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Dylan left after talking for a few minutes with me. 
As soon as he left, Stephanie sat on the bed again and snapped her fingers, "See! I told you"
"Yeah right"
''He even wiped the cream off from your cheeks" She clapped her hands
''That's no excuse for this''
''Yeah right'' she snorted
Stephanie left after dinner.
Amy was sitting with me and asked, ''are you and Dylan dating?"
''No!'' I shuddered, "who told you that?''
''I overheard your conversation with Stephanie and_
''No'' I crossed my arms around my chest, ''we are not''
''But I would love that'' 
''Shut up''
''I mean it'' 
''Stop blabbering Ams, otherwise I'll put you back in the dumpster where mom and dad got you from'' I snapped the remote from her hands
''I'm not falling for that'' she snorted
''Haven't you noticed this yet?'' I looked at her 
''Noticed what?'' 
''The fact that I've got mom's hair and dad's eyes but you've got nothing'' 
Amy's expression switched from normal to terrified 
Well, she didnt notice that she had dad's curly hair and mom and dad's eye colour mixed together. And I was in no mood to remind her that.
''It's true Amy'' I added, ''mom and dad never wanted to say it but since; I'm your sister, at least not blood-related but still I'm your sister and I feel bad for hiding this from you'' 
Amy was almost crying now. 
I found such peace in annoying my little sister, just the way she loved to remind me that nobody could ever be capable to become the bane of my existence except her. 
And also, if you have a younger sibling and you've never told them that your parents got them from a dumpster then you have failed as an elder sibling. That was and still is the rule.
The next day, George came early and waited for me in front of the door. 
I was shocked when I saw him, slinging his light weighted bag as if there was nothing inside, which was true; there was never really anything inside that bag. 
''Hi'' I waved at him
''Hey'' he smiled
''You came here?'' I asked
''To go to school with you'' he completed
We walked and as soon as we entered the corridors; I saw Hayley walking towards us
''Hey'' Hayley smiled at us
''Hey'' we both replied
''Who are you taking to the prom?'' Hayley asked both of us
''We haven't'' George looked at me
''Decided yet'' I completed. 
''Oh'' she sneered
''And you?'' I asked
''Waiting for someone to ask me'' 
I saw Mr Hill enter his office and told George that I had some work and took my leave. 
I was crestfallen when I didn't get any letter from Brittles (it was nice and exciting to know about somebody's next move you know) but I did get a letter from someone else
I opened the letter and read:
Dear Respondent,
I get bullied a lot by some senior students. It didnt use to happen so much before but now it keeps on happening. I'm afraid that they'll beat me more if I tell my parents or teachers. They warned me to never tell anyone about this but I can't even fight back because they beat me so much that I have no more energy left to even slap them. Please help me
With regards,
Who could it be? I thought 
But my mind couldn't think of a single soul who could ever get bullied here. But I got hold of my pen and decided to reply:
Dear Dork,
I hope you are okay. Even though you are afraid to tell your parents and teachers because you think the senior students will bully you more; I suggest you tell them instantly. Our school will definitely do something against these kids and I'm sure that you'll never be bullied again. So, I suggest you tell your parents about it
With regards,
I went to the Respondent's Reply box and looked around to know whether somebody was watching me or not. When everything was clear; I put the letter inside the box.
As soon as I got to near the lockers I saw Steve walking with a girl. 
And that was the most unusual thing I'd seen that day. 
It's not like Steve can't hang out with other girls but it was very weird for me. 
The girl was pretty though. Her hair was made into a French braid and it was falling softly on her eyes. Her big brown eyes were looking at Steve. 
I cleared my throat
''Hey Steve'' I waved at him
''Em'' he smiled at me then pointed at the girl, ''she's Andrea''
''Hi'' Andrea looked at me and smiled
I smiled back, ''I have to go. Bye'' 
I waved at both of them and went to my class. 
As soon as my class ended, Austin came to me
''You didn't forget the library plan did you?'' He asked
''Of course not'' I cried, ''no football practice today?'' 
''It's done'' Austin said, ''Dylan told us to leave''
''Okay,'' I smiled and went to the library again. 
Austin and I began walking when Dylan interrupted
''Where are you two going?'' He asked and quite angrily
''Library, why?'' I replied
''Austin, the coach is calling you'' he said
''How would I know now?'' He shrugged and ordered him to leave
"But I'm just returned from the gym and coach was there too. He didn't tell me to stop" he looked a little confused 
"Would you know it better than I do?" Dylan angrily asked
Austin opened his mouth but shut it again. He reluctantly returned to the sports room 
I started to walk
''Where are you going now?'' He asked me
''I'll go with you'' 
And before I could say anything; he tagged along with me. 
Steve didn't come to lunch
''I saw him with a very pretty girl today'' Dylan smiled when the topic shifted to Steve, ''finally he's got somebody''
All of them smiled
''Yeah'' I mumbled
''Who are you waiting for?'' Stephanie jokingly asked Dylan
''Emily of course'' he looked at me and winked
''Bless your deluded heart Dylan'' George rudely commented
Dylan's expression was somewhat between confusion and anger
''Who wants me to do their math homework today?'' Martin asked, trying to shift the range of awkwardness
''Me'' Stephanie said (which was a terrible lie because Stephanie didn't have math at all)
''Me too'' I said
''Did you hear that Markus is dating Sia?'' George asked 
''What?'' My mouth hung open
''I know its shocking'' Dylan looked at me, ''some harsh truths are bad for digestion''
''What about Pauleen?'' Martin asked
''Pauleen is already dating Luke'' Dylan chewed his food
''Since when?!'' Stephanie and I cried
''It's supposed to be a secret. They're afraid that Courtney and her mean girls squad will destroy their relationship'' George replied
''What for?'' Stephanie asked
''Isn't that Courtney's job?'' Dylan turned to Stephanie, ''to break everyone's relationship?''
So it was not Markus. 
My heart began to get heavy now. 
Lunch went by with huge discomfort. I rushed to Mr Hill's office, hoping to meet him. But nobody was inside and the office was opened so I went inside and saw two letters on his desk
I opened the next letter and read it: 
Dear Respondent, 
Thank you for your suggestion. I'm glad that you replied but I do not want to take the risk. We've known each other for ten years and I don't want to mess it up. Can you give me better ideas? 
With regards,
Of course, he would be sad and anxious. Ten years of friendship is no joke, I thought 
Then it hit me,
Ten years? 
Nobody in our entire school has ten years of friendship except the six of us. 
Could the girl be me? 
I decided to write back
Dear Brittles, 
Ten years of friendship is a pretty long one. I suggest you to start doing things that might impress her maybe? I really do not know much about the relationships you see.
With regards,

Submitted: February 06, 2020

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