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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Review Chain

Bits and pieces with both hidden and apparent messages finally come debut. From staying locked away, these short pieces have a lot to say but, do you have the nerve to listen? Well, let’s not squabble any longer and allow these little shorties to speak for themselves.

Table of Contents


Uh, guarded. Kneelin on my knees, praying that I don’t fold, I stay guarded. Living a lie, smile on my face yet shackles on my ankles... Read Chapter


Standing on the edge I look at this rickety bridge, planks missing with worn out rope barely keeping it steady. Bridges, bridges, no ma... Read Chapter

How You Feel

Tell me how you feel. Tell me how you feel. Is your mind still hazy? Is your reality still jaded? Tell me how you feel. Tell me how you... Read Chapter

Little Homie

Ay, let me know, let me know cause I can’t understand. You were born into the game, you keep spittin all this slang, but you can’t ... Read Chapter


Dance in your room, your tiny yet dark room. No windows or doors. No light to be seen just a tune that you hum. How violent it rises. H... Read Chapter

Ma, Please

Allow me to see that smile, that bright, radiant smile. Allow me to hear you laugh, that addictive, lovely laugh. Allow me to see those... Read Chapter

False Reaper

Do you know when it started, this suffocating feeling? When did I realize it, this unbearable weight? They say to talk to someone, fami... Read Chapter


Got things on my mind. Got a lot on my plate. Life ain’t easy no matter which route I take. Laying down, looking at the ceiling, I go... Read Chapter


Just a little update for the next segment of Shorties.
Read Chapter

I Wanna Be

I wanna be. I wanna be. I wanna be. Let me know what cha wanna be? Mind going different routes. Heart saying one thing but meaning anot... Read Chapter


Aaaahhh, what’s it called? What’s the word? Man, I just can’t quite think of it but I know it. Aaaah, what’s it called? What’... Read Chapter


Dance, dance in that small, yet dark room. Sing, sing until your voice grows hoarse. Limbs moving as your white dress twirls in this da... Read Chapter

Rebuke Your False Reaper

False reaper, false reaper, I sing the little tune while the melody we created begins to play as you run away from me. Strong I’ve be... Read Chapter


Arrrgghh!   Who is you? Who am I? What is this? Ay, ay, ay, let me know! You just gonna leave me in the dark, blind and ... Read Chapter

Imma Do Me

Arrgggh!   Imma do me, Imma do me, fuck what they say, Imma do me. Don’t make me explain it cause Imma do me. Jotting my... Read Chapter


Focused on the world not focused on yourself, don’t let the world bring you down. Take yo time, don’t rush your present. Don’t gi... Read Chapter


Are you my fan?  Am I your obsession? Am I someone you want to meet? With your shaky eyes, sweaty palms, am I really what you want... Read Chapter

Announcement #2

It's time for another phase and this time it's going to a twist that you never expected!
Read Chapter


Honest with myself, don’t make me laugh. Almost like a joke, my way of life seems to make others chuckle. It’s not me, it’s just ... Read Chapter


I feel like something is on my mind. Maybe someone, something? Nah, nah it can’t be any of that. If were someone then I’d want to b... Read Chapter


Growing up, I think I realized what it was like to be disappointed at a young age. It wasn’t a big deal now that I think about it but... Read Chapter

Dear Maeve

Dear Maeve,   I never wanted you. Getting you was like a blur, almost like a mistake but I didn’t want to repeat what I ... Read Chapter

Dear Brother

Dear Brother,   To be frank, I know that we don’t talk. I know that there’s not much to say. We’ll always be close and... Read Chapter

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,   Honestly, where do I start? There’s so much that I want to tell you but I don’t think that I ever will but ... Read Chapter

Leave Me Be

But I can’t. Like nah, don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say but just know that I can’t. I don’t wanna be strong. I don... Read Chapter

I'm Tired

Cause at the end of the day, you don’t need to know. None of you do but I gatta say it. Mom, you keep trying, praying, and so much mo... Read Chapter


How long I gatta do this? How long I gatta wag my tail? How long, how long, how fucking LONG!? You keep telling me that ya love me that... Read Chapter

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