my pants not yours

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well its more about a developing india and how we fight

My pants not yours... hands off please

I was born in a genration where feminism was budding yet girl children were being killed. Where cities were abandoning tradition and villages were fighting to hold on to them. A generation where emails were discovered yet letters were encouraged.

It is said my genration had been parented by the rise of a new economical background the middle class. Yes the middle class an educated yet orthodox class who fought to provide material things to their children . Who strived that there children had a better life. I was brought up in a world where fair skinned girls were called pretty and yet weddings were matched by money and not colour.

Being brought up in this atmosphere taught me many a lessons

1) men whoever they are need from you what they cant get anywhere else

2) your daughter is and sister are pathivratas any1 else is just a bitch

3) money is the only thing that will make u survive My fights with life began at an early age They were many lessons to be learned but each lesson chipped away at what every1 called a conscience.

My genration is the genration where British and American culture was mixed but only the bad habits picked up and all the vurtious ones neglected Where we go the saloon but think twice to cut our hair in a Tuesday. Complicated you see...


Lessons at 4 Many people might say at such a young age what can a child remember well I might not be able to recall exact details but I can say for future what put an exact imprints on my brain This was the age when school was introduced to me the Same age where I saw the principal flirt with aunty joyce and as she was a widower she smiled at this.

The same age I stuffed my noss with a scented chalk and was sent to remove it from a doctor. I had the habit of repeating everything I heard from anybody but I did that cause I wanted to sound intelligent. Every1 thought I had a dynamic personality that u was intelligent look again I was covering the pain of being left alone in a dark room hearing my parents fight on how much was to be spent and how much I being a female put trouble on him I saw my mother bear the disdain in her inlaws voice and the hurt in her eyes when her own mother I'll treated her and me.

Ultimately my mother had another girl but by the time I was teenager my grandmother had turned my mother into a rebel but mind you I learnt my lesson "Aim to use each mans negative energy against him".

You might ask how I learnt this well the story gets interesting here .... Put my book down if you dont read erotica and think the worlds perfect well my love u can stone me if you havent used the word bitch in your life if not read on cause am sure God used the same stroke to make me that he used to make possibly the same point 2... Well 4 years old and I already knew my colour was something that got everybody ogling I also knew my smile was beautiful courtesy of my moms cousin brother

The same one that said my panties looked nice and lifted my frock to check if my elastic was too tight. I am not going to lie to you and tell you I did not like it I enjoyed the special attention. The extra chocolate and first preference so here was my first lesson. If you enjoy let then have it but overboard them with enough guilt that they give you what you want.

Over the years I realised this was where someone usually is to step in and say no trust me I made sure no1 else had to learn this that early. Around the same age of these incidents i learnt my second lesson money and its importance. I saw how people with money were treated what kind of work they did to earn did not matter and here is my second lesson you can be the village bitch yet for your money no1 will ever and i mean ever dare say Critiszie you on your face.

I saw my parents argue abt each penny my dad hit my mom... i realised he married her for her inheritance something he never ended up enjoying courtesy of my grand mother Now its 2 lessons and alot of lemons i hope ur taste buds arent bitter yet am 30 dear and your at age 4 of my life get ready for some more sour moments before I talk of sweet ones

Submitted: January 16, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Mlmmroy07. All rights reserved.

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