Retro 80's: The Short Stories 2

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Candy Necklaces '89

  Candy Necklaces '89   It was the summer of 89, two eleven-year-old boys named, Lee and Sam are in the Kay's Marke... Read Chapter

Malibu beach '85

Malibu beach '85      One summer of 85 at Malibu beach there was a teen blonde guy named Eric. Eric was having... Read Chapter

Rock groupie '88

  Rock groupie '88     It's a warm and cloudy evening in 1988 at a rock concert. Am... Read Chapter

Summer Fling '88

Summer Fling '88   It was June of 1988, it was a warm and cloudy morning. Regina, a 29-year-old, a light-skinned, army wo... Read Chapter

Love Gun

  Love Gun   It's a chilly morning on July 8, 1989, at East Hill High. A powerful dusk a wind blew in the science r... Read Chapter

Curl Man 2

  Curl Man 2      It was a starry night in 1989 in Ohio. Curl Man drove his large dark two-door charg... Read Chapter

Wrestling Gold '88

Wrestling Gold '88     It was a Saturday morning in 88 in a small town in Ohio. Jack and his buddy, Ted 's eyes wer... Read Chapter

Christmas '87

  "Christmas 87"    It was Christmas 87 on Rashad street and white snow covered the driveway. An eight-year-ol... Read Chapter

Girl Next Door

  Girl Next Door It was a hot and muggy day on Fortier street. Jessie was a teen who just turned 16, yawned and stretched fr... Read Chapter


The year was 1989, it was damp and dark at the subway station. Alex Jackson is waiting inside with a dark coat, backpack and mid-size lug... Read Chapter

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