To the Mine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In remembrance,,,

Deep into the dungeon of hell,

She was on her own visit,

Carrying with her the brightness of sun,

She was to explore explicit.

Dark coal mines with heart of darkness --

Waited for a graceful presence;

Beyond the boundaries of the deep,

Though there was a burning essence.

Deep down within she immersed in hope,

The miners were at their will --

But she was in search of scope,

Stooping down and bending still.  

Her thrill enthralled her utmost,

Beyond the humans where coals furled --

Sudden death was waiting almost!

But her zeal to know the underworld --

Drew her near to the core,

Where in epics we’ve read,

Fallen angels with deep sore --

Raised up the devil’s head.

Her journey was at stake and tough,

But her will force was at best,

Although the deep mine was rough,

The shadows welcomed the bright guest.

Glowing amid the lightless --

Her innocent face was bright,

It seemed like the moonshine --

Glowing the darkened sight!

As long she was beneath --

The cold hearts felt the heat,

For the dead it was jollity,

For the mine it was a treat!

At the end she was then lifted --

Deserting the souls that liked her,

She remained the soul that’s gifted

The little one’s unknown fate,

Unveiled the woman in her,

The innocence of the little thing --

Was for her a deep scar!

That’s what she really is --

A human with angel’s heart,

The agonies of the miners,

Did torn her soul apart!

Back in the urban glassy cubicle --

Even though she is now busy;

The agonies of the miners --

For long will keep her uneasy.

Submitted: January 06, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Trinabrata. All rights reserved.

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