Heaven’s Skull

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story of the hole in Heaven’s Skull.

I found faith 

leaking from the hole

in Heaven’s skull


Upon peering in

Riddled with sin

the smoke from my ghost

Wrapped it’s tendrils around my throat

Hissing in silver tongue

”Absolution is a hoax”


It seemed an eternity

I believed the phantasm

of my past

I could not enter, I could not crawl

Through the hole

in Heaven’s skull

I did not taste

the air, thick with faith

I could not see

the light, too bright 

for my dull eyes


Instead the air

tasted of ash and flame

By my sight I blamed

the abyss in my wake

For I was blinded

in the holy light


Still I stumbled

Through the dark

Plagued by the titillations

Of my wicked heart


Godless phantoms

Nipping at my heels

Endlessly charmed

Drunk on esoteric appeal


They jeered and they moaned

Obsessed with the proposition

That I am to be


and theirs alone


With the last of my will

I clawed my way

Through the valley

where nothing is still


Of death

and the tangible ill

Of beastly violence

and the lust for the kill

Of howls of the damned

and the agony on command


Father, trust me, I know

I’ve always been a coward

But somehow I found

that in my final hour

I cannot fail

and I cannot turn back


Forgive me 

for the strength I have lacked


that I will not crack

For all I have done

And for all I have failed to do

I am sorry


The moment my words

Reached out from my soul

My vision began to clear

and for the first time in eternities

I felt whole


My fingers felt the bones

Of the gateway, the hole

in Heaven’s skull

Submitted: December 19, 2019

© Copyright 2022 KibaChan. All rights reserved.

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