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That night, we all gathered at my house.

Stephanie got the drinks, Martin got pizza, Dylan got marshmallows and George and Steve brought cupcakes

"It feels good to be back like this" George spread his arms around us, while we all lay on the floor.

"It does" Dylan smiled, "and I'm sorry for creating so many misunderstandings"

"It's fine" Steve replied

I was lying next to Steve, who kept on looking at me to see my reactions

"Don't get all lovey dovey here now" Stephanie crawled over Steve, "You guys are making me jealous"

"Fine" Steve and I both reluctantly agreed.

"Why didn't Austin come?" I asked

"Because it's our gathering" Dylan looked at me and smiled,

"No matter whom we date, our gang is our gang and our gatherings are only limited to us"

I crawled over George to reach to Dylan

"What do you say dude?" George pushed me aside and then looked at Steve, "bro, she's not thin at all"

I kicked George's butt and hugged Dylan tightly

"I love you Dylan"

"I love you too babycakes"

"What about me?" Stephanie crawled on top of me and Dylan.

"I love you too Steph" he tosseled her hair

"I'm there too" Steve crawled on top of Stephanie

"I love you Steve" Dyland smiled, "as a friend of course"

"I'm there too!" Martin jumped on top of us and Dylan seemed out of breath

"You guys are so childish" George complained, "who does this nowadays?"

"We do" we all said it in unison

George started walking away

"Are you leaving?" Dylan asked

"Of course not idiots" he jumped on us and we all fell apart after a few seconds

We lay our heads on the floor and closed our eyes. Then an unpleasant smell started to bother us

Nobody said anything. I thought it was coming from outside
Dylan sniffed a little and angrily looked at George, "You farted didn't you?"

"Smart" he got up and rushed out

"Gross" we all held out our noses and Dylan went after George to beat him up. Martin turned on the fan and got out of the room

"I need some water" he looked at Stephanie, "come out now. Don't do the third wheeling"

Stephanie nodded and started to follow Martin

"Enjoy love birds!" She chuckled

"Whatever. You're so_

Steve hugged me. Then he hugged me tighter and kissed my forehead, "I love you"

"Me too" I hugged him back

"You learned piano for me?" I asked "but you said you wanted to learn it because you thought it was cool" I looked at him

"No, I learned it because you wanted somebody to play Let It Be Me and I wanted to be that somebody"

"Wow" I responded in disbelief

"I even once wanted to cut my hair like Brad Pitt because you once said you like his hairstyle"

"Really?" I looked at him, surprised

He nodded, "To be honest, I love peas. But I always save them for you because you had the habit of stealing them from my plate because you liked eating it"

"You should've told me that before" I complained, "I wouldn't have eaten it"

"It doesn't really matter"

"Why didn't you tell me about your feelings?" I asked him

"I always tried to Em. Once Austin called you, then you didn't want to talk and then Andrea came and you stopped talking to me entirely. I wanted to ask you out for the Prom but I felt like Dylan already liked you and I thought you do too. So I didn't think that telling my feelings to you was worth it. So I stopped writing those letters to you. That's why George got into a fight. Because he knew that I will never fight with Dylan, he's a friend. I thought his feelings for you were stronger than mine and you only noticed them_

"Forget it" I looked at him. His eyes were tearing up

"Are you crying?" I asked

"I like you a lot Emily Watson. In fact, I love you. So don't leave me"

"I'm not going anywhere Steve. I'm just right here, next to you"

"Yeah" he smiled, "But don't let me leave you as well. I know I probably sound really cheesy_

"You do" I replied

"I do right?" He looked terrified

"But I like it" I looked at his eyes, "it's cute. You're cute"

He didn't say anything. He blushed so much that he got redder than a tomato.

"I bless the day I found you" I started to sing

"I wanna stay around you" he smiled at me

"Now and forever" I hugged him tighter

"Let it be me"

"Who wants to have some marshmallows?" Dylan suddenly got inside and blushed when he saw me and Steve

"Wow" he blushed

"What?" Steve and I both looked flustered

"You two are too adorable together"
Steve and I laughed and opened the marshmallow packets

"Can we come in?" Stephanie closed her eyes when she entered the room

"Oh shut up" Steve and I cried, "come in"

George, Martin and Stephanie came with more food.
Dylan sat on my bed, on his usual seat and began to chew the marshmallows rigorously like a cow.

"Become a human will you?" I smacked his head and picked up the crumbles on my bed sheet and ate it

"Where's the school gossip?" I asked

Stephanie snapped her fingers, "Courtney is dating a boy who's in college"

We all gasped

"I heard that Jessie is going to Paris?" George stated

"Why?" Steve asked

"To develop his already wrecked love life maybe" Martin answered and we all laughed.

Being with them didn't change anything. It gave me happiness and I felt like I could get through anything in my life as long as I had them by my side. I realised that love isn't about who likes you, it's about whom do you like. I learned that misunderstandings should be cleared up pretty soon otherwise it leads to heartaches and headaches like mine.

For others, time was still passing by but in our case, I think that time stopped itself to just look at nerd-ish idiots like us. It was the same with them. And it was everything.
I realised that life was going to be good because of them.



WRITER'S NOTE: I hope you all enjoyed the story. Thank you for the love, it gave me a lot of happiness. I hope you continue to love the characters and the story and I'm also very sorry for posting the chapters late. Please let me know in the comment section about your opinions about the story and the ending. Did you like it? Are you staistified? 


Submitted: May 07, 2020

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simon arthur

That was an awesome story. I really liked it. The twist was not what I was expecting, but ... it was a great twist to the story. Who knew Dylan was gay. Anyway, I'm so glad that Emily and Steven have gotten together. That's great. They're so happy together and they suite each other. I like the way the characters interacted. It's so entertaining and humorous. It was a great read. Thanks for inviting me to read your story. It was worth it. You have a lot of potential as a writer. :)

Fri, August 14th, 2020 3:44am

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