Hi, the second part to The Power Within, which is called The DYCE Report, is clearly a follow on to where the first book finishes, Johnny has been captured by the military, but nobody actually knows that yet, so just what will happen next,? Nobody knows.

Table of Contents

The Investigation.

Well, welcome back to Chapter 2 of The Power Within, I got a feeling this one might take a little longer to write than the first so please be patient, work has to come first unfortunately, BOO HOO.
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A Simple Meeting.

It's now 5.30 in the morning and Jason gets up and showers, then he gets dressed into all the clothes that he had prepared the night befo... Read Chapter

What The Hell.

It had been a very long day and Jason was now feeling very tired with the drive back up to New York so he decides to just book a room for... Read Chapter

The Introdution

It had been a very pleasant drive down to Yorktown, even though Jason wasn't driving he had managed to enjoy the journey, ” I shall hav... Read Chapter

The Interrogation.

Serena places four cups onto the bench and makes them all ready for coffees, it was going to be an awkward time in the main room so she h... Read Chapter

Allies or Enemys, Only Time Will Tell.

The sun was blazing down and you could hardly breath, the heat just felt so unbearable, the air was so thin in the intense heat that you ... Read Chapter

Freedom and Politics Just Dont Mix.

 The sky was so peaceful that small birds were jumping around on the grass verge, bouncing along looking for insects which were fool... Read Chapter

The Meeting.

The next morning arrives and Jason is out on a morning run, he hadn't been out for a couple of days so he had decided to put the case on ... Read Chapter

Unveiling The Enemy.

Lynda and Alysia are sitting at the breakfast bar just quietly talking to one another, Lynda says,“ I mean it you just have to try his ... Read Chapter

The Grave Secret.

Jason looks over to Lynda and taps onto the satellite navigation, “ Well we should be there in a few moments, going off of this we have... Read Chapter

A Journey Into The Unknown.

The sunlight was now starting to give way to the darkness of the night which if all went well at least nobody would have to die during it... Read Chapter

We Need Answers.

As the elevator silently falls down into the unknown they all had a very short while to make sure they where ready for whatever they were... Read Chapter

The Cell Block.

As they walk through the empty corridor they walk through a door which takes them to a stairwell to access different levels of the compou... Read Chapter

Dangerous Times.

 As they both walk into the guards room there is a new found urgency in what they are doing, Jason was still hurting after the beati... Read Chapter

Troubled Beginnings.

The journey back was not a pleasant one, Jason had ordered Hambelton to travel in the rear of the car, and he had said to him in reply, ... Read Chapter

The Trust In Ones Friends.

As Jason drove away he could feel inside that he had just made such a fool of himself in front of everyone, although he could still feel ... Read Chapter

A New Direction.

As Jason and Lynda walk into the house Alysia walks up to them, “ Welcome back,” Jason looks at her saying nothing and then simp... Read Chapter

The Tide Will Turn.

As they all settle in for the drive of which nobody actually knew where they were heading to it was very quiet in the car, no questi... Read Chapter

Love or Pain.

The mood was now very high amongst everybody, it seems all you need is for someone to give you a vehicle worth around half a million Doll... Read Chapter

A Rocky Start.

The atmosphere was good in the RV, everyone was quietly doing what had to be done and no questions where being asked so it was rather res... Read Chapter

Is That Love In The Air.

The next morning arrived and there was nothing being done what so ever, everyone had taken Jason's suggestion very serious indeed an... Read Chapter

The Missing Link.

There was a strong feeling as everyone but the new love birds sat in the cottage sifted through the same old piles of paperwork which the... Read Chapter

Breaking The Bonds Of Trust.

Breakfast was all over and everybody was keen to begin the new day so they all walk outside and board the RV, Jason stops Alysia from boa... Read Chapter

Preparation For War.

As Jason walked into the cottage he found the others just chatting about what had been happening over the last twenty-four hours and most... Read Chapter

The Mansion.

If time could only stand still the team were all thinking because they were so content with life at that present time but as we all know ... Read Chapter

Entering The Unknown.

As Jason follows Tareesa through the massive steel doorway he stops and slowly scans all around, they were entering another small ro... Read Chapter

The Apendix.

  All locations and characters inside this novel have no connection to any of the same name in real life, this book is based on... Read Chapter

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