The Deceased Episode 5

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John makes a mistake and rosey is scared of him.




Me And Javier Walk over to the main campfire and see there's only one man there eating some food "Are you Gary?" I say while walking up to him, "Yeah I am what of it?" Gary asks, "I've heared that you've been bullying my little girl...this true" I say, "Who's ya little girl" Gary says, "Rosey the new one" I say, "Ah that one yeah I guess I have" Gary says, "You best start to like living while you can" I say, "Why?" Gary asks, "Cause...I'm gonna kill you...not today but one night when you go for a piss in the woods late at night where no one can hear your screams I'll slit your throat and i promise you that....unless you apologise to my little girl and other people you bully in this got that? I say while looking into Gary's eyes, "I ain't scared of you" Gary says, "Ain't you?" I ask, "Nah I'm not" Gary says, " should be" I say, "She's gonna die" Gary says while I'm walking away, "What?" I say while walking back to him, "Your little girl she's gonna die your to weak" Gary says, I look at him and clench my fist and punch him in the face and he drops to the ground and I jump onto him punching him in the face constantly then Javier grabs me and pulls me off "Easy...easy man he's had enough" Javier says, I look past Javier and see Gary on the floor bleeding there was blood all over his top and I look down at my hand see there's blood all over it and I look around to see a bunch of people looking at me scared and then I see rosey in the crowd and...she looks terrified I put my hand out "Kid...kid" I say while she runs away in fright.


It was now dark everyone was sleeping expect me I thought it would be better if I just stayed away from rosey for now so I offered to take watch for the night and I sit here thinking if I did the right thing "Hey Broody" Chelsea says while waving in my face, "Uh...oh hi" "Hey you okay broody?" "Broody?" "Ye like your up here brooding and bro so broody" "....." I just stay silent, "Hey John?" "Yeah?" "Are you okay?" "Well the world's gone to shit my family is dead I feel depressed PEOPLE ARE EATING EACH OTHER OUT THERE AND THE ONLY LITTLE I HAD LEFT WAS BECAUSE OF THAT LITTLE GIRL AND NOW SHE'S SCARED OF ME SO TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION I'M FAN FUCKING TASTIC" "Look I'm here to help you calm down" "I'm sorry...its just out of everyone I never thought rosey would give up on me" "Look she's a teenager you and her aren't always gonna be on the same page...but she loves you...she loves you like a father" "Thank you" "Its fine....oh shit I completely forgot but Phil and Jessica are going on a run tomorrow and they asked this morning to ask you to join them but I forgot" "Ah ok" I stand up and start walking to the ladder and I turn around and look at Chelsea "I'm gonna sort things out with rosey...night" "Night".


I open the tent and see rosey in her sleeping bag reading a book she turns and looks at me and looks scared and turns away from me "Rosey" I say while sitting down next to her, "Look I'm sorry about what you saw I was just defending you" " almost killed him John I saw it all" "I'm sorry about that but....i heared he was bullying you and then he...he said that ...I'll get you....killed and I just snapped okay ....look Kid please don't stay mad a-" Rosey cuts me off and hugs me out of nowhere "Oh shut up old man" "Old man? I ain't that old yet...come on kid get some sleep" "Okay...john?" "Yeah what's up kid?" "Ya know....i love you right?" " i love ya to kid....night kid" "Night john". END OF EPISODE 5 'MISTAKE'

Submitted: January 12, 2020

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