No one really knows what happens after death; 'The Only One' is a flash fiction about one possible scenario.


It came out of nowhere. The bullet. Right through my chest. It was strange to feel my heart pump blood out of my body and watch everything blur as darkness ate away at the world. There was no light beckoning me, no angels to take me home but oddly enough, fear wasn’t what I felt. I felt relief. A calm washed over me as the world faded away. It is finished. 


Then I opened my eyes.


 I was alone. A formless thing floating in an abyss. Nothing for an eternity in every direction. No stars. No planets. No light. Only memories beginning to flood my mind. Billions of lives lived. Trillions more ended. Where am I? Nowhere and everywhere. Who am I? No one and everyone. How long have I been here? For as long as I can remember


I am the only one. 


Reality itself: a dream. My dream. Everyone I ever knew, everyone I ever loved: friends, families, lovers, children. Damon: the living Eclipse. Fiction. The Well: source water to all life. Make-believe. All of them, fake. 


I cried.


How long will it take me? Forever. How many more lives must I live? All of them. I have to know how to end it. My suffering. My loneliness. This was my goal all along. The reason for my dreams. I am a forsaken god and this meaningless existence has become unbearable. 


I don’t want to be here anymore.


Submitted: January 14, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Anthony Quest. All rights reserved.

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