Chapter 8: Chapter 8

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Damn it, that’s Maya, Sarah’s cousin.  Sarah’s cousin from New York. The cousin she loved more than anyone.  How could he not put two and two together.  He thought as he just stared at her in shock.
“What the fuck Carter!” The other female exclaims snapping James back to reality.  “How could you bring him here, and you have the gall to introduce him to Maya?”
“Kaysee I-" Carter begins to say,
“Get rid of him" Maya interjects as she scowls at Carter. “Get rid of him now!”
Carter brings a hand up to her cheek “Maya, babe let-"
She grabs his hand and jerks it away from her face. “No!” She shouts then she steps up to James glaring up at him. “Get the fuck out.  How dare you… I can’t believe I…” 
Carter then grabs her shoulder to try and pull her back. “Maya stop!”
She turns and pushes him. “No! Do you know what…”  She begins to say as she points at James. Then she covers her mouth and retches “Oh god, I’m going to be sick.”  She says then turns and runs off.
Kaysee scowls at Carter. “You’re an asshole"  Then she looks to James in detest. “I hope someone kills you.  You don’t deserve to live.”  She says then runs off after Maya.
James takes in a deep breath through his nose in frustration.  He looks to Carter “I’m leaving.  This was a huge fucking mistake"  James says as he turns to leave.
The people around them begin shouting for him to leave.  Some are saying they should hunt James and kill him.
“Damn it, shut up!” Carter shouts as everyone goes silent.  “James stop, you’re not leaving.”
James growls and turns back to him. “Carter, I-"
Carter steps up to him. “James, don’t you fucking leave this house.  We’re not done talking.” Carter commands,  Then he turns to look at everyone. “Now, I am going upstairs to deal with Maya.  No one here better fuck with James or say anything to him. If you do, so help me Fenrir, I will rip your throats out.”  Carter says then begins walking off.  He looks to James once more and points at him. “Stay.”
Carter makes his way upstairs.  He first stops by his room to see if she went there, but she didn’t.  So, he decides to head over to the guestroom Kaysee is staying in.  He stops in front of the door and hears them talking.
He knocks, “Maya, babe, I’m coming in.”  He says then goes to enter, but the door is locked.
“Carter, go away.  She doesn’t want to talk to you.” Kaysee says from inside the room.
He sighs and twists at the door know some more. “Kaysee, open the door.  I need to talk to Maya. I need to explain things to her.”
“No, go away. As soon as you get rid of that scumbag brother of yours, then you can talk.”  She says back.
“Kaysee, if you don’t open the door now.  I will bust it down.  Now let me in.”  He says back,  There’s a brief moment of silence and he can hear them quietly talking to each other.  Getting frustrated now he slaps his hand against the door.  “Open the door!” He commands!
The door opens with Maya standing on the other side.  Her eyes are glassed over and her cheeks are wet from crying.  “Why did you do it?  Why did you bring him here?”  Maya asks,
He steps forward and caresses her cheek wiping some of her tears away with his thumb.  “Sweetie, I-" He stops and glances past her to Kaysee glaring at him with her arms crossed.  “Kaysee, can you leave us.  I want to talk to Maya alone”
Kaysee gasps, “What, no"
He takes in a deep breath getting irritated by everyone disobeying him. Just as he is about to say something, Maya speaks up first. “Kaysee, it’s okay.  Please, just go down stairs.”
Kaysee growls, “Fine" She then walks past them and out the door.
Carter closes the door and turns back to Maya.  “Okay, I need to explain.”
“Yes you do.  How could you let that murderer come back here, after he got banished.  Then you have the nerve to introduce him to me.”  She says as she scowls at him.
He takes her hand, “Come on, let’s sit on the bed"
She jerks her hand away and pushes him back. “No! Answer my question, why is he here?”
“Because, he isn’t the one who raped and killed Sarah"  Carter says,
She looks at him in confusion, “What?  Weren’t you the one who said he did?”
“Well, I got it wrong.  I’m not even sure what I really saw that day.  I was drunk and high on multiple drugs. But, I can promise you, James didn’t do it.”  He says,
“This doesn’t make sense.  Then tell me what you did see.  Carter, don’t fucking lie to me.”  She says as she walks back up in front of him.
He rubs the back of his neck.  “I’m not really sure.  All I remember there were a lot of people in that room, and James had a gun.  Sarah was unconscious on the bed.  A fight broke out and the gun went off accidentally hitting Sarah.”
“That still doesn’t prove that he didn’t do it.”  She says,
Carter places his hands on her shoulders.  “You just have to trust me, I know he didn’t.  Sarah was James' best friend, he would never hurt her.  He loved her like a sister. The reason he is here is I am going to prove his innocence.”
“How?  And what if you can’t?”  She asks,
“Then I will send him away again, and never speak to him again.  Can you please just give me the chance to prove his innocence.  He’s  my little brother, Maya I know he didn’t do this.”  He asks as he stares into her eyes,
She stares back in his brown pleading eyes.  Then she closes her eyes with a sigh.  “Fine, but don’t expect me to get along with him.  I still don’t trust him and want nothing to do with him.  I'm going to give you until the day before our marriage.  If you haven't proven his innocence by then, then get rid of him.  Or else I'm leaving and taking all of my family with me back to New York.  But, if you do find out he is innocent, I want you to find the real killer, and make them pay.”
Carter smiles and pulls her into his embrace.  “I promise”  He then kisses her forehead “Do you want to come back downstairs with me?”
She nods and wipes her eyes. “Sure"
They both walk out of the room and make their way to the stairs.  Once they reach the top of the stairs they hear a loud crash followed by multiple people yelling.

Submitted: November 22, 2020

© Copyright 2020 K.Essler. All rights reserved.


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