bounce for the whole day.” “Kick back ‘Licia,” Charm demanded, trying to wiggle herself free
from Felicia’s scorpion-like grip. “We got all night for that shit, stop bein’ greedy.” Without a word, Felicia stuck out her tongue and licked the back of Charm’s neck. The light taste of
strawberry flavored body oil sent her hormones into overdrive. “Licia, what’s all of this?” “Come on celly, just let me taste you a little…” Charm closed her eyes and allowed her mind to follow the
warm sensations of Felicia’s soft kisses and bits popping up all over her neck. She couldn’t lie, it felt good being kissed by Felicia – without her, the meaning of sexual gratification was
nothing. After a year and a half of incarceration, Felicia was a beautiful breath of fresh air. Felicia’s hands worked like magic on Charm’s tender breast; her every move sent chills all through
her body. The secret between her legs was beginning to tingle wildly; it felt like a fire was being fanned with gasoline. “I know you want me to tweak that pussy for you.” Felicia continued, trying
her best to woo Charm out of her clothes. “Do you feel me?” She asked, grinding herself against Charm’s thick backside, sparking small orgasmic spasms in the oversized pearl tucked warmly between
her thighs. The friction of the state-issued pants Charm was wearing worked well as an artificial stimulus. It didn’t take much to make Felicia’s inner walls ooze with her feminine essence.
“Ummmm…” “Wait, wait,” Charm moaned, snapping her eyes back open. I’ll tell you what. Ummm…damn it! I’ll tell you what… I’ll tell you the rest of the story if you get yo’ freaky half-breed ass off
of me so I can finish gettin’ dressed. Don’t, shit, don’t do –, umm…hold up!” Charm could feel Felicia’s left-hand slide in behind her. The speed in which it was bumping against her backside told
her that she was playing with herself; an action at which she was an absolute pro. Out of all the women Charm knew, no one could give themselves an orgasm quicker than Felicia. Her right hand
tightened around Charm’s waist, keeping her firmly pressed against her naked chest. “Licia, are you…” “Uhhhh, yessss,” I’m about to cuuuum…Don’t move, don’t move –” Felicia’s rapidly moving hand
came to an abrupt stop, and her body locked up simultaneously; the color in her face completely drained. “Ahhhh…Yessss…Hold on.” The pressure in Felicia’s stomach released, soaking her entire hand.
“Bitch! Did you just finger fuck yo’ self-standing this close to me?! Get off me! Wash yo’ muthafuckin’ hands.” Felicia nodded, laughing out loud. The whole situation was hilarious to her. “Yeah,
if I can’t tweak yo’ pussy, then I’ma tweak mines. You gotta problem with me fuckin’ myself?” “Get away from me,” Charm said, pushing her way past Felicia. “Wash them nasty-ass fingers before they
fall off and turn into dust.” “I’m off you, finish the story.” Felicia turned on the sink water and started washing her hands. As much as she wanted to continue her seduction on Charm, she wanted
to hear the rest of the story more. For the last eight months Charm had been feeding her bits and pieces of her life of crime and love. The graphic stories made their extended cell time pass easier
and faster. They grew to become the best part of the day. “Go ahead, tell the story.” “Whatever! After Snake turned around and punched me,” Charm started, picking up where she had left off, “I was
flat on my back, bleedin’ profusely out of my mouth, my eyes and nose. My whole head felt like it had shattered all over the street. I couldn’t –” “Where was your gun?” Felicia interrupted. “Quit
interrupting me! Just listen to the story.” Charm said as she walked and sat on Felicia’s bunk. Every time she told her a story, it was the same thing over and over again. “You always do that shit,
Licia. Learn to hold off on all the questions. The answers to the shit you wanna know will come out in the story.” Felicia nodded in agreement, dried off her hands and sat next to Charm. “Okay, my
bad. Go ahead.” “Like I said,” Charm continued, “I couldn’t see or breathe. That nigga fucked me up real bad. He left me layin’ there suckin’ up rainwater. I thought he was gone, but he wasn’t. He
was standing over me with his pistol pointed directly at my face. It was crazy.” Charm shook her head recalling the memories of that painful night. “He said something, but I couldn’t make out what
it was. As soon as my vision cleared up, poof!” “Poooof?! He shot you? Where?” Felicia queried. “Felicia, we just went over you interrupting me a few minutes ago.” Felicia cursed herself under her
breath. It was hard to stay quiet hearing such crazy details. “Are you quiet again? Huh?” Charm asked, looking directly at Felicia. “Can I continue? Obviously, the nigga didn’t shoot me, you’ve
already seen my whole body. I don’t have any bullet wounds except for this bullshit scar.” Charm ran her index finger through one of the parts in her braids, stopping at the back of her head where
a small scar was. The scar looked more like a small dent than anything else. Hair no longer grew there. “That’s from the rubber bullet?” Felicia asked, cutting in on Charm’s story for the umpteenth
time. “Shit, let me grab my bra and my shirt.” “Yeah, this is from the rubber bullet they shot me with. Anyway, he didn’t shoot me. He shot right next to my face. That’s where the small scratches
right here come from.” Charm ran her fingers over the tiny marks, remembering how painful the concrete was burning in her shredded cheek. “After that he ran off and I passed out – give me my shoes
over there by the door.” “Alright. Where the fuck is my bra? Do you have my muthafuckin’ bra on? Let me see.” “Bitch! Gimme my shoes.” Charm responded, giving Felicia her ‘Don’t-start-with-me’
look. “Where’s your bra? Hoe, pleasssse, nobody can fit your bra Miss Titty-licious. Ha-ha-hah!” Charm giggled making giant breast signs with her hands. “My little ass cha-cha’s would drown in your
double D parachutes. I don’t know how you live with those big-ass punching bags weighing you down.” “Fuck you clown! You don’t be saying that when you’re suckin on’em. Just finish the story.” “Five
foot six, 143 pounds, breasts like baby blimps? We should call you boobaydah…breasttonia…nippa ‘leekah, or somethin’.” Charm grabbed her stomach, falling backwards into the bunk laughing. The look
on Felicia’s face tickled her all over. “I’m just fuckin’ with you.” “The story, please!” Felicia barked, rolling her eyes at Charm. “Don’t roll them evil-ass green eyes at me woman! You’re the one
who cut me off, again! Where was I? Oh yeah… After I regained consciousness, I noticed that I was in some sort of big empty room. It was real dark & warm, and it smelled like piss and alcohol.”
Thoughts of the past began to flow back into Charm’s mind, filling her newly healed heart with small currents of sadness. Even today, the emotional and physical scars were as fresh as ever. “As I
laid there, I noticed a large figure standing over me rocking back & forth, breathing heavily. I knew who it was. I didn’t need to see him.” “Snake?” “Yeah. Snake. He walked off and returned
holding three candles, making it easier for me to see him and the rest of the room. There were old Ping-Pong tables, broken TV’s, rusted vending machines, and shit like that. I found out later that
we were in the Fruitridge Community Center, right off the side of the road. You know where that is?” “Uh huh, right across the street from the Quick Stop? Right behind the projects?” Felicia had
been to the Community Center many times when she was young, but not so much in her later years. After joining the South Side Coonie Avenue Crips, being in that area was no longer an option. Bloods
controlled that part of town, and aggression was their method of dealing with outsiders. “What were you doin’ so deep in the Ridge?” “I told you before,” Charm responded. “The pawn shop that we
jacked was in that area. Come on, keep up! Snake carried me unconscious on his shoulders, in the pouring rain and blowing wind, all the way to the center. He could’ve killed me and left me laying
there. But he didn’t. No matter what I did that night, he still loved me too much to leave me there hurt and alone.” “That nigga don’t give a fuck about you.” Felicia blurted, turning her face away
from Charm attempting to hide her anger & jealousy. She hated when Charm spoke about Snake with so much affection, after what he had done to her. “He’s gonna get his.” “What?!” Before Felicia knew
what was happening, Charm’s fingers were around her neck, cutting off her air supply. “I don’t ever wanna hear you say that again. Do you understand me? Huh?” Felicia squeaked out an affirmative
response, her eyes pleading for Charm to let go. From experience, she knew that when provoked, Charm was an extremely violent person. Not only violent, but skilled in multiple styles of fighting.
Only a fool, or a professional fighter would test her in a one-on-one first fight. “Keep yo’ feelins to yo’ self.” “Okay, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again…” “Give me that heat you made.” Charm
demanded, releasing Felicia from the choke-hold. “I need it for my trip. You never know what’s gonna happen.” Felicia slid over on her bunk, reached under the end of the mattress and removed an
all-white pick-shaped item. Its length was about six full inches, and the flat end of it wrapped tightly in torn T-shirt strips. “Here!” Felicia handed Charm the weapon. Taking it into her hand,
Charm forcefully touched the tip of it to see how sharp it was. “It’s ready. It won’t break, trust me. Here’s the tip cover for it.” “This is what I’m talkin’ about.” Charm placed the tip cover on
the homemade ice pick. “Go look out the window and see if the pigs are in the pod yet. I gotta tuck this real quick.” Felicia walked over to the cell window and looked out. She could see in the
dayroom other inmates coming out of their cells, getting ready for the court escorts. “Are the escorts here yet?” Charm asked, while sliding the knife down the back of her pants into her panties,
securing it perfectly between her butt cheeks. “Damn! It feels good having something long and thick back there. It’s been awhile.” “Not yet,” Felicia answered. “Some of the homegirls are already
gettin’ popped out they cells. Baby C.J. is out there with Pretty Punch and her sister Kiss. I think they’re goin’ with YOU.” “Press the button, I’m ready.” Felicia pressed the cell intercom button
twice and waited for someone to answer. Instead of answering, the pod tower officer pushed the unlock button, popping the door open so that Charm could come out for court-line. “How do I look
Licia?” “Good as always. Good luck in court my love. Don’t let those white folks down there stress you out.” Charm walked up to Felicia and wrapped her arms around her. Using only a little bit of
tongue, she softly kissed her, taking in the sweet smell rising from her. “What’s that for?” “It’s for you beautiful.” Charm answered. “I love you baby girl. You & I are cut from the same cloth.
Hold the cell down while I’m gone.” Charm pushed the cell door open and walked out into the dayroom. Felicia blew her a kiss, waving goodbye. Their friendship was definitely stronger than average.
“Charm! If you see my husband down there, tell him that I love him and miss him. Tell that nigga to keep his nasty-ass out that window with them 7-East bitches too… Muthafucka!” Charm smiled back
at Felicia; she knew she would say that. There was only one person she loved more than her, and that was her husband. He meant the world to her, the same way Snake meant the world to her. They were
one and the same. Two women who were in love with men who couldn’t care less about them. “You can finish the story when you get back.” “I’ll see ya when I get back.” Charm lined up with the rest of
the women who were going to court. After a short wait, the court escorts arrived carrying boxes of steel hand and wrist chains. Today was going to be a long day, and Charm was ready for whatever
was coming her way.

******** “Snake, I think I see yo’ bitch out there cuz’. She gettin’ off the chain. Lucky Charm, what the 29th Street like loco?” The loud noise in the court holding tank was driving Snake crazy.
It was too early in the morning to be sitting in a tank with a small army of loudmouths yelling back and forth. The screams of Blood this and Crip that was making his head hurt. “Snake! Did you
hear me cuz’? The homegirl is outside the tank.” “I’m not trippin’ off Luck right now.” Snake said, stretching out his large frame from the corner where he had been squatting. “She’ll see me when
we get to the courthouse. Why are you even still here anyways Bear? What happened to your attorney?” “Fuck my attorney!” Bear shot back, slamming the side of his fist against the wall. “That fool
is a first class truck. You wouldn’t believe wha –” Before Bear could finish getting the rest of the words out his mouth, his attention was snatched to the back of the tank. In plain view, two
light-skinned thug wannabe’s were in full combat mode. The center of the tank opened for them like the Red Sea. At first glance, Bear could see that one of the men was a Crip and the other one was
a Blood. Every punch they traded was closely watched by the rest of the men in the tank. “Snake! Ain’t that –” Bear’s words fell on empty space. Snake was too far away from him to hear what he
said. Like a missile, Snake broke his way through three medium size men who rushed off the wall at him, throwing punches trying to back him up. “What’s up Blood?!” One of the three men screamed,
trying to stop Snake. “Fuck Crab, nigga!” Like a small explosive, the tank erupted into utter chaos. Punches were coming from every direction; no one was being spared. “Snake! Snake!” Bear tried to
fight his way through the crowd to where Snake was engaged in fighting three people by himself. Watching him go to work in battle was like watching a movie. Everyone who stepped up to him was
quickly disabled. “Get down! Get the fuck down!” Replanting his right foot, Snake turned halfway around and opened up a flurry of solid punches on the closest enemy. “What’s up Cuz’?!” Snake
roared, forcing some space between him and everyone else. “Back up! Back up!” Through the ruckus, Snake could hear security breaking through. The strong smell of mace made its way up his nose,
burning and attacking his lungs. In the blink of an eye, the tank was filled with what seemed like a thousand officers. Everyone in front shifted to the back trying to get away from the Billy Clubs
and mace. “Get down! Now!” Snake took one last look around the tank and saw that everyone was getting down on the ground, allowing the officers to handcuff them. Seeing no reason to keep standing,
he laid down on the floor and placed his hands behind his back. Through all the confusion, not once did Snake get upset. Gang beef was a normal part of life for him. It took over thirty minutes to
bring everything back under control, and another thirty minutes to get everyone across the street to the courthouse. Once there, Snake was unshackled and led into a small holding tank away from the
rest of the population. On his way to the tank he was informed that his attorney wanted to talk to him. “He’ll be back here shortly Mr. Coleman.” One of the guards said as he locked the bars of the
holding tank. “There’s no need to yell for us, we know you’re back here.” “Snake! Is that you down there? Snake!” “Yep. Who is that?” Snake asked, sticking his face between the bars of the tank. A
little voice in the back of his mind told him who it was, and to stop playing games. “Luck? Is that you cuz’?” “The one and only.” Charm responded. “What do you think this is all about?” “I don’t
know. It’s probably something about the jury. They’ve been deliberating for a week now. It might be verdict time.” “Why haven’t you wrote me nigga?” Charm asked. “Are we still on bad terms? You
still hate me?” Snake didn’t respond. The time wasn’t right for meaningless debate. There were much bigger fish to try. Charm understood his silence and didn’t want to press her luck. “Snake.” She
continued. “I didn’t want to shoot those females. I swear to you my love, that broad went for a gun. That’s why I shot her.” Charm waited a moment before continuing. Snake’s silence weighed heavily
on her heart. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to win his forgiveness. “After I shot Ol’ girl, I had to shoot the other one! If we would’ve left her alive, she would’ve called the police
before we had a chance to get far enough away from that shop. Snake! Are you listenin’ to me?” “You’re gettin’ better and better at twistin’ that story.” Sarcasm framed his every word. It was the
same excuses every time they got around each other. “I wanna forgive you Luck, I really do. You just make that hard to do. Stop foolin’ yo’self about why you shot those females. Come back to
reality. We’ll deal with us when we’re done with all of this. Maybe…” “Maybe? What does that –” “Miss Guthery!” Charm stopped and looked out of the bars of her tank. “Miss Guthery, are you back
here?” “Tank five.” Charm responded, waving her hand through the bars to show her attorney where she was. “Can you see me?” “I see you. Hello Miss Guthery. How are you this morning?” The attorney
was Lee Wang; a short Asian man who happened to be one of the best criminal defense attorneys in California. His services were costing her over a hundred dollars an hour. “Why didn’t you come over
an hour ago?” He asked. “A riot jumped off in the male holding tanks.” Charm answered. “They made us wait. Why did you have me called over here anyway?” Wang flipped through the papers in his
hands. Upon finding the one he was looking for, he handed it to Charm and pointed to the line he wanted her to read. “The third and fourth line. Right here.” Charm read the two highlighted lines
and shook her head. The information made her dizzy. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. “What do you think Miss Guthery? It seems like a great opportunity for our overall defense. I gave Mr.
Coleman one also on his attorney’s behalf. He wants to take it and move on to sentencing.” “They want us to take a deal for forty years, with half time? Charm asked incredulously, waving the paper
in Wang’s face. “Fuck that! Tell Snake he can take it, but I’m cool.” “It’s a package deal.” Wang explained. “You both have to take it or the deal is void. There are absolutely no exceptions. I
think you should take it.” “Luck! I know you ain’t down there rejecting this deal?” Snake asked. “Take the fuckin’ deal. We’re facing sixty-years-to-life; we shouldn’t take that chance. Sign the
damn paper!” Snake kicked the front of the tank bars three times as hard as he could. “Sign it! They found us in the Community Center with the stolen property, three guns, blood on our clothes, and
a witness that saw us fun from the shop to the Center. So what the D.A. made some major mistakes. We won’t win. Take the deal.” “Well, the jury is back. You need to decide. I’ll see you in court.”
The ten minutes it took for the court to call them went by in total silence. Charm searched her mind for answers. She knew what Snake wanted, but forty years was a lifetime for her. Even with the
half time, it still meant no less than eighteen years of imprisonment. How could she take such a deal? The bailiff stopped outside of the courtroom door and removed their upper body restraints,
then led them to their places next to their attorneys. Snake looked over at Charm and gave her his best “You-better-take-the-deal” look. The courtroom was filled to capacity. TV reporters were
everywhere, and all eyes were on them. All of Sacramento knew about their case. It was big news when it first happened. Charm smiled back at Snake, showing no emotion other than her usual
arrogance. “Miss Guthery, have you thought about what it is you wanna do?” Wang asked, peering at her over his reading glasses. “You have to make up your mind, now is the time to choose.” Charm
stared at the deal for what seemed like an eternity. Her heart was saying, “Take the deal for Snake,” but her mind kept telling her, “Fuck the deal.” Charm whispered to her attorney. “Try to help
Snake the best you can, but as it concerns me – it’s no! I wanna hear the verdict.” Charm’s attorney stood up and took the paper to the judge. Snake watched her facial expressions closely,
attempting to scrutinize what was going on. From what he could see, things didn’t look good. No matter how he tried to deny it, he knew Charm didn’t take the deal. She was too blind to see a
blessing of any size. “Order in the court! Order in the court! Everyone please take your seats.” The judge slamming the gavel against the top of the bench made the whole room go silent. Everyone
standing found a place to sit, waiting to see what was about to happen. “I have some papers in from the D.A.’s office concerning a deal of forty years. The bottom line of the deal says that both
defendants must jointly take it, or it’s void.” Snake put his head down listening to the judge explain what he already knew. Each word that came out of her mouth was hollow; nothing she said
mattered anymore. Pandora’s box was wide open. “I see here that Miss Guthery has rejected the deal offered by the D.A.’s office.” The judge continued, looking over at Charm and her attorney. “Mr.
Wang is your client sure she doesn’t want to accept this deal? It seems pretty generous. “She doesn’t want to take it your Honor,” Wang answered. “We have decided to hear the verdict.” “Since Miss
Guthery has refused the deal, there’s no need to address you Mr. Coleman. Her decision to reject the deal makes it void. We will move on. Bailiff, bring in the jury please.” Charm’s body shook
uncontrollably as she waited for the bailiff to return with the jury. Knowing that someone else held her life in their hands didn’t sit well with her. One by one the jury took their seats and
waited for further instructions from the judge. “This is the reading of the verdict. Can the foreman please step forward and state if there is a decision or not.” “We have reached unanimous
verdicts your Honor.” The foreman spoke. “How you say?” “In the matter of The People of the State of California vs. Coleman, we find as follows; Count one of the indictments, Murder in the First
Degree, we find the defendant, James Colemen, guilty. The jury also finds a special circumstance of having committed the murder in the course of a robbery –” ‘GUILTY!’… Snake heard nothing else.
There was no reason to listen to the remaining verdicts. One “guilty” verdict was enough. ‘GUILTY… The white folks said guilty. Fuckin’ guilty…” “Bitch!” Like a guided torpedo, he locked onto where
Charm was, deployed, and detonated. Before she could respond, Snake locked his massive hands onto the front of Charm’s sweater, snatching her out of the chair. “Stupid bitch! Come here!” Snake
yelled, tossing Charm around like a rag doll. Panic masked the judge’s face, freezing her like ice. Stricken with disbelief at what was happening, no one moved. “I’ma kill yo’ dumb ass cuz’!”
“Snake, pleasssse… wait!” Charm’s mind flashed back to the last ass whooping he had given her. She reached into her elastic waist band and removed the knife. Snake exploded punch after punch into
Charm’s body, each blow knocking more wind from her lungs. Pain was everywhere. “Snake, pleassse…” The court darkened as the sounds of Charm’s breathing got lighter. Something had to be done.
Closing her eyes Charm prayed and thrust the knife into Snake’s side as hard as she could. “Forgive me…” The full length of the knife slid in and out of Snake five times, tearing small holes into
the T-shirt he was wearing. “Ahhhhh, bitch!” Snake screamed, dropping Charm onto the table. “You gon’ stab a nigga huh?! That’s what it is?!” Snake cupped a hand over the place he had been stabbed.
Pain began to shoot through his chest. The more he tried to breathe, the tighter his chest got. “I can’t breathe…” Charm watched as Snake tumbled back, falling in the middle of the courtroom. Blood
poured out of the holes in his shirt, and sweat ran down his face. Something was terribly wrong. “Snake!” Charm whimpered, trying to get to where he was laying. “Get up…” There was no getting up.
Snake looked up at the ceiling, letting time pass him by. He was ready to go. “Guilty… I’m not –” Everything went silent. The pain stopped.
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