The Hacking of Greenville High

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Hacking of Greenville High is a short story covering themes of high school life in an internet technology era.

Scene 1 - Real World

There are two major groups of kids in high school.
The cool and the not so cool.
Ben belongs to the second group.
When cool kids like Chris speak, Ben keeps quiet to just observe from a distance.
Chris has the confident look and jock physique.
If that was not enough, Chris also comes from a wealthy family.
Girls hang around Chris just like how Ben would love to be in that position.
Usually Ben gets ignored but one day Chris asked him over while the girls were around Chris.
Ben thought to himself: Wow this is a first!
Chris asked Ben: Got a question for you. When was the last time you wet your bed?
That question was immediately followed by an outburst of laughter from the girls.
Ben could imagine his face turning vividly red.
Chris then said: Ok, you can go away now.

Scene 2 - Virtual World

On his trip back home, all Ben could think of was the embarrassing moment.
To him, high school is a jungle which takes effort to survive through each day.
So when he gets home, he is in a more relaxed mode.
He spends much of his time surfing the internet.
He shared with others online about the embarrassing incident.
An online guru goes by the name of metalhead was the only reply from Ben's sharing.
metalhead: So tell me more about this guy.

Scene 3 - Real and Virtual

Chris receives an email titled Greenville High Popularity Poll.
He was excited and jumped right into clicking on the link to the poll.
He thought there was a technical issue as he tried clicking on the link several times but to no avail.
He got a little annoyed that the link did not bring him to the poll.
He was expecting to see himself getting listed on the poll.
When he gets agitated, he picks his nose and consumes whatever was dug up from it.

Scene 4 - An Eye For An Eye

The next day at Greenville High, the girls were not surrounding Chris.
Instead, they were staring at him from a safe distance before giggling with each other.
Chris thought to himself: Hmm interesting.
Chris did not know what was happening but his buddy Steve overheard the girls gossiping.
During lunch break, he went to tell Chris about the rumour going around.
Steve: The girls started calling you names like booger lover or something.
Chris face went red.

Scene 5 - Fightback

It did not take long for Chris to find out how his secret habit was exposed.
His laptop was bugged with spyware so video clip of his nose mining routine was shared.
He was to return the favour of whoever planted the bug on his laptop.
He traced back to a computer on the network identified as a public computer in the school library.
He hacked into the school library computer to search for further clues.
He finally found out how the girls knew as the video clip of his digging habit was on the library PC.
Chris destroyed the computer to leave no trace of the hack.

Scene 6 - Consequences

The PC that Chris had destructed was just one of the many PCs on the network.
The computers on the network were actually premeditated for the penetration to the systems.
It was prepared to trace the footprint to lead it back to the perpetrator.
These footprint include computer usage habits, access time, etc.
They were logged to the public ledger on the network rather than a local storage on the PC.
So obliterating the PC would not wipe out the data accumulated to crunch for the finding.
The other PCs on the network would just continue the work from where the destroyed PC had left.
The concerted efforts of the computers finally reached a conclusion.
An email titled Unauthorised Entry Detected was automatically reported to the head of school.
The evidence indicated the unauthorised entry to the school systems came from Chris' laptop.
Chris was expelled from Greenville High School for his actions soon after.

Submitted: January 18, 2020

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Serge Wlodarski

Don't mess with kids who know computers. Good story about karma.

Sat, January 18th, 2020 2:49pm

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