Chapter 4: Chapter 4

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It's finally Friday, and I am excited just to hang out with Chucky and do nothing. My dad has one of his new employees over for dinner tonight. He told Joey and Karolina to be on their best behavior, and Karolina flipped out. She flies off the handle sometimes, and our parents are getting tired of her shit. We are twins, and I'm two minutes older. Me, Chucky and Karolina had been the best of friends until we started high school she started hanging out with the mean girls. She left Chucky and me in the dust, but that is okay because we love who we are. I'm brought out of my thoughts when I hear Joey screaming in the hallway. My mom and dad leave early to work, so I have to take care of the fight this morning.

"Karolina, I have to go pee-pee!" he screams over and over. I run out to see what the hell is going on.

"Joey, go in mama and daddy's room and use their bathroom," I say.

"The door is locked, "Trina! I have to go pee-pee!"

"Karolina, open the fucking door!" I yell. I get no answer, but I hear the shower running. I run in my room and get a sharp needle to see if I can pick the lock.

"Oh, no!" Joey cries. I look back at him, and the front his pajamas is wet. "I had an accident, "Trina."

"It's okay, Joey, it's okay." I take the needle and shove it in the keyhole and jiggle it around, and the lock pops. I turn the handle and look in the bathroom, and I grab Joey and cover his eyes with my hands because my idiot twin sister is not alone in the shower. "What the hell are you doing, Karolina?"

"What the fuck does it look like I'm doing? Get the fuck out you little square bear."

"What the fuck is all this shouting," My dad yells as he is coming out of his room. "I was on a conference call..." his words stop as he sees Karolina in the shower with the kid from our school. He grabs Karolina by the arm and throws a towel at her. "Go to your fucking room, get dressed, and wait for me. As for you, kid, get the fuck out of my house now before I kick your ass."

"Oooookkkkaaaay," he stutters.

"Joey go to the shower in my room, and Katrina will help you get ready. Mija, can you take him to school today. I need to talk to your sister, and I will drive her to school."

"Okay, daddy. Hurry Joey. You still need to eat cereal before we go."

"Chocolate cereal?"

"Yes, hurry."

He runs into the shower, and I turn it on for him. I run to his bedroom and pick out a pair of shorts and his favorite dinosaur shirt. He is done with his quick shower. I dress him fast, and we run downstairs to get breakfast. As I am getting his cereal in his bowl, there is a knock at the door.

"Joey, go get the door. It's Chucky." He jumps off the breakfast bar stool and runs to the door.

"Hi! Cousin Chucky! Guess what you get to take me to school today!"

"We do? Why?" He asks while walking into the kitchen.

"Because, because I peed my pants!"

"We have to walk you to school because you peed your pants," Chucky laughs.

"I made pee-pee in pants because Karolina wouldn't open the door. She was kissing a boy naked in the shower." He says. Chucky's eyes go huge, and he tries to stifle his laughter. "Trina, why were they naked?"

"Yeah, Katrina, why were they naked." Chucky laughs. I give him the evil eye.

"Joey, we are going to be late. Go get your backpack," I say. He runs upstairs to get his bag.

"What the fuck, Katrina? Who was in the shower with Karolina?"

"That kid Peter from her art class."

"Eww, she was in there with Pimple Pete?"

"Shut up! My dad scared the shit out of him, and he ran off. He's taking Karolina to school."

We walk out of the house and see all of Karolina's friends in a car waiting for her. I think her friends are idiots. Chucky, on the other hand, loves them, but they are mean to him. Joey waves at them, and they smile at him and wave, but when they look at us, they roll their eyes.

"Where is Karo?" her friend Stephanie asks.

"She is going with our dad."

"You want to give me a ride?" Chucky jokes.

"You're such a spaz," Stephanie says, rolling her eyes.

"Well, fuck you too," Chucky says as they speed away.

We drop off Joey at his kindergarten class, and I have to remind him not to tell his teacher what happened at home this morning. We finally get to school, and Karolina is already there moping around the front door. Chucky is already chomping at the bit to ask a ton of questions, and I shake my head at him.

"How long is your sentence this time?" I ask her.

"A month. Which I think is fucking stupid. I can't go out with my friends. I can't do shit! He said if I did go out, it had to be with you to do whatever it is you do with Chucky. So basically, my ass won't be going or doing anything."

"Oh, well, don't know what to tell you. See you later on," I say.

"Karolina, really Pimple Pete?"

"Fuck you, Chucky!" She flips him off and runs off with her friends. Including Pete.

My classes drag in the morning, and I feel drained. We are allowed to go off campus during lunch. I guess daddy told Tia Maria that Karolina was grounded because she was not allowed to leave school. Her friends promised to bring her something back. Chucky has lunch plans with our other friend Marley, and I just want to be alone for a bit. I take my sandwich and book and head over to the park and sit down on a bench. I eat my food as I read my book 'A Chronical Of A Death Foretold.' I hardly notice when someone sits down next to me until they speak.

"Nice book choice," he says. I just look at him. Oh my god, he is gorgeous, and I have never seen him in town before.

"Thank you," I finally say. Think of something to say stupid. He's going to think something is wrong with you. "It always gets me. I know what is going to happen to the main character, but it gets me every time."

"Yeah, same." He says. He's licking an ice cream cone, and my eyes go right to his tongue. My heart is hammering in my chest. I can feel my face flush at my thoughts.

"Oh, shoot, do you know what time it is? I ask. Then I hear Chucky screaming at me.

"Hey! Let's go! We only have a minute before the warning bell!" he screams.

"Shit!" I get up and runoff. Damn it. I didn't get his name. I finally reach Chucky and Marley and look back, and he is watching me from a distance.

"Who was that?" Chucky asks.

"I don't know. He just started talking to me."

"Well, wipe the drool from your mouth." He laughs

"Fuck off! Let's go!" I say, running into the school.

Submitted: January 12, 2020

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