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After a few days since the Prom was declared, I got another letter 
"It's great that people are still willing to write to you,'' Mr Hill said it when I entered his office, "I thought they stopped entirely"
"They have not" I threw the letter in the air and caught it again, "and this is the proof"
"Must be very proud"
"I am"
I sat on Mr Hill's couch and opened the letter:
Dear Respondent, 
I'm a freshman and I've never done this sort of thing before. But the thing is; I like someone. It's a girl and she and I are very close. I'm not sure if she has feelings for me or not but I'm afraid that if I tell her how I feel; our friendship will be affected and I don't want that to happen. 
What should I do? 
With regards,
Finally, somebody is asking me to help them with their love life. Nobody has ever done that. Stephanie says it's because I have zero knowledge about love tips. And she's not entirely wrong.
Something reminded when I read Brittles. Something sounded so familiar with this name but I couldn't remember what it was 
I felt accomplished in my life now (and very grossed out for thinking that my accomplishment was only limited to matchmaking) 
I thought about the possibilities of who this might be. 
I know that this could be him; Shannon told me that he has feelings for Pauleen (and they are super close) 
This has to be him. 
I got hold of my pen and began to write a reply: 
Dear Brittles,
Okay, so your situation is similar to one of the typical high school rom-coms but my answer isn't so typical or cliché. You are too afraid to ask her right? Then do one thing; try to spend more time with her, that way you'll get to see her reactions and soon enough, you'll figure out whether she likes you back or not. 
With regards,
"Was that good enough?"
I explained the letter and recited my reply to Stephanie (yes, I had my reply memorised and no, I'm not a dork)
"It's okay for the start" she replied, "but I wonder who this guy is"
"It must be Markus" I suggested
"Yeah" Stephanie answered, "he treats Pauleen a little differently than the rest"
"Is that even a reason?" I laughed 
Does treating somebody differently means that they have feelings for you?, I wondered 
"It is" Stephanie got up from my bed, "Brad treated me differently. Didn't you ever notice?"
I shook my head
"Magnus treats Nikki differently, Jason treats Arya differently and the list never ends!"
"I never noticed that" I mumbled
''By treating differently; Dylan also treats you differently nowadays. And so does George" Stephanie observed
"No, they don't" I complained. But I felt nervous; because the latter might be true. 
My sixteen-year-old cousin once told me that when your guy friend suddenly starts acting weird and treats you differently; it means that he likes you. 
Maddy's voice (my cousin) echoed in my mind. That girl wrecked me now. 
What if George has feelings for me? I thought that would dishearten me. I've never thought of him that way. 
"Dylan gets angry when he sees you with other guys," Stephanie said
"No, he doesn't"
"Yes, he does," Stephanie said, "didn't you hear him mumble 'I don't like this friendship' when you didn't tell him and George about your plans with Austin?"
"I did but_"
''Not only that'' Stephanie was making dramatic gestures to make me understand, ''Dylan stopped stealing food from your plate. And thats a HUGE thing''
''He always asks you before he takes food from your plate'' Stephanie added, ''he didn't use to do that before''
"And George's acting weird as well'' I said at last 
Stephanie's eyes widened, "like how?"
"George kept on looking at me the whole period on the first day of school, then smiled and blushed and whatnot! He got angry when Dylan taunted me with Austin''
Stephanie snapped her fingers like a magician, "I knew it!"
"Knew what?'' I asked
''I'm pretty sure that Dylan and George both like you''
"Oh no"
"Oh yes" Stephanie replied, "because Martin doesn't like you for sure"
"What about Steve?" I asked
Suddenly, the door opened and the door opened and the little creature (Amy) got inside my room, "Dylan's here"
Stephanie looked at me and slyly smiled 
''Call him here" I told Amy
After a few minutes, Dylan got inside my room with a container in his hands
Stephanie stood up and tried to get the container. 
Dylan lifted it up, ''it's for Em"
''What's there?'' Stephanie asked
''Chocolate cake'' he replied
''I love chocolate cake too'' Stephanie angrily crossed her arms
''But this is for Emily only"
I smiled
''You wouldn't believe what happened today'' Dylan sat on my bed
''What?'' Stephanie and I said simultaneously 
''Do you know Derek?'' Dylan asked 
I nodded
Stephanie tried to think, ''isn't he in the football team who's always in charge to get food?" 
''Yeah" Dylan replied
Dylan shifted on the bed, "he cooks all the food himself"
I tried to look surprised, "what?''
Stephanie's mouth was hung open
"Close your mouth Steph. It's already pretty big and when you open it, it looks huge" Dylan said, grinning a little
She instantly closed her mouth. 
"We are surprised too," Dylan said, ''but he told us all that he loves to cook when he presented this cake" he pointed at the cake that he got for me.
''That's crazy'' Stephanie commented
''Yeah," I pretended to be shocked too. But I never understood why it was so surprising until I was given a perfect explanation 
"He was too afraid to say this'' Dylan said, ''he thought someone would laugh at him"
''Did they?" I asked
''Did they what?'' He looked at me, wiping the cream from my cheeks from his fingers
Stephanie froze. 
Just watching her made me turn back in horror
''Laugh at him I mean'' I casually said, trying to hide the panic inside and wiping my cheeks myself again
''Some of them did'' Dylan replied, ''they taunted him as well but I told them to accept him just the way he was. It's not as if it's a bad thing to be a cook"
''Yeah'' I said

Submitted: February 02, 2020

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