Death Mist

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The Prince of Copper Hills: Act 1

Book / Fantasy

Join Elroy Ellis, Darwin Ogden, and the citizens of Copper Hills on an epic journey through hellscapes, lands of enchantment, and the underbelly of a Texas town with a forgotten history. Six years ago, Elroy Ellis left his boyfriend Darwin and the sleepy Texas town of Copper Hills behind. He always intended on returning for the hand of his love, but in his heart, he never felt worthy of the well-to-do mayor's son. It wasn't until a vision that came to him after a freak fire broke out on an oil rig that snapped him out of his misery and back on a path back to Copper Hills. Though Elroy believes his journey is over the minute he steps off of the bus, he soon finds himself falling face-first into the world of deception, betrayal, and magical forces unimaginable in a mundane world. Elroy must fight to liberate Darwin from the clutches of evil while facing down the people and the town he abandoned. In a place where dark memories lurk around every corner and secrets long dormant rise to the surface, can there be a happy ending? The stunning, copyright free stock photo used for cover created by Nick Dietrich on unsplash. This photo and access to his amazing portfolio available at

The Feathered Terror or It Went BUKAW!

Book / Science Fiction

Welcome to Cobalt Lake, a peaceful, affluent community on the outskirts of Houston. Nestled comfortably between a state park and the waterfront, our slice of heaven offers amenities like no other. Hundreds of activities come with residency, include boating, golfing, and running for your life. A new power plant gifted by millionaire inventor Clarke Clarke has exploded, tearing a rift in time and space. Feathered terrors not seen in millions of years are released on the unsuspecting residents, waking their victims with a new, terrifying noise: BUKAW! The first in an anthology series called Tangential Tales.

The Covenant of the West: The East Will Rise Again

Book / Science Fiction

In the mid-1800s, a war broke out, not between North and South, but East and West. The meager denizens of the Frontier fought back, forming the fabled Covenant of the West, an alliance between outlaw and lawmen. Together, they pushed the Atlantic States back across the Mississippi and formed their own loose-knit nation. The West has fallen into isolation as the world around them moved on. It's been a century since the West's self-imposed isolation and the mafia-run Atlantic States have returned with weapons no Wester has ever seen. Do they stand a chance against Manifest Destiny? But nothing could be worse off than the golden fields of California. The Empire of Japan, knowing the Atlantics were making their move, launch a full invasion of San Francisco to finalize their dominion of the Pacific Rim. But will they go too far? The copyright-free image I used for the book cover was found on Unsplash. You can find the artist's other work here: