Hey.. we all die once, let's go with a bang


Thick skin.

Starting to sag.

Young once. 

Starting to sag.

Your hearing abandoning you as you scream.

Do you even hear yourself anymore?

Your sight distorting the image of me.

What do you see? 

Your own pride eating away at your mind.

You say you're the sword of God.

but you're dull as fuck.

Your hypocrisy is exhausting 

You say you deserve respect.

Where's mine. 

Respect is earned.

You say love is portrayed through actions.

That I'm not loving you enough

How your insecurities are now my burden to carry

Take responsibility on how you fucked my childhood to hell

You say because I have a cunt that I should bow to men like you

Men like you

Young once 

But all skin starts to sag 

All bodies start to rot

Like the image of you in my mind

Once a hero 

Now a villain

Once a hug

Now a wound


Submitted: February 05, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Sage Clark. All rights reserved.

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