The Cripple and The King

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


What would happen when a crippled, love-deprived, teenage girl meets a cursed, immortal Alpha King?
Born into a world where she has been rejected and labeled a disgrace to society, seventeen-year-old Raleigh doesn't expect anyone to pine for her so badly, and especially not an Alpha King. But deep down underneath his golden eyes and his calm yet calculating smile, will Raleigh be able to see the sizzling passion he keeps hidden for her? Or will an enemy from the past break whatever bond she has?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

   Sometimes, I wonder if I'm even human. My name is Raleigh. Raleigh Anne Rivercrest. I'm seventeen (almost eighteen),... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Lucien  I sighed, resting my palms flat on the two sides of my head. I raked my fingers through my brownish-blonde hair and sque... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Raleigh  As my day progressed, I couldn't get Mrs. Hale's brother out of my mind.  I didn't understand why, e... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Lucien  I don't know what took over me.  Caspian was shocked. Even he wasn't expecting me to take control so easily, to... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Raleigh ---------------------------------------  I don't remember what exactly took over me, maybe it was the soft, gentle m... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Lucien    There's nothing like waking up to the beautiful sight of your mate in the morning.  The ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Raleigh  "Aaaand...there!" Cindy tugged slightly on my hair as she finished doing whatever she was doing with it. I fr... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Lucien    Of course, my day always had to get wrecked by something. I was actually having a good day for once! For ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Raleigh    "Thank you for joining us today, on this somber occasion." Lucien's powerful voice boomed from the microphon... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Lucien    "Alpha Greg and Luna Tania have arrived." -------------------- Here? Now? They just had to come now, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Raleigh    I was so mad at Lucien right now. Okay, maybe mad isn't exactly the right word, because I'm not really m... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Lucien  I should have known this was a bad idea. In hindsight, I think I already knew the reaction I would be getting from b... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Raleigh    I just had my first kiss. I couldn't believe it. It was like the world around me had stopped. I didn't r... Read Chapter

Next Werewolf Story!

Hey guys! So, I decided after Lucien and Raleigh's story is over (it won't be, not for a while), I will be writing maybe two more w... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Warning! Intense kissing! If you are uncomfortable with this, you can skip the ending of the chapter! Other than that-Enjoy!
Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Raleigh   I was embarrassed.  No, I was mortified. What had I done?! I knew I had acted totally out of character by... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Lucien    "So how was the mall sweetheart?" I asked. The girls had just came home, each lugging their own bags. Only Ra... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Raleigh    I couldn't believe it. I had a brother! Maybe the Gods were on my side now. I had a loving mate, a prote... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Warning: This contains cursing and fowl language! If you are okay with that, then enjoy! ????
Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Raleigh     The next day was kind of uneventful, to say the least. Lucien had some pack work to do and Jasmine was... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Lucien   If I were being honest, I was a little nervous bringing Raleigh to the Alpha meetings.  I used to go on m... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Raleigh "I'm giving you five seconds."  "No."  "Four."  "No."  "Three."  "No."  ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Lucien  The song above is the song Raleigh and Lucien dance to! I know it's in Hindi, and I'm sorry, but I really like this song... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Raleigh Having blood all over the sheets was a great way to start my birthday. It had been a week after the Alpha meeting, and Lu... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Lucien  I remember when driving first became a thing. It was the early nineteen hundreds, and by then everyone had gotten us... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Raleigh (Chapter 26)  I was glad I didn't have a stomach ache that night. I don't know why I got them, but every time I ate ... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Lucien The moment I saw the mad boy on the ground, my heart froze. Waves of nostalgia pounded through me, but I barely had any ti... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Raleigh It had been months since Darius and David showed up. I don't know if Lucien would've snapped their necks right in front o... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Lucien A couple of weeks later, I found myself standing by the Northern border of the pack, but for a different reason than before. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Warning! Mature content!
Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Warning! Mature Content!
Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Raleigh  The house Lucien had led me towards was an old, Victorian type house. It looked like a haunted house I'd seen in movies... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Lucien  My mind was swarming with different possibilities as I paced in my office. It was evening, the dusk just brushing agains... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Minor sexual content and swearing!
Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Lucien  A shark tooth. Out of all the symbols, a shark tooth. I didn't even know what a shark tooth meant! Currently... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Raleigh Lucien was going to be very mad at me. No, scratch that. He wouldn't be mad.  He would be furious. And ... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Warning for mature content towards the end!
Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Raleigh A few weeks after the whole Lucinda ordeal, once the pack had once again settled down, I found myself sitting in the grassy f... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Lucien Sitting in the bland waiting room that day, to any wolf passing by, they'd think I was the one having an operation done. C... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Raleigh  Fire. That was all that I could feel. Just this burning, constant fire in my soul, charring my insides, kicking my ... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Lucien  "Lucien...?" "Hm?" I yawned. "What is it, baby?" I peered up from under the hospital blankets. Raleigh was looking d... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

Raleigh  I peeked around the corner of the hallway, checking both sides of the clearing. Nobody was within reach from one side o... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

Warning! Mentions of blood and cursing!
Read Chapter

Chapter 44

Warning! Includes descriptions of blood and gore, along with cursing!
Read Chapter

Chapter 45

Lucien  Two weeks, ten hours, fifteen minutes, and thirty seconds. That was how long it had been since they had disappeared; sin... Read Chapter

Chapter 46

Warning! Mentions of blood and gore!
Read Chapter

Chapter 47

Lucien I smelt the stench of blood before I saw it. I had been running for two days nonstop, and at this point, I was starting to... Read Chapter

Chapter 48

Warning! Mature content!
Read Chapter

Chapter 49

Lucien  One day turned into one week. Cindy and Raleigh were healing slowly, which was perfectly fine with me. I stayed home... Read Chapter

Chapter 50

Warning: Violence and tears
Read Chapter

Chapter 51

Lucien  I never should have let Raleigh leave. I was so stupid! I was an idiot! Why did I let her go? Don't I ever learn fro... Read Chapter

Chapter 52

Raleigh  "Why did you do it?" Five simple words, five calm, nearly whispered simple words, yet they managed to make Darius and D... Read Chapter

Raleigh: I missed you (Pt. 1)

This is a short, along with other shorts I will be posting soon. The Epilogue will also come out, but probably in late summer. Enjoy! Pt. 2 comes out next week!
Read Chapter

Raleigh: I missed you (Pt. 2)

Warning! This chapter has sexual content!
Read Chapter

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Recent Comments



This was an excellent first chapter. I loved reading every bit of it. Romance stories that involve other creatures, especially werewolves are my favorite. I already love the main character she is great. I also like that you gave her a big flaw like MD.

I am assuming the romance will be between her and Lucien. I cant wait to read and see how this unfolds.

Sun, February 9th, 2020 6:25am


Thank you so much! Yes, the romance will be between her and Lucien, and I figured giving another subplot would help strengthen their romance. I'll try updating it by next Saturday, but thank you again!

Sun, February 9th, 2020 7:28am

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