The Lost Land 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

Submitted: February 14, 2020

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Submitted: February 14, 2020



A tumultuous noise arose from the crowd as horn of victory was sounded from afar, depicting the conquering power of the Savarian armies. The Savarians cheered around with jingling sounds of different music. All singing to the tunes and dance with all sort of movements. The stale of ales filled the air as many were drunk even before the commencement of the actual feast ordered by the King of Savarians- King Modded.


King Modred, a man of giant stature, full of courage and who will always want to best his forefathers in enlarging his territories. There's nothing he wants than expanding more wealths, people as slaves and a strong vast armies to his domain. Out of the nations he'd conquered, Hallusia is different. They're people with warrior spirit, they're people of myth. That's why he planned to destroy them unnotice. Knowing they're always after peace than war. The thought of conquering it is a great achievement ever to him.

Savaria is a magnificent nation, having Artemis, also known as the dragon city as the capital with many different towns under it. All Savarians had this loathefulness toward outsider except those that were taken as hostages or slaves and later got freedom to live independently in the city. But this day, it's a day of celebration.

The large iron Golden gate was opened as the troop ushered in, their Black flag with a picture of a golden dragon on it, an emblem of Savarians dance to the tune of the air, waving here and there. The Savages are the one leading the troop and behind them entered the carts holding the captured Hallusians and at their back is the remaining Savarian soldiers who had managed to survive in battle.

They rode with discipline, passing through a stony arch that lead to a tunnel which is a route that leads to the upper part of the city.

General Antellipes feel arrived hearing his name being echoed by the crowd. How good to be home! He thought. He'd always been the people's favourite and the King, himself due to his many achievements on the battlefield. One of the crowd thrown him a jar filled with wine. He caught it in the mid air and drank, letting go the remaining to his soldiers. 

They finally arrived before the dragon huge gate which stand as the main entrance to the palace's fort. It took hundred Savarian soldiers to pulled it opened. It's a strongest and defensive door in Savaria. King Modred had it built for security reasons and for the palace protection.

The palace's fort, named the golden dragon fort is another world entirely. It's a seat for wealth, Mansions, Sacred places and beautiful sceneries and landscapes. Thousands of armies are present within it and therefore providing a tight security against enemies and intruders. 

The carts were brought to an halt. General Antellipes dismounted from his horse with pride as he walked up the stony staircases, flanked with two Savages. The door to the Grand Hall was opened for him by two soldiers who bow to him as he entered. He walked on the long narrow red rug that leads straight ahead to the Grand throne, his golden rank above his shoulders jistling as he went. Ahead was King Modred, filled with a smile of victory, waiting so long for him. He took off his golden helmet and knelt before the King as he stretched forth the sword of Zeus, the ruler of Hallusians as a sign of his victory.


"Your Dragonite," he said. "Your servant obeyed your command and subdue the enemies."

King Modred, full of happiness beckoned him to rise.


"Thank you, your Dragonite." General Antellipes finally said.

King Modred's personal guard, Commander Drake, who is also a high ranking officer over the palace'soldiers retrieved the sword from him and handed it over to King Modred. He examined the great sword of his enemy with a careful eyes and felt fulfillment within. It's a thing of Joy to have one's enemy strength in one's grasp. He stretched up the sword.


"To victory!"


"To victory!!!" Echoed his surbordinates and the council's that seated at each ends of the hall.


"General Antellipes had accomplished so much astonish feats and I am proud of him. Because of this, I honour him with a position of special adviser to the king on military affairs." King Modred proclaimed.


"I'm forever indebted to you, your Dragonite." General saluted as he went on his knees in humility.


"Because of this," the king continued, "there will be a feast and toast tonight to marked our victory over the enemies."


The whole hall filled with merryment and laughter until one of the ministers, the one responsible for slavery and affairs, Sir Argon bang the long table as all directed their gazes to him.


"Pardon me,your Dragonite." He said. "I thought I heard some Hallusians were captured and brought to our nations, most importantly, Zeus's wife."


"My full apology." General Antellipes countered. "The mood in the air made the captured Hallusians escape my mind. I could ask the guards to bring in Lady Azura if you're willing your Dragonite."


"Bring her in." King Modred consented.


General Antellipes signalled to the guards at the door to bring her in. Some minutes later, the red oak door was opened. And there came in two guards dragging her with force toward the throne. All eyes were on her as she was being force to knelt before the throne, her veins rising.


"Your Dragonite, pardon me for her rudeness." General Antellipes said. "Lady Azura tends to become aggressive ever since the invasion and ruin of her country."

King Modred stroke gently his long beard. He took a careful look at Azura and couldn't deny her  beauty and boldness.


"Lord Zeus must be so lucky to have a woman as strong and beautiful like this. I'm indeed impressed. It's just a pity that the strong will always have a domain over the weak and his possessions." Said King Modred.

Lady Azura filled with a disgusting look toward him.


"Domain over who? A coward? Nonsense!" She spat. "No one is as brave as my Lord. You all seated here are just cowards looking for what to eat from an innocent child."

General Antellipes drew out his sword to slit her throat.

"STOP!" The King ordered.


"But.., your Dragonite, she insulted your honor. She deserved to be quiet." General Antellipes insisted. "Please, command me to do this?"


"I said stop." King Modred repeated as General Antellipes withdrew, knowing the danger in disobeying the king.


"Forgive me, your Dragonite. I never meant to disobey your order."


"Rise." King Modred said with calmness. "Today is a remarkable day and therefore my sword of judgement will be kept. I admired her boldness. Nevertheless, she will receive her punishment after the feast is over."

"Always at your command your Dragonite." General Antellipes said. "Since she's a special captive, may I request where she should be put for now, your Dragonite?"


King Modred gave that a thorough thinking but before he could speak, one of his wives, the favourite of the king, Lady Cicily, stood up.

"Your Dragonite, may your servant speak if permitted?"


According to the customs of the Savarians, a wife bethrone to the Dragonite mustn't speak or be permitted to speak unless being made a queen which can only be done by giving the King a male child. All depends on the king's permission. King Modred had two wives, Lady Cicily and Lady Athusa but none had given him a male child. Lady Athusa, being the first to be bethroned to him had always begotten female children. Though presently both are pregnant and the councils are waiting to see the one that will bring forth a heir.


"You can speak." The King finally said.

"Thank you,your Dragonite." She said humbly. "I suggested that she should be kept in one of the Royal Mansions for the guests for now until your Dragonite excercise your punishment on her. This I suggest your Dragonite."


"I wish to speak too, your Dragonite." Lady Athusa interrupted.


"Go on." King Modred signaled.


"Your Dragonite, this woman just insulted you and everyone witnessed that. If we allow her to stay under our roof, she might be a threat and who knows what she might plan against us? Going by Lady Cicily's suggestion might be harmful and against our rules. I suggest locking her in the dungeon."


 The whole councils seem to reason with Lady Athusa as the hall filled with murmuring.

"Silent!" Ordered the king as they all listen. "I understand Lady Athusa's concerns yet in honour to her husband's death, I'll go with Lady Cicily's suggestion.


"But..," Lady Athusa barged in.

"Speak no more, woman. Less, I strike your tongue."


"Pardon me your Dragonite." Lady Athusa fell on her knees, begging for her life.

King Modred's face turn red as it cool down slowly. "Guards should be stationed at the door and food must be feed to her. This hall dismissed."


"Thanks for considering your servant's suggestion." Lady Cicily finally said with happiness within.


On the other hand, Lady Athusa fumed with wrath inside of her. She loathe Cicily with so much hatred and could barely watch her another second as she stormed off from the hall. A fight for throne and the king's heart begins.



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