I'm Hear, to Stay.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The over coming and endurance of Tinnitus.

Submitted: January 14, 2020

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Submitted: January 14, 2020



I’m Hear, to Stay.

The Ad Infinitum & Acceptance of Tinnitus

I’m not here to sugar coat the pill, I’m here to cut through the grease.

Life is beautiful and hopes and wonder fulfils one with buoyancy and prosperity in this life.

In this world life can also be cruel and as we’re an extension of the universe, we learn to adapt and accept what is around every corner.

My story isn’t about the symptom Tinnitus.
(A symptom, not a cause!) It’s about how to over come and understand the audio manifestation that’s going to keep you company till the end. So lets begin.

A) Don’t feel Alone. You’re not alone, at all.
The symptom is in the majority realm, not the minority.
Six Million others in the U.K also share this symptom.
Famous people share this symptom too.

- Chris Martin (Coldplay, Rock Band) 

- Bob Dylan (Rock n’ Roll Legend)
- Gerard Butler  (Award Winning Actor)
- Whoopi Goldberg (Award Winning Actor)

- Ludwig Van Beethoven (World famous Composer)
- Charles Darwin  (Genius; Discovering the theory of Evolution)
and many other famous pioneers.


B) An unwanted gift I never asked for and it doesn’t come with a receipt.
A harmless gift you cannot exchange for silence.
So what am I suppose do with it? The bottom line is, you have to learn to live with it and get to know it.


Treat the symptom like it’s your friend.
Exploring and researching Tinnitus will help reassure one to discover the fact of the symptom isn’t as dreadful as you think it is.


It is a symptom, only a symptom and nothing but a symptom.

Why do I keep repeating it’s not a cause, because it’s not one, never forget this.


C) I was 17 when I developed Tinnitus, not a great time in anyone’s life to be afflicted at that age. I felt like I had been punished for not appreciating the precious sense and beauty of hearing. That point onwards I never had so much respect for hearing,
Repenting that I took it all for granted, and feeling alone.

I’m now 28 and my overstayed friend is still with me. Unfortunately I can’t end this non-fictional story on a happy note. However there’s still the future, with miracle workers tirelessly experimenting with stem cells and other exciting discoveries to ultimately find a cure for this enduring, silly and useless symptom.


Thank You for Listening.

© Copyright 2020 Ben Bay. All rights reserved.

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