Mouths To Speak

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Lissette is a troubled girl, she has lost her love and is simply looking for a way to free herself from those that torment her life. In her pursuit of freedom she happens upon something of which she could not have fathomed seeing in all of her life.

Author note:
Truly I meant to get this out 2 weeks ago but I was having trouble with the ending. It just doesn't feel finished to me although the story is so long. for whoever reads through this please give me a brutal critique and your opinions about what your feel about how the story ended. It is always appreciated, I simply what to put the best content out that I can and your help is always welcome.

With love

The beauty of reality had not revealed itself to blind eyes, she was not the type afflicted with a vision glazed over by cataracts. Even within the shadows of a tragedy there can be a lovely thing hidden within the body of the blackness. She was not that thing, yet she had been graced with an existence that allowed her to live her life in the presence of such a thing.  Eleanor was that lantern lit so brightly that within the deepest caverns even a glint of its everlasting light will guide travelers towards it, no matter the miles distance that they may be from it. Yet, she was not graced enough to be Eleanor, she could not even be with her, not like she wanted. May God kill her for even having the thoughts that she had when they were near one another. May the flesh be torn from her jaw had she spoken out her profaned truth to the woman whom she dearly loved.

The constant tremble of her phone was a constant reminder of her family’s incessant calls. The desire to have even a moment to reconsider her actions had not popped into her soul as of yet, although she could feel her resolve slowly wane. She desired strongly to see her beloved Eleanor, she was sure that Eleanor felt the same as well. Yet, she could not stand the interlopers. There were so many of them, all of those damned busy bodies, constantly! Constantly! Constantly! They badger her, they bark at her:

“Lissette how are? Lissette its 6AM, Lissette are you feeling okay? Lissette please don’t get upset”.

Why were they always barking at her, why were they always bothering her? She just wanted them to stop pushing their way into her life. Her mother and her father were apex offenders. They would not let her see Eleanor, they kept yelling at her, her mother kept crying. That was why she had to leave, she could not take it anymore. The memory was like a show that she was watching on repeat; pre-recorded and nothing ever changed, nothing was ever out of place. It made her cry even to this day. She snuck out to see Eleanor, she was excited, and Eleanor had not shut up about their planned outing for weeks. Lissette loved hearing her voice so full of joy and passion, that was why she loved her so much. On this day, 5 months before now she snuck out of her bed room window, falling into the bushes and rolling, before rushing away down the street to go meet her true love.

This night was similar to a vivid remembrance of that event so many months ago; the atmospheres warm subtle caress across every inch of her. She moved as swiftly as her legs would allow her, every pained heartbeat, every strained breath, she would make it to her love! She would see her Eleanor!

Under the glimmer of the platinum gleam of the moon she sat there, her radiance outshining any star in the sky. The brightness of her smile travelling light-years, reaching the edges of the very universe and back before a man could even blink. Lissette could see eternity in her eyes and she was sure Eleanor would say the same about her. Lissette was by no means a tall girl, she stood at about 5 foot nothing, her ankles and wrist almost nothing but skin and bone, yet Eleanor was an even daintier flower than she was. She was a young girl with freckles dotting her face, her eyes bright green, she had shaved her head, yet a bit of the ginger stubble could be seen, even in the darkness of the night.

She was wearing a black tank top that draped loosely over her body, barely covering her bare-breasts. Gray tights that hugged her body and green flip flops. Lissette studied her, catching a glimpse of her nipples as her love turned to her, the collar of her shirt, nearly sagging to the bottom, below her boobs. Lissette smiled to her, and Eleanor wasted no time, she rushed to her, slamming her body into her love, squeezing her tightly into her embrace. She buried herself into Lissette’s chest and Lissette let the passion within her spill out. Her emotions took control of her actions and tears fell from her eyes. She held her tightly, she wanted to hold her closer, she wanted to open up and force her inside. Too close was not close enough because with their bodies in the way their souls just could not be one.

They stood there, in the middle of their towns park, the old broken light post buzzed and flickered, attempting to cast a light upon their display. The world wanted to present their love to all souls:

“This is what love should be” Lissette spoke out what she felt the universe wanted to say. “No matter what nothing can take this away from us” she felt herself begin to sob. She believed it, she would live by it, it was an existential law! There could be no Lissette without Eleanor and there would be no Eleanor without Lissette!

Then Lissette heard her say: “I’m sorry Lissette” she held her tighter and Lissette could feel her tears staining through her sweat shirt. “My parents…..” as she spoke this she could see the lights of a car pull up, flashes of red and blue surrounding them on all sides. She could hear the voice of a man call out Eleanor’s name, beckoning her back to his side, Lissette looked to her love, her heart pounding, her stomach in knots. Eleanor looked to her, she mouthed something, but Lissette’s mind was so overwhelmed that she could not register what she was saying, not for a moment, her heart was just racing, her legs shaking. Then she could hear the officers call to her:

“Ma’am put your hands behind you head!” and before she knew it she was on the ground.

That night she vowed that she would kill them, she would slaughter all of them who opposed her true love! But Eleanor moved away 1 month later…Lissette spent 1 week of that time in jail:

“She’s a child” her father was sure to point out to her. But it did not matter

“You need your medication” he would always tell her, they all thrived on watching her mind fade to blackness, watching her sit there so docile, unable to even speak. Entire days passing by, morning to morning as if she were sleep, only waking for the few seconds that it took for them to shove another pill down her throat…and then she was off to dreams again. Her only saving grace came from her younger sister, Delilah. She was a treasure to her, from highschool to college she would come home and be with her big sister, playing tag, wrestling and coloring. But eventually even she had to go.

“You shouldn’t spend so much time alone with her” the words of two demons disguised in the skin of guardian angels. Eventually all Lissette could do was allow solitude to hold her in its embrace and cry upon its supple bosom. Until the moment came when she knew she could get out, until now.

Locked away in her room she could hear Delilah talking to her parents. Delilah was 18 now and she was back home from college. She was turning 19 in 2 days and she wanted to spend time with her family: “Before I go to London for a year” she explained. Lissette would not be able to see her for a year! It was unacceptable! Delilah could not leave for a year! Not her only light! Her second true love! Her last true glint of happiness! Lissette burst out of her room, her parents stood; startled, Delilah seemed terrified, but it did not matter! She rushed Delilah, tackling her. She could not control herself anymore, she could not take any more disappointment! She did not remember much after, the only thing she knows is that eventually she ran as her parent checked on her sister.

She was now wandering around in the night once again. She thought about visiting the place where her sorrows began, that park on Jerge ST where she and Eleanor were so cruelly torn apart. She thought about her even now, the subtle warmth of her milky skin, the feel of her fingers as they travelled across her own body, her chest, her nipples, her thighs and all that in between. She felt as if she could hear the shrill cry that Eleanor made as she offered her virginity to her. Her hands in between her thighs, she could taste Eleanor on her tongue even now. The fantasy taking hold of her even now, the passion engulfing her very soul…Until she realized that her surroundings were foreign to her now.

She had made the decision to wander the woods, she had no other choice but to attempt to escape this entire wretched town now. Everyone knew who she was, they looked at her as if she were some type of demon:

“Predator” they called her, how can love truly be evil, no matter who they are, no matter the race, the age, the gender….Love was love.

She kept her pace, forward, shadows on all sides, darkness overwhelming the light of the sun reflecting off of the surface of the moon in a platinum brilliance. Her soul cried out within her, she felt as if her metaphysical being had erupted into a burst of fire, colored in a thick sable tint of terror. It hit her like a sudden strike of a car to a young child’s unknowing frame, she began to race through the forest, she wanted to escape, she regretted her decisions! Why had she run away? Why had she disobeyed her family? Why did she have to love Eleanor so much? Why? Why? Why?

She needed to get away from the darkness! She attempted to turn back the way she came, but she could not remember if she had made a right turn or a left when she initially entered the woods. There was no path, everything was dark, everything looked exactly the same; Trees and the black! Trees and the black! every think was similar or congruent. Her heart throbbed as panic overtook her every thought. She couldn’t control herself, not even her lungs would listen, her muscles contracted and expanded in her chest so quickly that in an instant they felt sore. She felt like she was suffocating as she took one shallow breathe after another. She stopped her headlong charge, rushing from one side of the forest to the other, to another, to another attempting to see just a glimpse of civilization.

“Where…!?” she breathed as she rushed forward, stopping as she failed in her attempt to find a way out of the woods then started again in another direction. Again, and again she repeated the same process until finally she came upon some semblance of civilization.

Her anxiety was attempting to subside, yet the visage before her was one that held an air of the eerie. Remnants of hollowed out constructs torn asunder and gutted by the vegetation of the forest surrounded her now. She had not known how she did not notice these before, houses and stores and entire plazas all shattered and broken, brick and wood strewn about upon the forests body. Each building toppled over with bushes and vines devouring the inner and outer frames. Some with full grown trees pushing out of the ceiling, the roots digging into the floors of the living rooms at the center as if some type of parasitic growth.

Telephone poles toppled over, dead electrical wires molded and stripped, man-made constructs now feeding or poisoning the very portions of the Earth that  were killed for it to be created. She took a quick scan of the area, tears now beginning to well up in her eyes as the thoughts of her never again leaving this forest began to take over her every mental scenario. She looked down at her feet, she was wearing nothing but her fuzzy pink house slippers, now degraded and drenched so far that her bare feet were soaked with mud and filth. She could see glass and sharp rocks all throughout the broken neighborhood, her slippers had hard soles, she was sure she could make it, just through that town had to be civilization. She made her way headlong into the broken town, the crunch of the glass and the sound of the mucks suction as she moved closer into the town were her only companions. She could see no wild life, she could hear not a single frog croak. She wanted to go home, now, she wanted to apologize to her family, to her sister for abandoning her. She would take her medication from now on. She would leave Eleanor alone…she would say goodbye to her Delilah and just sit in her room and be a medicated zombie like everyone wanted.

The thoughts began to plague her, the memories of waking from the medicated coma just long enough for her parents to come into her room offering her more of that poison. She remembered how she used to kick and scream, how she fought her mother, how she made her bleed. The time when she bit her father so hard that even to this day he wears the scar on his cheek; her lingering kiss of hatred for them….Fuck them. She could live here forever, she would live here forever.

But was it worth it, without her Elenore or her Delilah to make her happy, how would she go on? Truly there was no reason for her to be at home without either of them, but at the same time they are not in this broken forest town either, no one is. So, what was the point? Perhaps she should just kill herself. She continues headlong, watching and making as much of a mental note as she could of how each house, or each plaza changed. Some devoid of trees yet still falling apart, some completely devoured by the parasitic green, some two stories, some strings of plazas, some broken down to just rubble and glass. Then she came to a halt, she could see a sign in the distance, just before the backdrop of a clearing of nothing but darkness and an expanse of nothingness it seemed, beyond that. 

She neared the sign, hope in her heart as she realized that it might guide her to freedom from this accursed journey finally. The sign was made of wood, it looked rotted and damp, covered in moss and vines. It was posted on a large wooded post taller than she was by about a foot, it read: Welcome to Eaglesnest, GA

She lived in a town called Eaglesdrop in Georgia, it was a small town just outside of the city, she had never heard of Eaglesnest though, not once, there was a church called Eaglesnest Baptist church that her aunt talked about a lot. She often said that her own mothers mother used to attend it when she was a child and take them a lot. Lissette never heard much about her great grandmother. Her mother never wanted to tell her anything about their great grandmother, maybe because she died before Lissette was born and the sentiment faded:

“The town of Eaglesnest” Lissette felt a sob begin to catch in her throat. She decided she would call Delilah and have her come to meet her there. Maybe they could run away together after this. She pulled out her phone, it was at 80%, plenty of charge. She called her and was surprised that her sister picked up on the first ring.

“Shit, Lizzy where are?!” she sounded panicked, her voice quivered as if she were crying.

“Remember that old church Auntie Gisselle told us about?” Lissette could not stop herself from choking up a bit, as the lingering remnants of panic struck her.

“Lizzy what are you talking about….baby just come home –“

“I found Eaglesnest Georgia!” Lissette blurted. “In the woods, I’m at Eaglesnest!”

“Lizzy –“ Delilah attempted to say but was interrupted.

“Just you, no one else, we can finally be together” she felt her heart warm as she spoke this, a smile forming on her lips. “We can be more than sisters”.

“Lizzy….” Delilah began softly, before her voice perked up, she was happy to hear this, Lissette could tell. “Yeah….finally, no one else. Just stay where you are. I’ll GPS it now”

The call ended after that, Lissette felt like singing, she had found true love once again, all she had to do was wait. Delilah accepted her for who she was, she had always accepted her for who she was. Now they would be together forever. They would runaway together, or perhaps they would just rebuild Eaglesnest, they would be president and first lady of the town. Of course, Lissette would be the president since she was the eldest, and it was her idea anyway. Then no one could tell her what to do. No more medication, no more being called a “Predator”.

The time ticked by as Lissette waited in the darkness for her love to arrive, perhaps Delilah was lost. She hoped she wasn’t, it was terrifying out there. Then again, she was using GPS, it was easier to find your way around with GPS, if Eaglesnest even still showed up on the GPS.

“Hey, you!” she could hear someone call out to her, it sounded like a man’s voice. Friendly, a bit worried or confused, she could not put her finger on it, yet the voice brought a sudden fear in her heart as her mind attempted to register it for a moment. Then she was washed over with a bit of relief that she was not forced to wait out here alone in the darkness any longer.

“Miss, are you okay…I can see you” it called. “I’m coming over there” she turned to look and saw nothing but darkness, she wanted to see who was there to rescue her but there was no one. She looked out into the dark expanse and saw nothing.

“I’m coming over to you” she could hear another voice speak, this time it was low, deeper. It wasn’t coming from in the clearing, it came from deeper off in the woods back from the direction that she had just come from.

“Whose there!?” she called out “Please don’t come over here. I’m fine, just waiting for my –“ she stopped, what if these men wanted to hurt her, what if they were going to rape her, or kill her….she could not put Delilah through that!

“……My boyfriend, he’s going to come get me in a minute” she lied. She pulled her phone out and quickly texted Delilah not to come after her, she warned her that there were men nearby, that she needn’t worry for her safety. She told her she loved her; just in case she died.

“Don’t move….” A female voice spoke, it sounded even further from her, deeper in the woods. “I’m coming over to you”. Lissette could not stand the anticipation any longer, she ran. Passed the sign, deep into the expanse of black she rushed headlong. She could feel asphalt under foot, a bit bumpy, cracked, she stopped and looked around. There was no vegetation taking over the town, the houses were dilapidated and worn yet many were still standing. The windows were broken, some had doors hanging off of the hinges, yet the bodies of the buildings still stood.

The area around her was plagued by blackness, so thick that she was sure it should have been impossible for her to see. Yet a dim white glow washed over the realm, coming from what looked to be a street lamp in the center of the town, just passed the sign that welcomed any new comers to Eaglesnest. She made her way to the sign, her feelings of unease growing as she quickly regretted her decision to come into this dead town. She looked up to the street lamp, it towered high above her, and she saw the dim shine of the light radiating from it. Perhaps someone was here! She thought to herself, if the lights are still working, there must be power here, where there is power, there are people.

She continued through the town, she could no longer hear the voices in the forest and that gave her a relief. Perhaps they were afraid to be caught attempting a kidnapping in the middle of the town. She searched for houses that were not in disrepair, yet she saw nothing, just more broken houses and wrecked stores. She passed through neighborhoods and saw cars in driveways, windows busted out, tires deflated, light tints of dust caked over the body of the vehicle. Cars in the streets as if they were driving, stopped at stop signs as if abandoned mid-journey to the grocery store.

There was not a single sound that could be heard, she was alone, once again with the black of the night, the only other company being that of the faint white glow, emanating off of the street in the center of town. She pulled out her phone and readied to text her sister that she was safe, but to her dismay she first saw the barrage of her sister panic at her prior stated text. She hurried to call Delilah, she could not believe that she had worried her so much, the panic in the voice of her messages was so intense, that she began to cry.

“Lizzy!!!” Delilah barked as she answered the phone, she sounded as if she was out of breath.

“Lila…oh my god I’m sorry!!” she cried as she walked, “I didn’t mean to scare you, really I was just panicked…and….and…..” she couldn’t finish her sentence, she fell to her knees as sorrow washed over her. “I’m sorry”

“Lizzy…you’re okay..?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, but I’m in Eaglesnest, those guys didn’t follow me….I don’t think at least –“ as she said that she could hear voices in the distance, it sounded as if they were having a conversation.

“Lizzy? Lizzy answer me, Lizzy!!!!” Delilah was in panic again.

“Lila…I think, they’re here” Lissette sobbed as softly as she could.

“I’m bringing the police Lizzy, just stay on the phone with me, okay sweetie” Delilah could be heard calling out to someone in the distance, Lissette could hear her screaming about men and danger, yet Lissette could only focus on the nearing voices and then the figure in the darkness, just at the edge of the town. She had not seen it before, it was large, like a thin man, watching her at the edge of the town.

“Fuck….Lila…Lila what can I do?” she cried softly into the phone, but there was no answer. Then she looked to one of the houses to her side, she ran, dashing through the broken door and rushing into the nearest closet. Dust and mold flooded the enclosed space, she breathed deeply, coughing and hacking, her heart pounding in her chest as flashes of all the possible horrible outcomes that may happed plagued her every thought.

“I’m not okay…I’m not okay… I’m not okay” she began to cry, her body quivering from fear, her legs wanting to shatter beneath the weight of the situation, yet she just stood. She hoped he had not seen her! He could not have seen her! There was no way that he saw her! But she saw him. If she could see him…Then he definitely saw her.

“Hey, you” a sudden surge of panic caused her body to lock up as the voice of a man spoke to her from behind, so closely that it was right in her ear. “I’m coming” it said “So please….Don’t move”. She cried out the loudest cry that she could! Plowing through the closet door and rushing from the building! She did not think, she did not have time to think, she just let her fear guide her body, rushing into another house! This house was larger, a 2-story house, yet it was empty. There was nothing here, no closet, not couches, just a stair case. It was like a box with a staircase leading to another box. The windows were covered with what looked to be black paint, the door was none existent.

She raced up the stairs, not even considering the fact that this building only had one entrance and one exit. She ran up the stairs and came to a hallway with no rooms, no doors to lead to anywhere, no windows to let in air. She stopped, taking in the atrocity before her. Drawings on the walls of the hall, they were like a professional came in and painted a comic on the house. The walls glowed blue in the darkness, she studied the drawings, they were of mouths, some of them smiling, some of them open as if to speak, on the back drop of a wash of a glowing blue expanse. She made her way down the hall, following the drawings, some of the mouths made expressions of fear, some of them were stoic. They were like if someone took a razor and cut around the lower half of a person’s face, starting below the chin and guiding their blade up and around the nose, removing every part of the skin that covered the teeth and gums; just the lips and cheeks, and at times the skin of the nose.

She was nearly to the end of the hall, when she stopped as she noticed one of the paintings begin to move. The lips began motioning as if to speak, she looked to it, her eyes wide, terror gripping her soul. She began to motion to put her phone to her ear, she needed to speak to Delilah, she wanted to ask for help, but her phone was not in her hand. It wasn’t there! Where had it gone? She could feel the panic within her soul begin to intensify. Why was her phone gone? Had she dropped it? Was it in the other house? Could she get it? She needed Delilah! She needed to speak with her, her voice was the only thing that would calm her down now. She was sure she would die here, so Delilah’s voice was the final thing she wanted to hear, before she was gone.

“I am here” she could hear a voice within the hall speak. She looked around and, yet she could see nothing. Her heart felt as if it would drop into the pit of her stomach. “Do not move” she could hear another voice speak, she looked to the wall, remembering that one of the mouths was moving, she could see them all move now as dozens of voices began to speak all at once. “I am here, do not run, I am here….Praise be to me Mastholeum”. Lissette took no time, she rushed away, sprinting as fast as she could, skipping steps as she attempted not to stumble, for she did not want to know what other atrocities might meet her within the house of mouths.

As she rushed, she could see other mouths that were not there before all speaking and calling out their praises to “Mastholeum”. She was surrounded, below her she could feel the squish of flesh beneath her feet and as she freed herself from the house she could see why. Hundreds, upon hundreds of mouths littered the streets of the town. On the floor, upon the walls of the houses, upon the roof. She stopped and allowed her mind to register what she was seeing, yet her psyche could not make sense of  the predicament. She cried out, a deep burning frustration boiling over within her, bred by her overwhelming fear, compelling her to let out a shriek that shredded the flesh of her throat. She fell to her knees, quivering as the gravity of her surroundings finally weighed down upon her too harshly. She could feel the flesh of the disembodied mouths beneath her knees. She hugged herself and allowed the fear to wash over her.

“I am here” all of the mouths spoke at once, like thunder the many voices all called out, causing her body to shake from the force. Before her, just a few paces away she could see it, as if a pit of living tar bubbling beneath the many mouths upon the floor, one large bubble rising, carrying with it 2 mouths on either side. A black gelatinous mass of goop rising higher than the buildings, as it ascended a larger mass trailed behind it, it carried with it, dozens of mouths that called out praises to Mastholeum. Slowly it crept from beneath the ground, the mouths twisting around it as 2 long tendrils grew from the large black mass on either side of the body, the sounds of distant crying could be heard, whether of fear, agony or joy the cries rang out as five fingers grew from the 2 extra growths upon the mass of black tar. The fingers were long, as long as her wrist, the masses arms as long as her entire body. The creature towered above all of the buildings in the area. From the top of the mass, she could see the smaller mass, that had emerged from the ground before shape to form what seemed to be this entities head.

She wanted to move, her body wanted her to escape, she needed to move. Her body would not allow her to, she could see this thing, she knew she was in danger, yet her body would not respond to her. The mouths that covered the area, the mouths that covered the creature, they all began to chant out: “I am here for you; that which has come to pay respects. I have, all of us sacrificed myself to be made one. Offer me your mouth to speak so that you might see my grace”. Lissette let out another cry of terror, the creature reached for her, inciting a panic that caused her body to react on its own. She rushed away, the creature’s fingers, narrowly grazing the skin of her back as it attempted to grab her.

She ran down into the distance, she was not aware of where she might go, but she knew she had to get away. She could feel the squish of the chanting mouths beneath her feet. She could see the mouths surrounding her. She cried out as one of the mouths opened wide, releasing a black hand from within, it reached out for her and she narrowly dodged, falling over and rolling across the ground. She jumped back up, blood now pouring from a scrape on her thigh. Yet she continued to run. More and more hands rushed up and grabbed for her. She could feel them tugging at her slipper, so she let them have it, two more reached out and grabbed for her, grasping the bottom of her shirt, but without so much as a struggle, she pulled herself free; her shirt damp and riddled with tears and holes from natures tortures, weakened and flimsy enough to easily tear apart. She just continued to run until she made it to an area where she saw no mouths. She could not feel them under foot. She could hear singing, she could see the hands all clasped together around where she now stood, as if they were praying.

They surrounded her, blocking her in so that she could not escape where she was, she could see that creature off in the distance still towering over the buildings. It was watching her from the darkness, the light of the moon revealing its disgusting frame. Lissette wanted to collapse but she did not want to take any chances, she did not want to stay there, she took the time to scan where she was and right behind her she could see a large building. She had not noticed it before, it towered even higher than that creature that loitered in the distance. It was a large, grey, stone construct with 4 spires at the top of the roof that looked as if they would pierce the sky. She made her way to the building, rushing over to the steps that led to the entrance. There was no door, just an open doorway from which she could hear subtle voices and singing flooding out of.

Lissette walked to the building slowly, she had nowhere else to go, the hands were not grabbing for her, the creature was not chasing her, yet they all surrounded her. Yet they would not near this small radius around this building that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. She wanted to make sense of it, she wanted to believe that this place was now her salvation. She did not though, she knew she would be wrong and as she entered, her heart once again was filled with dread. Upon every wall, upon the ceiling that raised higher than any ceiling she had ever seen, she could see the mouths. They whispered, they sang a beautiful song, calling out a harmonious hum from their lips. This building was filled with church pews in rows, each seat pristine, glistening, polished wood reflecting the light of the candles that sat on either side of the wood pews. The seats looked as if they would seat 8 people each, each pew faced one central spot; the altar, which stood high above the dozens of pews so that whomever spoke could look down upon its audience. Dozens of candles lined the altar up to the top where it stopped. There was a stairway that lead up to the top of the altar, each step had a mouth on it that sang that melodic hum.

A candle was lit on every second step. This building had no window and so the light of the moon could not penetrate the dull orange glow of the candles. The floors were cold grey stone as were the walls. Far to the front of the church there were two open doors beside the altar, and at the center of the altar there was a small figure garbed in what looked to be a skirt and a jean vest. Lissette felt a slight ease at the fact that there seemed to be another person here with her. She started to walk toward the person, calling out to her as she forced herself to make her way forward. She did not know what might come from the two doors, when that large creature might come up behind her, or what was even happening to her at this moment.

“Excuse –“ Lissette began to call out, until she stopped as she could hear this person muttering softly to herself. She looked to be a young girl from behind. She knelt at the altar, holding a candle. To her side there was a white cloth and beside that a small wooden box with a mouth laying in it, similar to those upon the face of the church, like those that littered the outside, except this one did not sing, it did not pray, it just lay there flat. This young girl was on her knees still muttering to herself. She seemed unabashed by Lissette’s soft attempt at contact. Lissette felt the flush of unease come to her as strongly as ever as the realizations of what this girl might be struck her soul. This praying girl was not human, she was of the same type as that creature outside. Lissette continued toward the girl, stopping as the girl’s voice could be heard clearly. She spoke softly, almost imperceptibly, yet Lissette could make out what she was saying:

“We gave ourselves to you, to be the conduits of your voice, they are you, you are you, I am your messenger, I am your will, I am not you……” the girl paused as she said the last phrase with the hint of a sob before she continues “……I love you” she finally continued, her voice quivering as she spoke those final words before repeating the prayer once again from the beginning. Lissette opened her mouth to speak again….she could barely form her words, her voice coming out in the form of sheepish whisper: “H….hey…excuse me –“ she paused again, as the praying girl stopped her prayer at the final “……I love you”.

She unclasped her hands, slowly moving, emitting an unseen pressure that pressed upon Lissette’s heart with a fear so strong it caused her to begin to tear up. She regretted her actions, all events that she caused this night and any night prior that lead to the end result of her being in this current situation, she wished to take back. The praying girl placed one of her hands upon her face, gripping her mouth, cheeks, nose and face, before digging her nail in, she pulled, lightly, peeling the flesh from her face. Small black strands snapping beneath the skin, like little string of glue that held the flesh to the bone were torn apart as she removed her skin. Once removed she placed the disembodied mouth in the box where the other mouth lay, she smoothed it over with one hand as carefully as she could so that it was neatly centered and flat, all without looking to Lissette. She then closed her box and grabbed the white cloth, wrapping it like a veil around her face, tying it around her face before standing and finally turning to address her guest.

At this moment Lissette came to realize that all of the mouths ceased their singing, no songs, no prayers, they simply seemed to observe.

“I greet you” The Praying girl spoke, her white veil covered only to her mouth and nose, Lissette could still see her eyes, they were bright green, lovely, Lissette felt as if she would fall into them at any moment. The girl was tiny, shorter than Lissette, the same height as Elenore, she had red hair that fell to the back of her neck, it was braided on either side, with one long ponytail falling down the middle. She indeed wore a sleeveless gray jean vest, with a red short sleeve button down. She wore a plaid red skirt that stopped at the top of her thighs, and pink sneakers, with red ankle socks.

“I…..” Lissette could not speak, she did not know why she wanted this things attention, she knew it wasn’t human, it looked human, she could not deny that but….humans cannot rip their own faces off.

“You wish to be loved” the girl spoke to her, making her way closer, causing Lissette to step back for every step this thing took forward.

“I read your heart…..” The Praying girls voice began to quiver as if she was going to cry once again. “Such pure desire must not fall to sorrows grasp”

“What are you….?” Lissette barked it, her fear once again fell to frustration as this thing continued its slow approach.

“I am not but a messenger for him” the girls voice was now loud and filled with joy, it echoed out through the halls as each mouth spoke with her voice. “Praise be unto him” her eyes alight with excitement.

“Might you embrace him?” she continued.

“I….I just want to go home…I just want to see my mother….my sister –“

“Delilah” the girl spoke, Lissette’s eyes widened at the words. “We wish not to harm you” one mouth spoke once again in the girl’s voice.

“Praise shall fall unto the grace of Mastholeum, Mastholeum the Mouthless speaker” another mouth called out in her voice.

“Mastholeum the Mouth stealer” another called out in a different voice.

“Mastholeum the voice eater” another called out in Lissette’s voice.

Lissette felt her heart sink again, she readied to run as the girl continued nearing her. Then the Praying girl reached into the pocket of her jean vest, Lissette was going to rush away, she was going to escape or die, she knew it. She expected the girl to pull out a weapon, a gun, a knife, some type of alien magic wand, something was going to happen and she was prepared. Then she saw it. The girl pulled out Lissette’s phone and held it out, offering it to her.

“This…it is yours isn’t this?” she stopped nearing Lissette and Lissette stopped backing away, she looked to the girl, she did not know what to expect next. “I offer this to you, so that you might understand, we are not here to harm you…only to invite you to rejoice with us, we ask that you join us in fellowship for Mastholeum wishes to bless all upon this world with the most Holiest of truths. Yet he has no mouth to speak, not one of this world at least and thus…” the girl spread her arms out wide, as if gesturing to the entire church, as if putting herself on display. And then all of the mouths in the church and all of the mouths outside spoke at once in her voice, and they said in a harmony that reverberated like thunder: “We gave ourselves to him; to be the conduits of his voice”. Lissette looked to her phone, her hand trembling. Her mind racing at millions of miles an hour as she attempted to comprehend this situation, she was sure that she was dreaming. Then a thought popped into her head, a possible truth that was worse than the reality of her own death.

“Did…Did you call Delilah?” she began. “Did you call Delilah using my voice!” she cried out, she did know that they would hurt Delilah, she knew they would try and take her mouth! She did not want that! She could not allow that to happen!

“She called out with a voice full of fear, she wanted to rescue you” The Praying girl spoke. “Her soul filled with love and wonder, so many with her, so many surrounded her. Many mouths to give praise to his grace. It is all for the sake of spreading the holy truth”.

“You can’t hurt her” Lissette growled. “I’ll kill you!” she cried out. “I swear I kill you and burn this entire town down” fear turned to rage as she looked throughout the church, the thought of all of these people, all of the men and woman and children who were victimized by these monsters, at any moment Delilah could be one of them. She could not let that happen.

“We all are willing to die for the sake of the holy truth Lissette” The Praying woman once again offered Lissette her phone. “You must see, and once you see you must help them all to see”.

“I don’t want to see….” Lissette said.

“That is because the truth has been hidden from you….but I will show you….if you allow me I can open your mind. Teach you the holy truth of this world. I want to and if you let me, I will let you decide if you would like to hide the truth from your sister, or if you would like to bless them with Mastholeum’s most gracious of truths”.

“I…I can’t –“ Lissette took a moment, she needed to think. She had to save Delilah, she could not let these monsters take her like they had taken the people of this town. She was sure that they would take her regardless; either to teach her or to kill her. She was sure that Delilah was on her way to try and save her, and at the same time on her way to her own death. But if this girl was offering a way to save her, even at the sacrifice of her own life….she was sure that she needed to take it. For her mother, her father….for Delilah, she would do anything to make up for the pain she caused them. Even if she was lying it was worth a try.

“I…you can’t be lying to me okay…..” Lissette’s eyes began to tear up “Just don’t –“

“I have read your heart Lissette” the Praying woman said. “I know you are a person of love. And though you may not be able to read mine, I want you to know that I am too. I would never do anything to drown your heart full with love in waters full of sorrow”. Lissette felt a pressure from this girl, a warm, yet heavy pressure, like that of a child begging for her approval. Something about her was so genuine, she could not see a smile, she did not know her at all, yet her eyes, her voice. She seemed so full of joy, so full of life. Lissette could feel her fears subsiding. She reached out and grabbed her phone binding herself in their verbal contract:

“I believe you” Lissette assured the Praying girl.

“Then come with me…” the girl’s eyes were alight with joy, her voice chipper and jubilant. Lissette could feel her heart fluttering as she was engulfed in this girl’s passion. “Let me show you the holy truth”. The girl let go of Lissette’s phone, grabbing her wrist and dashing off with her in tow, leading her to one of the open doors by the alter and into the darkness to learn the holiest of truths.

The passage of time seemed as if it existed for only an instant before slowing to a crawl at the moment where Lissette existed now. Her heart pounded as she heard her loves call. So many voices all at once called out for her and yet her mind pinpointed one voice of importance. Her love had come for her with so many guests in tow. The night had begun to fade as the sun crept its way back over the Earth. Lissette stood in the center of the town, no more disembodied mouths sang praises, no more beast towering over head. The songs stopped ringing in her head and Lissette was alone once again in this murdered town. The sign for Eaglesnest no longer existed, the houses were all shattered, even the church had been devoured by nature. Lissette understood it all now. She could see the world clearly. For so long she had been walking around blind to the reality that surrounded her, but the Praying woman had cured her affliction. She was no longer blind, she had opened her eyes to allow her to see a truth that not many could know.

“Lizzy…!!” Delilah called out to her, she was so beautiful, short and adorable. Lissette let a smile paint across of her face as she watched her dear sweet love rush over to her, their parents not far behind, they were so happy to see her, just happy about life, it was so human. She knew so much, she knew now the truth of it all and as she neared them, running to great them with open arms she decided then as to whether or not she would tell them of the holiest of truths.


Author note:
Truly I meant to get this out 2 weeks ago but I was having trouble with the ending. It just doesn't feel finished to me although the story is so long. for whoever reads through this please give me a brutal critique and your opinions about what your feel about how the story ended. It is always appreciated, I simply what to put the best content out that I can and your help is always welcome. 

With love

Submitted: December 22, 2019

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You certainly did a good job with building up a menacing atmosphere, J K. Plenty of horror scenes.

Mon, December 23rd, 2019 9:19pm


Thanks for reading Hully I appreciate the comments

Sat, November 27th, 2021 6:52am


You are really good at suspense by building up the tension slowly but surly. You're really good at imagery building, which adds the tone of the story, and a good setting of what the characters are feeling. I actually got really happy when you showed two girls as the main lovers. I'm someone who has fallen for men and women so it was a nice representation to see that. Yes, with the whole religious, it is quite sad how people will do anything to tear people apart just for loving someone they think is out of the norm. I do like the different aspects you put with religion, also the struggles and finding in faith and matters of the heart. As for the ending, sometimes when a story becomes too long, I sometimes do like an interlude or an alternate ending. Maybe you could have part two of what she sees as her eyes are fully opened to the holy truths or maybe alternate perspective of Des. Overall, this was really good and kept my attention:} The only thing, I put, for grammar is putting commas for the direct the dialogue

Fri, November 26th, 2021 11:37pm


Thanks for the input on the ending. Genuinely when I wrote this I rewrote the ending at least 3 or 4 times. I wanted it to stay ambiguous with the ending I got I guess that would be why I dont want to do a part so far. But I'm sure I could think of one. Yeah, a large part of Lissette was her romantic interest lol I never really think much about sexuality representation in my stories. I like to just let my imagination guide me meaning if I think what I want to convey for a character works better with them being gay straight or other I usually do it. Although most times I do usually like having 1 non hetero character since NOT everyone on the planet is straight lmao and only having that one demographic is weird. So I'm glad that made you happy even if I did write absentmindedly.

I hope you keep reading my work I always appreciate it.

Let me know if you have anything you want me to look at.

Fri, November 26th, 2021 8:05pm


you did a really good job!
i wish you would write more! the suspense keeps you hook on the story
well done

Fri, December 10th, 2021 4:14pm


Lol well thank you very much I appreciate the read. I hope you keep on reading I love all comments and critiques. I did post a new one call "99 Apocalypse wall." If you want to check it out.

Fri, December 10th, 2021 10:47am

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