Ghost Hunter

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Futuristic drama and intrigue, about finding the deeply hidden, in a world of modernized distraction. Something you may see in your lifetime.

Time: 12.30
Date: 17 Jun 2062



After reviewing CCTV footage of the corner of 121 Essex Street and Kings Parkway, Edinburgh, on 16 Jun 2062, I have come to the conclusion, from both CIR and LISA imaging analyzers, evidence has proven that the unknown suspect in question, has used electronically enhanced, hybrid mix of chromatophore and bioluminescence tattooing (No street name, as it does not exist publicly), that is over and above what can be done currently on the streets. It's so advanced, it can fool all types of optical real-time identification in current use today. Because of the nature of the tattoo, it is considered the only uniquely identifiable clue, as to the identity of the unknown killer, that we have at this time.

LIDAR is the only method for accurate facial mapping. Requested MI6, for assistance with upgrading CCTV with FRC-LIDAR imaging processing. Which enhance the real-time identification abilities, to detect and track suspects with difficult to filter tattoos and body augmentation.

I assume the suspect in question is from Russia or China, due to the nature of detail picked up by our CCTV systems 20K CCD cameras, that can only be done with an advanced bio engineering printer, which is currently used privately in medical/military sector, for  human body parts reconstruction/replacement. Obviously the enhanced Chroma tattoo is a genetic modification, that requires skill to modify the medical equipment's programming for bio diversity and human cell reconstruction.

Until MI6 recovers the background skin mapping using enhanced 3D pattern reconstruction, no proper facial identification can be done.

As for the weapon used by the suspect, it seems to be unidentifiable, being a one off custom weapon, assumed to be a biodegradable device.  No gun powder residue, silent, and effective within 100 feet.  It's 7.7 mm projectile is also custom made, and biodegradable.  Using a bio polymer tech, infused with a time release agent, to disperse the bonding of its molecules.  What's left of the projectile, must be held in cryo suspension, else decay will make it unusable evidence within hours. We assume by decay rate, for the weapon, has an 8 hour window, if left uncompromised.  Using the projectile decay rate as a control, 

I will allow local authorities to continue with obtaining evidence, while head office special teams unit, will be assigned off grid, deep undercover, to locate and track the suspect.   Because of the technology used to hide the suspects identity, we cannot release any details to the public sector.

There is a strong possibility, the materials used in the suspects cothing, could be that of enhanced color change technology, used in modern party wear and high end fashion.


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Theoretically we are looking for a ghost assassin, of unknown origin, with no background to go on.Due to the nature of the technology,  most likely the cell, could be based in one of three hot spots facing our coasts, Norway, Irland, or France.

It is possible the cell is monitoring on how well we proceed with investigation, and is looking for cracks in our security, and may be planning something greater, or creating a distraction to open a hole in our limited resources. To what effect is unknown.

The only other bit of evidence is the 3D particle sniffer spectroscope images of walkways for foot traffic and composition of the shoe sole, coming and going from the scene.  By super imposing foot print locations with CCTV footage, we have isolated make of shoe and it's size, along with traces of residue transfer.  One of which traced to the city bus line. Though there is no way to put a time frame or location point of contact or drop off.

Attempts have been made to scan CCTV recordings on all the buses for a 3 day window of the incident. It is possible with bus CCTV to track further back before the date of the crime. It may be our only chance at identifying or locating possible points of interest.

We will have further information for review within 24 hrs...



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Chapter 1.  Hell Hole 101


Looking across the herd of dancing billboards, it's practically impossible to identify and profile from over 20 feet away.  These bio-illuma-filter contacts make people a bit blurry and distorted for my aging eyesight. I am getting too old for this, but I am the best they got for deep undercover, and familiar with the connections needed to find a ghosted assassin in hiding.

It would not be so bad, if the tats were stationary.Now everyone has animated tats, driven by their PIC (personal information center). The latest tat is electronicly enhanced bio luminous (EEL tat, on the streets), so you guessed it... everyone has them, with scrolling tats around their arms, necks and foreheads. Some have full HD imagery, which really fucks with your head. A fucking snow storm of TMI to distract you with.

Right now, I am distracted by the pole dancer with a king snake slithering up her leg,  Bravo, good guess on where it goes!  Older tech, my contacts can't filter EEMP tats (Electronically Enhanced Motion Pigment). The graphics were tops, and gave a 3D look, and makes you think how much dick the woman can take.  Now I am waiting to see if the snake comes out head first, or if starts from her ankle, in a continuous loop.  Too late, my answer just came out.

You can tell a lot about the dancers here.  Top dancers have the best tech on their skin. Now it's rare to see any ink on anyone younger than 25.  You won't find 23 and older on a pole... At least on this one.

I am watching the bar... that where the action is.  People meet and get greeted before the business gets started.

Right now by the looks of it, some guy is pumping 180 proof into a birdy to get his sorry ass shagged.  Wine and lightly mixed drinks are only used for romantic places, and this is not the place to swoon a girl. Money tucked away in the straps of her high heals, is the closet a girl is going to get, to being swooned here.

Seedy, not even close.  It's owned and operated by one of my best informers. So it's top shelf, got it?

Now that's a woman!  A full body EEMP art work, I mean every inch covered. I thought she was wearing something tight fitting, until it just disappeared, completley, in a stylized flickering burnout, to suddenly pop back on, as if it were a glitch.  Flashy, I'll show you what I got... to tease your eyes.

I prefer EEMP work on a body, as it is not so synthetic in looks, vivid, yet not painted on with details.

Now that's my kind of woman... nope, your wrong this time!  Standing out with custom tats, is begging for attention.., and most likely has come across people of similar bodily qualities.

She needs a drink, and I must get her one, before someone interferes with my plan.  Always order two shots with your pint.  One to drink and the other for moments like this.

I introduce myself... "Excuse me, did you leave this at the bar?", I give her the shot, and ask her if she knows Arin. She takes it... and hands me the empty glass, and quickly thanks me, in giving me her split finger solute (reversed peace sign). like I already knew that was coming.  That's what they do to punters when they stick their nose up the crotch.  At least I was not sniffed out, which could have ended the convo.  Yes we are talking... you don't need your lips to talk. It's all in the way things pan out.  "So, maybe you need to powder your nose before we get to know each other.", I hand her the powder she was looking for.  Simple as that, she came back looking for more.

Lucky for me, Allen, my informer also deals the shit, as it is, we're in his office.

She starts loosening up for me... I start asking questions, before she comes to her senses, I questioned if someone was looking for action that seemed out of place here, with EEL tats on the hands.  Nobody here has it, as they put their money in the more important body parts.

She remembered seeing someone at a different hell hole a month back. I got what I could out of her, and gave here my last packet for her to indulge.

No reason to stay any longer, as the only lead, was cold and stale, and may become total rubish within hours.

Glad to get these contacts out of my eyes, they give me a head ache if worn too long.

1.00 and I finally get my way in to The Dive. An underground hell hole, which I have no contact available to make this happen. Been here before, so my cover is secure for now.

As usual, I need to put my feck'n contacts back in, and get my Glaswegian in order. Things are going to get messy soon! 

Looking around, I see a few keeping an eye on me.  So I play my part in attempts to put them to sleep.  I walk up to the bar, and become chatty.

I say, "Hou's it gaun?" As I sit down next to a bloke.

Pointing to a birdy sitting across from me, I say to the him, "She's a bonnie lass, aye!"  He nodded "Aye!" I asked do you know her, and he replied, "Ah dinnae ken." I replied back, "Ach, too bad, maybe I'll just ask her?" He then said, "Yer a chancer... Yer aff yer heid, gonna gettin' skelped!"

So being the man that I am... I go and chat her up a wee bit... I asked her for her name, she replied, "Awa' an bile yer heid!" I needed a dramatic exit and said, "Taps aff, taps aff." Obviously it worked well enough. Got an ear full of her yelling out, "Yer mingin' bastard!". Returned back after getting a serious slap that made everyone notice. Almost got a shoe up my jaxxy as in turned away.

I ordered 2 pints, and give one to my new mate.  He laughed and said, "Pure dead brilliant! Yer oot yer face?"

 I had enough of the native language, headache or not, he was giving me a headache in just listing.

He noticed the eye's on me, tapped my shoulder, to get me to notice, as they moved to my blind spot. I was at a disadvantage, being my back turned away.  This particular place you need to be seated at a corner, being not so vulnerable.  It's also key for spotting what your looking for.  Something got my attention about the bloke.  Like I knew him, but could not place it.

After hearing him mutter MI5, basic training, as he takes a drink from his pint... it hit me.  He was a student of mine from years past.  We could not discus matters, and I soon realized, I did not belong here, let lone chose the wrong seat. So from basic training, a quick and dirty exit, would protect his status and eliminate me from the equation. Fight it out we did, with me being thrown out in the alley.

Now I am in am pickle. The only option is to leave and not be trailed. Yet stay close enough for him to leave a mark for me to meet.

3.00 being bloody cold in the rain, I was about to fall asleep, when I see my student leaves and tosses his cigarette into the gutter.  That was one mark I trained him on.  Meaning no contact attempt today, return and wait for next attempt.  I now had 24hrs... to which I felt useless. Since I had burned my bridge to obtaining clues.

Though, a wee flicker of light still lingered.  Am I still being watched? I have a gut feeling, I must go to Ireland. An old MI5 student was my only clue since stopping here, might as well run with it. Beggars cannot be choosers!

With time being limited, and my options limited, I am left to be a trench digger. Setting up camp before reinforcements arrive.  Not the best of work, but there are times when you are the only one digging in the proper location.  Every part of what we are doing is important, even when you are isolated, and may be on the wrong path.

Next stop Dublin.


Chapter 2.Home Turf Advantage


I admit it's hard for me to fit in with a mixed clan of sorts.  I'm Irish, and have my own set of personal issues with the English, but I am loyal to and paid by the Queen.  Unfortunately if things go wrong, in a bad way, the queen will not be as loyal to me,  As I am doing the queen's dirtiest of dirty work. No country will admit such doing, but it's all part of the game of intelligence and counter intelligence.

As for the Irish split, I think of how much was wasted on the past, but there is so much still left unresolved. It's not only a bitter battle between my people, but it is within me as well, in knowing it's peoples history, which is obscured by what we are told now. So, I have the upper hand coming home, as part of me can relate to the Irish Republic as well as the rest of my country.

Yes, we agents play with fire time to time, and may look and feel that we are playing both sides. In my case playing both sides, is the only way to win. 

With so many years of SAS and MI5 service, I decided on my own freedom, and became a private contractor, with benifits. Yes I have privlages... like I am able to obscond with a seat on any airline at any time, which brings me here, in a Ryan Air cockpit.  No I don't fly the bloody thing, just every airline has an open seat for an extra pilot, which is used time to time. I wanted privacy, and the quickest option to get to Dublin.

As for agents having lockers with emergency passports, money and a weapon... that I do have elsewhere, but I have my own sources in Ireland, which few if any from England can say like wise. In fact it's a welcome home present when I get home.

Yes, I am the bad boy of Her Majesty's Secret Service. At my age they yet to pull me from services. Mostly because I don't play by the rules. I write them as I go. Many have tried to copy my methods, but fail to read their way through troubles as well as I, when faced with little options, for the need to change objective in order to find a better way, when the odds have changed against you. I could have waited til sun rise at any of the two hell holes back in Scotland, and still have nothing more to show. It's the way I read my way in a maze blindfolded, that is so uncanny.

When you walk in to a room, you are to quickly scan around without directly making it noticable. Every reflection, interaction, and notable in change in stature, as you enter, will be the tell tale for your decision. Once you identify the business going on from the distraction, you can focus on the players. Sometimes being vulnerable makes the players show their hands before the chips are all in.

The Dive for instance, I stepped on MI5's toes. Like this has not happened before... I don't think any deep cover agent has gone as far as not being stepped on, or have not stepped on another agents toes, when dancing about in unfamiliar territory. Luckily my actions to create trouble to sniff out and distract, allowed for my quick exit.  We could have wasted valuable time not knowing we were both sniffing around. My objective was to stir the pot, once I realized my options were less than disirable. If you play the roll of an agent from your training, odds are they will know more about you, than you will them. They are as intelligent as you are, so intuition should be primary.

7.00 and now in Dublin. Yep, I pulled a fast one. Left info on secure line, explaining my new objective. Maybe the agent I met at The Dive will locate me through our Dublin channels. He never told me his handle, so it will be another blindfold moment. It's possible he may be on a lead, he seemed to want to give it another try. Just my pay level is higher, and not limited to being under ones thumb.

Unlike searching through hell holes, it will be mostly pubs for the most part. Oh, there's my pick up,.. time to shake a leg,

I do need some coffee, haven't slept in 30 hours. Sleep deprivation, is an SAS trsining requirement, at my age, you really feel it hit you hard getting into the 48 hours mark.

See, a true coming home present... a hand gun and 2 loaded clips sitting in the passenger seat as I hop in, and a mug of hot coffee seated in the holder.

We stop at a local hang out, Rorry's. I don't need to profile here or with most pubs here, everybody is the same. If I get an odd feeling with the local buzz, I make my way to the loo, to reset, to the conditions at hand. No issues here, quickly take a seat with the groupe of my country men, of the Irish Republic.

After a bit of cheer, and old memories of family history, we get we get to buisness. Since I had little time, I had to be part of the plan... what ever the plan is.  In doing so, I was required to give, before taking. So I let them in on parts of our security measures, since the assassin escape in Edinburgh. Just to sweeten my sudden addition to the cause.  From what I gathered, nobody in the Irish Republic had been involved, let alone planned it.

Seems like I have no other option, but to move on. Though there are others in the Irish Republic, up to no good and are well hidden.

I give them a wee more info, and make my radical side show, as to get deeper within their ranks.  Being knackered, my patients was short, and made my passion show for my words.

To expect so much in little time, was practically an impossiblity. No agent for the queen and country would ever think of pulling it off, let alone come out of it alive.  Today I'm the Queen's asset, tomorrow my ass set in pete, could very well be.

Being an agent, is more like playing 3D chess, very little action, in comparison of that in movies. It's a game of chance, strategy, and knowing your opponent. I am taking my chances in hopes my opponent does not know me, as well as I know him. Strategy is always 50/50 at best, until the upper hand is revealed.



Chapter 3.The Dive


18.00 and sitting in a basement in one of the Belfast Irish Republic captain's home. Discussing possible plans, based on what can be done while Britain is under high alert.  From what I gather, he had been in contact with others from Republican Army, that may have plans with the help of outside sources. One of which is in Norway. I was interested enough to add a wee more info about security, that may help, but I needed to have contact with our people in charge in Norway, for cordination. It took a bit of coaxing, but it did make enough sense to make a call to setup a time to meet. At least intend got my foot in the door.

I found a secure location to make contact with HQ, and gave them updated info on my current objective and reasons to proceed further. Asked for an update on other agents in the Amsterdam area. I should have updated info when I set foot in Amsterdam.

You think Scotland was interesting, just wait until you get to Amsterdam. Sorry about the quick and dirty of your holiday trip through Scotland. That's the life of being everywhere at once. No sight seeing tour narrating, and over night stays.

By the time I get to Amsterdam, I will need to crash, but only for 4 hours. So expect more of the same tour guide treatment.

20.00 Grabbing an EasyJet seat to Glasgow, I may get a wink in before landing. Will check back in the hell hole called The Dive, once again.
Just to check in on my old student if his objective has not changed. Only enough time to catch up, before I depart on KLM to Amsterdam from Scotland around 6.00.

Once I land, I will update HQ, as to my intentions before landing in Norway.  Who knows what changes have been done since the last 24 hrs. Not every one is free to choose their location, as I. My job is to cover as much as I can and report back on findings. I am the picnic ant that is first to find your tasty sandwitch.

23.10 and finished with my HQ update. Was not not given any direct orders to change my plans. Obviously, my trails have been warm enough to continue further.  I did get an update on my old student's  handle, Adrian.

23.55 and entering The Dive, once again. I feel some eyes are on me.  Just not sure if they are agents or just that I don't fit in so well with the crowd. No tats, for one. Ah, a sight for sore eyes... the woman who just can't keep her close on.

I walk up to her and tell her she may need a new battery, to correct her cloths issue. She did not like my humor, and held out her hand. I told her I gave her my last packet the last time we met, and can buy her a drink instead. She accepted and sat down.

I asked, "Since we last talked, have you seen anyone with EEL tats on their hands.  She said, "No, not since then... I did tell you when I last saw him, and he was in here at the time."
I tell her, "Was anyone in here, with him at the time?"
She's looked around and looked puzzled, like she may have noticed earlier at one time, and expected to point them out.

Not sure... she said, while in thought.

It was near the fun hour, and I let her go make her rounds, as I am not her type for fun, unless I have some packets on hand.

Well, it looks like we have some time to sight see! Excuse my sarcy humor.  I look around, just to notice the activities going on. No need to profile, as the action is of typical normalcy. I did take note of the eye's on me. Looks like drug deals going on, and I may be considered as a cop, not a spy.

Out of boredom, and need to keep awake, I profile, with humorous intent.  The man who can't stop smiling at his date, due to the fact he is completely missing an upper lip.,. Because of it, he has mustache envy.  I know I am knackered, and get loopy at times with my shenanigans.

The girl with red / green colour blindness, and oddly un matched colour selection.  She has great fears of red and green being used in patterns.

The man with an odd gate when he walks. Seems that his balls hang too low for his use of wearing boxers.

Ok, this is not working, and it looks like my man Adrian, is a no show. Kind of expected it.  Anyway, I am done for the early hours. Almost a waste of my time... the woman with her disappearing cloths catches my eye, and calls to me. 

She had seen the guy, that she was to point out, pop in and out, before she could say anything. I asked, "how soon ago?" She exclaimed, "Less than a minute ago!"

I dropped 20 quid on the table and ran out to look, only to see the tail lights of a BMW coupe, in black, leave around the corner. Too many here in this location to identify over the CATI system.

Services has the ability to ping all BMW cars within 1/2 mile of your user interface, in real time, and track, without need of car identification. Knowing the direction and location as a start, you can select the closest mapped car and lock on to it. By the time I have setup CATI on my user interface, the direction and starting location would be unknown. Best used when prepared for instant use, or in tailing.

Obviously one of the eyes was that man, when I first stepped in. He had left as not to be noticed, returned at a later time, in thinking that I had left, and walked out once he noticed I was still here.

Made my call into HQ, and explained the details. They may have time to track the car leaving here on CCTV, and identify by its plate for identifying its owner.

Where the fuck is Adrian, when you need him? Obviously this was a hot spot, now turned very cold.  I feel better now for coming here, as we have a lead to go on here in Scotland. Hopefully Adrian can get in on it. Sure seems he dropped the ball on this one, which could end his career if he was not reassigned.

This incident did not warrant me to change my plans. So, off I go to Amsterdam.



Chapter 4.Just A Wee Peep



7.43 arrived in Amsterdam, and had time for a wee cat nap during the flight.
Contacted HQ, to get an update and get contact info about agents in my area, for cordination, when needed.  HQ is aware of my tracking IRA extremist activity.  Though their concerns were already in play with MI6 being in charge.  It's possible Adrian is now MI6, or MI6 had eyes on me.  Which could be that I am now a distraction, or an interest to tag along.

Looks like will need to be careful.  Right now I am taking a taxi to my destination in to the red light district for meeting with IRA.

9.21 the meeting went well enough but it was a meet and greet. Setup the real meeting later tonight at 20.00.  Some meet and greet, more like a dog with its nose up your arse. Every move was being watched. If I had a tail, the dogs would be buggering my arse, instead of following. I don't mean it's for sexual gratification.

Well, on to our right is a women's pleasure palace. Many women are attracted to these places, and seems the male sex-bots are the end all for a woman's sexual needs. Unless they want S&M or need a real man, for their personal needs.  Heard from a female colleague, who was entertained on a hens night out, tried a male and female sex-bot session. She said the face's on them is like fucking the dead. Women can close their eyes and let the moment take them away. But for men, this shit is making necromancer's out of our younger generations. She pointed out that everything else feels as good as a real man, but better.  Adjustable dick size, and angle, on the fly, and a controller for thrust and speed adjustment. Plus your paying for and full hour, not just 10 or 15 minutes. The prices are 50% more than a man's session, but that's how things go for women. She said the tongue action is wild, no man can compete. So it looks like once women can have babies on their own, men are doomed!

Seeing women in windows showing their wares, is now replaced with sex-bots, with interesting demonstrations. Especially women bots, as they open twist off caps through their crotchless knickers. Spit out they cap after pulling away the bottle. That particular demo alone gets a lot of college kids running to the doors. Doubt any boy or man, can last more than 1 minute having that particular demo done.

As for the drug trade, it's pretty much the same, just everything is synthetic on wafers. You pay now for how long the high lasts. Timed release on most drug types.  Literally drugs can be tailored to users needs. Like start off with a 10 minutes buzz, then have a wild ride in LSD mode, then finish off with speed, or what ever. If you know your plans, any adjustment of the high can be done for what ever your experience is required. Usually the drugs are taken before your sex-bot experience. Also any mix of various drugs are accurately measured without over dose, as long as they are taken as prescribed at ordering window. Each window does a 30 second, saliva based, drug test, and adjusts how much drug gets dispensed on the wafer, if you are not walking in to relax or jam in the basement. It's the new method to keep OD's from happening, with the plethora of drugs being at hand.

All in all most everything is pretty much standard on this block... we'll see what how lively things get, later on tonight. 


Chapter 5.The Meeting


10.30 and in my stay for the night. A typical IRA spot, nothing fancy this time around. Mostly so the IRA can watch you come and go, than to be in unfamiliar territory. I have a good 7-1/2 hours for a wink.

17.00 out of bed sleepy head... unpack my rucksack for my change of cloths, and sort out my IDs and money for tonight's action. IRA likes live action, stuff that is definitly not found at home pubs. I am wondering how sleazy things will get, as traditional lap dances are the thing of the past here.

19.55 I am greeted from behind at the entrance of my destination, another hell hole, Amsterdam style.  Doesn't surprise me, the Irish can be clatty bastards. Well I am prepared for the worst. He tells me to walk with him at the far corner where it seems to be private. He doesn't seem to be interested in patting me down, oddly enough.

We make it to the pit entrance... greeted again by two armed men.  I am the last to enter with 5 others in wating.

A group of 6 performers were assigned to strip us down. No table here, just coat racks and booth style seating. It was odd seeing each other naked facing each other.  It was the Russian way of greeting. Bare all as to be on equal terms, and see if your packing loaded weapon, or wired.  Though modern devices are so small, wires are no longer practical. If it were quiet enough coat buttons, and other wearables would do, but having music pumping hard in background makes it impossible to get a good recording. 

A girl come in with a bunch of sex toys... each performer grabbed one, and preps it with lube.  I am thinking some meeting... waisting my time with sex fiends.  The leader of the group has us turn and bend over, facing the back of the couch.  Most of us are a bit confused as what is going on.  Which, ends up with a minor skirmish. With a gun pointed at their head. We all got the point, and allowed what was to suprise us.  A monster vibrator up the jaxxy.  Lithium batteries no less... on high. Some of which made a few of us hard.

Once we got plugged, they turn us around and seat us in place. We are then given a waffer, which seemed to be synth coke and some new sex drug.  It made a hard hit and your dick hard just as fast. Here I am thinking... HQ does not want me to cock up this meeting, and yet here I am with my cock up, going strong.

The Russian tells us that the vibrator is to kill any sound detection, with body implants. For meeting it was killing my arse, but that's them Russians for you.  I obviously did not prepare for this.  I don't think any one of us could. 

While we sat the performers gave us oral service.  Which kind of distracted us from having a meeting.  At any given time you could hear Ah, oh... oh, ah... feck me! Oh my! Fuck!  If HQ could hear this now... imagine the look on their faces. 

After all of us had a shot our loads, we were less prone to carry on with our words of passion. Then discussion began, with every performer bobbing away, with an occasional sucking sound being echoed back and forth between them. The IRA extremists had their own views on what should be done, while the Russian's had their own.  It took a bit of time for them to calm down.  It ended up being angry sex, which kind of ruined the event. Coke alone can do that, but to add drunk Irish and Russian's in the mix... before you know it, boom!

I stepped in and asked about the hit in Edinburgh, "Will we be coordinating another hit with the same guy? He seems very competent." The Russian stopped his argument, and looked at me. He obviously became aggravated and said, "Who the fuck are you?"  The leader of the IRA groupe butted in, and told him that I was assisting in counter  security measures. As I was the inside guy.  That did not go well, as Russians only trust Russians for inside intelligence.  They don't have their hooks in me, as to trust my actions. The Irish can't keep their gob shut with drink is in hand.  Now he raised question. Thinking quick, I said, "There is no other way to change plans without my knowlege.  Also there are a number of measures being set in place. I can get at least one of your guys in as security.  It will be difficult for me, but I am willing to do that if it required." It seemed to ease the Russian's thoughts enough to tell me that it's not my concern, and left it at that.

The Russians keep to them selves, so only top command with the IRA extremist will have a clue, if the Russians allow it.

I gave my info as to get them to work on a plan, and share bits to get an idea of how to map out a counter measure with MI6 and MI5.

This was going to get tricky. 

We finally ended with numbed arses, and some loose bowl. It was a not so clean ending, to our dirty work. I dropped 20 quid on my performer for her to buy a meal , she must be malnourished, since she sucked 2 stone out of me.

In my attempts at getting to my billfold from my jacket, I was able to drop a few tracking devices in the Russian's jacket pockets. It was my only option for this type of meeting.

After leaving I contacted HQ to update the details, and gave my tracking IDs for agents in the area to track, while I am still getting more details for the next meeting.

Submitted: January 11, 2020

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sprinkly biscuit

glad ye called it science fiction its a mighty read , did ye eat some jelly beans whilst writing this ya big daft eejit... its like you went on a massive game of scrabble and came up with life altering scenarios, jeeprs yer imagination certainly isnae on the norm track.. well done ...

Thu, February 6th, 2020 11:03pm


Thanky! Not yet rolling... my thoughts stopped once a got wind of dark materialside here... hopefully me traint fromy Edinburgh will finally arrive with my thoughts, on finishing. I tend to lull my reader with a slow process and thenot bam, wakey wakey! Like what I did I with my own discovery... I bet many gave up on it, thinking it's about kids tunneling. Though I am not happy with how the 9/11 chapter turned out... a bit harsh, and overly done. Though I wanted the shock of having been with someone, breaking down. I learned, lots from wife. But in cutting and OD attempts, which I never told you about. So if you reread that story, beware chapters 23 on up are updated, though you never had the end chapters, so that will be new to you. Smoochy! Smoochy!

Thu, February 6th, 2020 3:32pm

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Short Story / Humor