Chapter 2: Shenanigans...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Commercial Fiction  |  House: Free Verse

Reads: 91

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m sitting at the breakfast table, knife & fork in hand, mouth watering, all prepared for a great meal, after all, Nyam is a great cook… Just then, Mrs. Rossman walks into the dining room and sees me sitting there in my pajamas with a big smile on my face and a Knife & fork in my hands… She looks quite startled and hollers “GRAMPS” which in turn startles me…

She then Hollers for her husband Josef who’s upstairs, Josef comes down and Lilly Rossman says… Gramps is here! Josef says... “Hey Gramps, your joining us for breakfast this morning?” I just smile… Lilly pulls her husband to the side and whispers, I don’t know how he got in, I didn’t invite him… Should we call Nyam? All the while I’m wondering, what’s taking so long with the food! Nyam’s taking the kids to school when she gets a call from Lilly and says she’ll be there as soon as she can…

Lilly goes into the kitchen and whips up the works for me and Josef, we start to chow down on a substantial breakfast, Lilly hollers from the kitchen… “Gramps, Coffee or Tea?” I holler back… “Tea please,” Josef hollers, Coffee for me dear… Lilly screams back… “I KNOW JOSEF ROSSMAN WHAT YOU DRINK IN THE MORNING” Josef looks a little taken aback & smiles at me uneasily. Just then there’s a knock at the door, Lilly answers and greets Nyam with a hug, (they’re the best of friends) Nyam walks in and says…

“Gramps, what are you doing here?” I say, “Having breakfast. Aren’t you so lucky, Lilly & Josef came over to cook” Gramps this is their house, we live next door… I say… “Oh okay, let’s go home” and get up and head to the door and wave to Lilly & Josef and say… “Thanks for coming over and making breakfast” and I walked out the door… Leaving everyone slightly stunned. Nyam says… “We’ll talk later” and rushes after me. So begins Phase 2…

Nyam gives Tony a call at work, and retells the mornings shenanigans, Tony says… “What’s going on with him these days?” Nyam says… “I think it may be Dementia, but we’ll talk about it when you get home.” Nyam called her sister Grace, and she came over for lunch that afternoon, Grace said… “So sis, what’s going on? You sounded a little worried when you called this morning.”

I think Gramps has dementia! No way Grace says, No really, he’s been having problems with his memory the last few weeks, and this morning he walked into the neighbor's house and sat down to have breakfast, it freaked Lilly out something awful. Wow, Grace says, thank goodness it was Lilly, If it was a neighbor you didn’t know, well you know, anything could have happened. Yea I know, Nyam says. Grace says, but still sis, it just doesn’t make sense to me, Gramps mind is built like an Army Tank, after all, he worked for Boeing for 25 years, the man is a brilliant electrical engineer for goodness sake, Nyam says, that’s true Grace, but it can happen to anyone, no matter how brilliant you are, Grace just says, Wow…

So, how are things going with you and Tony? Nyam says… Aw hell that’s another story, I’m still trying to decide if we should separate. Grace exclaims... Nyambura (that’s her full name, everyone calls her Nyam for short) Separate! What are you talking about, separate? Tony is the Love of your life, and you know it... I know, I know, but the last couple of years have been really tough on us, and with Bobee and all… and I think he might be having an affair. Now with this thing with Gramps, well, I don’t know.

Grace looked very surprised and said… Affair, you must be joking, not Tony! Nyam says, I don’t know… I walked in to Starbucks around the corner a few months ago, and there he was, having coffee with Suzi, Grace said, Suzi, who’s Suzi? Suzanna Richards, Jack’s mother, Jack is Bobee’s best friend… Okay, okay, but what did Tony say? Tony says he just went in for a cup of coffee and Suzi was there, they struck up a conversation, so he sat down for a few minutes, then I came in. Nyam, that sounds plausible to me… Me too, but it seems like since then, he often offers to take Bobee over there for play dates, it just doesn’t feel right to me…

Grace just says, Wow… Later that evening after an uneventful dinner, Tony & Nyam scurried off to their bedroom, Nyam says… What are we going to do? Tony asked… Can you bring him into Doc Shannon’s tomorrow? Let’s get his opinion… So Nyam and Gramps go into see Doc Shannon the next afternoon, Doc says… Hey Gramps, how’s it going? Gramps looks confused, and says… I don’t know Doc, I don’t even know why I’m here…

So for the next hour, Doc Shannon gave Gramps some Cognitive and Neuropsychological test. Later while Gramps sat in the waiting room, Doc tells Nyam… Well Nyam, I just don’t know, the test were pretty much normal for a man of 70, he could be just going through a short phase of confusion. Or it could possibly be the beginning stages of dementia, we’ll just have to keep a close eye on him for a while. If things progress, we can do some scans and more tests, and take it from there. Nyam brought Gramps home, then headed out to pick up the kids from school.

When they got back home, Gramps was in his usual spot sitting under the Fig tree in the backyard, the kids ran to him and greeted him with hugs and kisses, as they do everyday. Kat runs back in the house to hang out with Mom, while Bobee stays with Gramps. Bobee looks at Gramps square in the eyes very inquisitively, as if he knew I was up to something, Gramps looked right back at Bobee and said…

Can I tell you a secret?

Submitted: January 22, 2020

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