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Two Guys And Me

I’m gonna step back in time,

maybe ‘guys’ is the wrong term to use.

This was the best time

and the worst time of my life.

They were fourteen

and I was a year younger

and we were friends.

Not boyfriend/girlfriend

but... friends.

We had all come across

Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’ -

coming out in all directions’,

ostracised, marginalized,

but, hey, we didn’t care.

We had each other.

Our interests overlapped

and we liked to hang out

and talk about

aliens, occult, things like that.

They taught me how to play

a mean game of backgammon,

a skill that I still have today.

One called himself Syd

after Syd Barrett,

the founder of Pink Floyd;

while the other was Dottit,

a nickname from infancy,

a mispronouncing of ‘Stop it’.

I wonder if they even remember me at all.

There was just one summer

before girlfriends intruded

and Dottit was gone.

It wasn’t the same with only two;

Syd and I tried but things just seemed

to have become unglued.

Sometimes I find myself thinking

that it would have been best

if I’d ended it then,

for honestly, I have to say,

that was the only ‘real’ friendship

I’ve ever had.

Submitted: January 18, 2020

© Copyright 2021 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.


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Mike S.

Excellent, Hull!

Sat, January 18th, 2020 7:32pm


Thanks, Mike.

Sat, January 18th, 2020 11:35am


An impressive bleak immediacy. Hits you over the head. I just hope (as so often) that this isn't thinly-veiled autobiography.

Sun, January 19th, 2020 2:36pm


Oh, this is one hundred per cent true, as are most that are going to be included in this. It seems a lot of people don't like them so I'm collecting them here to make it easier for them to be ignored.
Thanks for reading.

Sun, January 19th, 2020 8:08am


Just shows how the past is different from the present. The friends you had during childhood, are not the same friends you would have today. It just seems that the good thing from the past, never follow us into the future. This is kinda apocalyptic in a way, because the past is never the present.

Delicious Hully. Your writing is terrific. Sorry I have not read more, but I definitely will soon. This is delicious poetry.

Tue, September 15th, 2020 9:19pm


In real life, I don't really have friends now. I left them all behind in my early teens and haven't really made any since.
Thanks for giving this a read.

Wed, September 16th, 2020 3:32am


Interesting Story, brings a feeling of childhood nostalgia on.

Mon, February 15th, 2021 10:56am


That's exactly what it was about. Times passed and left behind. Thanks for reading.

Mon, February 15th, 2021 11:58am

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