I met her today inside my mind.

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I Met Her Today inside My Mind.
Mind if you wait up?
Mind if i talk to you?
No lies.
I saw you the other day,
Cracked my eyes open,
I looked at you,
You did not look at me,
But your soul saw me.
You are familiar to
My Mind's eye,
Think I seen you in my dreams
A million of times,
Or maybe I am just lying.
I have my cards close to my chest,
I just want to take you out
And make you smile,
Probably make you mine,
Maybe we can play Chess,
King and Queen,
Me and you,
No Pawns.
We can dip in the sunset
By the horizon,
Dip in the Rabbit hole,
Lift the veil discover life,
We can roll a few,
And I show you what life is truly
Behind the scenes of my poems.
I mean not to invade your space,
But your rare beauty caught my heart,
Levitates my heart to space,
Impossible it was to let you pass by.

Submitted: December 28, 2019

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