Believe in Yourself

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The first step to self actualization and fulfilment in life is believing in yourself. You cannot go far unless you tap from the strength within

*Moment of Liberation*
Topic: *Believe in yourself*
So it's the last Sunday of the very first month. 
*The level of confidence and believe in yourself determines how far you can go in life.*
*You are not a failure until you accept and believe it.*
You must take conscious effort in believing in yourself and ability this year.
No matter the little thing you have done in the past, draw your testimonies and confidence from it.
Don't expect others to believe in you or your vision when you don't believe in it.
Believing in yourself has a strong force to keep you going in life.
*And so David drew strength from killing a lion to face Goliath*
King Saul allowed David to face Goliath not because of his technical know-how but because of how David spoke courageously.
Believing in yourself is not antithetical to believing in God, but rather reaching out to your inner ability in actualizing your faith in God.
The first step to success is self believe
*Don't let small minds tell you that your vision is too big.*
*Look within*
*Capitalize on  your potentials*
*Speak of your testimonies*
*Encourage yourself*
*Stay focus*
*... You can't fulfil a purpose you don't believe...*
*All works available online*
*I Teach Purpose*
*Living Legend*

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