A night with Santa Claus ????

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is about a young boy who received the most wonderful gift from santa in the most surprising way.


Yeah on a normal day, I would just lie down on my bed thinking about what I would have to go through because my life wasn't normal.I would have to ask myself why me ,why me,was it meant to happen to me.though it seems strange but absolutely crazy
For a proper intro,my name is  Steve Keller, I could possibly be called a thinker,mostly not thinking about my life but mostly about my future sufferings,yeah before we go any further let us check out my life.
Baby Steve was born in the wichagon hospital in October 23,2000.he was a young and cute baby boy,I think that's enough, let us fast it forward a little. 
On 23 October ,2016,it was my birthday as usual, I lit my room,the whole house and finally my parent's heart with the celebrative spirit, I had a conversation with my mom that. Night, my  last conversation with her.

(She was cuddling me in her arms like  her little child ,It reminds me of how she held me when i was little. )

Mom: Steve ,happy birthday
Steve: mommy thanks a lot
Mom:you see that star,it is a wish star, will you like to make a wish sure
Steve:(I closed my eyes and murmured silently)
Mom:what wish did you make?
Steve: (I laughed) mummy I won't tell you
Mom;okay no need, steve I need you to listen to me.
Steve:okay mom
Mom:steve(she wiped away tears from her Face) i need you to endure all things, no matter what happens, promise me you will stay the same prince charming, you have always been.
steve:i will (i looked at my mummy's face) mummy why are you crying.?
Mom:you see that star over there(she pointed at the wishing star) i will be watching you just as that star is watching  you, and you will always stay safe. 
steve:mom,why are gou saying all this, all will be well mom(then i hugged my mom). 

(then my daddy  entered the scene and also hugged me, then we went towards the garage.)

Then  my day told me that he and my mom are going to bring my uncle and aunty from the airport to celebrate  my birthday, they departed then i waved at them. 
Then i was waiting outside for them for over 3 hours, after some few minutes, i saw aunty racheal and uncle Raymond, coming with their two kids, philip and anna, i greeted them well, then i asked about my parents. they said  they never saw them, that they waited at the airport for hours and did not see them, i was trepid at First. 
My mom words kept circling my ears, i was thinking  maybe something bad happened, i cried, yeah on my birthday, then i slept thinking about them, for a week i couldnt  eat and sleep well, we organised a search party for them with the police, but all our efforts proved abortive. I kept crying  when we went to the police station, then they asked my uncle raymond to be my guardian or my foster parent, which he accepted gladly.
A few days later, uncle raymond and his family moved in, and took over the property, he disorganized the search party for my parents. I was so sad and depressed .then he changed my school to a lesser one.then my life got worse and worse  everyday. 
Sometimes when i sleep, i would dream about my parents,i would wake up and start crying, and i noticed  that my mommy's phone isnt switched  off, but there is no one to pick the call. 




As a normal teenager, life shouldn't be so difficult,tougher life challenges are experienced by the stronger people in life, The way my life turned around made me  to think that my life was not mine but had been changed in a bad manner, I kept on thinking about my momma 's word, I was like what really happened, so that was how my life was , I am now 13 years old, it's been 3 years since my parents have been missing.
Steve!!!!!!  Steve!!!!! !Steve!!!!!! Called uncle Raymond

Steve:yes uncle
Uncle: what is wrong with you, I have been calling you, up to 10 times
Steve: i am sorry uncle
Uncle:I will make you sorry today, I want you to go and sell the lemon at the downtown side
Steve:but uncle
Uncle:bbbuuutttt what! ,Just do what I ask you to do
Steve:but you said yesterday was my last day to sell this month
Uncle:I have changed my mind today, so just get out!
Steve:okay sir
Uncle:out!  Out!Out!

He called his children, Philip!! ,Anna!!

Philip and Anna: sir
Uncle:go and take your birth, we are going out
Philip:where daddy
Uncle:to the amusement park
Anna:oh my God , thank you daddy
Uncle:you are welcome , now go
Anna:what about Steve daddy
Uncle:he won't be joining us
Philip:yeah, he shouldn't, he is a loser
Anna:A total loser
Steve:okay let's forget about him and let's go.

I wiped the tears on my face, I heard the words of my cousin, Philip and Anna were the nicest cousin , I had until that night that changed my life. It is not only insult that I receive, ever since that night my cousin changed, it was trouble here and there, I felt like an outcast, uncle Raymond will tell me "you are a spoilt brat, your parents deserve to die because of their deeds on your life, oh! Of course you killed them, yes you did, didn't you".I would cry at this words.
As I was reminiscing those moments, my long term best friends, victor called my name. "Steve!!, Steve!!, Steve!!",I was lost in thoughts as I dragged the lemon carriage, then when he yelled "Steve!",I finally heard him and answered him, I was sitting down with him, near the pack beside me was my carriage and next to me was Steve, he was chatting with me , then I was staring at his personality, Steve was a special friend of mine, when I meant special , I meant just my best friend, ordinary best friend , for better understanding,let me take you through the life movie called "victor and Steve".
Victor  was my long time childhood friend, we were born on the same day and at the same time, I was the only apple of my parents eyes, when victor became my friend, I wasn't the only apple again, I met victor during the street ball contest, we were meant to find a partner and tie our legs together and play ball, we won the competition, then we got to know each other, during the competition our mind was connected like telepathy, even without talking , we knew where to move the ball, we were balanced like one and our hearts flowed together. So  that day we met then we talked, it was so long, as from that day, I went to his house, he also came to mine, he was also the apple of his parents eyes.although I wasn't the only friend to victor,victor also had a friend named “paul”,who is a computer addict.i heard the computer addicts has got some serious stuffs with computer.
When my parents  went missing, he was the only friend who stood by me despite the facts that i have a lot of friends,who left me because of my parents mysterious disappearance, he would come everyday, even when my school's was changed. Uncle Raymond would chase him away sometimes, he would tell him, I wasn't around even when he is seeing me instantly, I would feel depressed  and lonely.
So back to the present, a special friend indeed, he gave me hope every single day apart from the encouraging words my momma said to me.

Victor:so Steve, you are going to the downtown to do the normal stuff, you have to do every evening.
Steve: I don't know why my uncle is like this, why me?
Victor:have you watched Harry Potter


Victor:everybody was waiting for a magical moment, just like Harry, he never knew about magic, but it came

Steve: seriously, Vic, you are feeding me with all this magical stuff again, I repeat there is no magic

Victor:okay, just live everyday, just as if your parents would come back one day.

Steve:I wish I could(he busted into tears),but they are never coming back, will they?, It's been 4 years now. My life is turning upside down day by day.

Victor.:just believe in something

Steve:I want to believe, but believe in what(he wiped tears from his face),I am losing hope day by day, but I kept on believing in all those words, hope, hope, hope, now I am asking myself, hope in what.I wasn't prepared for this, "the upsidedown"/"the changeover" ,whatever I call it.

Victor:stop crying, all is well, have you thought about  Christmas gift from santa.

Steve:oh! You are still receiving gifts, santa stopped gifting me stuff since 3 years ago, my uncle and aunty told me so,

Victor:are you for real? And you believed them?,.

Steve:no I didn't , but when they would not pass Santa gift to me, will I steal it, last year, I saw Philip playing the video game , I have been wishing for since 5 months ago. I asked him where he got it and I received the same insult as usual, I have always celebrated my December 25 in the basement. 

Victor: seriously, I never noticed , since my parents took me out all the time.
Steve:okay I don't want to cry, I will see you as usual later, I have to sell this annoying stuffs.

That day I went home, tired and depressed, I didn't even sell the lemon, finish and as you know, uncle Raymond was so gruff on me,I slept that night leaping for hope, I slept being  disturbed, then I dreamt about my parents again, they talked with me , that  all is well, but when I asked them what happened , they said a disturbing sentence , "you will know soon".I woke up and that word kept circling I'm my head, will the time finally come.



On December 25,I woke up joyfully, actually the sound of the Catholic Church near me woke me up,they sang the Christmas songs in a unified tone and I was really overjoyed.i Drew up my window curtains,bathed,brushed,wore my cloth,ready to go out.then suddenly,uncle Raymond called".steve!!".of course I answered,and I went to meet him downstairs.he was holding an A4 sheet.i was sure that meant trouble.

Steve:uncle raymond,good morning and Merry Chris……………..

Uncle:cut the greetings,I need you  to do the following for me(he brought out a list)

Steve:(I checked the list,the tasks were up to 50 ,then I saw that I am to finish everything before the end of that day)uncle I am sorry,I can't do this today,I have planned today

Uncle:Are you serious? I take care of you everyday,now you want to defy my orders,you must do this,else you are grounded till the new year

Steve:oh! I am tired of all this,I can't do this,leave me alone

Uncle:steve,come back here

Steve:I can't and I won't,I have a place to go(I walked out angrily and ran as fast as I could)

The house was far from me,I ran so fast as my legs could take me,I was in the downtown already.i sat on the chair near the wrecked houses in the downtown, yeah of course,it was the downtown what were you expecting,fine houses like an estate,even the police can't come here.trust me,this area is crazy.
Suddenly an old man sat beside me,j was trepid, immediately and I felt like ,I was about to pay for what I did to my uncle,the old man was wearing rags and he had a white beard and his cloth was dirty and stinking , but his beard was shining and so white,I thought he had diamonds I'm those beards, suddenly he said "hi" to me,I replied "hi"

Old man:my name is sc

Steve:wow,sc is a cool name,I acted well,but i was so deeply sarcastic

Old man:I really need a pair of cloths for this year,this cloth has been  with me since last year.do you have a dollar so I can add it to my savings

Steve:yeah I do(I took a dollar from my wallet carefully, so he would not snatch it and run away.and gave him

Old man:don't be scared, I am not a snatcher

Steve:I rendered a sarcastic smile,(I thought to myself,if he was a snatcher would he tell me or will he label himself,I can't trust anyone from downtown).

Old man :what are you expecting from Santa Claus tonight

Steve:I busted into tears,I want to see them

Old man:I am really sorry about them

Steve:do you know them
Old man:I thought they were your parents
steve: yes they were,and I wish to have them with me
Old man:what happened
Steve:(I explained the whole story to him,he gave out a deep sigh and he assured me that one day I will find them)and that's what happened

Then I asked him,what his name means,he laughed and said "santa Claus",I busted into a deep laughter and I was like for real,Santa whaaatt ,are you kidding me? ,He also busted into laughter ,then he said he was joking,I checked my time,I was late for the church service,uncle Raymond never went to church ,he went only on the new year ,he always try to prevent me from going  by giving me house chores,but all his attempts prove abortive.
Today,I am going by force,I would have loved to go out with victor but he seems to be having a better time with his parents,I finished the church service and I came back to the house around 6:00,because santa would distribute gifts by  8:00
Uncle Raymond came out through the kitchen door angrily and dragged me down into the basement and shouted 3 words at me"you are grounded",his wife also didn't give me food.,I told him some statements "uncle,if only I say I am grounded,I will be,and if not you can't hold me in here, then he told me "you can't get out of here ,if you are locked in here" he tried to laugh in an evil way but maliciously failed.i waited after some few minutes,
After some few minutes,I could hear the reindeers click and I could see a bright chariot and I could hear a joyful laugh and I was like what is this ,of course,it was santa claus,I could hear people shouting because of the gifts they have received,the people were so joyful,I could hear the sound coming nearer and getting louder ,it was over our house ,then after some minutes,I could hear my cousins screaming and my uncle and aunty shouting,they didn't want to give me my gift,As Philip tore my own gift wraps open,a letter flew out and it was floating,Philip was so surprised,he and Anna fainted.
My uncle wanted to drag the floating letter but instead,he was electrocuted by the letter,his wife fled,then at the door of the basement,I could hear a loud bang and the door was open wide.
Unaware of the situation,I walked upstairs,calling my uncle's name,but I heard nothing,then I saw the floating letter,I rubbed my eyes twice because I was so surprised,I even thought it was a prank,then I saw my uncle on the ground lying unconscious and my cousin also unconscious and I was so scared. Then the letter came to the front of my face and tried to see my face,then it voiced out,"hello Steve",I screamed,I rubbed my eyes twice,rushed to the kitchen,and I washed my eyes,when I came back,I met my uncle and my aunty with my cousins,all seem well,I thought it was just my thinking.until I saw a bright light in the basement,I went down the basement,to my surprise,I still found the letter and I was so  scared,then the letter spoke to me.

Letter: don't be scared!

Steve:(I replied in a scared tone)why shouldn't I.

Letter:because I have a letter to you from Santa Claus

Steve:are you for real?

Letter:yeah,in the letter you are being invited to  a dinner

Steve:(I was so overjoyed ) how will I get there.?

Letter:(the letter laughed)what do you know?,(then the. Letter shined on the wall )

Steve:(I looked at the letter  so trepid)

Then a portal opened in the wall, then the letter said "after you",I was so scared so I said "no",then the letter smiled and went in,I stretched my  hand through the portal and it went through,then I went in…..,…


In my life, I have always been praying for surprising experiences and I have been a fan of magical films, but it never occurred that I would be in a magical moment.
When I stepped through the wall, the moment I did , I thought to myself, where am I going?, should I go back?, what if this is a trap?, is there a real life Harry Potter?, what is this?, all I want for Christmas was my parents, I am getting a special dinner from santa claus and the baffling question on my mind was where, as in where am I going?, should I go back to tell aunty and uncle that I am going somewhere?, That would be stupid, that moment, I knew that nothing would stop me from seeing Santa Claus, The moment was magical.
I stepped through the wall and to my greatest surprise, I saw a gigantic mansion with beaming light, I saw a group of reindeer attached to a carriage outside the house.
The letter smiled at me, and said come, I didn't want to come at first but, I would trust anything that spells santa, I was overjoyed, I was likemy clothes are too simple for this occasion, I would prefer a change of clothes, the letter smiled , then immediately my body was glowing, I was surprised, oh yeah, my cloth has been changed into a shiny silver suit.
The letter led me to the doorstep, then it fell and disappear, then I knocked on the door of the mansion, expecting Santa to open the door, instead, I saw a man with no beard , tall and neatly dressed, maybe perhaps his butler,I was seriously stunned by what I saw,I thought Santa lived alone.it seemed so mysterious to me,I was like what would I meet next,I walked into the house with the butler,I saw the most amazingly craziest things in the house,all the furnitures, materials, equipment,what ever you call it,they were moving and greeting me,I almost ran mad when the rug greeted me.i was so stunned.
The butler turned to me and told me that Santa had some business to take care of,I wondered where he went,I could hear the reindeer's click outside,I was surprised and bewildered at what was happening,then suddenly the man turned into the old dirty man I met in the downtown,I was like woah,woah,woah,oh my! What am you  going to change to,I wonder,he introduced himself to me and he was like his name is sc as in Sam Carling ,wow he finally introduced his name,then we went towards the dining table,he told me somethings on the way,as I asked some questions.

Sam:I know you have a lot to ask,but you are free to ask .

Steve:where is santa

Sam:he is taking care of some business as usual

Steve:but he invited me here

Sam:isn't that what you wished for

Steve:Sam,you know well that I can never wish for anything apart from my parents.

Sam:we can't say,I am doing what Santa says I should do(he pulled out a chair for me to sit)

Steve:but I am not hungry for food,I want to see my parents,is that too much to ask

Sam:we will get to your parents part,I know you were starved tonight so,enjoy yourself

Steve:okay,but I can't wait anymore for my wish to come true,I thought to myself that maybe I should be  patient.(I held out the spoon looking for food to eat,I seem to look at the table and I could see nothing,I was bewildered ,then I asked “what kind of dinner is this” ,probably maybe  invisible

Sam:(smiled)you don't seem to see anything do you, actually here we don't serve ourself, the food serves us(he clapped his hands)“bon appetite” he said to me.

I watched in astonishment as food flew into the room, food of various sort, landed on the table in multiple folds, I was even wandering what kind of food to start with, apricots, lesagne, buttercup cake, what could possibly go wrong here, I started with the cake, it was so delicious and I was like who cooked this

Sam:the food cooked themselves

Steve:are you kidding me?


Steve(I laughed)you mean the meat fried itself and the flour baked itself, what do we have here, strange kitchen episode 1 right?

Sam:(he laughed)yeah we do.
Then we laughed together, After eating the food , I rested and the food disappeared, we cracked jokes , actually a lot, then the laugh seems to last, until, It reminded me of my parents laugh, I began to cry,.

Sam:hey Steve, stop we don't cry here

Steve:all I ever wanted was to see my parents, not have a dinner with santa, oh! I didn't even get to have it with him.

Sam:you want to see your parents right, do you want to bring them back.

Steve:yeah I do, please can you help me.

Sam:I am going to help you because Santa told
 me to, although I would help you in every way

Steve:thank you Sam, I am very grateful, but where do we start.

Sam: buckle down boy, we are in the movie titled ‘back to the past’.

Steve:(I covered my mouth in surprise) seriously, we are going to the past, are you for real?

Sam:(he stretched his arms towards the wall)Action speaks louder than voice.

The wall opened to my greatest surprise, And standing in my front was the Christmas carriage, the reindeers were so cute and they clinked beautifully, I screamed wow.Then Sam took my hands, we entered the carriage and off we go.

On the way,sam told me that he found a solution to my parents disappearance and it deals with me, actually a lot,he explained to me that the night of my birthday was more than a big deal,I exclaimed like seriously and he was like yep,he started the story.

Sam:on that fateful night,your parents actually are not dead,they are stuck.

Steve:really,wow,I feel relieved a little bit.

Sam:from September to December,we fight against evil mysterious beast called myeons,they exist only in myths and fictions,this are the monsters responsible for causing disasters and accidents,I meant fatal and ghastly ones ,from a city disaster to global disaster,disasters in which their cause can't be found.

Steve:woah!,this is mind blowing 

Sam:they came out of the Pandora box of evil,when a man called electicus,released them from the box,for the first 30 minutes ,the world was doomed,disaster everywhere.santa Claus tried to defeat this things,but it wasn't easy since electicus was the leader of the myeons,he had unimaginable powers,but still Santa defeated him. In a secret way known to only him.But after defeating those things,they retreated,but now electicus is back now with even unimaginable powers,he could create time  loops,he created  a loop ,which was on October 23,2016,which was your birthday

Steve:yeah,I remembered that sad day

Sam:I can feel it too,the trap was set for santa,but that day,your parents were rushing to the airport in the car , immediately santa was about to enter the trap,your parents did and instead they have been stuck inside for the past 3 years,santa just knew about you as of recent.
Steve:(I cried deeply) where are they now?

Sam:they are fine but frustrated.

Steve:so what can we do ?, We are going to change everything.

Sam:your parents can't see us, but it is up to you to save them with your smartness


The carriage moved so fast and passed a green portal, I could see my last all around me, until that birthday day. My parents were about to enter the car and take their leave, I ran towards the loop and entered it. Then I saw  the most ugly city in the world. It was the city of the myeons, I was like isn't this a loop, how is it now a portal of death, I was like this day couldnt get any worse.
I  was walking through the city as the odd one out until electicus came to meet me,after speaking some evil statements.

Electicus:hey there, Steve

Steve:who are you

Electicus:oh my,I am electicus,the little boy came to find his parents,uuhhh,their poor little boy.

Steve:where are they right now(I shouted),

Electicus:hey rookie! I make the noise around here,oh sorry I meant the commands here(he was staring at the other myeons)sooner or later your parents will always run through the loop and be imprisoned here.

Steve:are you kidding me?,don't you get tired of being evil.

Electicus:nope,(he looked at the guards)lock him in the prison with his parents.

Steve:(I was dragging my body from the ugly myeons )leave me alone, electicus you will pay for this.

Electicus:your parents never even uttered a word,wow here you are showing brave boy.

I struggled till they threw me into the dungeon with my parents,the dungeon was dark and cold,then I heard a slow,calm voice "son",then I stared at the dark side….

I looked into the dark side,as if being hypnotized,I could hear my daddy calling son,I couldn't see his face and I could also hear my mom,but no light in the dark,we finally embraced each other.

Mr Keller:son

Steve:dad,I missed you a lot(I cried)

Mrs Keller:you don't also miss me,of course I do.

Steve:I have wanted to see you all this while

Mr Keller:now you are here with us.

Steve:yeah,I am here(I cried,I wiped off my face with my hand).

Mrs Keller:it is alright,you are still the same prince Charming I know.

Steve:I am going to get us out of here,dad,mom trust me.

Mr Keller:I wish we could but nothing can get out of here.

I took a pocket flashlight from my pocket and I could see the dungeon we,the dungeon was actually open but it is too dark to see the entrance,but through proper steps,we were able to see and pass the entrance safely without waking the guards up.
We went up the stairs to look for their leader, electicus,then we finally saw him,he was standing near a place  that looks so crazily evil.

Electicus:I am going to create a loop for santa and your parents will be imprisoned here again.

Steve(I looked back and I saw my parents disappearance)what did you do to them.

Electicus:nothing actually,time is resetting itself.

Steve( I have to save my parents but how,I thought to myself),
He created the loop and as he was about to  launch it out,I threw my shoes at him,he was caught off guard,then his hands grew hot,he was throwing flames from his bare hands,I barely explained the fire that turned my shoe black upon contact.,
I tried attacking him with kick,but nothing worked,I felt like all hope was lost,until I heard my phone ringing,it was singing joy to the world,then electicus covered his ears,then I was like that is his weakness,if I sing maybe I could destroy him I thought to myself.i started singing then he covered his ears,so did the other myeons,then he fell on the couch unconscious,near his table I found the Pandora's box,then I opened it and all the myeons and some dark stuff flew into it,then the city started to collapse,I managed to get out of the portal with the box,as I got out,I saw my parents driving through the road peacefully.
Then I heard Sam calling me,I answered and he smiled and he said “you did it,Santa is proud”,then he took the box from me,we hop back into the chariots ,then we left through the Green portal again,and I could see the past before moving to the future.

Then we hop down from the carriage,then we walked back into the mansion,then the letter welcomed us back.

Letter:hey dear,Steve,look at what we have got here,A hero

Steve:( I was stunned)you startled me.

Letter:you have just saved Christmas and two important lives,has your wish being fulfilled.

Steve:yeah and in the best way ever(I laughed)

letter:Santa had a hard time gifting you this ,but you deserve it.

Steve:gifting what?

Letter:you have received 3 wishes from santa

Steve:are you for real?

Letter:did I ever lie to you ?

Steve:nope,never ,no( I screamed wow)

Letter:what is your first wish
Steve:I wish for a superpower in which I have the ability to wish for anything

Letter:wish granted,use your wish wisely

Steve(oh the letter is right),I wished I have a magical carriage,that could take me and my parents anywhere.

Letter:don't you wish to see santa claus,.

Steve:I wish I could,but I can't,I might have seen him anywhere and I might not recognize him,do you want me to waste my wish,i don't even think he wants to see me.

Letter:nope(the letter smiled at Sam),okay so what is your last wish.

Steve:I wish for everything in my life to be back to normal as if nothing happened.

Letter:wow that seems tricky but it's worth it.

Steve:thank you for today, Sam  , thank you, even though, I didn't see santa today, but I sure had a nice day, and I learnt something without santa, Christmas is Christmas, Christmas is all about making someone wish come true, as mine happened, thanks for the lesson.

I smiled at the butler and the letter and bid them farewell and a final goodbye, I wanted them to make me disappear but they were only smiling.

Steve:am I not going again, do your thing

Sam:now it is your thing, try a wish

Steve:I wish I am at home.

I suddenly appeared in front of the door, I knocked on the door and waited patiently at the door, then my mom came to open the door, she hugged me tight, I greeted my father and he hugged me tight.
They showed me the gift Santa sent me,in the box was the video game I longed for,I was severely exited,then I shouted “thank you santa”.
Then my mom sat me down and told me a story.

Mom:when you were born, we met an old man strangely looking, dirty and rugged, he told us , you will have a magical moment in your life, starting from your tenth birthday. Then the  man went away, And we.never saw him again. Since then I and your dad, we have been severely worried, until your tenth birthday passed and it seems like the old man told a lie.

Steve:what if the old man never lied, did he ever tell you his name?

Mom: nope, but we saw a brand symbol SC written at the left side of his leather cloth.

Steve:(I cried with tears of joy)I love you Mom

Mom:I love you too, Merry Christmas.

Dad: Merry Christmas

Steve:Merry Christmas,Dad and Mom

That night, I stood up really late, thinking about all my experience, I was watching my favourite season film, “the flash”,then I saw the way he was running, I wanted to run like that too, then I smiled at the TV, then guess what happened, my eyes flowed with lightening and off I go, now I am the real flash.
After that day, sometimes I would see the butler in my dream and we would go on crazy adventures.i even raised some money for the poor beggars at the downtown, yeah, I gathered some money from my wishes.
And my life keeps on getting  better everyday and all was calm and peaceful.


A perfect Christmas ending

Submitted: December 20, 2019

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james farr

A beautiful story. Very realistic and people need to read more like it.

Fri, December 20th, 2019 3:15pm

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