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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Whirlwind explores the life of twenty-year-old Isabelle Summers and her struggle with mental illness predominantly through flashbacks, in which she is in her second year of college. Reeling from a recent tragedy, Isabelle notices her life taking a turn for the worst. She's starting to abhor the person she is becoming.

She has intense mood swings, bursts of inappropriate anger, and emotions that seem to burn too bright too fast. Her life is marred by toxic relationships, promiscuity, impulsivity and substance abuse.

Isabelle is becoming her worst nightmare.

The question is, can Isabelle save herself before the tumultuousness of her life catches up to her?

Table of Contents


Today "So, are you gonna tell me what's wrong with me?" Dr. Evans blinks at me in surprise. "I'm sorry?" Huh. She's probably ... Read Chapter

Chapter one

Two years ago "That thing is gonna kill you, you know." I turned my head to see Charlotte, my roommate, walking toward me. As usu... Read Chapter

Chapter two

The week that followed was hectic, in terms of study and work. I slowed down on the guys for the time being, namely because I really didn... Read Chapter

Chapter three

An hour later, we were still outside. Not because I was still feeling unwell, but because we genuinely couldn't stop talking. It was most... Read Chapter

Chapter four

I wasn't sure how long I stayed sitting like that. A tear streamed down my cheek without my consent, followed by another. Then another. T... Read Chapter

Chapter five

I spent the rest of the day in bed, trying desperately to sleep off my hangover. At some point, I heard Charlotte come back. I pretended ... Read Chapter

Chapter six

I wasn't even sure how - or when - I got home. All I remembered was closing my eyes, and when I opened them next, I was in my room. I hon... Read Chapter

Chapter seven

Against all odds, in the next few weeks I had somehow fallen into a comfortable pattern with Carter. It became a thing, some sort of ... Read Chapter

Chapter eight

"Hey, there you are." I turned my head to see Carter walking toward me, hands in his pockets. Little clouds floated from his mouth as... Read Chapter

Chapter nine

"You need to try the shakes here," Carter told me as we looked over the menu. "They're amazing." "Is this going to be another bet?" ... Read Chapter

Chapter ten

Carter's request to hold me "for a bit" turned into him holding me for hours. At least that was what it felt like as I battled my thought... Read Chapter

Chapter eleven

"Honestly, I wasn't expecting to hear from you again," Elliot said, holding the door open for me as I breezed into his apartment a few ho... Read Chapter

Chapter twelve

I was overcome with a sense of deja vu as I climbed into Carter's bed, wearing nothing but his shirt and my panties. As he turned to swit... Read Chapter

Chapter thirteen

It took me a moment to adjust to my surroundings. Soft sunlight poured through the slit in the curtain, bathing my body. It was hot;&... Read Chapter

Chapter fourteen

I was dreaming. I had to be dreaming. Why else would I be at my old school where I'd met James? I was walking slowly, very slowly. It was... Read Chapter

Chapter fifteen

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving went by in a blurry fashion. I was drowning in work, assignments, and, if I was being perfectly hone... Read Chapter

Chapter sixteen

The next morning, I woke up with a heavy groan. I was dreading the day before it even began. It was only when I got to my room, clad in n... Read Chapter

Chapter seventeen

When I opened my eyes next, it was dark. I was confused for a moment as I laid on my bed, atop the covers, trying to adjust to my surroun... Read Chapter

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