Breaking Down

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I’m feelin’ good


But I’m breakin down


And I know that I’m 


I’m Runnin’


Runnin’ out of time


There isn’t much left of me


I’ve lost it all


I'm on my knees


Been on my own


Doesn’t matter now 


I needed you


But you were nowhere to be found


Even in the darkest of times


I was there for you 


But when I needed you 


You were gone leaving me 


Here to face this alone


This darkened hell has become


My home


I'm sitting here on my knees


Waiting to be saved


But no one's coming


Why am I waiting?


If no one’s coming


Why am I still sitting here


Broken hearted 


Falling apart 


I'm running out of time


Breaking down


Submitted: January 27, 2020

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