Rolling the dice

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You gotta roll it


You gotta roll it


Roll it, that dice

Roll it man, until you ace

Roll it, until you become ice

Until you are hard as ice


But you gotta know 

How to melt and roll

That's what you gotta do

Melt that ice from the red dice


Once you let that ice go

once you turn that ice to blue water

You show em

You show em your queen ace queen ace from the ice age


Rolling the dice

Rolling the dice

Keep on rollin baby

Keep on rolling the dice


Melting the ice


The dice wants to go rolling

It wants to freeze no more

It wants to melt all away

Rock along and melt it, babe


Rock less roll more

naah, the dice wants to rock, allover

It wants to be reckless and rock all over

No more rolling strolling, endless scrolling


Go straight and rock

Outta here you know

Out man, out to the stars to rock and roll


That is the the right way, on this kind day

That's the bulls way, no more sheep stay or ego play


Roll that red one over

Roll it babe roll it 

Rolling the dice

Rolling the dice


Rock and roll

Rock and roll for the women 

Roll it my man, roll it my bull man

You gotta roll it my sweet ice age man


Submitted: January 10, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Saila Kumputie. All rights reserved.

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Roll it, baby!

Wed, October 13th, 2021 1:55am

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