the creation before you is truly just a rant on the souls of the world, read at your own will.

There comes a point in every young woman, or man's life where they need to come to a decision about their future. Humans from a young age are told college is the way to go and that it will set you for a better life. After 12 long gruesome years of school with peers that are no less than ignorant, the people of this world ask you to do it yet again with even more humans and more insolence. “School will educate you to the point of having a fabulous job,”is what they all say and yet some come out with no job and a million dollars in debt that they are incapable of paying for. School is not for everyone and it is not due to laziness but due to lack of creativity.

Schools today are not concerned for what your mind has to offer but for what your test scores can do for the said schools ratings. Teachers no longer want to teach but want you to pass and guidance counselors do not care for your well being but for the paycheck that they receive at the end. Now this does not mean that all teachers are at fault because there is no doubt that there are a select few souls who want to be a story in a young person's life. Though, the system that we call education is to the point of defectiveness. People around the world are staring blankly at the old woman at the front of the class that's been speaking in the same monotone voice for an hour. The six hours spent daydreaming could be put to use with the right information. 

Ants are born into a colony where they must serve some sort of purpose or they cannot stay. Ants are given their jobs and are expected to fulfill just that each day and night. The ants that walk the halls of any school are not actually ants but snowflakes, each with their own design and talent. The kid in the back of the classroom with the dark makeup and sad look probably just wants a friend and the pretty princess up front answering every question is waiting for the knight in shining armor to take her off the pedestal that  is her life. Each kid in between has a talent for something and this should be embraced and used not pushed down.

The child who screams for adventure, the man who screams for clarity and the woman who screams for companionship are all the same in one way, they want to be heard. Humans can form connections beyond scientific belief. The energy between two people is how we know we have found our other half and at the end of the day love is the unfortunate cruel common factor of all. We all want to be and to love someone because why have all this emotion, all these thoughts and not share them. If I could not share with the world then the only place I would look is within the person that makes the world bounteous.

Humans are the most complex creatures that we are aware of at this time and yet we are all tested and expected to act the same way. In a world full of possibility, difference and emotion everyone is expected to be what I refer to  as “bots”. To be more clear, a bot is someone who goes about their daily life in normalcy. Normalcy in today's society is unhappiness and blandness. The only worry in the world we live in today is linked to a materialistic piece of green paper. The people are here with the capacity to create anything. The tools and teachers we have could guide us to the extreme amount of inventiveness. Even with these possibilities nobody seems to be burdened about another human's capabilities.

Yet at the small age of 18, with no experience and a mind full of adventure, we are pressured to make a decision of a lifetime, a job. Young adults are meant to find a job that will set them on the career path of their life. This will set their future in stone to be stable and “happy”, or at least this is what is foretold. In all reality the mind of an 18 year old is a wandering maze that could capture your attention within seconds. Some say this is immaturity or fabrication, I say it is imagination and hope. Not one human of today's society can comfortably say they ended up where their young mind imagined them. To dream the biggest dream for yourself and future is the way to keep the tiny human that lays in your brain, alive. The tiny human I like to refer to as The Creator and this is you, a starving artist. 

The ones with the small voices are the ones who could change the world. The ones who did not test well or the ones who made no friends, the outsiders are going to be the next revolution. Now why is it that the millennials of today's age feel the need to retaliate? Why is it that we feel as if they have trapped us in a box with three holes? This is because we are told to be one way instead of our way. Instead of being asked “what do you think?” or  “how do you feel?”  it is “no, this is right” and “this might be so but the books say otherwise. ”We are truly the creators of our own catastrophy. Millennials, most anyway, see how the world was, is and should be for this is the very reason we fight the urge to stand and say what is on our brain. Society, government, parents and friends are all in a twisted cycle of trying to silence one another. Without even the realization of it, we all underlying thinkers in a world of blank slates, or so we think. 

So what is the creative masterpiece lying behind the face of every human? What is the one thing each and every one of us wish we could tell the world but fear nobody would listen? What do the people have to say and how in the world would we all be able to hear it? One way, some might say is the only way, is to be the rich and famous we see everyday upon the little robots we hold so dear. Some of the rich and famous are more ecstatic than they could say and others are trapped by whichever “big guy” they signed their life over too without acknowledgement. In the end we all want to say that one configuration we created in our mind to be remembered for centuries. Not the kind to be remembered in the textbooks by children who will skim over your name in class but the ones whose existence makes you think of your own life like a favorite singer or a famous successor.

Putting a piece of yourself out in the world is a risk to take in the year 2020 only because of the inhuman population outside the four walls of your hobbit hole you call a home. If it came down to the last 10 minutes of a life and one last thing to say I can almost guarantee everyone would regret what they convey. Yet there is only one thing I would say to the people of earth on my deathbed for anyone who would listen. The final statement that would define my end would be “Stop the bullshit, say what you mean, love who you love and conquer all that stands in your way. For this is why the world is the way it is to you, we all know the truth behind your mask and everyones elses, so it is time, time to stop pretending.”

To be only one thing for however long you shall live is absolutely monotonous and a complete misrepresentation of the dreamer behind the face of every bot. There is no way that every human has not dreamed of the very things we appreciate most in life which also happen to be the hardest things to recieve. Humans may be hardwired for a majority of their functions but are nurtured into who they are. Within this world we all want the same things, love, hope, contemptment, happiness and understanding. These  basic concepts are what we hear in songs everyday. The songs about those we've lost and those we wish to gain, or so this used to be the case. Music today is more so about the sound and how you feel hearing rather than what it is saying. No doubt though, there are artists out there leaving their words for the world to embrace.

To sing a song with no meaning some people might think this to be inconsequential but  music is a beautiful language and is beyond complex. Some music tells stories and some music releases emotion, either way someone who created the sound is being heard and that is all anyone wants. Everyone wants someone to listen to what they have to give and see the appreciation on the others face when they embrace it. This feeling is what books have been written about, of course most of the people in 2020 would not know the gratifying feeling of a book.

In the old days they wrote tales of mystery, love, sacrifice and heroism and these days they find entertainment in photos and tweets online inside a robots stomach. Personally I would prefer to know how the people felt and conquered instead what they ate and who they despise.

In saying all this I am in no way implying that every human is a lost soul who could not find their dream because some people worked through the impossible to get to where they are. For this I very much envy and admire their sacrifice, it just so happens that I think there should be no sacrifice for what will make a human love life. Sacrifice is unnecessary even though it seems to be mandatory. Maybe this is all hope and the reality I see is just the matrix but no matter the case, I will love life and not traditionally either, but in my way. The world will know who the underdogs are and what we have to bring because for now, we are just 18 waiting for our chance to give you a piece of our mind.


Submitted: January 24, 2020

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