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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

So many questions asked, no answers found.



So many questions you ask, yet so few answers you find, my friend.

You keep tormenting yourself with these riddles you put yourself in.

Have you really turned into that monster that you keep speaking of, or is it just one of those so many masks you hide behind?

Do you still have anything inside, or is it all empty now?

Can you actually offer any of these things you say you still have, or is it just a sort of deception?

Do you truly find your comfort in your solitude, or are you just too scared of getting hurt again?

Are you even sure anymore that nothing of what happened was, in fact, your fault?

Is honesty your cardinal virtue as you always claim, or is it just a lie that you believed after telling for so long?

You are not helping yourself or anyone to find any answers for these many questions you keep asking, yet you blame us for not looking for a solution for your problems.

I am not even sure anymore of anything that comes out of your mouth.

Trust me, my friend, I'm not accusing you of lying or deceiving, I'm rather worried about your already questionable state of mind.

You're driving yourself insane, old sport. Why have you even asked for my help now?

Is it just what they speak of you now?

Do you only want to blame us for your failure?

Has it become your speciality to show us how helpless we are?

Answer me, tell me how mistaken they are.

Tell me how unworthy they are of befriending you, how unworthy they are of your love, care, or respect?

Shout at them, yell at them, confront them. Break your unjustified silence.

Prove them wrong, defend your pride.

Isn't what I am telling you now provocative enough?

What else do you need to start finding answers for these unsolvable equations, that you, and you only decided that they are so?!

Finish what you helped them to start. 

Submitted: February 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Mohamed El-Gazairly. All rights reserved.

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