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Shhh if you stay quiet you'll hear me screaming, numbing, slicing.

You block me out.

Interrogate my very existence.

Do you even hear me? 

You speak and my mask goes on.

You only want answers that praise you.

You ask and my heart pumps tar.

Cold and dark, just the way you made me.

Ice cold to the touch of my skin.

Slammed against a wall.

Your hand is choking me.

You spit in my face degrading me.

The smell of your breath revolting me.

It sickens me the mask you see.

The mask everybody sees on me and I can't fucking breathe.

I'm suffocating and you're watching me.

Starring inches away lurking in the shadows of my mind.

Don't you see my hatred?

The hatred for you and everything you stand for.

Everything you built me to be.

Built me to think not to feel. 

Rock hard outside, then complain when you can't get through. 

Through to me. Or is that what you would like to believe.

I try so hard, but you don't focus on that.

All you see is everything I'm not. Everything I could be.

And you don't take the time to even get to know me.


Submitted: February 06, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Sage Clark. All rights reserved.

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